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  1. That trade was terrible but I get my trades called terrible all the time (as in I ripped the other guy off) and most of the time they blow up in my face. Traded 1.6 and 1.10 for Parker and Ajayi in 2016 everyone and their brother on here said I won the trade big and I 100% would have drafted Michael Thomas at the 1.10 doesn't even matter who I would taken at the 1.6 because Thomas is 1000% more value then Parker and Ajayi combined right now. Also got told I ripped some guy off when I gave up the farm for Trent Richardson after I got traded to Indy ya we know how that worked out! So my point is you never know.
  2. Hope the salaries are a little more friendly this year to build teams I know it isn't supposed to be easy but these are usually way too tough to put together a team.
  3. Miller was dealt in 1 of mine for the 4.02 in a 16 team league.
  4. There is a forum here for that
  5. Here is a new DFWC that starts on July 14th. I nearly played in this one but then decided not to.
  6. Randy Moss was thought to be no longer a difference maker at age 30 coming off a terrible year in 2006 with Oakland then traded to NE for a measly 4th round pick. He kinda was a difference maker for the next 3 years to the tune of record 23 TD's, 98 catches and 1493 yards in 2007.
  7. Things change fast in fantasy football though. Last year Hunt and Kamara were 2nd round picks in a lot of rookie drafts this time of year and now they are being taken in the 1st round of startups ahead of many guys that you would have easily traded them for last year. Maybe Guice does that and becomes a 1st round startup next year or maybe he flops and loses value. No one knows that is the beauty of dynasty everyone has their own way to build a team thus the reason these trades can happen.
  8. QB's are devauled in the high stakes world.
  9. High stakes dynasty startups done a few months ago looks like people value winning now over youth AJ Green pick 21 Baldwin pick 34 Guice pick 41 AJ Green pick 21 Guice pick 28 Baldwin pick 40 AJ Green pick 22 Baldwin pick 26 Guice pick 37
  10. 12 team IDP with 1.5 TE PPR 2.05 while on the clock (Took Washington) for 2019 1st round pick (finished as the 7th place team last year)
  11. Maybe the guy wanted picks and no one else had multiple high 1st this year. To each their own. Last year people who paid multiple picks to move up in the draft would been better served waiting for a Hunt or Kamara who were falling to late 1st / early 2nd at this time last year. You just never know how it will work out. Pretty sure everyone who traded a boat load of picks for Trent Richardson as the clear 1.01 that year are not too happy about it today.
  12. 12 team IDP league with 1.5 TE PPR Year 2018 Draft Pick 1.02;Year 2018 Draft Pick 1.03;Year 2018 Draft Pick 5.02 For Hilton, T.Y. IND WR; Year 2018 Draft Pick 1.05;Year 2018 Draft Pick 4.05; Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick (Could be anywhere next year)
  13. 12 team IDP league with 1.5 TE PPR while on the clock for pick 4 this trade just went down Barkley, Saquon NYG RB; Year 2019 Round 3 Draft Pick For Year 2018 Draft Pick 1.04;Year 2018 Draft Pick 1.07; Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick (Never know but projects to be 7-12)
  14. Seen this one go down the other day in a 14 team PPR Winston for Allison