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  1. Sorry to hear this Kee. Thinking about you, Jack, and your whole family.
  2. Why not just pour some simple foundations yourself? Not too difficult to DIY, and creates a long lasting solution.
  3. Electric is a fantastic place to start. I have been smoking on mine for a couple years now and I have not moved on. Makes some delicious stuff.
  4. Couple questions for the grilling crew. 1. Would you have any reservations putting a griddle (Blackstone 36) adjacent to an exterior wall that had a non flammable stone facing? 2. Would you have any reservations putting a griddle under an open air covered patio (~15' height at peak) with multiple fans without a vent hood?
  5. Congrats man. It's at the top of my bucket list. Every year I try this but also other methods and connections and have yet to hit paydirt.
  6. This is ridiculous. NC State didn't report the Level I violations that it took a comprehensive FBI investigation to uncover? Violations that were only discovered because they wiretapped someone? And NC State will be looked upon harsher because they didn't discover/report those? So dumb.
  7. Gott was a slimeball POS. Of all the great things Debbie Yow did at the University that is the one black mark. That said, college athletics is bull####. I have no doubt that Gott did this without the knowledge of the university, yet who will pay the price? The NCAA protects it's money interests, and NC State is not one. Whatever.
  8. I wish I had a gif of his 10 yard "pass" in the closing minutes that went literally right to a Mexican player, with no US teammates anywhere near.
  9. What is the next meaningful match for the US?
  10. Guzan Evans, Alvarado, Brooks, F. Johnson Beckerman, Bradley Zardes, Dempsey, Bedoya Johannsson Starters for USA-Jamaica in our loss last gold cup semifinal. I feel optimistic that we are ahead of that schedule in comparison.
  11. Except for his whiff, Jozy was fun to watch last night. CP is awesome. Weston wasn't as good as he has been but he's a dude I'd want on my squad to have my back. Steffen is solid. Cannon is unexpectedly showing out. Seemed like some good things came out, even with a loss. Long way to go but I don't feel like all is lost.
  12. Didn't know Wondo pulled a transfer to Mexico.
  13. Didn't watch... but THAT is what gave mexico the win? Sheesh.
  14. Anyone going to see Midsommar over the next week? I'm pretty hyped for this one. Jordan Peele piled on some extremely high praise.