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  1. Is the scorekeeper blind ? It was clearly Van Noy on this tackle 3RD & 4 NE 45 4:40 D.Freeman right end to NE 48 for -3 yards (P.Chung).
  2. Well you did get two 3rds at least...........
  3. I paid a bit more to land AJ Green in a 16 team 1.5 TE PPR IDP league the other day. Contracts maker this trade worse for me than a normal league I only have AJ Green for 1.5 years now before having to franchise him for 1 more year after that is a RFA. I gave up Watkins (6 year contract) 2018 1st 2018 2nd Got AJ Green (2 year contact)
  4. OMG I never seen anything like that before I just had to turn the TV off and walk away I am sick to my stomach.
  5. Here is a pretty awful trade especially when you consider it is a 16 team league where QB's are hard to come PPR league. Consider also the team trading away his 1st, 2nd, 3rd is 6-0 and 2nd in the league in scoring so very likely the picks will be in the 15, 30, 45 range next year. I would not trade Keenan Allen alone for that. Just an awful trade that disrupts the entire balance of the league. Hill, Jeremy CIN RB Niklas, Troy ARI TE Alexander, Maurice FA S Year 2018 Round 1 Year 2018 Round 2 Year 2018 Round 3 For Newton, Cam CAR QB Collins, Alex BAL RB Allen, Keenan LAC WR Year 2018 Round 5 Year 2018 Round 6 Year 2018 Round 7
  6. 16 team 1.5 TE PPR McCoy for Two (2018) 2nd round picks 2018 3rd round pick 2018 4th round pick
  7. That may have been my miracle win of all time was down 6.45 pts with 4 seconds left only had Justin Houston left got 6 pts for the TD and 3 pts for the fumble recovery.
  8. 16 team 1.5 TE PPR Gave Cutler Got John Ross Still own Palmer and Kizer QB's tough to come by in 16 QB leagues but had to take a chance on Ross
  9. 12 team FFPC PPR 1.5 TE here is a beauty from Sunday Randall Cobb for 4th and 5th 2018 picks
  10. 12 team 1.5 TE PPR FFPC league Shaheen, Adam (TE), CHI 2018 2nd Round Draft Pick for Thomas, Demaryius (WR), DEN ----------------------------------------------------------- I offered this guy my future 2018 1st and 2nd round picks for DT and his 2018 3rd round pick he turned that down so he could accept this one
  11. This game..............
  12. Gurley now has as many total TD's (6) in 2.5 games as he had the entire 2016 season.