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  1. Only explanation that I heard was that it was him getting ahead of 2020 campaigning, but seems somewhat odd. If he was sick, wouldn't they just have somebody come to the White House though?
  2. The sports media is unbelievably biased towards liberal/social justice causes. It's pretty crazy in the Trump era how there's not even an attempt to hear different points of views and most counter-points are shut down as bigoted, racist, etc. This is true of all media, but sports commentators (who are also apparently social/political experts) are very quick with these viewpoints. Even when I agree with their position on some topic that is indirectly related to a sports team, the lack of tolerance for opposing viewpoints is difficult to align with. I understand why teams wouldn't want to deal with him being a backup QB and it would be surprising if he was signed this year unless the current QB is clearly on the outs. A team like Chicago isn't going to sign him during the season even if they are interested. Lots of legitimate questions about whether he can plan after being out of the league for 2-3 years and not playing well in the last year. It is hard to believe that he isn't a top 60 QB in the league though.
  3. If it's a debunked conspiracy theory that involves possible corruption, Trump is your guy.
  4. Sometimes (it does probably depend on the topic/person) I don't like when an interviewer pulls out some video clip from 15 years ago and plays this as some sort of gotcha, but, in this case, it was literally 4 days prior. Pretty easy to use his exact words as Wallace did to follow-up.
  5. Wallace is the best interviewer on TV and it's not really even close.
  6. but she is a Russian agent.
  7. LeBron says Morey was Misinformed LeBron: "I don't want to get into a word or sentence feud with Daryl Morey, but I believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand, and he spoke. And so many people could have been harmed, not only financially, but physically, emotionally, spiritually. So just be careful what we tweet and what we say, and what we do. Even though yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that too." I believe he was either misinformed or not really educated on the situation. And if he was, then so be it, but I have no idea. That's just my belief that when you say things or do things, and you know the people that can be affected by it, and the families an the individuals and everyone that can be affected by it, sometimes things can be changed. And also sometimes social media is not always the proper way to go about things as well. But that's just my belief." ** LeBron later said on Twitter: Let me clear up the confusion. I do not believe there was any consideration for the consequences and ramifications of the tweet. I’m not discussing the substance. Others can talk About that.
  8. Will the new Disney streaming service allow users to share passwords?
  9. Question(s): What is better - a traditional 401K or a Roth 401K? To my understanding, the Roth 401K is taxed on your current income, but a traditional 401K is not taxed until you withdrawal. If I were to retire at 60 years old with 1M in 401K (as an example), and withdrawal my entire 401K account 3 years later, what tax rate am I being taxed at? Looking for feedback on what is the better option. thank you!
  10. Is she really alt-right, racist, and a sympathizer of Syria? NYT nailed it.
  11. Both can be true. They now have to win 4 of 5, but it's not crazy to think they can do it.
  12. Is it great pitching or hitters going for home runs every pitch?
  13. Are people like Joe Sheehan really arguing that the balls used in the regular season are different in the post-season? Only heard a passing comment, maybe it was said as humor, etc....
  14. Wasn't he in the Breaking Bad Netflix movie?
  15. Agreed, definitely curious if others feel there is medication that helps for anxiety. Most seem to not, but that's a very small sample.