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  1. I agree. In a 12 team superflex, I felt Bridgewater should have fetched something in the 1.09-1.12 range, but he's also not a player anybody is excited to trade for...especially in this rookie class and fit my plan of accumulating assets that come together by 2021-2022. Not sure if I believe in Bridgewater enough to hold a starting job for 2-5 years. With a rebuilding roster, I was happy to get the 2.02 and a dice roll on Cooks/Njoku being traded into situations that cause a little excitement. Also gives me the 1.04, 1.07, 1.10, 2.02, 2.04, 2.07, 2.09, 2.10, and another 7 picks in the 3rd-4th, so the rookie draft will at least be a good time!
  2. 12 Team 1PPR Superflex (rebuilding) Gave: Teddy Bridgewater Received: Brandin Cooks, 2.02, David Njoku
  3. 12 Team 1PPR SuperFlex League: Was offered: Evan Engram Gave up: 2.07, Irv Smith Jr, 4.04 I like Irv, but still have 13 2020 picks after this deal so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to solidify my TE group (Evan Engram/Hunter Henry)
  4. 12 Team 1PPR SuperFlex League. Team was getting a little older and out of playoff contention, so it looks like I am rebuilding after today! Trade 1: Gave: Julio Jones, Brian Hill, Mike Geisicki Received: Corey Davis, 2020 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Teddy Bridgewater, LeSean McCoy (picks likely 1.07-1.12 range) Trade 2: Gave: Damian Williams, LeSean McCoy Received: 2020 2nd, 3rd (picks likely 2.09-2.12 range) Trade 3: Gave: Melvin Gordon, TreQuan Smith, LA Rams DEF Received: AJ Brown, 2020 1st, 2nd, Devin Funchess, Lamar Miller (fighting for last playoff spot) Team is now well stocked with 2020 draft fun coupons
  5. 12 Team Superflex 1PPR Team A: Melvin Gordon, Mike Williams Team B: Matt Breida, Curtis Samuel
  6. 12 Team 1PPR Team A: AJ Green Team B: Tyreek Hill *both teams contending
  7. 16 Team 1PPR QB-2RB-2WR-1TE-2Flex Team A: 2020 1st (likely later) Team B: Tyreek Hill
  8. 12 Team SuperFlex 1PPR Devy League *Rookie/Devy combined draft where 10 college players can be drafted Team A: 1.10, 2.10, Gerald Everett Team B: 1.05 (OTC - Jerry Jeudy) 1.10 ended up being Haskins, 2.10 ended up being Daniel Jones
  9. 12 Team 1PPR Superflex/Devy league (passing TDs = 6 points) Team A: Aaron Rodgers, Mark Ingram Team B: Carson Wentz, Allen Robinson
  10. 12 team 1PPR 2QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1Flex Keenan Allen straight up for LeVeon Bell
  11. I agree. A 1/1/2 sounds about right for AJG... but the value, IMO, is a lot less in a this case (16 team league) 1.09 is 1.09, but the 2.17 is the 34th overall pick (3.10 in a 12 teamer, and we have two losers bracket picks added in), and after acquiring AJG I’m hoping my 2019 1st is later (after a long rebuild, I’ll now have Luck/Watson/Rivers, Barkley/Kamara/MelvinGordon/Mixon, AJG/Hilton/Watkins/Diggs/Agholor/MikeWilliams, Olsen/Reed/Ebron). So in terms of players actually being selected with those picks, I looked at it like AJ Green for 1.09, 3.10, and a 2019 pick that hopefully falls around 2.02-2.04. Just felt like I was missing something because the other owner is very good/DLF team member.
  12. 16 Team 1PPR Team A: AJ Green Team B: 1.09, 2019 1st, 2019 2nd
  13. 16 Team 1PPR Rebuilder received: 2.08, 3rd, 3rd, Adam Shaheen Contender received: Jordan Reed, Greg Olsen, Jeremy Maclin
  14. 12 Team SuperFlex PPR Team A: Brett Hundley (lost Rodgers) Team B: 2018 3rd, 4th, Chad Williams
  15. 12 Team SuperFlex PPR Devy League Rebuilder gets: Sam Darnold (pairs up with Lamar Jackson), 2018 1st, Isaiah Crowell, Djax Contender gets: Kareem Hunt