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  1. People come to these boards and respond to their own leagues with waivers, trades, DK moves by what people post. Running into a thread and saying someone is a secret starter is the equivalent to running into a crowded theater and shouting “fire!”.
  2. He posted that Johnson IS a starter. That’s wholly inappropriate.
  3. I will be using it and reporting you to the mods for acting like this.
  4. You have not posted anything of fact... in fact you have done so in multiple threads. Post links or stop wasting people’s time trying to hype up people for whatever reason you think is beneficial to you.
  5. You do know it’s equally or moreso likely that Switzer gets pulled off the field and not Moncrief right? JJSS in the slot with Washington and Moncrief on the outside. In fact that happened a bit in the second half last week IIRC. Switzer is the worst WR on this team no matter how much people want to #### on Moncrief... and from all indications Ben likes Moncrief a ton for whatever reason.
  6. I have found two articles... This one: and this one: Honestly, I don’t appreciate the suggestion of him starting based on a posters clear bias. Perhaps Johnson gets more of a chance tomorrow or maybe not. Definitely NOTHING suggesting he is a starter and if that wants to be debated we can take it up with the mods.
  7. I thought I remember about him being talked about pretty well during NO’s run last year? Has he been bad per PFF? I’m terrible at tracking DB play.
  8. Steelers have highest odds of trading for Fitzpatrick... would be interesting to say the least. Unprecedented for this franchise but they should have gotten Eli Apple on the cheap last year.
  9. I have planted no flag. I have stated very, very reasonable concerns. I drafted Henderson in a lot of dynasties and one redraft. I am not happy right now, almost dropped him in the redraft for TyMont today. How is it not concerning that a player supposedly groomed for at least a pass catching role in this offense played one snap? Hell Gurley ran something like 24 routes during the game. This is not good. I know there are times to be patient in fantasy football. I’m not sure this is one of them in redraft. Small school player struggling to pick up an offense and getting near zero playing time. That’s a good combo for a roster clogger.
  10. Sounds like Penny. As does your advocacy and drum pounding for him. Has a hell of a lot more in common with Penny (competing with Carson and Mike Davis) than with Chubb (competing with Carlos Hyde who was also getting something like an 80% opportunity share). Also I didn’t see Henderson rip off any 60 yd TD’s yet, did you? ETA: no matter what the raw talent it is, and always has been, a massive massive red flag for an RB to come into the league and hear things like “not understanding the playbook” or “not fitting into the scheme”... it is THE position that is easiest for a player to walk into.
  11. I agree. Switzer needs off the field, period. JJSS should be in slot and some combo of Moncrief/Washignton/Johnson need to be on the outside. Ben needs to deal with it and get himself straight. I don’t agree with the Ben needing Brown more than the opposite. Let’s not forget that little ##### ran away from Derek Carr to get to the top QB/offense in the league. Ben has survived a long, long time and without AB. His decline is inevitable though and could even be past due.
  12. James Washington lead the league in air yards and aDot... try again. He’s going to blow up in the next few weeks.
  13. I’m declaring BOB as Sideshow BOB if no one else has taken it yet.
  14. He lead the RB’s in snaps. I’d tread lightly unless you can get a Gio or Malcolm Brown for him.
  15. This. It’s ####ty to watch as a fan but they wanted no part of the Pats last night. Horrible game plan, Ben played like he has on the road his whole career and Tomlin acted like a timid #####. Home opener next weekend. Dial me up if they roll over to Seattle.
  16. Wait, wait, wait... you guys watched Cleveland and Cincy yesterday right? There are no conclusions to be drawn from this weekend. Everyone in this thread said the season was over week 1 last year. Yes, this team has a Super Bowl caliber roster. 3/4’s of the league is figuring out what they are at this point. This team has a franchise QB, a stud OLine and a stud DLine.... they’ll be fine. That’s a recipe to win a division year in, year out. There are going to be bad games and hiccups. They walked into NE last night trying to get the #### out of NE as quickly as possible. Was it ####ty? Ya, obviously. Side note: James Washington lead the league in aDot and Air Yards this weekend. He’s the guy they need to get going in the offense from the start, not ####### Ryan Switzer.
  17. You guys shift like the wind. I’ve seen it every year for the last decade. It’s still the same talent assembled that everyone was coo’ing over preseason week 3. They play the Patriots like this what seems like every season. I do have one question for everyone though: why try to make Ryan Switzer a thing? The Scott Linehan Cowboys and last years Raiders already figured out he has no place in an offense why is he their slot? Get him out of there. Slide Juju into the slot and get Washington with Moncrief on the outside.
  18. The only way they make the Super Bowl with the current construction is if they don’t play the Pats in the playoffs. I still think they can beat every other team including KC. I just don’t understand why they do the same ####### thing every game against the Pats. Put Brady’s ### on the ground whatever the cost.