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  1. Not sure if this has been covered: do parents have to attach a sonogram to their taxes to get a write-off? Asking for a friend
  2. Can I just get the federal government to give me $2m. I mean, I've made some dumb decisions; don't see why I can't get paid
  3. A lot of university staff is paid for by state funding. It's kind of a double whammy, if you know what I mean
  4. To be fair, though, the number of administrators has exploded as well
  5. CBS or there is a crappy app that won't work with chromecast. Your call
  6. Anyone else watching this? There's some good basketball being played.
  7. Sean Evan's is on The Today Show tomorrow. He is also on Your Mom's House podcast this week. He's doing the water challenge on YMH.
  8. Da Bomb really was the worst, hotter than ones ranked spicier. It had flavor, but also just drove the scovilles home. The last dab redux was easy after Da Bomb
  9. It was a mix of seeing how hot the sauces are, how hot I could go, and bonding with my friend I started 5alking about it with. Now that I've done it, I feel that I have a good understanding of what level hot sauce I want for what dish I'm having. I won't be doing the crazy ones again
  10. He was hilarious, squirting lemon and lime juices in his mouth and eating donuts. Great scrambled egg recipe, too
  11. I just discovered this show on YouTube last week. The interviewer sits down with various celebs--Natalie Portman, Neil degrasse Tyson, Kevin Hart, and others--and asks them 10 questions while they both eat increasingly hot chicken wings. The dude is a good interviewer and the staff has done their research on the guests. I love watching the very human reaction as the guests try to deal with, eventually, stupid hot sauces. Me and a couple of buddies decided to do this during March Madness. I ordered 3 sauces from the show and another friend picked another 4 he thought were interesting. It was ok for us until around 300,000 scoville units, the spiciness measure for peppers. After that it was just uncomfortable and a weird cascade of body reactions: my eyes watered; I got the chills when I should have been stupid hot; I almost sharted; I had to take laps around bws, but we got through it. I spent $20 on milk at the bar, just to help ease the hotness. There are 8 seasons. I highly recommend it. We're gonna try some more sauces when my buddy gets back from the airport tonight. We're gonna have some chicken nuggets with a sauce rated at 2 million scoville. Keep my colon in your prayers tomorrow morning. I'm gonna be tingling at both ends. Anyone else seen this? Thoughts?
  12. Is he outkicking his coverage on this one? I was a little surprised when I saw that
  13. Ya know, I've had a bunch of various complaints about amazon and prime in the last few years. I've never had a problem with their customer service and coming to a mutually-acceptable solution. They always seem to make the customer happy. I, for one welcome our new overlords