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  1. I think you nailed it... the sense of dread was pretty intense. The more I think about it the more I like the movie.
  2. Amusingly, he talked his brand of gentlemanly #### talk while gunning threes.
  3. I got busy at work and missed the front of the queue. All that was left by the time I got in was upper level seats almost behind the stage at the top. Not doing that, and not paying an exorbitant amount for resale so I guess I'm ####ed.
  4. We were both home Tuesday afternoon before any kids. The subject came up and we decided to do a search. We searched the rooms of the 16 y.o. boy, 15 y.o. girl, 13 y.o. girl, and our 11/8/8 y.o.'s big shared room. Not a sign of it anywhere, and we may have caught the coronavirus from our 15 y.o.'s disgusting room. In a moment of clarity while searching, my gf says she may remember being drunk and moving the location of it because she didn't want someone (her parents?) to see it. I dunno. We searched every dresser drawer in the bedroom with no luck. At this point I'm guessing we'll be doing some spring cleaning and it will be in a super random place, but who knows. Womp womp.
  5. I saw that highlight on twitter... *really* nice passing play.
  6. Sort of related... County wide tax re-appraisals just came back, and my house came in at ~5% higher than what my recent appraisal came in at. Worth going through the appeals process for that amount of difference?
  7. Catching up on this... glad to hear about the recent 'ups' in light of the previous 'downs'. Have not made it down to try the food but I will say that my McLure's tshirt is my absolute favorite shirt that my girlfriend regularly steals.
  8. Interesting read from the US men's players association regarding the women's CBA conflicts.
  9. Appraisers are weirdos. The last one we did for a straight refinance (no cash out), the guy came over and I was home. Talked to him for a couple minutes while he walked around and took pictures and stuff. He straight asks me what I think it's worth and the /sf # I have in mind. I tell him. He tells me "well I've seen this floor plan in this neighborhood and it really doesn't hit that number". I then tell him about our 5 figure covered patio + fireplace addition we just did and he tells me "Well that's nice I guess but I just throw out a $100 pop up tent from Walmart and I'm good". In my mind I'm cussing because the dude just seems like an ####### and there is no way I'm going to hit the number I want/need. He came in $5k over.
  10. So, uh, Rage Against The Machine snuck in a full tour announcement yesterday... Bucket list show for me.
  11. She seems like a smart kid. And be happy she talks to you guys. Show her the literature on the impacts of pot on a developing brain. Be honest with her that you completely understand where she's coming from, and that when she's older it's not something you will judge her for trying. But that right now, the best thing for her is to avoid and focus on the other things you described. Honesty and openness goes a long way.
  12. Holy ####. And the kid just runs back to his side like he's done it a million times.