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  1. Nick Eatman‏@nickeatman Felix jones makes it out to practice ..Murray also on the field but went inside with a trainer.Doesn't seem serious . Still expected to play 10 minutes later... Nick Eatman‏@nickeatman Murray jogs out to practice .. Should be fine for this week
  2. Kenny Britt - WR - Titans Kenny Britt underwent a precautionary MRI Monday after experiencing renewed soreness in his surgically-repaired knee, but doesn't expect to miss any time after the results were negative. Neither Britt nor the team is concerned even though he was limping around the team's facility on Monday. Britt may miss some practice time this week, but he can be counted on as a WR3 against the Bears' tough defense.
  3. Stats aren't there yet tonight, but he looks like he's moving pretty good...
  4. I didn't see both but the one was BSDidn't see either, but every comment I've seen is that both calls were bad. Tough luck for Britt owners.
  5. Yeah, I didn't like what happened Sunday either. Didn't feel like Britt was the "go-to guy" at all. Then at the end Hasselbeck looked to Washington to be the hero. Right now it looks like there's a lot of mouths to feed in that offense, including Cook being singled out as needing to have more opportunity a couple of weeks ago.Long story short, was able to package Britt and Ballard for Decker this week and feel good about it...
  6. Not at all. We have seen all 3 healhty, Bradshaw got 13, Brown got 5, Wilson got less. No way Wilson is getting 8-10, and Bradshaw is getting more than 35-40%. Buest guess: Bradshaw: 15-20; Brown: 5-10; Wilson: 2-5 Yeah, I think I tend to side with those numbers more than the above quote. The wildcard is that Bradshaw is clearly not 100% judging from this week's practices -- and that could be a factor in Sunday's touches...
  7. Brad Evans‏@YahooNoise Coughlin's admission about 3-man platoon complicates matters greatly. Best guess: Brad 12-14, Brown 10-12, Wilson 8-10. 'Hot hand' may rule. Anybody see this happening?
  9. 11 targets in week 3 with Locker. The only game he really played (and had to leave early with the ankle). Biggest factor is getting healthy. The targets will come from whoever is at QB b/c he's their biggest weapon at WR...
  10. This guy getting full reps with Hasselbeck two days in a row could be a dangerous thing come Thurs. night. I could see him dominating targets a la last year. May have to start him based on potential alone...
  11. “Today I felt the most confident I have in this whole year and this whole season to tell you the truth,” Britt said Tuesday. “With my eyes, finding the ball when Matt (Hasselbeck) was throwing it, especially coming over the big linemen. So I’m definitely getting back to where I was last year.”