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  1. I can't believe I just lot a game on the Edelman end around he got to 20 yards which was another point if he gets 19 yards rushing I win. So freaking unreal they would even call an end around to a WR up 33. What a garbage way to lose in a tie game because of a that BS play at the end. That just ruined my night.
  2. It's BS that the clock can run and run and run like that. So they ran off nearly 2 minutes because the clock does not stop until 5 minutes left even after penalty. So they could have taken 10 penalties and have them all declined and clock would been at 5 minutes. The clock should stop on the 2nd penalty no matter what time is left in the game. I think it's dumb that the clock runs after any penalties myself but those the stupid rules.
  3. And if they make it Detroit still has 90 seconds to move down in FG range for a kicker who already hit two 50+ yarders on the night.
  4. ...and the game ball goes to the ................REFS
  5. Jamaal playing more than Jones that fumble and dropped TD
  6. If they had kicked it deep they could not go for it on 4th they would have to punt. Put that in coaches are idiots thread you kick onside kick with 3 timeouts when it is like 2% chance
  7. You kick it deep idiots you have all 3 timeouts onside kicks NEVER WORK
  8. That sucks Chubb was going to score
  9. I picked up Hilliman in 6 leagues and played him I was so desperate for a back who knew I should just gone Bolden.............
  10. If Michel is not getting the goal line TD's he is basically worthless.