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  1. Is this when AJones finally starts to take over?
  2. Same exact feeling I got. He’s talking about it in the past tense already.
  3. I picked up Herndon but now see Doyle was dropped. I’m considering dropping him for Doyle. Engram is also on my roster - idk why.
  4. Ironically, I got the deal done with Sammy: Watkins/Crowell for ‘Baby Tron’ in redraft He has Mahomes & Golladay is on bye.
  5. He re-emerged down the stretch with Kirk last year as a flex ppr option. I read he was really starting to click with Smith in the preseason then pulled his hammy. I think he’ll be useful during byes & could develop into a viable WR3 option as the season progresses. Idk if it’s so much that Smith prefers throwing to TE & RB, and not that those were the guys most likely to be working the short to intermediate stuff. Which happens to be where Crowder, as the slot has had success before. I’d like to see him healthy for a couple games before I bail tho as no other WR has really emerged as the WR1 in Wash.
  6. Glad I snagged him last week on a gut call that Ajayi wasn’t going to last.
  7. You think he’s enough to snag me someone like KGolladay on his own? As in a trade. I’m having a tough time getting a read on his value.
  8. I’m gonna start alternating him & Cooper.
  9. Hmmm ... What’s under all this dust?
  10. FBG brotherhood - I turn to you for guidance on what to do with this guy. I can never get a good read on when to deploy him.
  11. Vance’s pregame comments on playing him more teased me into flexing him into my lineup. Frustration level has now reached level 9 and climbing ...