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  1. thoughts on buying any airline stocks? United looks tempting at some point. What about Boeing?
  2. Question - Points were used from a friend on their Chase account to purchase a round-trip flight that was scheduled for April 4th. The flight was cancelled. Chase has a policy about having to cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchase in order to be refunded the points, but this cancellation was due to the virus, not a last second cancellation. I'm not sure how this works, but the airlines is saying that they can't refund/voucher and has to be through Chase. Chase should be refunding the account in full right despite that policy?
  3. How long before Trump says something about re-opening either prior to June or gives hope to opening after April is complete? How long before the media accuses him of not listening to scientists/data? We could be headed for collision here.
  4. Is it safe to assume that you blame Trump for the federal response for this, and thus, the uncertainty?
  5. Uncertainty is definitely driving the markets as the virus shut down the economy.
  6. It's pretty amazing how a 900 point loss barely raises an eyebrow. I am looking for that day, or period of time, hopefully in April, where the number of new cases begin to decline. I'm sure those will be strong days for the market, but not so sure we won't see ourselves having plenty of rough days in the coming weeks with more unemployement. One question for all - will the new economic package result in those weekly unemployment numbers stabilizing or should we continue to see large numbers added? If so, why is that happening if this was one of the goals of the bill?
  7. I'm not as optimistic as some of these economic forecasts that have the US economy bouncing back quickly in Q3 and Q4, but, even if it does, I agree that unemployment will be pretty high later this year. Not sure what that means for 401K's though.
  8. Not sure if it's been discussed, and haven't seen much of this in the past (maybe just oblivious to it), but companies are giving everyone pay cuts in the name of reducing layoffs and not matching 401's, etc. Anyone in a company doing this?
  9. I think we're also seeing a battle in the data between the large increase in testing and the lock downs. While we may have expected to see the curve bending with the previous amount of testing being done, when we're testing 100,000+ now of people showing symptoms, that number is going to increase everyday as we continue to increase testing. We'll reach a point nationally where that number begins to flatten and/or reduce, but I'm still expecting an upward tick, especially in the next 3 weeks since we're still going to see large upticks in cities like New Orleans, NY, Chicago, LA, Boston, etc. Hoping my mid-April, we'll begin to see slowdowns in daily growth for a period and then a slow decline heading into late April, and May.
  10. Yes, it's been amazing to see these types of efforts along with the private industry be so innovative in regards to medical needs. Obviously, the medical people on the front lines and many others who are tireless in their efforts to get us through this. Tough times ahead, but uplifting to read/hear these new stories daily.
  11. This is correct and is what every official has repeatedly said. They prioritize based on hotspots/needs. Of course, every Governor wants to be at the top of the list.
  12. When I'm watching FOX, give me Chris Wallace for his great interviews, but mix in Kristen Soltis, Martha MacCallum (beautiful), Shannon Bream, Gillian Turner, Ainsley Earhardt and I'm set....Kristin Fisher is a weekend anchor who is moving up the list and I do love Anna Cabrera on CNN.
  13. I don't see Hannity going anywhere. Ingraham may eventually see the door, but for now, she's probably ok.
  14. This question/debate was always going to come up. We're only about a week into 'stay from home', and some states/people haven't followed these recommendations from the government. The economy is crumbling. How long can Americans realistically stay home? There's not going to be a job to come back to. At the same time, we haven't bent the curve and, best estimates suggest that we are weeks away from doing that. Is there a scenario where older people are still asked to stay home while healthier people (even though evidence is suggesting younger people catch this as well, although don't die at the same rates) Can we afford to all be home until June? I don't know the answer.
  15. The President should be aware of the guidance, but I'm not sure why he's asking medical questions. If the CDC is making these recommendations, they need to answer these questions.
  16. He was on CNN last night. I think they are just rotating people through. Today, they wanted to highlight the FDA's involvement in drug testing. I am guessing they will want either Birx or Fauci available for these though.
  17. Anyone hearing rumors of a military ordered lockdown? Sitting in a management meeting where this is a hot topic.
  18. Question - Outside of better leadership with just about any other candidate/politician from either party, what the US be in a better, worse, or same situation in regards to the outbreak and coordination of?
  19. I've seen some of the same in my area just driving home from the grocery store, but Open Table data is showing a pretty big drop across the country.
  20. That's probably a best guess, and it may not even be a return to normalcy. It could take 2 months for these numbers to spike and then begin to reduce. Have to hope for the best for everyone.
  21. Doesn't Trump and Pence need to be tested pretty much every day? Trump was negative as of yesterday, but to ensure he remains free of this virus, he would have to be tested regularly.
  22. This is interesting, I saw similar reports about younger people. This could just mean that more young people are getting infected though if they are testing more younger people vs. testing those with symptoms. Not sure though if that's accurate.
  23. It would have to have teeth and significant people would have to be indicted, etc. If it's just questioning the actions of government officials, this will be gone in days from the public view and not widely reported in the media.
  24. The number of voters would likely be much lower than they are now.
  25. Correct, we don't know that. It's often, by doctors and politicians, being compared to other viruses that will begin to subside as warmer weather comes, but that's hopeful speculation. As a vaccine is developed, people recover from being infected, and herd immunity increases, there is also hope that this virus won't have the same ability to infect the mass population that it does now.