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  1. CBS did a change earlier this season, and I've seen them adjust DST scores a few hours to the next day after a game was played. I recall Gronk fumbled a catch, and for some reason it got changed to an INT on Brady by the next morning., which was a Monday. I was playing against Gronk, plus I watched the game on TV and saw the play myself. It looked like a fumble to me. It wound up not making a difference really in my game, but I'm sure it did in others.
  2. Explain to me why the Chargers don’t throw to Mike Williams more?
  3. Traded away T.Y. Hilton and Ebron a few weeks ago in a package to get Tom Brady, just as Doyle was coming back. In hindsight that trade ended my season. Brady was great yesterday but I also had Prescott and woulda won if I had T.Y. Andy ebron still. I don’t normally make trades and there’s a reason why.
  4. Cannot get streaming defenses right. Went with Denver and instead they are rolling over like dogs. Needed a boost to make up for Fournettes stinker and OBJ being out.
  5. Of course I am facing Ekeler. Praying Jackson gets mop up.
  6. No need to use Barkley this half. Silly if they do. Not like we’re playing for anything.
  7. This stinker by Chubb is going to be a nail in the coffin in my season. Need one of his signature 50+ TD dashes.
  8. Glad I stuck to my guns and started Brady, despite what a lot of “experts” said. Just wish he didn’t toss a TD to Edelman.
  9. His nickname will be Real Deal—my only projection on him I can offer right now.
  10. At WR Shepard, flex I like Michel and Samuels. I have Moore myself but This thing with Cam’s shoulder has me worried, and ball gets spread around.
  11. This is would be great, provided those of us who own Fournette somehow make it to next week, no thanks to that crap performance. I’m not liking my odds now after the OBJ news. I need a Hail Mary play to work out this week.
  12. Is this guy worth a start this week vs Bungles, especially if you are an OBJ owner who just got blind-sided yesterday? I also have DJ Moore, who right now I am leaning towards, and already am starting Justin Jax in my flex. I like Williams ability and situation but he’s just been so volatile.