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  1. As long as they can brag on Twitter about how their stopwatches had guys .02-.05 faster than the laser timer... no #### dummy, that’s the ####### margin for error. Major reputable guys are doing this including Jeremiah and Bruglar. It’s embarrassing.
  2. Unpopular opinion: I don’t hate Ruggs and think he could be a great high upside WR2/3. Do I think that’s how his value will be reflected in rookie drafts? I’m not sure. I do think fantasy/analytics guys are fighting hard against the NFL heads on this one. Sometimes you just have to lean into it.
  3. Correct. It also doesn’t inspire confidence that Matt Jones was third on that list. Still it can’t be ignored. It put Chris Conley and Miles Boykin in the first three rounds and what he did is more impressive than them at his size.
  4. The elephant in the room on Claypool is that, in at least Peter Howard’s formula, he just had the second best WR combine since he’s been tracking to only Calvin Johnson. I try not to overreact to these things but he got a healthy bump up my board, at least until I can get a read on Hamler, Tyler Johnson and a few others.
  5. Not as excited about Coulter. He played second fiddle to Parker. He’s definitely the more athletic of the two though.
  6. If we get a Ben Watson out of what looks like a crappy TE class I’ll take it.
  7. TE’s > 255lbs with a sub 4.55 40: Okwuegbunam Jimmy Graham Ben Watson David Morgan Matt Schobel
  8. Weird... no TE since 2000 has had above a 4.79 40 and a sub 6.8 3 cone. Not sure what to make of him. Hunter Henry, Kyle Rudolph, Heath Miller and Chris Cooley are about the best of the 40 yd comparables.
  9. Those were unofficial. A lot of TE’s got hit hard on the official times.
  10. Herbert 60 MPH Throw Eason 62 MPH Throw
  11. Trautman with a 6.78 3 cone... yeesh
  12. DPJ 44.5” vert ETA: 139” Broad
  13. Don’t worry, I’m not. He’s been my QB3 since the beginning. Youngest breakout age, great efficiency, success in two systems... I’m not shy on Hurts at all.
  14. Hearing Reagor hit a 42” vert 😳
  15. I think he comes with an asterisk. A lot of people get impatient with TE’s already (I’ve seen OJ Howard sold for nothing, Ian Thomas dropped during the year, Njoku sold for nothing). He needs to put on 7-10 lbs and learn how to play inline.
  16. Hurts with a 4.54. Wherever I can get him this year.
  17. It’s funny I moved him up on weigh ins to WR4. I doubt his workout will move the needle unless Shenault, Lamb or Reagor bombs.
  18. It’s too bad. I really liked him. I’m a bit shocked. He was recruited as a WR.
  19. Really thought AGG would run faster. Not a bad time but I wanted him to be a shocker.
  20. Want that prime time coverage. Typical Goodell move.
  21. I’m not watching but a lot of TE times are in. Jared Pinkney just killed himself on my board, so that’s good. Okwuegbunam 4.53 Hunter Bryant 4.60 Joseph Deguara 4.60 Stephen Sullivan 4.63 Cole Kmet 4.65 Brycen Hopkins 4.66 Harrison Bryant 4.72 Adam Trautman 4.75 Jared Pinkney 4.98
  22. I’d classify his reviews as mixed. Saw a lot of poor reviews, saw a few from reputable guys saying he had a good week. Majority of guys at the senior bowl don’t get a consensus opinion. I certainly believe him to be a “project”, I just don’t know where he’ll go in rookie drafts if he hits top three rounds with a high end speed score at his size.
  23. You just engaged me. You try to argue against facts by calling them opinions. Don’t worry, I’ll mute your silliness. It’s clear you don’t want to add anything of relevance to this board anyway. Just want to be “right”.