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  2. It's very interesting. It will be interesting in 2022 and beyond to see what Republicans get back if Trump is no longer involved.
  3. It is disgusting that the media has not done their jobs and dug into this. No other way to say it.
  4. It's possible, but seems unlikely. Not a good move by Biden in creating that opening for Trump, but I don't think Trump is going to be able to overcome his own negativity ratings at this point.
  5. I would be surprised if Trump wins all of OH, FL, NC, GA, IA, and AZ. He's in trouble already without these.
  6. Minnesota is out of reach and Wisconsin probably is. He's placing his bets in PA and MI, saving a little bit of hope in WI. He's on his last stand.
  7. CNN is caught in trying to be MSNBC, but not just owning it. They aren't down the middle on anything. Time to admit it, embrace it, and maybe they can compete against the other networks in that space. They do need to get a better primetime lineup also, all lefties, but, once again, the network likes to refer to them as anchors or down the middle, not what they are as partisans. Own up. It's ok. It takes 5 minutes to realize how CNN is positioning themselves as a network.
  8. Looking at a 2.37% 15 year re-fi with no closing costs.
  9. Trump should have been advocating masks. He didn't. I don't know if, or how many of his supporters, would be wearing masks regularly if he said so.
  10. What is lazy? Everything is very polarized and political. Nobody is listening to each other, masks are a debate, lockdowns are being politicized, etc. I have no reason to believe that Biden would be doing much better here.
  11. I'd have her and Biden in GA, NC, IA and AZ over the course of the week and then the blue wall of PA, MI and WI. Trump may squeak out TX, OH and FL, but he's very vulnerable and, if polling is to be believed, may be trailing in all of these states. Last stand for Trump. He's in trouble in most states. Biden and Harris should be trying to finish this off.
  12. Trump is campaigning non-stop in PA, but I don't think there's much evidence he's going to win any PA, WI or MI, much less all of the other battleground states he'd need to for these to even matter.
  13. Once this became community spread, this was not going to be stopped. Enough people are not going to lock themselves in their homes and/or stay consistent with social distancing,. Trump has been a poor leader, but it's ridiculous to think a different outcome of any substance with a different President. Not with a virus that spreads like this and the mindset of too many people.
  14. Let's not pretend that newspaper endorsement matter, regardless of how self-important they believe. Same goes for politicians - they rarely matter, and especially don't when they aren't announced until after a race has been decided.
  15. Has Trafalgar provided any recent polling on Pennsylvainia?