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  1. I was gonna suggest Prague, so I'm glad that you were already thinking that way. Hotel Europa on the main drag cost me $14 a night in 2003. The dude selling a sausage and a beer for $1.50 from a kart outside is good, too. Awesome city.
  2. I met Kurt Gibson in the elevator at a Red Wings game. He and Dave Rozema signed the back of my ticket. I was like 11
  3. Gotta love California cocaine rock, as the man who introduced me called it. Been a fan since grad school. It's all good. I went with Reeling, but there are no wrong answers
  4. They could not want to be on the record as on one side or the other. They could not know enough a certain topic and have a conscience. They could be busy explaining to a group of schoolchildren how a bill becomes a bill. There are many reasons
  5. The orange one asked for help from China and Ukraine from the White House grounds. That's enough for me. If you are a student of history, you will know that foreign interference was one of the great fears of the Founding Fathers.
  6. I mean, i do agree and support that. But, how do you handle the depths of despair this program is in. And, who is gonna be the one to fix it? Can we hire Tom Brady when he turns 46 and retires from the NFL?
  7. The US took Nazi scientists after WWII to help us win the Cold War. Blouse-wearing poodle walkers like you are the reason umich might go 6-6. Well, you and Harbargh. Les is more
  8. In our last 5 games, we were embarrassed by OSU, SC, Army, and UW--not beaten, downright embarrassed--after $30 million spent. He was a college qb, a pro qb, and a qb developer in college and in the pros, but for 5 years, our qbs have sucked. The whoopings by OSU are one thing, but he also completely failed to get the team ready for bowl games, further embarrassing the program. We brought him in to take us back to elite; we are now average. He has failed. Les is more. Hell, bring in Urban
  9. I'm calling it; this is the year--the lions are gonna take the super bowl
  10. I've only done 4 from this season, so fat. Da Bomb is the real killer
  11. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it wasn't that. He was very down-to-earth
  12. Actually, ND schedules Navy every year to show gratitude for Navy training in South Bend during WWII. The money kept the university afloat.