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  1. Of course it would have since I am a Cleveland fan.
  2. NCAA Championship game ended on the final shot, NBA down 3-1 went to game 7 and was decided in the final minute, World Series down 3-1 went to game 7 extra innings and now SB went OT after being down 25......what sports last 12 months.
  3. Atlanta had a 3rd down and 1 and threw it otherwise none of this happens.
  4. White was one big reason why they won.
  5. Down 28-3 did anyone actually really believe it could be possible ? Atlanta just had to fall down twice and kick a FG when up 28-12......... Still needing 2 TD's and 2 two pointers to get that to tie it was impossible......... I don't believe what I just seen.
  6. Brady will be MVP but what a game by James White
  7. OMG greatest comeback in Super Bowl history by a mile.
  8. OMG they threw it Blount 4 times in a row
  9. Oh man Rogers Godell is crapping his pants right now.
  10. OMG that close to the win I thought Bennett had it.
  11. This is the first Super Bowl to ever go OT
  12. Kick for a FG here they can't rush you because you made a fair catch it be like a kickoff but with no tee.
  13. Go for the FG Free kick style right here
  14. Odds had to be like 99.8% Atlanta wins up 28-3
  15. Unless we have another A-Rod type pass to Cook this one is going OT.