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  1. Thank you! How would I go about doing that?
  2. Question for the group: Row of data C2 Value: 279 C3 Value:328 C4 Value:345 C5 Value:292 ** I need to create a new formula in C6 that interrogates the previous row of data (essentially a series of IF statements). If the value of C5 is GT 280 and LT 300, output a value of 10 in C6. If the value of C5 is LT 280, output a value of -10 in C6. If the value of C5 is GE 300 and LE 315, output a value of 15 in C6. If the value of C5 is GT 315 and LE 330, output a value of 20 in C6. If the value of C5 is GE 330, output a value of 25 in C6.
  3. Create a new date field: If Column A is populated, output that date in Column C If Column A is blank but Column B is populated, output that date in Column C. If both Column A and Column B are both populated, output the most recent date in Column C. Example 1: Column A: 6/2/2017 Column B: 5/30/2017 Column C expected value: 6/2/2017 Example 2: Column A: Column B: 5/30/2017 Column C expected value: 5/30/2017
  4. Dan Bernstein and Jason Goff, WSCR 670 AM Chicago. Great social justice/sports radio topics everyday. Outrage over the blackballing of Colin, Ron Rivera and Cam Newton supporting Mr.Richardson, all sorts of racism charges mixed into sports conversation, and, of course, inside information that only these two have on the Chicago sports scene and beyond. Give it a listen, 1-6 PM CT, M-F.
  5. Did we survive 2017 with Trump in office? I recall reading all of the horror stories from his election victory so if you're a survivor from 2017, please let me know you're ok and we can begin to think about how to survive 2018.
  6. That will be a lot of minutes to count. He'll get the boot on Monday.
  7. I was actually passed out, doing nothing tonight. Just woke up, drinking a Central Waters Space Ghost and posting on this board. Great night.
  8. Agreed on Bridesmaids. It wasn't awful, just not as funny as I was expecting it to be. I do enjoy Wedding Crashers. I did like Rachel McAdams so that probably bumped it up, but it did turn from a pretty funny movie to a chick-flick about 1/2 way through so I understand the thought process.
  9. Original Blair Witch Project is a great selection for this thread. I was so excited to see that movie and it flat out sucked.
  10. Agreed. Do people actually think this is a good/great movie?
  11. Another all-time great, love the shower scenes. "Get busy living or get busy dying".
  12. What a horrible way to start this thread. Fantastic movie.
  13. I also was impressed with his accuracy and his overall command of the offense. Again, not sure if he has a NFL arm/body, but, at least to finish the season, thought he made a strong impression. I'll be interested to see how he stacks up vs. other QB's next season.
  14. Does HBO come with a Amazon Prime? Do they have episodes from other networks (FOX, NBC, etc.)? Any other shows worth watching (particularly drama) through Amazon Prime?
  15. What was the context of her saying 'balls'? Clay is an idiot, but he is right about boobs.