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  1. BigBlue_RI

    Official Matthew Stafford

    Dropped him this week after acquiring Brady last week and Dak off the wire this week, and a flier on Lamar Jax. The killer here, I drafted him as my starter over Rivers and Big Ben and just missed on Mahomes in the 10th.
  2. BigBlue_RI

    Jimmy Graham?

    I just scoured my WW and was surprised to see Njoku available. He got cut in the waiver run Wednesday morning. Also see Heureman, Uzomah, and the two Rams TE’s. Was streaming Vance McDonald this week over Graham anyway. Thoughts on guys like the above as replacements, or is it throwing on the life vest and swimming the TE-stream ROS?
  3. Fantastic. Thought I was being slick with this guy being a throw in on a trade for Tom Brady.
  4. BigBlue_RI

    Jimmy Graham?

    Ironic. Traded Eric Ebron last week, and now I lose Graham a week later to injury. Time to plan out the streamers rest of the way.
  5. BigBlue_RI

    Non-PPR WDIS: Jimmie Graham, or someone off the pile?

    Jimmie is clearly dead. Wound up sitting him, thank God.
  6. BigBlue_RI

    Non-PPR WDIS: Jimmie Graham, or someone off the pile?

    Latest is he practiced today in full and is not on the final injury report.
  7. BigBlue_RI

    Playoff QB Lookahead

    I had this same deadly duo. Traded for Brady last week and picked Dak Andy lamar Jackson. Stafford going bye bye. I like Ryan myself based on the last reply by LakeCowboy.
  8. Scratching and clawing to get the last playoff spot; every point matters. Wondering if Graham should be kept in my TE spot, or I should roll the dice on a TE off the scrap heap of the waiver wire. Have not heard if Graham practiced today. Viable choices right now that are available are Vance McDonald vs. Jax Seals Jones vs. Oak Non-PPR scoring. Rest of lineup is Prescott (Brady is off), Fournette, Coleman, Beckham, Cooks, Flex DJ Moore (for now), PK Tucker and Charger DST.
  9. BigBlue_RI

    [DYNASTY] Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

    I traded for Brady last week--boy was I disappointed I didn't do the extra homework on him. He's going dowhnill. I grabbed Jackson myself, and am hoping to get me Dak tonight as at least a streamer for this week. Would love it if Jackson turns into something.
  10. I apparently don’t know my Giants as well
  11. Wow and still enough time on the clock for a SF Hail Mary to draw a pass interference flag or two.
  12. Awful flag against SF. Dude was just doing his job on defense.
  13. BigBlue_RI

    Eli Manning HoF?

    As a Giants fan, I can honestly say no way.