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  1. Steelers signed some kid out of South Dakota who runs a 4.49 to mimic Lamar on the P.S. this week.
  2. Shameful the red necks they have running this offense and defense. You have a 6’5 QB... ####### sneak it.
  3. There is a reason he breaks a lot of tackles... he has to. I’ll never understand the draw of RB’s to contact. It’s not just fans that think this way though, it’s coaches too. I know a guy like him isn’t built to be Jamaal Charles but let me go in that direction over the grinder every single day of the week.
  4. You don’t even have to go back that far. Look at Zach Taylor’s career highlights. It’s a wonder that dude can form sentences. It may be ironic but the players, fan base and the league all know it’s terrible for everyone involved and shouldn’t be encouraged like it was in the past.
  5. Ok, so I know Pardon My Take is anything but a legitimate sports podcast but I thought this take was excellent:
  6. I’m getting frustrated as an AJ Green owner. Had to talk myself into saying I’ve made it through 4 weeks. May be easier to trade for now and hold for 2-3 weeks vs someone who has dealt with it for 4 already.
  7. He mentioned the Barnett one... and I would agree. This isn’t about how violent the hit was or if it was worse than other hits. This is about repeated behavior and a complete disregard to change attempting to hurt other players on the field.
  8. Mort reporting he’s facing a year long suspension: It’s about time. The mountain of evidence is so large I don’t even know why they’d want him back in the league.
  9. What the #### were they doing? He got no reps throughout the week, then they throw him in down by 14 taking everyone by surprise. Now you’re going to give him his first start vs NE against a coach that eats rookie QB’s alive. SMH.
  10. You all still feeling good about spending absurd amounts for agile Benjarvis Green-Ellis? Not sure how much I would want to spend on slow Jordan Howard with decent hands but that’s just me.
  11. Ekeler certainly has a strong case for a Kamara/Ingram-esk split with Gordon when he gets back. I think some of you are underselling just how good he has been to start the season.
  12. Both really. I’ve ranted enough about it in this thread though. Guess it’s always surprising to me when a guy like Williams hits >20 mph. It feels like we’re missing a lot. Hunt was the same way. I think he had the most 20+ mph runs his rookie year and he had an average 40 time.
  13. Damiere Byrd did not practice yesterday. He’s played in 93% of Cardinals snaps this year. Either Keesean or Isabella could be in for a large amount of snaps this weekend.
  14. I guess my point is more so they act afraid of it. Why post JUST the max MPH? What is there to hide? Let people see the metrics and work out the correlation. There is this weird culture in the league where the smart teams don’t complain about it because they get the edge from these types of blind spots and the ####ty teams don’t ##### about it because they don’t know it’s a blind spot.
  15. Agree on the ‘max’ of MPH. I just think it’s even BS they restrict next gen stats. Why not make it available to have a full catalog of touch MPH? People would be able to average it out by position, by weight, by height... heck even could do wind direction and other weather conditions as factors. Go crazy just like we’re able to do with everything else that’s ever been introduced statistically.
  16. As die hard fans were oppressed having to look at 40 times lol. How the #### do they not strictly go off MPH in the college game?! This dude ran a 4.66 - 4.71 40 time. The NFL is disgraceful. Can’t put a little money into new tech for athletic measurables.
  17. People may argue “it’s just a fifth”... well this front office is starting to show desperation. There is no process here. Trading any pick for a ####ty, unathletic TE in the last year of his contract is stupid. The Fitzpatrick decision, no matter how good he is, is also a stupid risk when the team has looked so trash. So we’re reliant on a 37 year old QB coming off elbow surgery and a Tom Savage clone. We’re heading for a blow up in a way this team has not experienced in a long, long, long time.
  18. Crabtree cut, can’t hurt. Kyler struggled to get anything downfield last game... perhaps, it’s time.
  19. 🙄 why did I take you off ignore again. Don’t bother quoting me because you’re back on the list with this constant Johnson stupidity.
  20. I believe this offense cares about losing AB despite whatever rationale everyone is selling themselves in this thread. There is no deep threat and Fitchner is terrified to call shots downfield. Even with Ben in that was evident.
  21. Let’s not arrogantly dismiss how apparent the detriment of AB’s absence is. I’ve always found the AB/Johnson comp silly. AB, despite his recent madness, was and is a once a lifetime type of player. A massive outlier whose work ethic made him special. Yes, they won the trade but through no fault of their own. The Rooney’s tried to talk AB into coming back, they knew how important he was to the offense. I certainly have no love for the man and he’s proven an even bigger POS then first imagined. I just think it’s not really anything to celebrate and the suggestion that he can just be replaced by a 3rd rounder from Toledo is silly season.
  22. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool... trust level for future KC beat writer reports: zero.