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  1. One last question, in the event I run into this; same logic, but just accounting for A3 = NONE as a field possibility. Building from this formula: =IF(B3="NONE", "Not on File", IF(OR(A3>0, B3>0), "On File", "Not on File") IF (A3 = 0 OR A3 = NONE)AND (B3 =0 OR B3 = NONE), the result should be "NOT ON FILE" If A3 OR B3 has value GT 0, the results should be "ON FILE" Examples: A3 = 0 OR NONE B3 = 0 OR NONE Result: "NOT IN FILE" A3 = 0 B3 = NONE Result: "NOT IN FILE" A3 = 9 B3 = NONE Result: "IN FILE" A3 = 0 B3 = 1 Result: "IN FILE"
  2. Hopefully a quick question and easy answer tonight: Current formula: =IF(OR(A3>0, B3>0), "On File", "Not on File") B3 can also have a value of 'NONE'. that should also resolve to "Not on File". How would I modify the current formula to account for "NONE"? Examples: A3 = 0, B3 = 0 ->>>>> "Not on File" A3 = 0, B3 = NONE ->>>>> "Not on File" A3 = 0, B3 = 10 ->>>>> "On File" A3 = 1, B3 = 11 ->>>>> "On File
  3. They would be paying Robinson as a #1, but he's probably a #2 if things work out. Hasn't he had only 1 good season? Wilson is a solid WR. I know he's been linked to Chicago; a few days from now the Bears will have 2 new WR's to go with Meredith.
  4. If talent was the deciding factor, he would be on a NFL team and probably competing for a starting job on about 8-10 teams. I don't really think that point is in dispute. Obviously, there are other reasons in play as to why he's not on a NFL roster.
  5. Funny thing is, Trump will probably mention these numbers as validation for weeks now.
  6. It's ridiculous (although sometimes humorous) that the President uses Twitter to attack his opponents. It is nearly impossible to trust anything that the President says given his lack of knowledge and his distortion of facts. The same is true of Schiff, but for different reasons. He comes off as a Partisan House member, which is to be expected, but many seem (at least to me) to elevate above that.
  7. Current Formula: =SUMIFS(ReClassify!$BE$2:$BE$106824, ReClassify!$BD$2:$BD$106824, 'Mega-Raw Data'!B2, ReClassify!$BF$2:$BF$106824, 'Mega-Raw Data'!DA2) If I wanted to add logic to say: IF Column CR = NO, then calculate the above forumula, else set the value above to '0'.
  8. Hello, I want to calculate the total hours (Column H - Other Hours) for ID's that don't match to any of the three columns (B, C OR D) in Sheet 1. - There are 6 hours associated to ID 123 that are not tied to any of the names in Name1, Name2 or Name3 fields (ex. Tim). - There are 0 hours associated to ID 234 that are not tied to any of the names in Name1, Name2 or Name3 fields. - There are 2 hours associated to ID 345 that are not tied to any of the names in Name1, Name2 or Name3 fields (ex. Bob). The values in orange are the expected values that should be populated. For example, in Sheet 1, when ID = 123 and Name1 = Brian, there are 0 hours that will be aggregated (the same is true for Steve and Jim), but Tim, who is not a name in Name1, Name2 or Name3 has a total of 6 hours for ID 123. In this scenario, under 'Other Hours, a total of 6 hours should be calculated. The values in yellow are posting the total hours when the ID has hours not accounted for in Name1, Name2 or Name3. How do I write a formula to accomplish this? Thanks!
  9. Rachel Maddow telling the truth? She's as partisan as Sean Hannity. On her show, you're going to get eye rolls, strange camera angles, liberal hysteria, and bat #### craziness.
  10. Also have about 45K in my savings account (for a rainy day) and very limited stock market (I believe another 5K or so). Would love to do future investments, but not really very educated on this.
  11. 40 years of age, 300K in 401K
  12. I'm fine with releasing everything however why would anyone believe anything coming from the House? This investigation was always political in nature. By comparison, has there been any news from the Senate's investigation? Seems very quiet, almost professional as opposed to the clown show in the House on both ends.
  13. If you're in the same meeting room as the Republican candidate for President, I think that counts as having 'met'. In that meeting, did he speak? Did any of his opinions make their way to Trump? Just curious as to what amount of influence he had. Whether he had individual conversations or additional meetings with Trump would be interesting.
  14. Wasn't that the purpose of the meeting? A Russian lawyer claims to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. Don Jr. (not excusing, but just stating) doesn't know the laws and agrees to this visit because he thinks he's going to get information to help his dad. He meets, and from what I recall, not much comes from this meeting.
  15. I would suggest that ANYTHING coming from the House is going to be loaded with partisan spin. Whether there is truth in the memo is unknown to me because I can't trust the author. Same whenever the Democrats version is released. In this case, I have heard some of the spin, but not all of it. Didn't the investigation begin prior to the Dossier? Didn't the Deputy Director of the FBI comment (in a private setting) on the influence of the Dossier on the FISA warrants? Now, when the investigation begin doesn't necessarily mean the Dossier didn't influence the FBI, but wouldn't releasing that public testimony go a long way to settling this?