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  1. Kazee was playing deep though, and Allen way more in the box, in the Neal role. Ogunjobi is great right now, what concerns me is that he is playing NT/1T and not the more productive 3T role. And he didn't have a big sack production in college. So that might cap his ceiling a little bit. Would just not expect a sack each game, but for me he has been a great replacement for David Irving in some dynasty leagues.
  2. tonato

    Matt Judon

    It has to be a big play league (3.0 sack/tackle point ratio, and preferably points for TFL and QB hits) for me to really consider him. But in big plays leagues I would absolutely consider him for my week 1 roster, especially against the Bills. He had a 52 tackles, 8 sacks, 17 TFL season which for example places him in the LB top20 in big play scoring leagues. Thats the kind of numbers that Suggs used to have 10 years ago on a yearly basis. Would even consider him a very startable LB#2 this week in balanced scoring leagues. It's a juicy matchup, but you got to know you have a higher risk of a low floor then with a true off-ball LB. If you expect to win your matchup, I would probably keep him on the bench in such formats; but in a tough matchup I would play the variance and try to get the big game against a messy OL.
  3. Milano should be rostered due to the good stat crew and having a true young rookie at his side, especially if it's a balanced scoring (maybe not in bigplay leagues). Moore, Bostic and C.Jones would be on my watch list, the rest not so much.
  4. Irvin has been playing RDE during the OTAs Guess we could see Mack playing on the strong side in their "new" 4-3, I would guess they won't want Irvin to set the edge on the strong side, but rather have him in more pure pass rush situations on the weak side. I would say he is a nice add as a DE3 or DE4 in non tackle heavy leagues. It's not like there is a ton of depth at DE in leagues where you have to start 2. He had a nice production at LB the last 2 seasons, if he can even reproduce 75% of that production at DE it makes him a DE2 in 12 teams leagues. And here is the DC speaking about Irvin as DE in a press conference: Really under the radar right now
  5. We are full for now, if anything changes I will move the topic up again Thx !
  6. So here is your chance to play in an interesting league format with a group of nice owners, including 2 guys from the FGB staff (Sigmund Bloom and Aaron Rudnicky) as well as one writer from (TheFFGhost), and TheAudible chat legend 5ish. Mostly owners from the US but also with 3 guys from Europe. This league was originally started by Footballrobert who is ancient fbg forum history. The IDP podcast has talked about the scoring/setup/ draft a couple times a few years back, when Jene Braemel was playing in it too. The league went inactive the last 2 years due to the original commish apparently stopping to play FF, but we are rebooting it because it was a lot of fun. We are searching for 2 IDP experienced owners if possible (it's not very idp beginner friendly). Here is a quick overview: Buy-in: 40$ per leaguesafe starting lineup: 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 RB/WR, 1 WR/TE, 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 1 IDP-Flex - 8 benches only Scoring: Full PPR, big play idp scoring, more details: Waiver system: Blind bidding followed by FCFS Draft: Offline "email" Draft, will start in the first half of august Well that should be enough info, just PM me if you are interested
  7. I also like to "calculate" VBD on past seasons in dynasty leagues. In a 16 teams league starting 2 RBs for example, I would take the fantasy points scored in the season by RB #32 as my baseline, him being the "worst starter of the position". I will then take the average of the 4 best RBs (just to average out if one or two players have "unnormal" seasons) to determine the added value of having a "stud" at the position. I will the calculate the "vbd-value" of the 8th best RB, the 12th best RB etc in blocks of 4 to see how the added value goes towards the 0 of the 32th RB. Doing that for every position, even IDP, gives me a good feeling of the values of positions in that particular league, as each league can be different in terms of starting players AND scoring. Of course the choice of the baseline is the most important, and choosing the "worst starter" is not optimal, so for 2017 I've thought up a little experiment I will be doing in my main dynasty league: the "worst waiver wire guy". Each week I will write down 2 pre waiver wire available players and 2 first-come-first-serve available players that I would pick-up to start if I had to, and compile a virtual "waiver wire guy"-baseline. I'm sure the IDP positions will be quite strong, while QB and TE will become relatively more valueable than their 2 big brothers RB and WR in a normal "worst starter"-baseline, due to a lot (at QB virtually ALL) of starters being rostered.
  8. Yeah that was the good move to make (too bad Hughes is rostered everywhere I play ^^), another team that is switching from 3-4 to 4-3 is Cleveland, so Ogbah or Nassib may have so new value, depending of the depth of your league.
  9. 1) tiers 2) combined rookie board Those are the 2 things that Jene wrote that for me was really added value. While a lot of stuff in "Reading The Defense" was also covered by John in the Guru articles (there is also a lot of "snap count" stuffs on other fantasy sites, but I know that's not the point), those 2 things were unique and showed a great approach to IDP playing / drafting.
  10. Yes off course, I wished they hadn't put him in so much 1st down "up through the middle" runs that went nowhere. They should manage his touches better.
  11. Footballoutsiders used to have them too, unfortunately not yet updated for week1 of 2016.
  12. Before the draft: 1) I make sure I'm up to date as of the scoring of the league, rules of waiver wire during the season, roster limits etc. even in leagues I've been playing for almost a decade I still look it up before the drafts just to have a fresh look at it. I also like to look up the last 2 drafts of the league just to get a feeling how it went last time around. l also like to make a VBD excel sheet (especially in IDP leagues) of the past season, just to get a feel for how important certain positions are due to scoring etc. (yeah fantasy football is great for excel nerds). 2) I like to have my tiers as a spread sheet prepared. The preparation process forces me to look things up, look at past performances etc. and most importantly to make me write down how I really feel about a player in comparition to other players. 3) Read the FBG newsletter everyday (especially on busy days !), just to make sure you don't miss something major. Preparation is like 80% of your draft. During the draft: 1) I just cross of the names of guys that are picked. Pen and paper for me, just like that oldschool feeling. 2) Talk trash as much as possible in a live draft, just so that the guys that are not prepared waste time on responding 3) I try to make my choice as late as possible, don't like to lock my thoughts on a guys with 10 picks till it's my turn again. 4) I make my draft choice when I'm on deck, and like to draft fast when it's my turn. Again, a fast draft will favor guys who are well prepared. (Drafting fast doesn't always work for me even, I'm sometimes a little slow on decisions...^^). 5) If in a deadlock between a bunch of players, take players you like to watch, whose team you like to watch. I drafted with Draft Dominator in addition to my tiers for a couple years. It's not bad, as it takes the scoring / roster size of the league well into account. I would recommand it for beginners, I just don't feel I still need it, as a VBD analyse is a part of my preparation anyway.
  13. Have to decide between Reggie Bush and CJ Spiller in a ppr, and this is all making me completely unsure of what to do. At least CJ is "more" healthy, right ?
  14. He is the worst rated ILB at PFF (among those with at least 25% of their team's snap, 51 out of 51 players). I always try to keep that in mind when a guy starts to have good stats in fantasy, because it could blow up in your face one day if he is benched because of "real football performance".