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  1. “So what do I hear? I heard a surprising number of veterans, including SURPRISING ones like Frank Gore, Kenny Stills, and especially Cameron Wake, all rose up and disavowed Gase privately. Wake and Stills directly to Steve Ross. Kenyan Drake wanted a trade if Gase remained.” -Chris Kouffman
  2. Players hated Gase... I doubt he gets another shot anywhere:
  3. Shazier definitely hurt more than most are giving credit. I would keep in mind he plays offense and it is probably mostly coming from that standpoint.
  4. I think they know how difficult it is to find a QB. They’ve drafted one in the last two drafts. I don’t see anything from those guys that says they’re a long term answer. Rudolph seems overly mechanical and Dobbs looks just the opposite (from my couch scout eyes). I think they just view the big picture as “teams” winning and not QB’s being the end all be all to that final result. In the dream scenario, I was running the Steelers I think the next few years should offer QB’s with high level potential. Haskins and Herbert seem like fantastic pro level prospects. Tua looks amazingly efficient and Trevor Lawrence looks like he has every tool available at his disposal. Jake Frohm was also considered an absolute stud coming out of high school. I think it will be a tough decision about the timing of getting a QB. In this hypothetical scenario of me running things I would probably not make a move early until Ben was retired or could clearly seen to be done (like Eli now). I would probably attempt to continue to stockpile talent until it was time to draft a QB. It would probably take a move up for any of the QB’s I mentioned and that’s not the front offices MO. Time will tell I suppose.
  5. This is not fans grasping for straws. Aditi Kinkhabwala reporting this morning that vets seemed very critical of this season and questioned the discipline in the locker room: Every season is different, because every team is different. Maybe Tomlin has been consistent and in that consitency of not being a disciplinarian has now caught up to him as Superstars are just allowed to place themselves ahead of the team and winning. A laid back approach can work with one group and not another. That is management 101.
  6. Gruden will take the brunt of that. As Gruden goes so will Mayock. If you’re a guy who has never worked in a front office before I think this may be ideal for him to have some deflecting with the HC in place that has control over personnel decisions. Not saying it’s a good hire but it’s at least a space where if they blow some of these draft picks he’s not 100% on the hook.
  7. Not thinking like other franchises is a blessing and, in this case, a curse. They view stability as the pinnacle of their success and do not feel or acknowledge the pressure other franchises would feel if their HOF QB was teetering on the edge of his career (see: GB, LAC and kind of NYG when they fired Coughlin). The overall whole of the organization is considered more important (a good thing) but they don’t want to acknowledge just how hard it is to get a QB like Ben. Maybe because they’ve seen winning with Neil O’Donnell and Tommy Maddox, I don’t know but it’s disconcerting that they don’t see this as a window and that it is rapidly closing as Cleveland will no longer be a bye week, Baltimore is now a complex running team that can beat you with a crazy offense and Cincy still has a talented roster that could actually have a real coach next season. Depressing really. I do not think Tomlin can do well with a stop gap like Dobbs or Rudolph and that’s when the rubber will meet the road most likely.
  8. I’ll save my complaining about Tomlin for the Fire Tomlin thread... I also don’t think it’s a great sign that there haven’t been whispers about Butlers tenure. I would at least like to see him replaced. Todd Bowles, as previously mentioned, would be ideal. According to spotrac there is $20 mil in cap space without them being creative and extrending player, moving bonuses, etc. Here is the list of Steelers free agents with Ramon Foster being the most important one (outside of Lev Bell who is already considered out the door). Many role players in the list and I expect them to be brought back on league minimum salaries if they fit in the budget. They need to get someone on the other side of Watt, considering Dupree has never lived up to his athleticism. Dream names would be Clowney or Ford, unlikely considering they’ll be franchised or signed to major deals that Pitt usually doesn’t do. Vets like Clay Matthews and Terrell Suggs are scheduled to be FA and likely to re-sign with their own teams. Shane Ray is another name out there. I think the draft may be where this is solved. ILB has some interesting names coming to free agency (and could include Sean Lee who I mentioned in a previous post). Names who have had some NFL success include Denzel Perryman, Kwon Alexander, Cory Littleton (RFA), Deone Buchanan and CJ Mosley (candidate for Franchise tag I’d assume). CB I’ve never been good at analyzing (much like Kevin Colbert). I know it needs upgraded. If anyone is sharp with CB feel free to fill in the blank. Names I recognize but can’t recommend: Kareem Jackson, Jason Verrett, Darqueze Dennard, Jason McCourty, Morris Claiborne, Bashad Breeland. Safety was again a mess this year. Hopefully Edmunds grows but it looks like another athlete over football player type deal. Various rookie safeties drafted after him looked better. Jessie Bates and Justin Reid look like the real deal. Anyway, Morgan Burnett is terrible and Sean Davis probably equally so. There are a lot of veteran names available: Eric Reid, Tre Boston, Tyrann Mathieu, Mike Adams, Kentrell Brice, Clayton Geathers, Matthias Fairley (RFA), Lamarcus Joyner, Earl Thomas, Kenny Vacaro, Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, Landon Collins (most likely Franchised). 2019 needs almost 100% focus on defense. If they do anything on offense I would hope it would be to enhance OL depth and not explore WR, RB, TE or QB again. It would be a waste of draft capital. Also, with how deep the 2019 free agent safety class is you really have to question some of Colbert’s foresight especially with what a stud Darius Leonard became. Hindsight is 20/20 though. I initially trusted that decision but it looks to be a somewhat costly decision in the short term.
