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  1. It is. Yes, as in Stopping Jimmy Graham in next years Championship game. It would have been nice to have Malcom Brown, but I like the pick.
  2. Starks returning home... Check out this Video James Starks talks returning to Buffalo - PackersAs a Packer Homer, I can see a scenario where they get up big, and Starks becomes setup for a big game. Quoted Yesterday McCarthy didn’t address whether Lacy’s usual workload would be curtailed at all due to his injury, but either way, RB James Starks is also ready to go. Starks got the most work he’s had in over a month this past Monday night vs. Atlanta, rushing for 73 yards. “We’ll see how the game goes,” McCarthy said. “I feel very comfortable going with Eddie and James. It’s something we spent the whole offseason getting ready for. Both guys have done a great job being three-down players.” For Starks, the game in Buffalo will be a return to his roots for the first time as a pro. The Packers haven’t played in Buffalo since 2006 and Starks was drafted in 2010. He’s from the area and went to college at Buffalo. He expects to have a strong rooting section in the Ralph Wilson Stadium stands. “I can’t even really count (how many people),” Starks said. “I know a lot of people going that already got tickets. I just got 20 tickets for myself and my family. Other people already had their tickets for a while, so they’ve been waiting for this game since the beginning of the year. It’s going to be fun.” Added McCarthy: “There’s no place like home. Everybody loves going back to their hometown. I know it’s special for him and his family. James is always smiling, and his smile is a little bigger this week. He’ll go out and play like he always does.”
  3. Regretting starting Gronk over Kelce...
  4. Do we think Benjamin starts hot Even with Cam out? I am debating Latimer over Benjamin at Flex..
  5. Ex Ellington Owner.. Dropped for Bolden today. Problem is it will be very hard to start Ellington with his schedule in the playoff and now his injury. He currently ranks basically as a highly talented backup. Maybe next year..
  6. Love this guy... Jus wondering why he disappears for a half each game. He's played 2 good defenses and loving his match ups come the playoffs.
  7. Hi greatness will keep him on my team, but he is going to the back of the bus... behind Andre Brown, Rainey, and his counterpart MJD. Cant believe I started this guy
  8. definitely swaying me in Allen direction. I think he has a big game tomorrow... thx
  9. Same here. My choice is between Antonio Brown and Allen. Safe points vs upside. In the end it comes down to matchup, whether you are favored and need the upside of allen. He could easily go off for 26 in PPR. I am also inclined to think Maimi is a target.. for both Offensive players and DST units with the Incognito incident. If distractions get out of hand, look out..
  10. Starting Allen over Chris Johnson in 1 league @ Flex Benching Allen over Jimmy Graham *Flex", Antonio Brown, DJAX, and Elligton in another
  11. Per Arians, Ellington will get 20 touches per game.. If he really does get 20/week, he is a solid RB2 with RB1 upside.. I would raise him up he ranks, but still cannot start him over CJ and Lacy in 1 league...
  12. Your loss. I've seen enough to be fully confident the rest of the way. I think Foles was hurt when he played DAL and considering trading for him.. What do you think Foles is worth, and who would you rate high ROS? I am a Romo owner, who likes his consistency, but would like a higher upside QB heading into the playoffs. Would you rank him higher than Romo ROS? Romo is @CHI Home vs GB and @WAS. Not liking weeks 14 and 16 match-ups Foles is Home DET, @MIN, Home CHI.