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  1. Worm

    Thoughts on this video?

    Once had my car keyed from front bumper to back bumper, presumably because I "stole" a parking space. We were driving down the aisle and there is a spot. Go to turn in it, and someone at the end of the row turns into the aisle and then starts honking at us and yelling in their car as we pull in the spot. Go in the store not really thinking about it, we did nothing wrong, and when we come out... keyed. People are nuts.
  2. :style: If you can pull it off. Gotta be thin. Slightly higher pant + socks w/ flare.
  3. The Shining Still got it. Jack was incredible.
  4. Picked up floor seats for Mumford next March. Can't freaking wait.
  5. Everybody still have their Affliction shirts? Let's do this!
  6. Worm

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    218 this week... survive and advance... Until week 9 when my only remaining QB goes on bye.
  7. Seems like getting a few weapons back/more involved are hurting our guy's numbers. I still believe! Just need another big week to get us back on track! Eagles up next.
  8. CMC 1,000/1,000 TRACKER Game 1: 10 carries for 50 yards, 6 receptions for 45 yards Game 2: 8 carries for 37 yards, 14 receptions for 102 yards Game 3: 28 carries for 184 yards, 2 receptions for 10 yards Game 4: 17 carries for 58 yards, 5 receptions for 35 yards Game 5: 8 carries for 20 yards, 7 receptions for 46 yards PACE: 1,116 yds rushing, 761 yds receiving
  9. @Foosball God got this for me last year. He's awesome. I loved most of the beers. There was one that tasted like rotting pine needles, but other than that would recommend!
  10. Worm

    Pick two WRs PPR: Edelman, Jackson, Boyd

    I like Boyd - High scoring game imo. I think Dalton throws a lot. Edelman - high ppr floor this week I think, potential for a monster game Agree with Gally re: seeing what shakes out in Tampa.
  11. Jones home vs SF Collins away vs TN I'm stumped. Ready to flip a coin.
  12. Can't stop won't stop!
  13. I'd say that I'm pretty darn liberal with what I would allow/not allow my daughters to do. At her age, with the info given, there are a ton of red flags and I would lean pretty hard on the 'no' side.