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  1. The rule should be you keep getting challenges until you miss one. It's really stupid they limit a team to 3 if they get all 3 right the teams can't help it if the refs keep screwing it up.
  2. Dez

    MNF Game Thread Pats-Bills

    So much for that "we are not playing Gordon for first several drives"
  3. How is the defender allowed to push Rudolph out of the end zone and not be a penalty ? It's clear as day he pushed him out of bounds before ball got there.
  4. What are you going to do trade him ? You would be insane to. You first need to get to the championship game before even worrying about it. Root for Green Bay tomorrow and root for New Orleans to beat Minnesota and then beat the Rams and everything should be fine. If the Rams win their next 2 then you need to pivot and start rooting for them to win every game and be in position for a perfect season. Maybe the Rams won't rest too soon if in same position as last year as they then lost in their 1st playoff game maybe because they were rusty.
  5. I thought going for 2 was pretty smart there. If you figure it is 50/50 to make it then you are giving yourself a 50% chance to win the game if you score again. If you miss it you still have 50% chance to get the next one to tie it still.
  6. In my FFPC dynasty league I was down 0.75 pts with Beckham left when he caught that TD to give me the win with 5 seconds left to keep my undefeated season alive at 7-0. Wow
  7. Dez

    Le'Veon Bell

    Vincent Jackson was the last he reported to play his final 6 games in 2010. He ended up getting hurt and played 5 games that year.
  8. Dez

    Cleveland @ Tampa

    I hate being a Browns fan
  9. Dez

    Cleveland @ Tampa

    Josh Gordon 100 yards today we couldn't have used that guy.............
  10. Dez

    Cleveland @ Tampa

    FAWK this Browns team is cursed
  11. Dez

    New England at Chicago

    Damn White 1 more yard I wanted OT
  12. Dez

    Cleveland @ Tampa

    Finally the other team misses a FG and the 4th OT game of the year for the Browns !