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  1. 🙄 why did I take you off ignore again. Don’t bother quoting me because you’re back on the list with this constant Johnson stupidity.
  2. I believe this offense cares about losing AB despite whatever rationale everyone is selling themselves in this thread. There is no deep threat and Fitchner is terrified to call shots downfield. Even with Ben in that was evident.
  3. Let’s not arrogantly dismiss how apparent the detriment of AB’s absence is. I’ve always found the AB/Johnson comp silly. AB, despite his recent madness, was and is a once a lifetime type of player. A massive outlier whose work ethic made him special. Yes, they won the trade but through no fault of their own. The Rooney’s tried to talk AB into coming back, they knew how important he was to the offense. I certainly have no love for the man and he’s proven an even bigger POS then first imagined. I just think it’s not really anything to celebrate and the suggestion that he can just be replaced by a 3rd rounder from Toledo is silly season.
  4. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool... trust level for future KC beat writer reports: zero.
  5. Thanks I know it’s impossible to actually make an accurate prediction but it’s good to get that perspective.
  6. Here is the video of Shady entering the stadium, I would advise that most NFL players are injured at all points during the season. Maybe @Dr. Dan can weigh in:
  7. I imagine no owner will want to risk being called out like this by a player. Even Jerr-uh likes to be falsely worshiped by his current and former employees (to be fair though he’s also been one of the more generous owners contractually).
  8. Uh, not to start a frenzy but just saw video of McCoy entering the stadium and he was limping pretty good. Now, I’ve seen this from McCoy before and in his prime I’d say #### it no big deal but he’s not what he was a few years ago.
  9. Talent? Like having CMC as his closest comparable comp in athleticism and collegiate production?
  10. I don’t see how you couldn’t in this scenario... think we’ll get a video of him screaming and running out of his house through the screen door tonight?
  11. I find it pathetic anyone asking to give this guy a pass. Of all the sexual harassment allegations we have seen, we now openly see targeted harassment, of one’s children no less, and people want “due process”. #### that. This is repeated behavior by a trash human. Guy deserves no quarter.
  12. Goodell should immediately put him on the exempt list for that... oh, hey pals, friends... go harass the #### out of this poor girl. Look how poor she is. What a psycho/meglomaniac
  13. I definitely have Johnson stashed in a lot of leagues. Considering a speculative add in some redrafts too since Detroit is hell bent on a split/rotation.
  14. Hmm... history would suggest otherwise. Good for a career of low mileage NFL use like say, Darren Sproles... but even bringing him up he was an absolute beast statistically at Kansas State. Don’t get me wrong Johnson’s production is good and his elusiveness is 🔥. That being said he’s on a team that is hesitant to give Kerryon Johnson more than 50% of the snaps. I have zero qualms with declaring emphatically he is not a feature back and would bet against him sustaining over 15 touches regularly given his use on a bad, bad Maryland team. ETA: I think he has a chance to still be fantasy viable getting snaps like he did last week. I would compare him to Matt Breida as a home run hitter who is a bit of an unknown in the passing game (Breida was bad in the passing game his rookie year and improved tremendously last season)
  15. Thanks for clearing up the confusion. What are your thoughts on him never seeing more than 142 touches in college? Aren’t you worried about his durability?
  16. Just saying you sound confused buckaroo. Thought they had to be 220lbs for feature size.
  17. This is a parody account right? Aaron Jones 5’9 208 Ty Johnson 5’11 210 Darrell Henderson 5’8 208 May want to make up your mind.
  18. Unfortunately Howard is also one of the best blocking TE’s in the game. Bruce will use them to block. It’s not like when Mike Martz sent Olsen packing because he simply didn’t use a TE at all.
  19. Was about to post exactly what @BigSteelThrilldid. To hell with putting him at safety. It would be a complete clown move by Butler if he did so.
  20. So the Steelers should have: 2nd 3rd (Lev Bell comp pick hopefully) 4th (from Miami) 4th 5th (unsure of where the 2nd 5th came from) 6th 7th
  21. So the full terms are Dolphins give Minkah, 2020 4th, 2021 7th Steelers give 2020 1st, 2020 5th and 2021 6th