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  1. So glad I streamed Ebron at TE today. Claypool doing all the scoring. Banging my head.
  2. I’m leaning toward Mostert over Beckham in my flex. It’s non-PPR. I Keep reading how this is not a good matchup for OBJ, and so far this season when it’s been a tough defense he hasn’t delivered. Praying for a Mostert TD and A double digit points day.
  3. Keep Sanders. Julio is breaking down and that team he’s on is heading into a dumpster fire classification.
  4. Problem is Jones plays tonight, Mostert is still relatively soon to know if he’ll play. Ugh!
  5. Need to pick two WR starters out of Beckham, Evans, Chark, and Allen Robinson in a Non-PPR. Would you flex any of these guys over Ronald Jones or Raheem Mostert (if Mostert plays)?
  6. Started OBJ. The match up was just too good, and it turned out to be the case. Encouraged by Chark's performance though.
  7. You think he’s a better start than OBJ? I’m debating this in a non-PPR. I feel like the Browns are going to need to throw in this one, and it’s not like Dallas has been lockdown in the secondary. Still, Chark is playing the Bungles.
  8. My soon to be ex wife is bipolar, and she literally lost 2 months of her life shortly after I filed. For me I could no longer stick with her and the manic episodes for my own mental health and Most importantly the safety of our kids. She filed for a restraining order against me because I had to keep calling an ambulance to take her in for emergency psych evals, and she thought these instances were me overreacting. She refused to get help as she spun out of control. Reality, I was trying to get her the help she refused to get. The R/O was my last straw. I was granted emergency custody upon filing for divorce, and weeks after, she totaled her car and was arrested for DUI. Now she’s living with her parents, jobless, no license, but in the plus she is not drinking and taking meds. If only she could have got the help, and stayed on her medications.
  9. With the postponement of the Steelers-Titans, I'm losing Conner in what was a good RB matchup. Obviously I take a hit as I have Gaskins or Ronald Jones to plug in as my RB 2 (assuming Mostert will not play this week). Looking to make up ground where I can and I'm struggling between OBJ and DJ Chark as my flex. I was leaning towards OBJ as I assume Cleveland will need to throw in this one to keep up with Dallas, but the fact remains, he's just so volatile. Chark on the other hand, he's a true #1 for his team, and he's a favorite RZ target for Minshew. This is a non-PPR, and rest of my lineup is strong with Breese, Kamara, Allan Robinson, Mike Evans, TJ Hock.
  10. Need 1 from Conner, Ronald Jones and Raheem Mostert, non-PPR. Leaning Raheem...
  11. Ok guys thanks. Think I’ll roll with Brees for now.
  12. Got both guys, each missing their stud (it appears) this week in "road" games: Brees vs. Raiders in Vegas, assuming no or very limited Michael Thomas OR Stafford vs Packers in GB, assuming no, or a very limited, Kenny Golladay
  13. Rolled with OBJ. Looking like the right move so far. Thanks!
  14. As stated in my topic title, I have to pick between Beckham (who plays tomorrow, unfortunately), DJ Chark, and depending on James Conner's health, the Steelers RB. Non-PPR league.