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  1. Pretty sure I have read reports that the Chiefs have no plans for Charles to return prior to their Bye week which I am guessing is the week after next? Pitt, Bye, that right? And then when he does return it isn't going to be 18-20 carries out of the box as some thing. He will take West's touches and then gradually increase but still at the end of the day, are you going to load Jamaal Charles up just coming off injury and no preseason games? I said it felt like 7-8 weeks before he would be so important in the offense before you think about benching Ware but until the Chiefs(if the Chiefs) get to that point then I'll deal with it. Ware has some monster games on the horizon, that Oakland contest could be Portis like. This changes nothing IMO but it does back the folks who initially said it would be a month to maybe Week 6 before we saw Charles.
  2. I Maintain Sinn Fein regardless of who he votes for/against understand the political field as well as almost anyone on these boards. I don't say this lightly but he inspired me to be more active. Good stuff
  3. @Chi, PHI, LAR, WAS, @Hou, @MN, JAX, MN, @NO, CHI, @NYG,'s not as juicy as you would like. Could sell high in redrafts. Think about where you drafted him vs what you could deal him for,
  4. Trump wins big tonight
  5. According to my date, prior to the Week 3 games I have a list of what I deem Avg/Soft/Strong defenses against specifically the QB. Using a point formula of something close to 1/25pass, 6 pts TD, -2Int, rushing pretty standard, I get the following list and I will also look at the game stats from Week 3 to see if they are trending Up or Down. This is sort of a worksheet and something I would normally do on scratch paper and just merge into my weekly but I think I might be on to something so let's take a look as I need minds much smarter than mine to take some of this info and run. using the scoring system I outlined and throwing out the very best(Houston-9pts) and the worst (Oak-36pts) I found an avg of about 20. And San Fran was right in the middle with an avg of 20. I went +3/-3 or expanded that tier/pool of players to 17-23 and here is what you get... Chi, Den, Car, NO, Buff, GB, MN, SF, Indy, Cinci, Cle, Dallas, Miami, Washington...if you have a QB facing these teams it would seem the advantage/disadvantage is neutral so if you have a strong QB then most of these defenses shouldn't be an issue...however we only have 2 week and I'm not stupid enough to assume what I just laid out is any type of bullet proof system, far from it. We're still fact gathering right now. Let's see how they all did Week 3 and if they are trending up or down. Let me list the soft and strong defenses vs opposing QBs. Soft (24-36pts): NYJ, NE, SD, TB, JAX, ATL, Det, Oak...I want to point out that I am not sure if the Jets and Pats are actually soft. The Pats are definitely trending up and I wouldn't see them as a place to find a lot of points most weeks. They proved it shutting down Houston IMHO. Strong(15-9pts): Pitt, LA Rams, KCC, NYG, Balt, TN, Sea, AZ Philly, HOU...The Eagles are no joke, they shut down Big Ben much of the day. I think you can figure out what you want to do from here. Has anyone looked at a schedule or what QBs are likely to go on a tear right now or possibly late in the season? Philip Rivers has a nice run of games coming even with Denver twice (Oct 13/30th) Trevor Siemian has @TB, ATL, @SD, HOU, SD, @NO, @Oak, KC, @Jax, You can also flip this around to see which QBs have tougher games coming up...Stafford's schedule about to ramp up, much better defenses he will be facing. Add your thoughts, thanks.
  6. Most of his points were not in the traditional method of throwing the football at QB, I think he had less than 30 yds pass. Had he thrown a TD pass then I think folks would be even more excited about him. They ran a wildcat style offense at times where he basically took a direct snap and ran. Now before everyone gets excited let's remember... -Josh Gordon is the Alpha Dog at WR, Pryor will benefit from him on the field but he instantly is downgraded to the #2 target. -Coleman was tearing it up before the injury and he is a highly touted rookie that looks good. Pryor easily slides behind Coleman when he returns in 4-6. -Barnidge doesn't get a lot of targets but he is a good TE. I would be trying to trade for him if I were an NFL GM(Mike Tannenbaum) because his dip in production has nothing to do with him. He gets open and he catches a lot of crummy thrown footballs. -Dynasty owners should be trying to trade him if at all possible IMHO. In redraft/DFS he is probably money until Coleman returns.
  7. The last domino in the Big 3 to fall. I think people thought if he could play alongside Whiteside and add a few pieces you have a top 4 seed maybe, that's a pipe dream. Can Miami lose 60 games with this team? I gotta believe it's a matter of time until we hear Dragic is gone. Only Whiteside is going to be left and I feel like his immaturity will be on full display. We kind of want them to tank the next 2 years if I understand our draft situation, yes/no? Our 1st next year is ours and then it has to be top 8 the season after? Then we don''t have another 1st round pick til 2050 or something.
  8. And Riley puts the nails in the Chris Bosh coffin...
  9. "I've got a job to do: I go out there and run routes," -KB after the game
  10. I did post in another Jimmy Graham but he was money in the DFS World this past weekend. I don't usually play 1 guy on multiple tickets but he was one of them. Wish I had paired him with Pryor on a couple more tickets this past weekend but happy to have found what I did. His number moved to 4,000 next weekend, think he was 3,000 this past weekend. From an NFL perspective, he did it in 1 half and Wilson got hurt further(not good) and the Niners posed no threat so there was no reason to keep targeting him. Graham and Baldwin plus Wilson makes perhaps their most vertical offense. Also feels like Kearse and Lockett can help keep defenses honest. This team will be rolling in a couple weeks IMO when they get healthy and Rawls is back to where he was a year ago. Don't overlook Seattle because they have everybody exactly where they want them. He was even around on some Waiver Wires in a couple leagues, and rightly so. He stunk last year even when he was healthy but it looks different feels different and out of simple desperation to get the offense cranking so maybe that is part of it. In New Orleans he had to produce to help the team stay in games, in Seattle they get 14 on the board and it's time to start running the clock down. I like that they figured out it's best to use him early and often because a lot of times in the 2nd half are nursing leads. Maybe Graham is part of the "Fast Break" to start games. There is a ceiling because this isn't New Orleans but he looks great and he is healthy so I'm holding the rosary beads with Nantz and praying for the best.
  11. Not a word you hear mentioned around here much or most places. I have posted a few times that the downfall of Rome starts with apathy. It feels like apathy has spread in the United States, people eventually just shrug and say whatever and the next thing you know you have Barbarians at the Gate
  12. This is a good idea.
  13. You're probably right Judge except that he was supposed to pitch on Sunday, he was moved back to Monday, he ends up doing something reckless like you said. It's a tough pill to swallow down here.
  14. I agree with you. What happened? He forgot how to coach? '03 was Saban, '07 had to be some of Les Miles recruits, then he plays in it again in 2011...sign me up. I'm not into making predictions but I don't think LSU will suddenly start competing for a title every year. Alabama is going to stay until Nick is done...who knows when that is. He seems like the type who has to be doing something so I can see him doing it for quite some time, maybe I'm wrong. When USF got rid of that dude who got 'em for a week to #2, they thought they were going to take a step to the next level and it's been anything really but. Sometimes schools or programs bite the hand that feeds them. When I was a kid Bill Arnsparger was the LSU coach, things can change. Maybe the ACC is heading for a surge along with the Big Ten which now has Harbaugh and that other guy at OSU, maybe the SEC will finally get knocked down a notch or two, nothing lasts forever. I think LSU took a step back but that's me. Lots of time to attract their next coach, that's for sure.
  15. Only on Page 3...