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  1. Are there additional sanctions, etc. they should be imposing? If so, it would be refreshing to hear Trump comment that, based on the recent indictments (and previous evidence), that he'll be meeting with this national security team to discuss a series of actions that will hold Russia accountable. I also don't mind if Trump presses Putin on what happened, but it doesn't really matter if that's all he talks about for 3 hours, if he yells at him about it, etc., Putin is not likely to admit any wrong-doing. I will be very surprised if Trump doesn't continue down his current path of valuing some relationship with Putin than going on a Twitter rampage about this. I still think he takes any news about this as a slight of him winning in 2016, being thin skinned and all until there is more information from the investigation.
  2. No and No.
  3. Yes, that is the likely outcome.
  4. What solution is your friend looking for? Political disagreements became very bad when Obama became President and they have continued to get even worse under the current President. Trump's thin skin does make it difficult for him to align with political opponents if there were a desire to find a common ground, but I don't think it's a deal breaker because both ends of the political spectrum now view most compromise as something that will get you voted out of office in most states.
  5. I have no problem with it being used. To your point, cartoons, which this is similar to, have been around forever. Trump is probably aware of this and he probably has commented on it behind the scenes, but I've turned on CNN 2 or 3 times today and it's all they show when they show clips. I'm annoyed at the amount of coverage it gets than it being used.
  6. I find the amount of attention being paid to a balloon very telling. It's humorous, and the fact that some organized movement has this following Trump all over Europe is also comical, but I also don't really care if Scotland, other parts of England, etc. are fans of the President. They have their interests, we have ours, and Trump is obnoxious so worlds have collided.
  7. Great point. Trump's presidency will have long lasting impact because of the two Justices that he will appoint. How many Presidents in recent memory have appointed 3 Justices in a single term (or even over two terms?) I don't think there's much Obama could have done to get his pick through a Republican controlled Congress. Worse case scenario for Trump - if he were to not a Justice through before the mid-terms and the Democrats take control of the Senate, what type of Justice would he have too appoint or would that seat just go unfilled because neither side could find a single candidate that wouldn't be seen as appeasement?
  8. This isn't complicated. Schumer has this right.
  9. Who else can the Lakers realistically pair with LeBron if they can't trade for Kawhi or sign Paul George? Even if they are able to get one of these two AND LeBron, are they going to beat GS next season? Definitely a threat, but highly unlikely to get past that team.
  10. I don't think the Spurs would take less of an offer. That's crazy. They want the best return possible. They are going through a rebuild of sorts if he is traded, get the best young players back regardless of conference.
  11. Just because he wants to be traded to the Lakers does not mean the Spurs will do that. There has to be a return that interests them. So far, that seems to be a stretch. The early speculation with Kawhi is also, in part, due to the Paul George trade last off-season when the Lakers were seen as his preferred ending spot. For the Spurs, it's hard to not see him land in Boston. They have so much young talent, hard not to see the Celtics take 2-3 of these players and add a top 5 or 10 player and make them the Eastern Conference favorite.
  12. Is he an above the rim player? Most Chicago fans are not happy with this pick. He is being seen as a safe pick with no star potential.
  13. Of course, it's a manufactured political crisis. However, Trump did make this a policy over the last few months to make this a zero-tolerance policy and Republicans are being rightfully attacked for this. Republicans own this mess, and Democrats should use the news media to beat this into the ground even if the updated policy puts us back to where we were.
  14. Definitely. I don't think that will happen though.
  15. Democrats will have big gains in November. It's impossible to predict 2020 at this point, but if the economy is doing well, he will be a favorite. Way too early too see if the Democrats can put somebody up who has a strong message in opposition.