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  1. He wasn't proven innocent, but that was really never the point.
  2. Can you order edibles with THC online? Asking for a friend :-) I'm talking cookies, etc. with 25 MG etc. If so, and assuming this is legal, what our the best places to recommend to my friend?
  3. Definitely not a good day or week for the Democrats, but I don't think it changes much. This is all political theater, anyone knows that these documents weren't changing opinions and were just being used as an opening for Democrats with 2020 aspirations to have a moment. Most people just ignore this and/or just expect it. We should have expected the Democrats to throw a tantrum. They did. We should have expected Republicans to hold back on documentation. They did. We shouldn't have expected Kavanaugh to provide much opinion to most questions asked. He didn't. This went about as planned, and the only people outraged by this our the fake politicians involved. Kavanaugh will be appointed, we can move on .
  4. I know these question have been asked by conservatives, but what is the liberal answer to - What has he sacrificed? It seems that he gained a lot of fame and now a multi-millionaire deal. Where do liberals stand on celebrating a corporation like Nike obviously doing this to make money (as they should), but also making these shoes in other countries with kids at extremely low salaries. Is that acceptable because of the greater cause that Kap is the face of? As far as the cause itself, others have given their reasons in support of him, but has Kap actually done, spoken out to show his point of view? What is his position on cops - is it that they are racially targeting African Americans? Most are good people but some are bad? Pigs as the socks he wore? Is Castro a hero?
  5. cubd8

    5 Bold Predictions for the 2018 Season

    Given the first 2 predictions, you're bound to hit on one of the next 3.
  6. cubd8

    Money Market Accounts

    Thanks, is my math right? For $25,000 MM a year: (.0175/12) * 25000 = 36.45 per month 36.45 * 12 = 437.5 a year. For $50,000 MM a year: (.0175/12) * 25000 = 36.45 per month 72.91 * 12 = 875.00 a year. For the CD at 12 months (2.45%) (.0245/12) * 50000 = 102.08 a month (1,225 over the 12 months)
  7. cubd8

    Money Market Accounts

    One other question: I see Marcus has 2.45% rate for 12 month CD whereas the interest rate for money market account is 1.75%. I realize the money is locked in for I believe the entire length of the CD, but wouldn't that be a better option than the MM account?
  8. cubd8

    Money Market Accounts

    Can you explain why AMEX would be better than Marcus (or others)?
  9. cubd8

    Money Market Accounts

    I was just providing a number as an example. Realistically, I could $50K into a Money Market account. If I did that, how does the interest get calculated - monthly / yearly? What would the "new" savings from this example?
  10. I am considering opening up a Money Market account and there appear to be some pretty good offers out there that are much better than my non-existent interest from my savings account. These seem almost too good to be true. Goldman Sachs Marcus: 1.85% APY, $ 1 minimum Ally Bank: 1.80% APY, $1 minimum Capital One: 1.75% APY, $10K Initial Balance For those money market accounts: 1) Is the APY locked? Meaning, is this 1.75% of 1.85% just go get new business and in 6 months, the rate is very low again? 2) Any other hidden dis-advantages to these? Yearly fee's, maintenance, withdraw fees, etc.? At first glance, I don't see any of that. 3) How is the calculation determined? If i start off with $500.00, do I receive interest each month? Each year? If it 500.00 * 1.75 monthly?
  11. cubd8

    The Trump Years

    Based on what I have read (which has been limited), the book is questionable. I don't think it should be given the treatment it's being given (MTP as an example). Saying that, she shouldn't have been hired to begin with and the fact that a reality TV star (if that's what she was, I have no idea) wants attention shouldn't really be a surprise. You reap what you sow.
  12. Maybe a dump question, but why does it matter that he is/was a Trump supporter? If he did something illegal, he should go to jail, right?
  13. cubd8

    The Trump Years

    I wish I had any clue of what she was hired to do. I don't think I'm the only one. As for her book, there seems to be a series of questionable details in it, no?
  14. cubd8

    The Trump Years

    People who support the GOP/Trump that I've spoken too today about Trump's 'all kinds of racism' find those on the left as ridiculous in trying to twist this into a racist message. They laugh at the media coverage of it and the fact that this is even a conversation. I don't think the people I've spoken too are racists unless they've hidden that over the decades I've known the small group that I talked too today.
  15. cubd8

    Best Dry Dog Food

    Any recipes you use?