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  1. So stupid it wasn't a 20 yarder it was 41 yards you run the ball get more yards
  2. Good thing Seattle has a Timeout left otherwise they couldn't challenge.
  3. Atlanta again Falcons DE John Cominsky tested positive for COVID-19 and is out for Week 6 against the Vikings.
  4. This has become the norm now. It seems every day we have 1 to 2 of these. What happens now that they are testing on game day when someone is positive only to find out they are negative later. This is a huge mess.
  5. Just be glad if the game is played we have KC people hitting the covid list left and right. Not feeling confident right now.
  6. Anyone know the official delay between when tested and when you get results or does it vary from test to test and if it varies what are the ranges ? It seems we get most of the results in the morning the next day after a test. Not sure what time these are being tested but we seen last Saturday that Burton for NO tested positive and we didn't hear about it until around 11:45 PM ET and then they retested 7 players Kamara included and it was a false positive on Burton and no one else tested positive and this was around 8 AM ET or so.
  7. Is White even going to play ?
  8. Honestly I don't even remember seeing Miller on the field..........not 1 target.
  9. Tennessee keeps getting 2 positives a day. So if they get another one tomorrow is the game then off ? Do they create a week 18 and move the playoffs back ? They will never be able to play it before a week 18 if they don't get it in this week.
  10. They just promo'd the KC/Buf game for Thursday so what is going to happen they sure are not playing that on Thursday now. Do they switch another game into Thursday ?
  11. Romo was dead on just now saying how KC should gone for 2 up 25-10. You can get u 3 scores if you make it and if you miss NE would still likely kick the XP to cut it to 8 if they were down 15.
  12. Yes this is how I am handling for my local leagues I run. People will post on our message board something like Mahomes (Cousins). If game is cancelled then they get Cousins. Now Nationally what do you do ? Risk a 0 ? There will be no backup plan. I think Sunday morning will tell us what we need to know. If 0 positives then game has a shot to be played. If any positive Sunday morning from Saturday testing and this game is not happening. Really concerning that a KC Taxi quad QB also tested positive putting both teams in play that hurts the odds.
  13. He wasn't really having a good night at all until that run. He was 22/64 and getting stuffed left and right and dropping passes.