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  1. Going into last year Kamara and Beckham were going neck and neck in startup drafts usually 1 to 2 picks apart. Man things change fast in then NFL.
  2. I was able to snag him at 1.05 in the only league I got him in so far.
  3. I just checked out the five DFWC dynasty draft boards from 2019 startups and Conner went in 2nd round in all 5 leagues. He came into 2019 with much love from most people and a very valuable dynasty asset and 1 year later no one wants this guy and his value has fallen off a cliff.
  4. Huh ? You make no sense. Ok then give the same guy the 1st pick of every odd round and the one guy who draws 12 gets last pick every odd round. So you think it is luck driven and totally unfair for the site to draw everyone pick EVERY OTHER ROUND. I didn't say you draw EVERY ROUND. umm and yes it is called luck driven because it's a random draw which means FAIR DRAW for all. Just because 99% of the sites do it the snake way doesn't mean that is the best way and it certainly is not the fairest way it's just the easiest way. Carry on though with your way because ya I am clueless on running dynasty leagues been doing it only since 1997.
  5. I have created 3 dynasty leagues. 1997, 2010 and 2016. Each time I did something different. 1997 was my first dynasty startup we drew picks every other round (reversing the even rounds) and had no trades. Back then we were doing this live with pen and paper and doing a quick 2-3 hour draft. That is all we knew back then I didn't even have the internet I did entire league on paper and drove people's lineups to their houses on Saturday nights. Separate random draw for rookie picks. 2010 I had the MFL draw the picks for every other round (reversing the even rounds) doing a slow draft with trades of course. This way if you got pick 12 you didn't get 12/1 every round this is a much more fair way then having a person pigioned holed into 1 spot the entire draft. You could get 3/10 followed by 1/12 followed by 10/3 ect. The 1st team doesn't get the advantage of drafting from the 1 spot every odd round. Separate random draw for rookie picks with the 2nd-7th rounds reverse of the 1st. 2016 I had everyone roll dice and the highest roll got to pick their spot 1-12 and they stayed in that spot snake draft but the rookie draft 1st round would reverse of the startup order (with rounds 2-7 being opposite of the 1st). So the highest dice roll wanted pick 12 as they got the 1.01 rookie pick. Most startups the rookies are mixed in which is what I have done in high stakes leagues but all my ones I made we did not to that.
  6. Out of 320 non superflex FFPC rookie drafts this year Reagor ADP was actually the 1.10 and his range was from the 1.06 to 2.07. Yes I know hard to believe he fell to pick 19 in at least 1 FFPC rookie draft this year. Interesting his ADP is actually 1.10 not 1.08 or 1.09 where you guys seen him go in most of your drafts like I said in 2 of my 3 he went 1.12.
  7. Except Reagor fell to 12 in 2 out of my 3 non superflex FFPC leagues. Note you said never in yours thought you meant never in all.
  8. 14 team PPR 1.5 TE (20 roster 7 DTS) 50 contract years after a players contract runs out they are a RFA 3.07, 3.08, 3.14, 4.05 for Mark Ingram (1 year contract)
  9. I really hate seeing McCaffrey trades no matter what is given because it always beats what we got for him......
  10. I drafted at 7.12 final rookie pick in 1 of my FFPC leagues.................
  11. They told me it would roll over to the 2021 leauge
  12. I am not trusting fantasy football calculator rankings for dynasty for anything I am doing. Those are mock drafts. When you want to compare where players are going it is best to go to actual startup drafts and you need to look at several or use that buy site mojo for real money league data for FFPC rules that is.
  13. I asked MFL to make sure we get it rolled over for 2021 payment or we get a refund. I will let you know what they say.
  14. Has anyone asked if we get our money back if no season ? I usually have all my leagues paid in April but was holding off this year but June 10th is coming (though they usually push that back once it gets here a week and keep discount alive).