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  1. If he golfed less, what what that prevent or accomplish? Just trying to understand.
  2. One could argue he's been doing that for 3.5 years now, but does playing golf prevent a President from doing this?
  3. Thoughts on Lexapro for anxiety / depression? Does it help?
  4. There has been polling comparing Trump/Biden supporters and showing a large gap between the two. That's one clear advantage he has over Biden.
  5. This is one election where the challenger (Biden) literally doesn't matter. He can take the nap in his basement and see what happens. If there is a 2nd wave and kids are not back in school, unemployment doesn't improve dramatically from low's, Trump is done. If there is a vaccine on it's way, Trump is likely going to win. Either way, very tight margin. The one thing Trump has going for him vs. Biden is voter enthusiasm. Right now, it's definitely too early though to be that worried about polls (although it's not too early for the campaigns to try and shape them).
  6. This is likely to be a he said-she said, but Democrats have been revealed (if it wasn't obvious already) that the #MeToo movement was a sham largely for political reasons. Any rational person knows you don't "believe all woman". Instead, you should listen, but verify and believe if it can be proven true.
  7. If the question was if Trump is a hypocrite, the answer is clearly yes. If it's about whether he plays golf as we approach 100K deaths, of course, CNN is going to be outraged by this. I just don't think it's a big deal if he plays golf.
  8. Yeah, I definitely don't have the budget to add Amazon stock right now. I have invested around ~16K in stocks this year. My timing wasn't the best. I bought quite a few stocks in January and February at their high's, I have since evened some of that out with purchases in April/May. Overall, I'm slightly under, but not shocking given what happened with the market and not far off from actually beginning to make profits. I guess I could have invested in Amazon, but would prefer to spread my stocks so have been in Disney, Boeing, United, Draftkings, Uber, and Target. Looking to keep adding to the ones I currently own, but always exploring new ideas - like GoodYear, Exxon and others that people talk about on here.
  9. Goodyear would be more of a cheap play, but I appreciate the points on the WFH impact on driving.
  10. I did buy 17 shares at about $20.20 a few weeks back, but haven't invested in any since. I would like to add more in June and ahead of sports re-opening. I do think even at $30.00, it could be a $35.00+ stock by July, but what happens from there will tough to predict (i.e. any issues with players getting sick could shut down one or all leagues).
  11. Yeah, it's almost as if the re-fi went to different companies, but hoping that Midwest Bank will realize the error and report the account accurately (remove it)
  12. Yes, definitely odd. I did contact the Midwest Bank about this so hoping they can help provide some insight. Would it make sense to go back to my re-fi person to see if they can provide any details? Was thinking of doing that also. It's very weird that the other mortgage is not showing late payments, etc. (yet).
  13. Related to my recent refinance, but I discovered an issue with my credit report and need to get this fixed. I recently refinanced (merged my two open mortgages into one at a lesser rate). Everything went fine, and have been making payments since March, but was doing my taxes this weekend and decided to check my credit report and noticed that I now have 2 open mortgages - both with the same information on the mortgage. New Mortgage (Home Point Financial): I have been paying since March and receive monthly bills. Newly Discovered Mortgage (Midwest Bank): Just discovered this on my credit report; has the same information (open date, balance) as my New Mortgage, but no payments. I don't see any late payments either, but it does show a 'last payment' of 01/08/2020 which I didn't make, but I am wondering was somehow tied to my refinance. Current status says 'ok'. In any case, I need to resolve this and get the Midwest Bank mortgage cleared up. What is the best way to resolve this?
  14. Question - what should the President be allowed to do or is this more of an optics complaint? I recall Trump (and others) bashing Obama for playing golf and that was always ridiculous as if the Present is not allowed to do anything but work 24-7.