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  1. Bruce Irvin is at DE on the Fantasy Sharks DC; you have simply missed him I guess, he is among the starters. Nice list tough, great work tripp.
  2. I'm not saying if it's right or not, you could of course make the case to have him at DT (though Brokers staying at DE just because he plays a higher % of base snaps, well it shows that subpackage role doesn't tell the whole story). But Fantasysharks took the job to do the DCs for MFL back in April. The changes to Clowney and Donald are based on their 2018 data. Why wait until now ? There have been multiple waves of position changes since they took over, yet they wait the middle of August to change the most important IDP player ?If it was based on changes that are new and only showed in the first preseason games or even OTAs, than of course that would be a correct change. But it's not the case here. Those are changes based on the 2018 season of the players.
  3. Yep, this is so outrageously bad timing to do this so late in draft season without a hint that it might happen for monthes before.
  4. The first year is free, but we plan to have an insentive around 20$ for year 2 if the initial setup works, to pay league fees and have a little price money for the winner.
  5. We are now 11, so i'd need a 12th so that I don't have to kick the 11th out of the league. Think of that poor guy and be his savior !
  6. Hello everyone, I'm searching for 6 players to fill a 12 teams league where the scoring format is set in a way that having the worst player makes you win the matchup. The league is a redraft league and will have no fees and no winnings in year 1 as I want to be sure that the scoring is playable, but if the first season is successfull and fun, I will certainly add them to have a little incentive for a second season. I'm searching for GMs who like to test out something new and exotic, while still taking it seriously enough to be competitive Just hit me up here per PM if you want in, or answer below. Here are a few further details on the scoring system, there is also a link to the complete scoring system and the league:
  7. Hi Simon, what is the reason for the VBD values to be fixed values . I know you can change them manually in the online draft dominator, but then its changes them for all leagues and it always resets to the fix values after restart. Shouldn't the DD be able to set lower baselines by itself for QBs in 2 QB leagues for example ? Thx
  8. As far as I understand it, the VBD baselines in the draft dominator have completely fixed values, so it makes a lot of sense to adjust them to your individual league scoring/settings. It's actually one of the weak point of the draft dominator in my eyes, it should be able to determine the baselines itself based on the league settings. I aggree with snoochieboochies that simply taking the #12 player is not the way to do it. In a 12 team league starting 1QB , 2 RB and 3 WR, the starting player baseline should be the 12th QB, the 24th RB and the 36th WR. You can either take last years league results, or take this year's projections to find their scores. If you have flex positions, you got to split it up between 2 or more positions in a way that you think will happen. Often, TEs aren't used at the flex position for exemple. In very standard leagues the number you will have will come pretty close to the one set by the Draft Dominator, but in exotic scorings, especially 2 QBs , Superflex or 2 TE leagues, the baseline of those positions will be way lower than the set values, resulting in the players having more "value". As far as the worst bench baseline goes, you will have to guess how many players will be rostered at each position. If you think everybody will roster 2 QBs, than it's the #24 QB as the baseline. In 2 QB leagues you can expect every QB to be rostered for exemple, so the number will be pretty close to 0. When drafting, the "rostered player baseline" becomes more important during the second half of a draft, when you fill up your bench. It clearly indicates which position is harder to find on the waiver wire during the season. Unfortunatelly, if you override the baselines in the draft dominator while drafting, it overrides the values in all your active drafts. It's also always reset itself to the standard values everytime you closes it. tl,dr: you can keep VBD baselines in standard format leagues, but absolutely need to change it in exotic formats.
  9. So here is your chance to play in an interesting league format with a group of nice owners, including 2 guys from the FGB staff (Sigmund Bloom and Aaron Rudnicky). Mostly owners from the US but also with 3 guys from Europe. This league was originally started by Footballrobert who is ancient FBG forum history. We are searching for 3 IDP experienced owners if possible (it's not very idp beginner friendly). Here is a quick overview: Buy-in: 40$ per leaguesafe starting lineup: 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 RB/WR, 1 WR/TE, 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 1 IDP-Flex - !!! 8 benches only !!! Scoring: Full PPR, big play idp scoring, more details: Waiver system: Blind bidding followed by FCFS Draft: Offline "email" Draft, will start in the beginning of august
  10. One way you can quantify this is by a VBD analysis of the positional values in your league. You take the worst starter of a position as the baseline. For example, in one of my league, 52 WRs are started every week. The 52nd WR, the "worst starting WR", had 141 points, while the 4th best WR had 334 points (I start at the 4th player and do blocks of 4 so that some unusual results of one player don't impact the math too much). So the top WR has an added value of 334-141 = 193. The 20th best WR for example had 217 points, which is an added value of 217-141 = 76 You can do that with the IDP positions too. In this particular league, we start a total of 48 LB every week, the 48th LB at season end had 139 points, while the 4th best LB had 225. Thats an added value of 225-139= 86. The DE position had a similar value, while the CB, DT had very low values (40), and S somewhere in between. (60). Now you just have to interprate the math. As long as you draft rookie WRs that have a good shot a finishing above the top 20 WRs, drafting them was a way better choice than taking a very elite DE or LB. In this league IDP scoring is quite high so, the added value of a top 20 LB is at the same level as a top 32 WR, which is why I drafted White at the end of the first round. In leagues with way lower IDP scoring, that would have been a mistake because LBs may be easier to replace, and the added value very low. Of course the choice of the baseline itself can be important too. In this example, I took the worst starter, but you could also take the worst rostered player, which is interesting too, as it would give you the added value over waiver wire replacement of a position (spoiler alert: LBs tend to fall in value with that baseline, while pass rushers are gaining. They are just harder to replace on the waivers). Here is an example for one league:
  11. they answered a few questions per twitter on this question too. Their depth chart are really not that deep on the defensive side right ? Missing a lot of lesser known players.
  12. They are changing from using Rotoworld's depth chart to Fantasysharks depth charts. Big news imo.