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  1. Tacky and Trashy, new show on NBC
  2. Can you fly this plane and land it? -Surely you can't be serious? I am serious, and don't call me Shirley. Best wishes from the Ministry
  3. Just wanted to see if you was real, got my answer. I was hoping you weren't as robotic as the previous posts sounded. I appreciate your post. Try and remember your talking to a Phinsfan. We had a glory day a long long time ago, I feel bad for both fan bases in many ways. But I also will say Miami is a super fickle fan base. We do seem to pack them in of late so perhaps I'm not giving us more credit. The new roof and name(Hard Rock...seriously) will pack them in this year. The interior needs a face lift desperately, rumor is that will happen in the off season.
  4. Couldn't you make one out of boxes, crates and coffee cans? Chock full O'Work will be coming out in the Fall.
  5. I think everyone in here just needs a hug
  6. BTW it was the MOP who said.... -The Chargers will be drafting in the top 5 but forced to take talent outside of the top 20 -The Chargers are creating a toxic environment that will ruin them in free agency and create a much steeper curve for them -If Bosa is not there this week that he is likely to not play the first month of the season even if he signs..."6 weeks MOP"...fine 6 weeks, same thing. Strawman my butt and since they got this done so quickly we can only assume that these Strawman arguments were in fact quite real. And is there any doubt Roger Badall made a phone call and said enough is enough, make it happen...because now they suddenly pay him the full bonus, why?
  7. You hate him before he even gets there. This is the FO fault and by that I mean your attitude. It's forced guys like you to resent your draft picks. How could you ever root for this guy? Your wanting to somehow taunt him now with local endorsement $$$ he's losing, this sounds like a battered housewife. I feel bad for the fans there, you're forced to back the owners if you are against Bosa so that's rough.
  8. This landed the plane for me. I really appreciate you explaining it. I am now going to look forward to MT and JWB rebuttals which I'm sure will also be interesting.
  9. What a treasure he was. So many iconic roles, so many wonderful moments in film. When his wife Gilda died it really left him hollow and empty. I was amazed he lived as long as he did, always seemed like he had a broken heart. I hope the two of them will be reunited
  10. After some careful thought on this and also realizing my initial reaction was not good, i listened to Bomani Jones on Mike and Mike and then again on the Miami Local LeBatard hour 9-10am and I think I am going to do something I don't often do but feel no shame in changing my opinion. CK is legally allowed to do what he did, no crime was broken and regardless of how misguided this is, running to shame him isn't going to get to the root of the problem. We are running around screaming that people are doing heinous things and then we feel bad and we say repeatedly just talk to us and we'll listen...OK well I didn't listen for very long, and as BJ pointed out, CK has been doing this for weeks, it just so happened yesterday someone asked and he met the question with a very direct response, one that would seem like he anticipated the question at some point. I don't like what he said, what came flying out of his mouth, well that's too bad because he has a right to voice his opinion and feelings just like I did when I was irritated yesterday. Part of growing as a person is sometimes recognizing where you can make an improvement or even retract a thought and start a new thought,. We're not robots and sometimes you need to ask "Who's life are you living?" And by that I mean most of us learned from our folks one way or the other and if not there you found a mentor early in adulthood to help fill in the blanks. So I don't want to be a person who can't grow and I don't want to be a person who can never pivot. I'm pivoting but I want to be clear that I disagree with CK's opinion and I think there are better ways to handle it. That said we need to stop blasting so much and at least try and listen before the next barrage of violence breaks out and we all are sitting there scratching our heads and then going back to the usual talking points in here. Let's break through that wall and stop being so thick headed on every single issue. I agree with some of the posters who already said "he's allowed like I'm allowed to voice my displeasure" and I understand, I don't disagree, I hope you'll reconsider your position and admit we need to try something else, the same old ways are not working and we can expect more violence if we don't try and make changes.
  11. He's already got a big head, WTH is wrong with you?
  12. Pair the stand up desk with a Herman Miller Stool, not the chair but the outrageously expensive stool which can go up and down with the desk, if you truly want to try and stay in shape and not allow sitting at a desk to cripple you, these are a really good idea and while it is sort of expensive to put this kind of thing together, I believe the long term benefits of being in a more ready to stand and move around position probably has a positive impact on your health, just my .02 Great thread, great idea, but you must have the Herman Miller stool or it's a total waste of time Otis
  13. While we are taking requests, here's an oldie by Jaydee Plastic Dreams
  14. 6 bucks and my right nut