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  1. Pure Pyrite to chase this and think it was going to end any other way then it did today.
  2. Nice cover today, thought their demise at 2-2 losing to the Packers and Bears was a little overblown and they've righted the ship quickly. Giants were on an uptick before the Vikes faced them, then they dispose of the Eagles, good wins. 4-2, going to be the top wildcard if they don't catch the Packers for the division...I think the Pack will fade 2nd half of season but we'll see.
  3. Dallas 3-3 Eagles 3-3 NYGiants 2-4 1 game back, both teams ahead of them having trouble, Giants will get guys back over the next few weeks. 9-7 should win this division.
  4. San Diego is fading from the playoff picture. Think many viewed them as 10-11 win type team and they simply are not.
  5. That's what I'm trying to say. Miami has shown a couple time IMO a real want to lose football games.
  6. 6 carries 39 yds...needs more touches. Brown pedestrian.
  7. 12-18-18-26 PPR last 4 weeks, likely a Top12 RB over that space.
  8. 2 Pt Play Shouldn't Miami have kicked the XP? I know occasionally teams will go for 2 points but Miami had momentum and closed it in the 4th down 17-3...Overtime wasn't an option? I know they're 0-4 but how are you ever going to win a game making decisions like this at crucial times? Go Bolts!
  9. I would like to see almost all teams scrape 2-3 wins by Week 12, it would be nice to see Miami comfortably be able to win one and not jeopardize #1 overall pick.
  10. Miami will play Cincinnati on Dec 22, I don't expect Miami to have to lose that game but CInci is starting to look like a team incapable of winning a football game.
  11. Tough game today but Miami got it done by going for 2 late in the game vs extending it into overtime. Worst 2-pt play call in history of the NFL. Good For Fitzpatrick to get them back into the game. He's dangerous, they need to release him or trade him for nothing.
  12. I was trying to figure out where I rank them and while they have beaten everyone in front of them...Bucs, Bengals, Steelers, Browns 5-18 combined record and is beating the Rams right now a big deal? I'm not trying to take away from their 5-0 record but I'm not sure I believe they are the best in the NFL just yet. Saints keep winning without their starting QB, that's impressive too.