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  1. Minnesota had what like 20 seconds last year vs NO it is never over till its over. Ok it's over now 1st down
  2. Needed a Gordon TD there not Green
  3. LAC DF is horrible today. I actually thought LAC was the 1 road team that could win this week...................
  4. If you miss it entire team is deflated and feel the game is over so you have some massive downside
  5. Apparently the delay wasn't in effect on that Talib F bomb
  6. When you are down 22 you should be going for two on the first TD because if you miss you still have 2 more chances to get two pointers being down 16. Coaches kick the XP when they score to cut the 22 point lead to 16 those are the ones making the mistake but when you are down 15 and score to cut it to 9 you go for 1 if there is only enough time for 1 possession I would agree with you if there is time for 2+ possessions because you want to know if your making it or not.
  7. Onside kicks are worthless now you may as well kick it deep since you have almost no shot to get onside kicks with the new rule.
  8. Because you feel like crap and you lost the game if you miss the 2 pointer
  9. Sure sucks for these fantasy playoff contests how CJ Anderson is the goal line back today. Gurley hasn't even been in the game when Rams have the ball inside the 15 yard line today I don't think.
  10. Damn you Z man you got to make that
  11. Dez

    Colts vs Chiefs

    Chargers vs Chiefs is going to be epic.
  12. Dez

    Colts vs Chiefs

    Coming into the playoffs was hoping for a KC/NO or KC/LAR Super Bowl. Remember before you write off the Chargers or Patriots both beat KC this year including the LAC beating KC in KC not too long ago.
  13. Dez

    Colts vs Chiefs

    Ball game though on the running into the kicker penalty I thought the Colts guy ticked the ball which I thought would mean no penalty.