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  1. You guys ready to get excited for Paxton Lynch like you did with Rudolph and Hodges?!
  2. At least Watson was a high producer in college... also has no hype train. I like where your head is at though. We should get that going every time he makes a grab.
  3. “If I beat my kid with a belt it better be a with loui belt ! I got beat with some cheap belts cheap smh cheap scapes” AB is walking proof that the wonderlic is an absolutely useless metric for NFL players.
  4. Just so I can reiterate for the 100th time: THIS IS NOT A WEED PROBLEM! They don’t disclose what is failing them, I would put a large chunk of change on it being hard drugs causing the repeated failures. This is the end though.
  5. Well Ryan Fitzpatrick would have been perfect to trade for at one point but that’s done now. I just don’t see anyone significant getting cut this late. Josh McCown and Andy Dalton would have been useful too. They just need anyone to provide an offensive spark. This defense has shown they can handle turnovers from the offense but they need to be getting TD’s to balance that out.
  6. It’s not pretty but we should maybe be kicking the tires here on one of these guys: Sam Bradford Matt Cassel Jay Cutler EJ Manual Brock Osweiler Long shot: Johnny Manziel Colin Kaepernick I’m tired of hearing Rudolph or Hodges are “enough”. They’re not. They’ve barely scored offensively this last six or so weeks. That position needs any sort of TD threat.
  7. Trent Dilfer wasn’t on the Ravens roster to start the season. They need that kind of competence for the offense. It’s time to give Paxton Lynch a chance or bring in some other vet off the street. Rudolph or Hodges can’t get them there but someone, anyone that offers any sort of offensive upside can be enough for the defense to thrive. Unlikely, yes but this D is incredible and we aren’t appreciating it enough because the offense has been beyond abysmal.
  8. I don’t know how referees at the highest level miss that call. I’m a Steelers fan but that’s embarrassing for the NFL in what’s bound to be a really close games for two teams fighting for a playoff spot.
  9. Why let him wander back to Baltimore? Sure, he’s on his way out but remember how pissed we all were when Harrison ended up on the Pats... heck, when AB ended up on the Pats?
  10. Hope the Steelers don't just let Suggs pass through waivers. It would be super weird if he called their bluff and came into play though.
  11. Lol, calling out the union... just shotgun tweeting. Wonder if Rosenhaus is just screaming at interns asking who gave him his password back.
  12. He’s at it again today. Calling Big Ben a loser and posting old articles about Richie Incognito. Also calling the NFL racist.
  13. Yep... I think this dream is dead. Best case scenario is probably some split in late 2020 and beyond. Doubt he’ll ever catch on as a workhorse now.
  14. I don’t find it appropriate to do that #### in any team threads but could just be me. I know some do. If I meander into another teams thread it’s usually just to drop info or ask opinions. You do more than that you deserve to be called out when you make yourself into a fool.
  15. What? @Finatic isn’t coming in here thanking us for the pick today? Weird. Good luck with Justin Herbert and Ryan Fitzpatrick probably starting a dozen games next year guy.
  16. Didn’t get to watch the second half. He looked good running it in the first half but also the nuance seems lost to him a bit (specifically remembering back to back plays where he missed a chip block then was meandering out in space when Russell wanted to dump it to him). The explosiveness is there, Carson will also continue to be but that may not matter for either if Penny can be used in the passing game.
  17. Need you to come back here and make more stupid commentary. Every time you do the Steelers win. Good luck... I’m sure a team who hasn’t been able to identify a franchise QB since Dan Marino will do fine with those picks.
  18. Fixed that for you. 70% of the leagues OC’s wouldn’t let Lamar do the things that make him great.
  19. Geez... guy doesn’t even understand how to run for a first down. Yeesh.
  20. People acting like 1) Chris Carson is somehow special and 2) like he could have made that run last week. He can’t do what Penny can if the dude just acted like a pro football player instead of a pro eating contest participant this wouldn’t be close. Carson runs over 190lb DB’s though so that must mean he’s good.
  21. Penny was my favorite back outside of Saquon last year. The continued Eddie Lacy’ing of his conditioning is a trend at this point. Even if he is somehow able to take hold of a significant share in the last 1/4 of the season how can you believe him about his conditioning this offseason? This last offseason was all about him being down to <230, working out with Marshall Faulk... blah, blah, blah. He comes out yesterday and says he stopped eating McDonalds during the season and got a nutritionist and is down to 230 from 238. It’s just unacceptable at this point. He clearly has big play ability he’s displayed in both his pro seasons, he also clearly doesn’t have the work ethic needed to match that ability.
  22. I haven’t read this thread. I’m sure it’s the same nonsense that’s been tossed around for the last several years. This was a mistake for the NFL to do. I’m 100% sure one their lawyers came up with. Complete circus to do at the 2/3rd’s point of the season. If they wanted to give him a fair shake they would have done this in the preseason. That being said some radio hosts have made good points that this has never been done for any FA that I can recall. Now do other FA’s like Dez Bryant request coaches brought in and a professional facility to use? Can’t recall that ever happening. On the flip side, no way Kaepernick wants to play. Thousands of drones saying: “I want him to get his shot.” Well if he wanted it he wouldn’t have worked out at a high school in a ####a Kinte shirt pretending to be some sort of martyr while being sponsored by Nike. A company that is probably heavily influenced by China and who has been caught using actual slave labor several times in its history. He also showed up with man boobs. Can’t believe there are people actually saying he looked like he was in good shape. No, he looked like a former jock who once upon a time worked out but now sits on the couch eating Oreos and Funyuns. This is like watching a couple go through a bad divorce and then having one last preceding to see who gets the dog. NFL does what the NFL does which is look stupid. Same as always (example MNF on ####ty Mexico field). Kaep stirred up his long supporters but he also ended up lifting the veil so to speak to some who he once had the support of. He made me feel bad for Hue Jackson having his time wasted, I think that says it all really.