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  1. Well that was a huge letdown. Lost my championship game by 6. Coulda won if I just gambled on Damien Williams.
  2. Thank you Russell, for not showing up when it mattered most. Now down 17 with Mike Boone and Davante Adams still to go. On paper, seems winnable, but...
  3. Ok, now no Henry. Insert Dion Lewis, or roll with Boone as my RB2 and insert Slayton Damien Williams or Lewis at flex? Non PPR. If only Jordan Howard would be playing all these weeks. I’ve held onto him too.
  4. Jim Wyatt reporting the Titans have downgraded Henry to questionable. Not good on a Saturday afternoon.
  5. Non-PPR flex: gamble Boone is the man on MNF, or go Slayton, Kupp or Damian Williams?
  6. Better start in flex then, non-PPR: Slayton, Kupp or gamble on Boone getting majority?
  7. Last year the NFL correct a fumble charged to Zeke Elliot, and the restoration of 2 points to his score resulted in a change in winner of a semifinal game on a Thursday morning. Absolutely crazy but the owner who wound up getting the loss accepted it since we do play a stat-driven game.
  8. Kupp’s late garbage time TD got me a 1 point win to the championship game, but this week I just don’t feel I can trust him. Rolling with Mike Boone or Darius Slayton as my flex.
  9. Not sure you can consider it bold but I’m sitting Cooper Kupp for Mike Boone. First time this season I’ve sat Kupp.
  10. Yeah it cmon 1 target at this point in the game? We didn’t see that earlier this season when Woods was playing.
  11. Thank you Cooper Krupp for bringing me to the playoffs then disappearing when I needed you most. 1 target?!
  12. 12-2 season, second-highest scoring team on the season. Decided to start Tannehill over Wilson. Should have known better. Always start your studs!
  13. As do championship hopes for us Henry Owners.
  14. So glad I sat Wilson for Tannehill. I am gift wrapping my opponent a trip to the championship game.
  15. I have 3 tough calls facing me this week in my conference finals, non-PPR. Russ Wilson at Carolina, or Ryan Tannehill vs Texans in TEN. Been rolling with Wilson all season but Tanney is hot Flex: Cooper Kupp at Dallas or Darius Slayton vs Miami in MetLife. Cooper's been fading, Slayton seems to have bigger upside TE: Noah Fant at KC, or David Njoku at Ari (or, drop Njoku for Ian Thomas if Olson is out) For what it's worth, I am projected to win by 10 on CBS with Wilson, Kupp and Fant.