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  1. He lead the RB’s in snaps. I’d tread lightly unless you can get a Gio or Malcolm Brown for him.
  2. This. It’s ####ty to watch as a fan but they wanted no part of the Pats last night. Horrible game plan, Ben played like he has on the road his whole career and Tomlin acted like a timid #####. Home opener next weekend. Dial me up if they roll over to Seattle.
  3. Wait, wait, wait... you guys watched Cleveland and Cincy yesterday right? There are no conclusions to be drawn from this weekend. Everyone in this thread said the season was over week 1 last year. Yes, this team has a Super Bowl caliber roster. 3/4’s of the league is figuring out what they are at this point. This team has a franchise QB, a stud OLine and a stud DLine.... they’ll be fine. That’s a recipe to win a division year in, year out. There are going to be bad games and hiccups. They walked into NE last night trying to get the #### out of NE as quickly as possible. Was it ####ty? Ya, obviously. Side note: James Washington lead the league in aDot and Air Yards this weekend. He’s the guy they need to get going in the offense from the start, not ####### Ryan Switzer.
  4. You guys shift like the wind. I’ve seen it every year for the last decade. It’s still the same talent assembled that everyone was coo’ing over preseason week 3. They play the Patriots like this what seems like every season. I do have one question for everyone though: why try to make Ryan Switzer a thing? The Scott Linehan Cowboys and last years Raiders already figured out he has no place in an offense why is he their slot? Get him out of there. Slide Juju into the slot and get Washington with Moncrief on the outside.
  5. The only way they make the Super Bowl with the current construction is if they don’t play the Pats in the playoffs. I still think they can beat every other team including KC. I just don’t understand why they do the same ####### thing every game against the Pats. Put Brady’s ### on the ground whatever the cost.
  6. Moncrief has no business starting but they didn’t even put a game plan in place to win. This is Mike Tomlin play not to lose ball. I’m going to bed. I don’t know why 1/4 of the season the Steelers coaching staff is a clown show.
  7. I compared the Cardinals to the Spurrier Redskins during preseason. I don’t think I was far off. I still think eventually it will right but their lines on both side of the ball are garbage. How can you dictate game speed with inferior talent?
  8. They will cut him if there is as much as a hiccup happening the wrong way.
  9. Boy this league is in trouble. Going to be the NBA soon.
  10. I thought it was an act until Scott Barrett pointed out his likes from 4am today: ETA: Guy is nuts and believes he can play by his rules and his rules alone. I don’t think he’ll end up a Patriot by the end of the season.
  11. The league will be a better place when BB and his shiesty baby boomer bull #### is gone.
  12. I’m bracing for the Pats... anyone but them is a win, including Baltimore and Cleveland.
  13. I don’t know why anyone thinks there is going to be a second chance coming. He just got cut for not playing without guarantees. Who is going to guarantee him a bunch of money and let him set the rules. Certainly not the teams with cap space to pay him (Tennessee/Indy) or teams with long winning histories (New England/Baltimore). Maybe Cleveland, maybe Seattle? I don’t know... I don’t know which coaches would deal with that.
  14. Rosenhaus is a mediator. He also has other clients he has to manage. I think teams honestly like the guy. He’s not going to burn down those bridges for one idiot.
  15. This reminds me of the Chappelle show sketch: when keeping it real goes wrong
  16. Also, AB will surpass LevBell’s idiocy if he sits out Monday
  17. And here is why: Guaranteed money: VOIDED
  18. Apparently everyone was asked about it yesterday and avoided it with a fifty foot pole. IMO, moving on.