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  1. And now you have your first win of the season vs a team you weren't supposed to beat. I think you all played them last year as well.
  2. You are putting a lot of faith in Akers or somehow throwing shade on Henderson at the moment and how exactly is Akers a threat to Henderson right now when he is a rookie that largely hasn't played and even when he is healthy is going to be behind on the learning curve for a bit. Henderson meanwhile has an opp with a favorable schedule I highlighted to really assert himself as the No 1 over the next month. For the next few weeks I think he is a set it forget it, maybe in a month that could change but the more weeks he has 15+ carries or touches the more I see Henderson staying as the lead Back in 2020.
  3. Could we all agree his numbers are slightly inflated with Michael Thomas OUT the last 2 weeks? I know Kamara is awesome and an elite back in this system but the last two weeks have been a little on the hyper side me thinks.
  4. NYG-Daniel Jones @Wash-D. Haskins @SF-??? CHI-??? @Mia-Fitz or Tua And the point is for the next 5 weeks, a 2-1 Rams team in a very competitive WEST so I can see them at 6-2, 7-1 and they need a horse to get behind. Goff is still a liability at times, they know they gotta run the ball so they don't have Goff throwing it 40x a game. Sure they run to keep their RBs fresh, most teams would wish the same but at some point you need an ID running the ball and Henderson really seems to shine. At the least he would be in line to get 50% of about 35-40 carries a game depending on the situation. Week 1- 40 attempts, Week 2- 39 attempts, both WINS and this week that dropped to 32 but the Rams fell behind by 3-4 TDs, something not likely most weeks. Bright days ahead I would say, a welcome addition for any owner who might have snagged him off waivers when his value was low or even drafted and held on until Week 2 rolled around. He should elevate to a weekly RB2 with some serious upside in this run heavy offense. I haven't seen him as a big contributor receiving but I want to stress that the Rams hav a solid if not spectacular WR1-2-3/Slot and TEs so they don't need the RBs to really be special out of the backfield. I think Henderson will make his money running and I wouldn't anticipate him elevating to elite with not a lot of receptions so he is dependent on the 100/TD type box most weeks. I would hold on if you have him but it's always good to hear trade ideas.
  5. Regardless of the number of the targets, he did sensational and I really like his game as the No 2 with Adams out there, could easily pass 1,000 yds receiving this season, he looks smooth running around out there.
  6. Packers are 3-0, they look really good and they weren't full strength.
  7. I'm guessing because I wrote it several places we're playing the NFC WEST 4 of the next 5 weeks and...oh I see what you're saying. I hadn't thought about that, and if it matters I'd prefer we lose and get a higher pick, we aren't very good. You're team is light years ahead of us. None of this changes that a good player is sidelined, I simply saw it as I was switching channels and was seeing other posts. Cheers
  8. How many catches will Kamara get on the next drive after GB scores the TD?
  9. Rodgers called Timeout and it wasn't called...OMGoodness
  10. Offsides and a DPI same call...holy moly, Rodgers making them look... Oh and remind us how fake the noise is. Why not show it to us like you all are watching it.
  11. They've been twisting legs on tackles and at the bottom of piles for as long as football has been played, same time doesn't make it right or imply it wasn't a dirty play. Is he OUT long term or we don't know yet?
  12. Just no possible way that ball was going to be thrown down the field past the FD marker
  13. Kamara now going to make a move up the mountain to 50 tonight in PPR