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  1. I could have sworn there was 1 other year that had less than 4,000 people but clearly I was wrong. That makes it even more insane for someone to know they are taking a 0 the first week going all 2 teams players and yet they are the winner.
  2. I scored 46 the first week was trying to get the minimum needed. Who would thought it would drop from 6700 to 3300. No way you could risk going 0 players but someone did got rewarded. A few years ago there wasn't 4000 people I did that strategy but I got cut in 2nd round. This year I made it past 2nd round (and so did winner) because Mahomes and Kelce went nuts. I barely made cut 118 (105 cut). Had they been good and not crazy great we get cut.
  3. I finished in 6th place and I wasted $53 on 2 Buffalo and 2 Philly players. It shouldn't have been wasted money but only 3300 players signed up this year after 6700 last year. The guy who won it got lucky if 4010 people joined he loses in 1st round with 0 pts. I see lots of teams went with 2 players or less the 1st week and got lucky to stay in the hunt. I also only spent about 5 minutes on this. For years I have spent 30+ minutes and always get knocked out by 2nd round so I didn't put much thought into this year much except I knew I wasn't going NO players since most would do that (sine that was the easy way out to get WC players and double up on them being in SB plus they were too high priced for being a #3 seed)
  4. If Tyreek's thing went the other way and they were forced to cut him do they make it this far ? How is Kareem Hunt feeling seeing his former team win that could been him.
  5. Remember when Mahomes dislocated his knee at that moment laying on the field I thought maybe his season was over and now this. Amazing.
  6. Browns passed on this guy. KC was smart enough to trade up for him.
  7. Your up 11 not 7 you don't need to waste those extra 3 seconds running 10 yards backwards you can't lose this game.
  8. On 1 of my best teams I took him in the 3rd round and all year long I hated myself for it as it cost me some big money as my team was great besides him (passed on Fournette). Every week I would say to myself why did I pass on Fournette for this bum. All in all I took Damien in the 2nd or 3rd round in 8 leagues was brutal. Maybe they will draft a RB with that 32nd overall pick.
  9. When there was about 10 mins left and KC was down 20-10 I didn't think they were going to come back and win it. Congrats to the KC fans someday as a Browns fan I hope to feel this same feeling.
  10. Pretty crazy that Reid brought in McCoy talked down Damien during the offseason tried to replace him and he ends up being part of the Hero.
  11. Could you imagine if they blocked the XP and ran it back for 2 pts was down 8 and getting the ball..............yes didn't happen but what if
  12. Williams just messed up he falls down and game is over.............SF now has a chance..................less than 1% but more than the 0% had Williams fell down.