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  1. The only thing that annoys me is Jets/Gailey play calling. Took a look at their 3rd-and-short play calling earlier. 3rd and 1, they run 2/3 of the time 3rd and 2 to 3rd and 5, 10% OF THE TIME. When you have an RB getting >5 yards per carry, that's just stupid. They also run best off the right end, and Buffalo defends the ends the worst, but 2nd and 2 next to end zone last night was inside the left guard, and stuffed.
  2. Worst I was ever offered, a couple weeks ago. He gives Albert Wilson, Doug Baldwin, and Bishop Sankey. I give Dez Bryant.
  3. Huh? Evans isn't a WR1 now, in a better offense with a better QB, and you're saying he'd be a WR1 in Buffalo? He's dropping way too many passes right now, and is inconsistent play to play. Currently WR35 in PPR due to inconsistency week to week (has had 0, 6, 7, 8, 17, 22, 30 fantasy points this season).
  4. They started moving him around by choice plenty of times and not just due to the injuries last year with the Packers. I don't find it likely that OBD will be able to do that as a rooke and therefore I find him being the most inconsistent week to week for fantasy this year of the Giants WR's. I agree with a lot of your points, but not this one. The main purpose of ODB's draft stock being as high as it was is because he can do exactly what you're saying he can't do. He's coming in as a pro ready receiver, with polished route running ability (most argue the best in the class) and a guy who had success at X, Y, & Z spots. The big thing for him was that he can play, presumably the whole field. Which is why I've stated strongly, I think he'll get the nod over Randle in any 2 WR sets. Randle is a lot more basic of a route runner, he won't be able to move around as easily. What is this all about? Randle was drafted pretty high just a few years ago, didnt play much as a rookie and had a pretty good year last year playing on limited time showing up guys like Nicks. Now because they draft a rookie WR people think this guy has little to no value. Tell me how many other WRs of quality did they have behind Cruz and Randle? Isn't Cruz contract up next year? For a sight that is devoted to fantasy football and its science the writing on the wall is pretty clear and many are looking past it. With the new OC they are going to run a lot of 3 WR sets and they needed depth and a high level talent in case Cruz leaves or does not get renewed. Randle is the tallest WR and has play making ability of his own who is most likely to take on the Nicks role outside from what the reports say. Just because someone was drafted high does not mean they will be good, D. Heyward-Bey. 1. What is this all about? There are a lot of rumblings that the Giants aren't happy with Randle's work ethic. Resse and ex-OC Gilbride were both quoted making odd statements about Randle. Resse at the combine said "the jury is still out on Randle". Gilbride stated (prior to his retirement) that the Giants needed "to get somebody that's going to be productive for them on the outside receiver". Also a lot of things coming out that Eli and Cruz were lobbying hard for a first round WR pick. Victor Cruz also stated that "A big-play receiver is something we really need for this offense to be successful. If I were drafting and had my pick I'd take a receiver. I think we should go receiver". If they really thought that Randle was there guy, why would they be saying all of this? I'm not saying Randle has little to no value, I'm saying I think he'll act as the 3rd WR in the offense behind Cruz and ODB. 2. No, Cruz signed a 6 year $46 million dollar contract last season. He's tied up until the 2019 season. Cruz is going no where, he'll be a Giants until he retires probably. 3. This point makes no sense to me. Randle is the tallest receiver? Big deal, the height thing is overblown. It can help make up for some lapses in your ability but a great 5' 11" receiver is always going to be better than a decent-good 6'2" receiver. Let's also not ignore their vertical jumps. Beckham had a 38.5" vertical making his maximum height 9' 1.5" compared to Randle who had a 31" vertical making his maximum height 8' 9". Randle is also a full 0.1 seconds slower on his 40. And slower on his cone drills by almost a half a second. As for the 'reports' about Randle taking on the Nicks role. That's isn't really a report but more of an assumption. The reality of this all is that in the majority of the plays they'll be in a 3 wide set. So you'll have Beckham and Randle on the outside with Cruz in the slot. Which really means the opportunity will be there for both Beckham and Randle. One of them is likely to put up great production, and it's likely the one that's getting open the most and the most reliable. Randle wasn't reliable at all last season and he's certainly not as talented as Beckham. So my money is on Beckham to put up the better season than randle. If Gilbride were still the coordinator, there would be no limit to how much I agreed with this post. However, with a simpler WCO offense, Randle's size and ability to catch in traffic (the one thing I think Beckham won't be able to do well) will be great in the red zone. He doesn't have WR1 upside, but could be a solid WR2.
  5. What is Stills' absolute ceiling? Lance Moore's 2008? (79 catches for 928 yards and 10 TDs). With the drafting of Cooks he looks like a better version of Lance Moore but with more competition for targets. That'd be typically good for a back-end WR2, which has value, but I have a hard time getting too excited. Like T.Y. Hilton I think he might be a better real life player than fantasy player.
  6. What are current owners willing to sell/selling for? If you're buying, what are you paying?
  7. Really? I like Floyd and all, but c'mon. That's a bit much: 1. Calvin 2. Green 3. Julio 4. Dez 5. Marshall 6. D. Thomas 7. Cruz 8. Cobb 9. Fitz 10. V. Jackson 11. Colston 12. Jordy 13. ... These are just off the top of my head. I'd rank him around WR 40 or so in dynasty. He really hasn't done a darn thing yet, and Fitz is going to be around for at least three more years. From your list, I wouldn't take Cobb, VJax, Colston, or Jordy over MFloyd in dynasty (well, I would take them over MFloyd in a startup, but I'd value Floyd higher and take him later). VJax is 30. Colston is 30. They're on their way to athletic decline. Jordy/Cobb don't fit the dynasty WR profile I target.
  8. Dynasty - does Pryor have any value?
  9. I like Eifert, but I'm astonished at how low Kelce is being regarded. He's got as much potential as Eifert, IMO, and is going much later.
  10. There's been a lot of twitter talk about Floyd's dynasty value as of late, and the hype is officially through the roof - we're talking pretty smart FF guys saying he's a top-10 dynasty WR... and I can't say they're wrong. I'm a Floyd owner, and I have a hard time picking 10 WRs I'd deal him for straight up.
  11. Totally agreed. Heck, I was going through the WR60+ list earlier and was fascinated at how many I love. My basic draft plan is looking to be something approaching RB/WR/RB/RB/WR/TE/QB/RB/RB/RB before the WR picking gets started. (obviously every draft is different, but this seems optimal from my mocks so far).
  12. Watching his highlights, the main thing I noticed is he's VERY smart about avoiding contact. There are too many small guys that run into contact, but he's smart enough to go out of bounds instead of fighting for 3 more yards, go down ahead of the big tackle, etc. That's the key to a long career for a small guy.
  13. I hate this argument for a WR. For a RB, Lineman, Defensive player sure. A WR is imo the one position where I think saying "He needs to add x lbs to be successful" doesn't add up to much. What are 10-15 lbs going to do for him? I mean honestly... it's not like he's some skinny little kid he's light weight but the dude is said to be a freak in the gym and maintain some crazy body fat % numbers. What does he gain by getting 15lbs heavier... he slows down a little bit and probably loses half a step. Where does this idea come from that by adding 10-15lbs to a WR all of a sudden he's more effective at catching a football and making guys miss? Getting off the line is a very important part of being a WR. If a strong corner doesn't let you get upfield to run your route, you might as well not be on the field.
  14. My top comps physically: Roscoe ParrishDeSean JacksonT.Y. HiltonSinorice MossTitus Young He has to put 10-15 lb on to be successful in the NFL I think