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  1. Then there are all those wasted 1st round picks. Guys like Justin Gilbert (who the Browns took over Beckham in 2014). Could have just drafted Beckham that year.
  3. Don't let Patterson get a return kick this out of the end zone
  4. Maybe 1 more shot for a short out pass to get 5-6 more yards closer
  5. OMFG that flag gives KC a shot at the endzone now for 1 play............can't take a sack.
  6. What a horrible penalty on Ford to cost your team the Super Bowl.
  7. What a disaster for KC in FG range get a sack knocking them out then KC calls timeout to allow NE more time to get a TD drive.
  8. Announcers said you can't have horse collar in the pocket they talked about that play.
  9. It probably would have benifited the Saints had they called it then Rams could have scored TD and forced NO to try and score a TD at the end and the refs likely then call the PI penalty.