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  1. I don't follow Hill enough, but is he too one-dimensional as a "flex" QB to ever be given a chance to be the full-time QB? I assume Bridgewater will get the starting job for the next 6 weeks, but if he struggles, is that a consideration?
  2. Is this really a mystery? Minshew isn't very good (or probably wont' be week to week). Jacksonville is going to have an inconsistent offense and probably a bad one. Westbrook is going to make some plays, but it's hard to see him as being consistently part of the offense week to week.
  3. Unless it's justified (which is the argument from most Democrats describing Trump, etc.)
  4. Beto is pretty bad.....How was he ever seen as some moderate? Racist country, "Hell yeah", going to take your guns away.....What is is his 3rd act going to be before he finally drops out?
  5. Just say you're all for reparations right now, the nuts will be happy. Then, just pretend you never said it at this time next year. All good.
  6. Jorge Ramos is not a journalist. He's an activist. It's fine if you like him, but let's not pretend he doesn't have an agenda.
  7. That's the danger of nominating somebody who is promising nothing but free stuff.
  8. Is there any online spending meters that show run up tabs on how much money the new programs that they are advocating will cost OR the endorsements that other candidates have for those programs? It would be interesting if they had a contrast of the method to which these programs will be paid.
  9. Do we expect there to be impacted zipcodes from FEMA/USPS as a result of the storm surge and the forecasted path of the hurricane? Is it still too early to make that prediction?
  10. You sound upset that you missed out on this hurricane.
  11. Are the models still predicting this monster to turn north? Needs to get moving.
  12. Why not have a few military planes flow over the eye, connect/drop some high power fans to blow the eye into a different direction??? Have a whole fleet of planes re-directing the eye?