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  1. Completely agree @Steelers4Life You simply can not make that decision today without some sort of recourse. That is what happens after a decade at the helm, he’s comfy enough to think he can try to skirt by with the Ravens a half game back. Does that mean he’s cool with 9-6-1 or 8-7-1? Because it sure seems like it. I can’t imagine how bad this Pats game is going to be. They’ve entered every single Pats contest under Tomlin whoafully underprepared with zero adjustments. I don’t expect the defense to be the Bears or the Cowboys... it’s hard to do that anymore with the modern NFLag football. Let’s not have freaking LB’ers cover Keenan Allen all game or leave the middle of the field open for Jared Cook and never make an adjustment. Butler needs to go and they need to figure out where their defense is to get it on par with 2018.
  2. Dynasty’s best kept secret probably isn’t so anymore. Evan Silva spoke highly of him which first caught my eye earlier this year and then I heard him reemphasize it on a podcast that Dane Brugler was talking highly of him. He had 10 targets today and should be targeted in deep leagues. Tim Patrick: 6’4, 208lbs 4.52 40
  3. Further on down that thread he states that Williams has allowed 4 in 54 and Jones 0 in 25... pass blocking narratives need to die. Smart coaching staffs use the talent at what they’re good at. Imagine demanding Cohen to pass block or, for that matter, Gurley, Saquon or David Johnson.... it’s absurd.
  4. A quick update on Aaron Jones pass blocking from PFF’s Pat Thorman. “Yet to allow any QB pressures this season.” GB coaching staff: Fire them into the sun.
  5. 2WR leagues suck. Ask your league to add a flex or 3rd WR slot.
  6. I see Tomlin has resorted to complete and utter nonsense to describe why Ben didn’t come back in the game sooner. Somewhere along the lines the guy lost his balls. Now he’s out there trying not to lose. It’s time to move on.
  7. If they weren’t in the playoff race, I’d say get rid of Tomlin tomorrow. What has this FO been doing too, keeping these kickers?
  8. It’s time to move on from Tomlin. He’s a doofus. His rah rah was good and refreshing after Cowher and now the circus is always in town.
  9. Stop letting Ben throw it with 1yd at the goal line.
  10. Maybe JuJu should have just kept running under that ball.
  11. Ya no doubt... apparently Ian Rapoport is facing both in a non playoff matchup. Seems rare that these two are involved in starting lineups outside of DFS right now.
  12. Dr. Chao thinks that if it’s just a rib injury, Ben will be back:
  13. Samuels looks bad. Slow, not much vision, doesn’t run with power. Ridley should probably be in or, better yet, Trey Edmunds.
  14. And the question still remains: what the heck was Iowa doing with this guy?
  15. Boswell needs to be gone. What is really unfortunate is that it’s such piss poor timing. If you did this week 4 you get a chance to fail a few times now they need W’s, have two difficult matchups upcoming and if you make the playoffs you don’t know how the player responds to intense pressure.
  16. Got Kittle v Henry going in one dynasty, anyone else got this situation going or are getting/having a blowout from starting both? Ridiculous games from them.
  17. I was going to say, they better review that. Ridiculous catch by JuJu.
  18. Atlanta continues its streak of ####ting the bed in Lambeau.
  19. The usage of Jones is bizarre. He’s the second most consistent playmaker outside of Adams. Obviously he can’t be used every down but the extreme efficiency vs Williams total ineptness in anything other than blocking (is this even still true?) is absurd.
  20. Edit: apparently I’m incapable of distinguishing between Rodgers and Jones... That being said, RIP some of my seasons.