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  1. Greetings Shizz, Friend who grew up there and now lives in OKC was trying to tell me about this today and it was hard to understand but I appreciate you putting this up and sharing with the Forums. I doubt most folks ever knew a thing about this, 1st I had really heard much about it. The way you explain it is pretty straight forward. Cheers!
  2. Whenever they announce "Oscar Nominee" potential on the opening of a film for an actor/comedian like Sandler, I usually figure they aren't making it out of the movie in one piece. He wasn't going to just tell snarky jokes with a slightly tougher overtone and get a nomination. As it turned out there were no nominations and while I personally liked the movie and felt Sandler was a little better than one might expect, the script and also the Director's choices on a few things left me from saying better things about the film. People were leaving in the theater we saw it in, and a lot of the under 25 crowd didn't like this very much either. I'm not as good as some at guessing the endings but I felt the triggerman was a loose cannon and would eventually break whatever code of honor there was.
  3. Very unrelatable movie for many folks. It was highly engaging though for those that like to bet on Sports and gamble. If you don't know much about jewelry and have never been around the glam side of celebrity fame then it's harder to enjoy the scenes where Garnett shows up in the jewelry store as an example. The downside of the movie is that once he makes the decision to keep the bad guys in a makeshift prison it was easy to figure out what was about to happen so the movie for many was a total letdown..."Why did I invest 2 hours just to watch him"...A lot of folks that saw it didn't like it, definitely not a hit with most Seniors but even young folks in the 18-25 range seemed to not enjoy it either. Very targeted audience I think.
  4. Has anyone ever known a person or family that never gets to go to the Mall or a nice store to buy anything in their lives? You know, poor people. One should never excuse people of looting but I would ask people to think back to when the CV-19 started and suddenly the store shelves were LOOTED by many well off folks who bought up EVERYTHING they could and especially the essentials. I was walking around my neighborhood and a man had his garage door open and I could see what looked like an entire aisle of TP from the stores, who needs that much? He had to have a 10 year supply in there minimum. No wonder the stores were empty for the average citizen. Wealthy people have been looting this country of countless resources going back almost forever. Then we see mostly poor and disadvantaged people popping off and doing things we don't understand because most of us as adults have rarely gone without. Seems like the poor are being used as a punching bag again. The mere fact these riots are happening and the Gov't is blaming it on far Left/Right groups when let's be honest, it's the CITIZENS trying to rise up and once again the government is going to use force and turn this place into a police state. Try to think and not allow the TV to just set your emotions.
  5. I have been walking in Asics-Kayano for about 10 years, I even wear them around town with a pair of jeans just for the comfort factor. I have 3 new pairs coming in the next couple days(Stocking up in advance). Asics is blowing out the 26s as the 27s start to roll out. Overpronation Specials but the entire site has sales going on. Free shipping and returns.
  6. This individual continues time and time again to impress me as a fellow FBG with the information he deems relevant or important and shares with others. It's well worth the time to click on the Hidden and read Phelps words. I particularly related to his desire/discipline for the morning gym. I also thought it was incredibly self aware of him to be able to call the timeout without feeling emasculated. Too many men don't understand when to let it go and cool it for a bit and then revisit with a clear mind. Cheers Bobby and Thank You
  7. I would like to lose 5 lbs in June and you have a date of July 4th, I've not shared this openly in this thread but I am working towards a special date in about Mid July when my son will turn 21 and I haven't seen him since he visited me around St Patty's Day just before most places closed. The look of shock on his face when we toast at midnight at Hard Rock is going to be worth it. He is a total Mini-Me, except obviously he was in a little better shape than myself and still will be. I know we will be looking at these photos for a long time and I want the memories to be great ones of him and I. So you run and you weigh North of tall are you TFC? Doesn't the running take a toll on your knees and joints? I want to run eventually just to get my stamina to the point I can outlast anyone on the tennis court. I think it's partly mental, I can't go 1/4 mile without stopping and walking.
  8. I would like to get a little more into what is healthy and not healthy for food intake. One of the things I've discovered for myself is that 1-ingredient foods work best for me. Carrots say Carrots on side of the bag, Fish is usually Fish, Oats are Oats. Also would like a couple of our more experienced weight lifters to help develop a good starter system for free weights, etc... Just some ideas, but would back anything to keep the party rolling another month. The fun is just starting when many of us have to begin working more hours as we get back in the swing of our daily routines. I simply didn't have a lot to do the last 60 days and so on some level it was easy to focus on. Now I am overhauling and re-painting the entire crib so we can give ourselves a better environment at home to flourish. My challenge will be to wake up and get rolling at 5-6 in the morn and then drive business during day then be ready to roll again in the evening and continue to NOT emotionally eat. For the first time over the weekend I really stressed out once to the point I wanted to eat to make the moment disappear but that won't solve anything. BF, you have my support in whatever you decide, some of my goals will be to help and encourage others not just my own achievements. I've been blessed the last 2 months to fall into a strong support group here, made things a lot easier. I'm having fun not being the same ole MOP right now. It's almost like being Born Again but from a health and well being standpoint and I'm finding it refreshing to let things go. I am doing a major Spring Clean Out today before summer officially kicks in and I'm tossing a lot of things out that have been weighing me down and holding me back. I have been holding on to boxes of stuff I thought I needed and I want to rid myself of those things and the memories they carry. I've managed to get my inner bowels in order and rid myself of the constipation if you will, it's time to apply a similar matrix to other situations and things that will enhance my life and make it even easier to achieve the goals I have set for myself. 👍
  9. I like to have a little moment in nature on the back side of the golf course on my walks, men like to pee outside in general for some reason.
  10. Greetings Judge -A lot of my weight loss was with simple walking and also cycling. Do you own a bicycle? -You burn about 100 calories for every mile you finish be it running, walking or crawling it's all about the same. At a moderate 3 mph clip you burn around 250-300 in an hour, cycling however at about 10-12 mph which isn't fast but that will burn DOUBLE the amount of calories over the same period. Walk 30 Min about 150 calories, Cycle 30 minutes you burn around 300+ I try to burn between 300-500 calories minimum daily to allow a cushion for my eating. If you want to get back on schedule, I would adopt a morning walk for 30-45+ minutes, it seems like it jump starts my metabolism and gets me burning fuel all day. I also like to do something of equal nature in the evening around sunset to avoid the heat in Florida. Earbuds and music help.
  11. Find a new shirt you really want and buy it a size smaller or the size you used to wear and start GAF until you fit into it.
  12. I was going to write a quick not so witty 1 liner like a chant from the protestors you saw reported but then I thought about it and would rather just say I politely disagree with your POV but I'm sure that's how the Police look at it so in that way i'm glad you are posting it. That said it doesn't justify it any more than looting as an answer for justice. Thanks Snell, hope things are safe for you if you're in Minneapolis.
  13. WTG TFC!!! Great benchmark to hit for the month. I try to make sure to hit a similar number for cycling but to run all those miles, hats off.