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  1. God why do I have to be a Browns fan
  2. What morons they only chance Baltimore had was to kick a FG there so if they got onside kick they could throw a hail mary when they had 25 seconds left instead they run out the clock on short passes. I can't believe how stupid that was you always kick the FG down 2 scores to get it to 1 score and hope u get onside kick then a couple hail mary's.
  3. Alex Collins is a turd. All those "experts" had him ranked as a top 30 overall player need to get a new line of work because this one isn't working out. I seen dumb people taking this dude in the 3rd round of startups.
  4. This must be that 1 great Cook game of the year.
  5. "What the hell is going on out there"
  6. They wouldn't pay Mack but they are going to pay Bell ? Don't see that happening.
  7. Remember all those trade rumors about Cobb. GB glad they didn't trade him I am guessing.
  8. WTF Clay....reminds of how my Browns won vs Jets in the playoffs a long time ago in the 80s
  9. That was such a stupid push in the back by Garrett that cost us a better shot at the win with a closer FG. The play was all but over and he was trailing the play and it meant nothing to push the guy so stupid really painful after he did so well all game was the reason they were in it in the first place.
  10. Brutal just brutal had this game won I thought we had it then that penalty killed us moved us back and made FG longer.
  11. What was he going to do ? That pass never had a shot
  12. Unreal why throw so close to the sideline for F sake this was replay of how they lost last year