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  1. Zeke has 2 more years on his contract once Dallas picks up his option. Pretty soon players will hold out after their 1st year with 4 years left on their contract I mean why wait right ?
  2. This wasn't the first we have heard of this. Heard about this like a month ago. I said back then fantasy football would be crushed by this.
  3. If Hill only gets 4 games those who drafted early and got him in round 8, 10, 12 and even seen him go in round 17 once in the high stakes contests have already made a huge step in taking the lead in winning the $250,000 prize.
  4. Uh Mixon is a stud like Gurley and Gordon. Put him in either of those offenses and he would be in consideration for the 1.01 pick. Not sure what you are smoking on "Bernard is the better player" but please send some my way.
  5. A brand new high stakes DFWC startup just began today
  6. Just drafted Gurley at the 3.02 in a redraft in one of those little $35 best ball leagues I got for free...and wasn't thrilled about it.
  7. Wrong thread this is for startups not rookie only drafts
  8. So 1 guy gets the 6.01 for a 2nd and another guy gives up two 2nds for 9.01. Makes total sense...…. Gun Slingers gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 9.01 Terminators gave up Year 2020 Round 2 Draft Pick from Terminators; Year 2021 Round 2 Draft Pick from Terminators Gun Slingers gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 24.12; Year 2020 Round 2 Draft Pick from Gun Slingers Steve gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 6.01
  9. Especially when Leonard got the ball at the top of the key.
  10. Wow up 6 and they call timeout because they didn't want to lose them because at 2 mins it goes to 2 timeouts. GS thanks you because they only had 1 lost and they couldn't call 1 to stop it. KD = Willis Reed