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  1. Gotta love OT on the 1st night back. NHL playoffs are the best playoffs
  2. He shoots, he SCORES!!!! -- my prediction for the end of the mtl-pens game
  3. Yeah, they went out to a store in the middle of a game to get them. I want to say they're called--seriously--puck grabbers
  4. What time do bars open in the Lone Star?
  5. It was a Republican operative who committed the fraud. It was so bad they called a special election.
  6. Anyone else watching Australian Rules Football (AFL on FS1) or National Rugby League (NRL on Fox Soccer)? As far as I can tell, it's the only live sports going on. There is no audience and the players have to find the ball in the seats when they kick it out of bounds. I lived Down Under for a year, so I have a vague idea of what's going on. I sure with cricket was still going.
  7. I was gonna suggest Prague, so I'm glad that you were already thinking that way. Hotel Europa on the main drag cost me $14 a night in 2003. The dude selling a sausage and a beer for $1.50 from a kart outside is good, too. Awesome city.
  8. I met Kurt Gibson in the elevator at a Red Wings game. He and Dave Rozema signed the back of my ticket. I was like 11
  9. Gotta love California cocaine rock, as the man who introduced me called it. Been a fan since grad school. It's all good. I went with Reeling, but there are no wrong answers