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  1. I dont understand this move? You seem to be doing things the ol school way of sludging through the bars. After my divorce early in the year i went on match and plenty of fish and have been beating them off with a stick with always juggling 10 ladies at any given time. Its like Xmas shopping online, nice and easy!
  2. In all seriousness, this is actually really great advice, almost regardless of where the OP wants this whole thing to go.I'll be a man in time.... but I've been out of the game for 6 years. Need the liquid courage and need to get in shape first.You're 26, you should already be in shape! Damn kids spending too much time on the couch with the PS3
  3. Ive got 4 girls that I recently friend requested from this dating site now on facebook, throw in the fact that im still currently living with the wife until the divorce is final and our house sells. Also have my side squeeze in maine on there and she plans to move out in July. Not sure this is gonna end well. I facebook like crap...
  4. Replace racists with religious nuts, and guns with inane hardcore right-wing ramblings, and you have my Facebook news feed.These 3 guys go on crazy Obama, welfare, immigration, gay etc rants that are pretty offensive. Instinctively I want to delete them, but I feel like watching the madness and being vigilant if #### goes down I guess. Really militant stuff though.Thats nothing, I have a gay, abnoxious friend from High school whos now a lawyer in Atlanta and i get to hear from him and all his gay friends how great Obama is along with Pelosi and the rest of the clowns. I do enjoy going to his board heckling him and his moronic hippy friends. Im kinda suprised he hasnt defriended me yet...
  5. You guys are nuts, i think Chantal is smokin hot!! Nothing wrong with a lady that has a little to hold onto.
  6. If Brad were anything like the majority of us around here, I doubt he ever would've signed up for this to begin with. Do you think that, generally speaking, people who hang out on a messageboard are the types of people that would go on a show like The Bachelor?um, yesI rest my case. lol
  7. Biggest Obama fan ever.

  8. You know what word I'm really getting sick of hearing? Its "Journey" Im sick of hearing about your biggest fatty journey or your journey to find your mate. Everytime i hear it i mock it, drives the wife crazy. "I'm sorry hon, im on my journey to drive you nuts:
  9. Because they like nicotine? Because you can smoke inside? Because it's cleaner than cigarettes? Because it doesn't smell like cigarettes? Because you can full fist it and no one will know the difference? Etc, etc, etc.We're still gonna whine about it, just knowing you guys are putting one over on us we cant let you get away with that. Its not PC, thats our trump card.
  10. It looks stupid? Why would smokers want to puff on that?
  11. you applying?Im not gay enough... sweetNice edit job Hack, blouses...