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  1. A big FU thanks to this report this morning leading me to sit Tucker for Prater forecasts "Winds W at 20 to 30 mph. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph." Weather is very often over emphasized but wind can cause problems. If you needed a tiebreaker for your Jets or Ravens players, it does look it'll be windy in East Rutherford.
  2. FFPC Block buster today. Gave up C Michael Sea RB and M Jones Det WR and future 2nd for David Johnson Arz RB and future 3rd
  3. Parker......sucking....Ajayi awful...where is the guy who said Ajayi would been the 2nd best back in this draft ? I am 1-4 and the guy I traded with is 4-1 right now. Guess this trade wasn't so awful was it ? Sometimes people over value "current value" (I am one of them). So the trades I make look "good" at the time but more often than not I have been on the wrong side of the trade a year later.
  4. Big DFWC trade made in my league not involved. Beckham and Bernard for David Johnson and Melvin Gordon
  5. This game is a fantasy football fiacole.
  6. 16 team IDP PPR Tyrell Williams SD WR For Devonta Freeman Atl RB
  7. No Daq Prescott but we have guys like T Boykin of Seattle and D Anderson of Car and EJ Manuel of Buf ...........what happened here
  8. Compared to this one D. Murray For Two 2017 3rd round picks P. Cooper
  9. PPR Coates and Wheaton For John Brown
  10. Just went at 4.07 in a startup I am in off the breaking news
  11. 12 team IDP PPR started today
  12. Non PPR Murray (Oak) RB and Gates (SD) TE for 2017 1st (likely between 5-10)
  13. The biggest reason this was able to happen was the big jump in cap space. Because the cap went up so much it allows a team to bring in a KD with already having 3 big stars already being paid (not to mention Steph being underpaid compared to today's market). Back in 2010 when LeBron went to Miami and Bosh too they had to strip down the rest of the team you had Wade, LeBron and Bosh (non of which were making the max at the time they all took slightly less to make it work) and a bunch of min salary vets to make it work. Now we have 4 of the top 20 players in the NBA (2 of the top 3 ?) 2 time reigning mvp and the previous mvp combining. Cavs won't be able to make any counter move well over the cap best they can do is sign back JR Smith. Only possible move is to trade their trade exception that is nearly 10 mill to a team that wants to dump someone but not likely going to get a great player that way.
  14. I wonder if KD remembers all his tweets from 2010. Kevin DurantVerified account‏@KDTrey5 Now everybody wanna play for the heat and the Lakers? Let's go back to being competitive and going at these peoples! 7:09 AM - 16 Jul 2010
  15. Anyone taking Luck or A-Rodgers in the first round this year ?