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  1. That SMU game 🤤 I don’t know if SMU’s defense was just horrid but that was a Tyreek Hill-esk performance.
  2. I would say Bowden has never played RB and it makes little sense to list and use him as one. 5’11 204 vs. 6’ 228... Gibson played RB in HS and JuCo, Bowden played WR and option QB. I get manufacturing touches for Bowden but a conversion to RB is kind of silly to me.
  3. Yes but I mentioned in the post before I’d have him behind Dillon but ahead of Evans. Kind of a tough gig for him to be anything more than a flex option I’d think.
  4. Couple more changes with draft season in full effect... Antonio Gibson back to RB. I have him the top of tier 2 RB’s. Got a feeling I’m going to get a lot of Dalton Keene late even though I’m pretty TE avoidant of this class. Nice to see Hurts slipping too with being behind Wentz.
  5. Took him at 2.11 in a standard league I’ve let my RB’s rot too long in. Was kind of hoping for Dillon there but I had him as high as the 6th RB before the draft just given what a physical, pass catching specimen he is.
  6. Jordyn Brooks is going so late from what I see.
  7. people who involve themselves in others business (you, unless you’re a JohnnyU alias)... 🤡 and 🙂
  8. God this insanity needs to end. It was never supposed to be about eradicating the disease and saving everyone from death.
  9. Hearing Deguara is going to be a FB... probably move him off the board. I’d consider Albert O late but wouldn’t touch the rest of the TE’s. Also think Dillon probably belongs in Tier 2 and maybe ahead of Moss after seeing some people’s models I respect. Probably too much athleticism and opportunity with being a 2nd round pick. They probably envision him as their own Derrick Henry even though Lafluer limited Henry behind Dion Lewis. ETA: Bowden is rumored to be listed as a RB... I would have him before Darryton Evans in tier 3.
  10. Final Post Draft Tier QB 1 Joe Burrow 1 Tua Tagavolia 1 Justin Herbert 2 Jalen Hurts 2 Jordan Love Tier RB 1 JT 1 CEH 1 Akers 1 Dobbins 1 Swift 2 Vaughn 2 Moss 3 AJ Dillon 3 Darrynton Evans 4 Josh Kelley 4 Anthony McFarland 4 La'Mical Perine 4 Eno Benjamin 4 Jason Huntley 4 DeeJay Dallas 4 Raymond Calais Tier WR 1 Jalen Reagor 1 Justin Jefferson 1 CeeDee Lamb 1 Laviska Shenault 2 Jerry Jeudy 2 Tee Higgins 2 Brandon Aiyuk 3 Bryan Edwards 3 Henry Ruggs 3 Denzel Mims 3 Chase Claypool 3 Michael Pittman 4 Antonio Gibson 4 Lynn Bowden Jr. 4 KJ Hamler 5 Devin Duvernay 5 Van Jefferson 5 Tyler Johnson 5 Gabrial Davis 5 AGG 5 Darnell Mooney 5 DPJ 5 Quintez Cephus 5 Quez Watkins 5 Isaiah Hodgins 5 Joe Reed 5 James Proche 5 John Hightower 5 Dezmon Patton Tier TE 1 Adam Trautman 1 Cole Kmet 2 Devin Asiasi 2 Josiah Deguara 2 Dalton Keene 3 Albert O 3 Brycen Hopkins 3 Harrison Bryant 3 Stephen Sullivan 3 Colby Parkinson
  11. How I see rankings through the first three: QB Joe Burrow - Tier 1 Tua Tagavolia Justin Herbert Jalen Hurts - Tier 2 Jordan Love RB JT - Tier 1 CEH Akers Dobbins Swift Vaughn - Tier 2 Moss AJ Dillon - Tier 3 Darrynton Evans WR Jalen Reagor - Tier 1 Justin Jefferson CeeDee Lamb Laviska Shenault Jerry Jeudy - Tier 2 Tee Higgins Brandon Aiyuk Bryan Edwards - Tier 3 Henry Ruggs Denzel Mims Chase Claypool Michael Pittman Antonio Gibson - Tier 4 Lynn Bowden Jr. KJ Hamler Devin Duvernay - Tier 5 Van Jefferson TE Adam Trautman - Tier 1 Cole Kmet Devin Asiasi - Tier 2 Josiah Deguara Dalton Keene
  12. 🤡
  13. Also, all you fools who held onto a retired 230lb TE for a year and half to shoot out offers for 1st rounders yesterday and today... are equally trash.
  14. Saw Gronk get Hock and 3.08 today... hope the person that accepted that trash sees this post. I don’t comment within leagues with only 11 other owners to deal with but it’s definitely already had an email sent out about it. I just don’t know what goes through people’s heads. The days of fantasy magazine rags should be dead and we should understand age, draft capital and the decline of players. Christ, Gronk was saying he was 230lbs not that long ago.
  15. Guy was a turnover machine. Boggles the mind that he’s being compared to Mahomes in some circles. Reminds me more of Tyree Jackson.
  16. I’d like Gordon or McDonald in New England, New Orleans or Tampa Bay. Not sure if they’ll go first three rounds or not. I certainly don’t understand Love or Eason but only have them there because I think they’ll go early. Probably not a good way to go about things if you were to use it in a predraft rookie draft but it’s just keeping my perspective of where I saw guys before they were picked.
  17. Pretty sure it was Funchess. Even heading into the draft people didn’t know what position he would play.
  18. I should probably troll around the internet and see what film guys think of him but fantasy wise we may be sleeping on Cole McDonald. He has the second most career rushing yards in this class, ran a 4.58, has a rocket arm and completed the second most 20+ yard throws to Burrow. Feels like we’re a bit asleep at the wheel with limited pro days. Really like this kid from an athletic standpoint.
  19. Also, if Claypool goes as a TE I would say he is an easy TE1 in this class. He’s going to be a bit perplexing as he should be a top 100 guy and that’s a big price to pay to put someone in a new position. Reminds me of Devin Funchess a few years back.
  20. I think that argument is generally fair and I wouldn’t fight it too much. These TE’s are pretty puke worthy. Situation and draft capital will settle out their final order for me.
  21. Ya, I know people won’t like that. I don’t hate Ruggs, he’s got fun film and he’s clearly a player the NFL likes a lot. He just scores poorly from a production standpoint and that means a lot to me.
  22. TE (Ranked in order) Tier 1: Trautman, Hunter Bryant, Albert O., C.Kmet Tier 2: T.Moss, Devin Asiasi, J. Breeland, J. Deguara I really wouldn’t touch anyone in tier two or below unless they go in the first four rounds 🤷🏻‍♂️ I do not like Harrison Bryant to preempt that conversation. Small, unathletic and unable to play inline is not how I like my TE’s.