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  1. If JAA says you are good, you aren't. HTH.

  2. Yay for sexy women!

  3. I voted for you the last 2 days. You're up by 395. Great idea for a business btw.
  4. I stayed at the Polynesian and highly reccommend it. I had no issues with noise what so ever. Plus you I think it is a must to get a dinner reservation for Ohana if yuo stay there. They have a nice sized bar inside Ohana as well......but it will e one of the best meals you will have during your stay.
  5. One of my favorite posters here. If I could be half the poster you are, I'll be happy.

  6. Can anyone give me some insight on that Chantix drug. My mother smokes and she was talking about taking it but heard there might be some harsh side effects. She does this all the time.....she complains about the cost of smoking and her health....swears she is going to quit....but then finds an excuse to back out. She wants to try Chantix.....but I just know she is going to come up with another excuse. Perhaps some testimony from a Chantix user would help eliminate the possibility of her making another excuse?
  7. It's about time.....I just wish they'd sign him to a longer deal so we won't have to go throught this next year!Bubba will most likely get a longer deal if/when a final decision is made on the merger.I am glad to see that he took the deal too, same money with another announcement tomorrow as to what the other circumstances are.My guess is that he will be doing something similar to Opie and Anthony, like mornings on terrestrial radio and afternoons on Sirius.That would be pretty sweet actually. Bubba all morning and afternoon?
  8. It's about time.....I just wish they'd sign him to a longer deal so we won't have to go throught this next year!
  9. pics?It take pretty good pics for a camera phone. There is a learning curve with the touch screen keypad when you text, but I'm used to it now.
  10. I am an iphone owner and to be honest....the novelty is starting to wear off. It does everything pretty well for my needs except.....MAKE A FREAKING PHONE CALL! I cannot tell you how many dropped calls I have had over the last month alone.
  11. Thanks for the kind words in the FFA today my friend.

  12. Yes. Artie apologized by telling Richard and Sal that they are nothing and not in his league and they don't deserve to be treated the way Artie is because he's paid his dues and he is the greatest thing ever and he's basically the bestest, most awesome person in the whole world.Wow....I like Artie, but thats pretty egotistical. After that blow up, I didn't think they would ever make up. Did Sal accept his apology? Or were they both still cold to one another?
  13. I missed the show most of this week. but I did catch Artie actually talking to Richard during the avant garde music bit. Did Artie make up with Sal and Richard?