  9. Sounds like Mike Mayock will be the next GM. Always have found him entertaining though I thought recently he had become similar to other guys in just repeating and ranking similar to what whispers he was hearing from front offices around the league.
  10. You are in fact correct that this was lazy journalism. Dude tweeted later that he was essentially just repeating stuff he heard on twitter. I also apologize for posting it but I pulled it from Rotoworld.
  11. Arizona Republic columnist Bob McManaman is "hearing" Mike McCarthy "will be the next head coach of the Browns." We are skeptical of this report coming from Arizona, but McManaman is hardly an unknown. At the very least, it needs to be passed along. It would have the possibility of being a truly disastrous hire. McCarthy and Baker Mayfield's personalities are as close to exact opposite as possible. We hope for football fans everywhere that the Browns make a more exciting decision. The homer Dorsey worship has been premature if McCarthy is the answer.
  12. Sounds like a coaching staff issue. They need to take the ball out of his hands in the goal to go situations and use their 235 lb backs.
  13. Nick Saban. Talent is all assembled, he gets his chance to win in the NFL and he’ll bring much needed discipline to a team that lacks it. Jim Harbaugh is another thought. I think both would be short term hires, something I DO NOT think the Steelers would do but to think every other coach that may be out there is inferior I don’t think is an acceptable answer. Up and comers I like: Lincoln Riley, Freddie Kitchens, Todd Monken, Byron Leftwich. Other thoughts that align with the short term view point: Bruce Arians if they didn’t torch the bridge. Vic Fangio would bring the possibility of solving the defensive problems while already having a built in offense.
  14. Also, Ben’s post game presser didn’t sound like a man who had played his last game... so there’s that.
  15. Not sure how much cap space they have with the bump and Bell’s number off the books. Marcus Mohser connected Sean Lee to the Steelers. I hope they move on from Butler but if they added Lee and Earl Thomas plus one of these fantastic EDGE’s in the draft it could do a lot to fix some problems.
  16. Even if the Browns somehow miracle this... Gregg Williams is completely out of his element
  17. Ya, he’s been pretty efficient and keeps the ball safe. He’s not an excellent passer and may never reach par in the NFL but as long as he can stay upright and has a good defense he’ll be a plus starter.
  18. You do realize that Lamar has the most runs >19mph of any position during his time as a starter. No way are they going to neuter what he does best.
  19. What? Inopportune penalty? That would never, ever happen on a Mike Tomlin team.
  20. Watching Gregg Williams not challenge that as a Steelers fan, I think the last two decades of sorrow entered my soul.
  21. Ya, putting up a goose egg against a Cincy team with half their roster on the IR and a HC with one foot out the door at home certainly isn’t an indictment of the preparation of Mike Tomlin at all.
  22. Cardinals just offered Mike McCarthy full control of the organization. My point is not only proven, it’s emphasized.
  23. Example: Two NFL owners fought to give Jon Gruden the most ridiculous contract in NFL history (for a HC). Same NFL owners would do the same thing for Bill Cowher a decade and a half out of the league and with a play style that would get absolutely destroyed today.
  24. Probably the same fans rooting for Mike McCarthy to come to town. Who cares? The Rams were thrilled to have Jeff Fisher. Hue Jackson was rated the best hire in the offseason of his first season by multiple publications. Public perception is ####. I’d love to see Tomlin do better with a team with vastly inferior talent, which there are plenty. This team has top five talent. He’s Jason Garrett or Marvin Lewis with a title under his belt.