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  1. Missing 3 starters this week thanks to the byes. Non-PPR, I have two spots I'm really struggling with. Need 1 from Jamison Crowder vs WAS, or Allen Robinson vs. LA Rams (I assume Ramsey will be shadowing him) Then for flex, comes down to loser of Crowder/A-Rob, or Damien Williams vs LA Chargers. Again, this is non-PPR.
  2. Had a bad feeling about this game for the Rams offense. Makes me very uneasy these guys can’t do anything on the road against solid D. Kupp has saved my season.
  3. OL was down 3 starters. Considering the line is average when all 5 guys are playing, I can’t say I am shocked. I don’t think Saquon is quite right yet, either.
  4. If I read one more expert say this guy is inefficient and can’t be trusted to keep this up, I’m going to scream. Loving the late 3rd rounder I spent on him. Too bad he has to sit next week but at least he can get some rest for the stretch run.
  5. Need to pick one to go in my non-PPR flex. Damien Williams @ Titans (McCoy inactive) Allen Robinson vs Lions and Darius Slay Lat Murray vs Falcons (with Kamara back in the fold) Jamison Crowder vs Giants
  6. As it says in the subject, non-PPR, need to pick one to go in my flex. I'm heavily favored to win with Robinson in there, but last week makes me nervous to start him. Damien Williams @ Titans Allen Robinson vs Lions and Darius Slay Lat Murray vs Falcons (with Kamara back in the fold) Jamison Crowder vs Giants
  7. So much for that Allen Robinson is going to shred the Eagles secondary I kept hearing all week.
  8. I knew starting two Titans players would bite me. Just never expected Henry to have a donut in the first half. This O-line is a huge disappointment.
  9. Thinking so. Herndon sounds like he's out this week.
  10. Need a TE for week 9. Everett is on bye, Herndon can't seem to get in a full practice,. The WW is loaded with hail mary's. Right now the most appealing seems to be Jonnu Smith, followed by TJ Hockenson, and Cameron Brate. All 3 appear to have plumb matchups. Which way to go in non-PPR?
  11. Not liking the chances of Russell having a big game with a 17-0 lead. My concern coming into this game with Ryan being out.
  12. Non-PPR flex: Derrick Henry, Royce Freeman, Damien Williams, or AJ Brown
  13. I scooped him up weeks ago after I busted on OJ Howard. Thank God I snatched up Gerald Everett too. I'll hang in there on Herndon a little longer since the upcoming schedule is very good after this week.
  14. I'm a Chubb owner who stands at 6-1, and appear to be in the drivers seat to make the playoffs. The Hunt owner is 1-6. What do you think is a fair offer to get him from this guy as a handcuff/insurance? I have on my bench guys like Jordan Howard, Royce Freeman and Damien Williams. Howard has served a purpose in the flex a few times for me, but beyond Chubb I only have Derrick Henry worth mentioning. I wouldn't say I have quality depth right now, but when someone is 1-6, beggers can't be choosers.