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  1. I think I enjoyed Ep 7 more than 8 but they were both good. I'm wondering if Season 3 includes a fast forward in time to when Ryan is an older teen and sets up dad vs. son battles.
  2. She has not washed or put on sheets in her entire life. That's the funniest part of her denial.
  3. COVID ####ed up the annual Vegas trip, so some of us just got together and partied at my house.
  4. As suspected, it was one of these two. Now 14 and 16, they have been getting in a #### ton of trouble in 2020. We have had some serious issues with both of them. Both of them lie straight to our faces, even when caught in their lies. It's been a rough year all around, and in reality, the case of the missing rabbit is the least of our worries. Prior to company coming last Friday we were putting clean sheets on all the beds in the house. We found the rabbit, *and* the charger (😮) on the floor between the bed and the wall in the 14 y.o.'s room. This is new territory for me, so I (we) had no idea how to handle it. She has been at her mom's house since last Friday morning, right before we found it. My girlfriend was planning on talking to her when she came back (and she will) but in reality neither of us have any idea what to say. The 14 y.o. had lost all phone access until her mom gave it back to her yesterday in a limited capacity. So, being the awesome dad that I am, I took advantage of the opportunity today. LINK
  5. The three youngest girls all share a room together. And no, it wasn't in a doll house or used as a prop for a stuffed animal. So, we are down to two suspects...
  6. The 16 y.o. (now 17) is still perfect. And the 18 y.o. (now 19) didn't shake *this* sex toy in the face of any college girls. Down to 5 suspects.
  7. We do. Two dogs. A jack russell and a chihuahua...
  8. Taking last minute wagers now that the long shots have been eliminated.
  9. The last 'other suspect' that I will eliminate is the cleaning lady. I think I was secretly hoping it was her, but in reality there was no way we would ever find out if it was. However... the evidence was found on the same day the cleaning lady came back to the house...
  10. As much as I wanted to picture Uncle Bubba innocently playing with a purple buzzing rabbit because he thought it was cool, it wasn't to be. Neither Uncle Bubba or the porn addicted nephew were involved in this caper.