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  1. - Cavs against all odds 2016 - Cavs "the comeback story"
  2. How can anyone take Aaron Rodgers over Alex Smith ? Smith was #1 overall pick Rodgers fell to late 1st round................
  3. As if no one remembers LeBron leading the Cavs to the greatest NBA finals comeback in history as no other team came back down 3-1 and it was the first win on the road in an NBA finals since like 1978 oh and it was against the greatest regular season team of all time who had a 73-9 record. LeBron had the greatest 3 game stretch in NBA finals history and one thing everyone forgets about Jordan is he went 6-0 because he was favored to win every series. He never had to play against a 73 win team and he never drug a horrible supporting cast to the finals like LeBron did in 2007. LeBron was able to take a team to the finals that had no business being there something Jordan could never do.
  4. I gave up picks 8,9, 17 and Edelman for Gronk. I guess we don't see eye to eye.
  5. Give the Celtics credit after losing game 2 at home like they did to come back win game 3 and to take a 16 point lead tonight in game 4 without Thomas has been nothing short of amazing. They showed some real heart tonight win or lose.
  6. How about a 28 foot step back to end the quarter after hitting drive after drive after drive in incredible fashion. 21 pts in the quarter for Kyrie.
  7. Oh great now Kyrie hurts his to be fn kidding me.
  8. Did you watch last night ? Tell me again how Cleveland wins the East without LeBron. Like I said 0-6 without him this year and 4-18 without him since he came back. It isn't a fluke. They are a terrible team without their leader and it showed last night.
  9. Simply defies logic Cavs win by 44 on road and then at home lose with Thomas not even playing. As a Cavs fan this one hurts I wanted to be 12-0 since GS looks like they will be 12-0. Painful.
  10. I just threw up............. I can't believe that ball bounced in I thought for sure was going out.