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  1. If it's accurate, it says a lot about the quality (or lack of) of the Democratic field. Certainly doesn't hurt that Bloomberg has unlimited money to impact the race.
  2. We do not live in a dictatorship. The President is unconventional, stubborn, not informed on most topics (to be kind) and may not respect the different branches of governments or other institutions, but some Democrats may not have accepted the results of the most recent election. There will be another election this year, and the country will make a decision (probably driven by a balance between a good economy and the constant drama that he creates).
  3. You are probably right. I'd leave open the possibility if a 4th or 5th place finish in NH/NV give his campaign a likely outcome of SC.
  4. If Biden finishes below the top 3 and is closer to 5th (or even 5th) in NH, I don't think he drops out immediately, but I think there is a growing possibility that new polls from Nevada (where he is already expected to not do well) and South Carolina could lead to him dropping out vs. getting embarrassed in his strong hold of SC. This could end up being unlikely, but I think there's a repeat lesson that candidates need to compete in Iowa/NH unless, of course, you have an endless sum of money to compete like Bloomberg.
  5. Are other polls on the economy showing similar numbers?
  6. It'll be interesting if WI/PA/MI are one-time results in favor of Republicans or if that is the start of any shifting. Ohio/Florida stand out to me as a place that has shifted more in the last 10 years from a complete toss-up to tilting Republican.
  7. Not sure what poll is showing the 63% approval on the economy, but I think there has been a general uptick on his economy approval from the low 50's. If he really is at about 60% on the economy, he'll be tough to beat.
  8. None of it will likely stick, and they have had 3 years now to draw some of these connections, but haven't had much traction outside of some of Trump Hotel stories and Ivanka's international dealings. Just seems like an easy target to at least create a controversy and put Trump on the defensive. Not sure if any of this stuff though really hurts Trump.
  9. I don't think it has any long-term impact. It's just silly. Clearly, they don't like each other and that impacts their ability to work together. Pelosi was over the line, but it was a partisan ploy to please her supporters and attack Trump. The speech itself was just the typical SOTU where everything is great, but Trump created 'TV' moments that made this perhaps more entertaining than a typical speech. I don't think the speech was really anything that shocking or offending to warrant that reaction from her, but I don't think it makes her look very good.
  10. Why hasn't the media or some Democratic politician attempted to make this more of an issue? I guess there is still plenty of time for stories about how Trump's kids are benefiting financially as Biden's family has.
  11. If the candidates are either un-electable, likely to create internal division, not likely to get enough key support from specific geographic/demoographic, mistake prone or unable to garner attention how do you suggest that they get their act together? If Trump can run on the economy, it's going to be an extremely close race. If he can't, he'll likely lose.
  12. I didn't say Trump and I agree with you that he doesn't get it. I do think more Republican members of Congress privately agree that he was wrong. My question though - is there any rational conclusion that leads a Republican to agree with the charges, but not the punishment (removal from office)?
  13. I think most people, including Republicans, realize what he did, but it's all baked into him being a questionable (being nice) character. I don't think this impacts his election changes one way or the other.
  14. Some Republicans, even while acknowledging that Trump did what he was being accused of, says he should not be removed from office. Is it possible to be found guilty of the accusations, but disagree on the penalty? Granted, a censure or some other argument is essentially a punish-less penalty, but is it fair to think the punishment is also excessive?
  15. It's almost the opposite. We know we'll move onto the next outrage within days of this trial being over. By next fall, there will be 15-20 controversies or statements made that capture all of the media, not to mention the voting.