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  1. While we are taking requests, here's an oldie by Jaydee Plastic Dreams
  2. 6 bucks and my right nut
  3. What if Ajayi is used mostly on runs between the 20s and Foster is the red zone guy plus 3rd down/pass situations? At best if Foster remains healthy I think you have like a 2:1 split basically. 200 carries for Foster, 40 catches, that would be 15 touches a game with no injuries, hold your breath. And you could assume 8-10 TDs if he managed everything I just mentioned. I'm having a harder time producing those numbers for Ajayi even if Foster leaves Hard Rock Stadium...that's right, we named the GD thing Hard Rock Stadium!!! it's a lot better than Sun Shark, Land Life, Buffet's Buffet or whatever they have been calling it of late. I just do not see the upside for our boy Jay Ajay, but I'm pulling for him, got no dog in this fight other than being a Phinsfan...
  4. I believe Foster will end up gimpy although all signs point to him 100% right now. I believe Ajayi is nothing special, Daniel Thomas at best and I know they are not even built the same but production and impact I'm about the same on them. I believe Drake will eventually become a more prominent part of the offense whenever he can get over his injuries. And since Parker lovers get to overlook all of his injuries and plates and screws and why can't I hold out hope for Drake until we get to see him on the field? 3rd round selection, I think we will see him at some point in the offense. Miami is likely to lose 10 games again this year, 2nd half of the season will be be more rookies getting to touch the field. Not much else to see here. I liked Williams at one point but I haven't seen much from him lately.
  5. Adam Gase and I quote “His resume speaks for itself,” Gase said, via the Miami Herald. “I don’t think there’s any question why we brought him in here. He’s playing this year. Whether he’s the guy that will be the first snap of the game, time will tell. He is going to be rolling with the ones.” You draft whoever you like but as long as Foster is healthy he will be the RB with the most touches or FF points IMHO.
  6. Awesome I was thinking you found the voice in an earlier track than LLV managed to put together but still that was a pretty gnarly track and you could trip out to the middle 5 minutes, good song.
  7. If ripping off old rave tracks from the early to mid 90s becomes all the rage I might just become a millionaire yet.
  8. He is playing it tonight on the VMAs, new video and the whole nine yards. Fade as I think i found it. I don't get much of the new pop music these days but my wife had it playing and I said "what was that?" and she says new KW song, I said I know that beat and I know that sample he's ripping off, it's like 20 years old and in my dusty case of vinyl, i know I have starts about the 2:03 mark on the Fade track Oh Kanye, I know where you stole your Hardrive from...Strictly Rhythm sucka!
  9. Bravo, this is pretty good
  10. The NFL reserves the right to refuse service...
  11. I'm bullish and have been for a few weeks when I saw where he was going in the drafts. I think he can hit more home runs like we saw today. SD is going to be need to score 30 a game and they have weapons and a QB who can chuck it, Gordon fits in well IMO, lot of rookie RBs had a somewhat rough go of it last year. Gordon is among a handful of guys I like in Year 2 who were somewhat quiet their rookie seasons. Duke Johnson is another example of a guy I like who is a little under the radar right now. And there will be weeks where he might end up 13/30 but I still think he can make more noise in the passing game. Pass protection was a problem for him last year, this season he seems a lot better. We are going to be right or have egg on our face but definitely one of the two. I think he will have 8 very good weeks and a few duds mixed in to give his owners pause and concern but at the end of the year, top 12-15 well within reach IMO. Solid RB2
  12. And everyone has kept up with Adam Gase? He has been saying Foster will roll with the first unit for weeks. Like since Foster signed. The recent movement up the depth charts on web sites was just icing on the cake IMO.
  13. Our Lads and Salguero mentioned it a while back on his Twitter feed. He is at practice every day, usually has a little summary of things he feels might be important.
  14. It would seem in your POV that the player must always sign the deal. That seems like a pretty slanted deck. Too bad that Roger Badall can't step in and get these two to sit down...oh that's right, he only acts in the best interest of the owners. I understand why you feel as you do and you don't seem to love the ownership. I really think Bosa's rookie experience has been sorely taken and ripped from him by San Diego, this is a terrible look for them and i don't see how it will improve the product on the field with all the players who will avoid them like the plague. Look what happened to the Niners overnight once folks stopped wanting to play for them. Harbaugh left and everyone suddenly was worried about their long term health and moving on to other places quickly. The environment can turn toxic like it has for certain organizations. I feel like San Diego is going to suffer thru a downtrend for a while now, karma has been awful to them. Didn't the Chargers make Vincent Jackson want to run out of there with his hair on fire? Maybe they should write an actual book with all the players they have tried to hose over the years.
  15. Foster has been listed as the RB1 for over a week now...