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  1. Heat showing that the Big 3 were holding them back. Throw it down Whitesde...dude is gonna put up 20/15 a lot of nights. Makes it much easier on the rest of the team but then again it was a Vogel coached Orlando Magic...doubt they are gonna be a contender or the Heat.
  2. I was lucky because I heard about 3 weeks ago he was likely to return but it was 6 weeks not 4, I managed to get him back and hoping to use him soon. I actually need him, my WR situation did not improve much...I'll keep you posted.
  3. The amount of evidence showing HRC corruption is stacked higher than Phil Hartman on a pyramid of Colon Blow. We spent years around here proving this again and again, we're not wasting our time trying to teach the unteachable.
  4. im shuked
  5. Should the AZ PK get the pink slip on Monday?
  6. Jimmy G to the post!
  7. And Seattle will either win it or it's a tie
  8. A tie would feel like a win for Seattle
  9. I don't believe what I just saw...this has turned into GnR coming out for a curtain call,and just playing the entire backside of A4D...this has had it all
  10. DJ twice...
  11. Doubt it
  12. 9-6...