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  1. So easy to hit the ball when there isn't much riding, right Yelich? 1 on 1 out Bot 8th, double play to end the inning, nice job Mr Clutch. Sincerely, Middle aged out of shape guy living in the 80s.
  2. Marlins rally from 5-0 on a night Jose takes the mound at home...they have cut it to 5-4...
  3. There are a few of you that manage to put me in my place with a smile on my face...
  4. I can attest to this
  5. And the Marlins not wasting any time incorporating Dee Gordon back in the line up as he will start lead off tonight.
  6. Just One of the Guys
  7. It's in your top 30 essentially, that's pretty high praise. We're splitting hairs on films you view as 4 stars across the board.
  8. I truly feel like you needed to see this on a big screen to get the full impact of how Murray views the lights of the city as he arrives, the story is one where you either buy it or you don't but the concept of the aging actor pushing whiskey on an ever trendy Asian population seemed like a new take. His life boring until ScarJo pops into his lap while he is left thinking about color patterns back home. Murray is at the very top of his game here, probably his stuff ever, his deadpan approach works and keeps the film guided throughout. It's one of my favorite films all time. This and Groundhog's Day would be my top films for Murray on a pretty distinguished list of films.
  9. Miyazaki one of my all time favs. Was already a fan before this but was blown away by the message and the story. Takes you high and take you low and never leaves you alone, it's one of the very best animated films ever and also easily would be on my top 100 of this decade. There is no way i will like 30 films better than this. El Capitan in Hollywood
  10. Wow, that was and even though I posted after they are essentially same time, I had no way of knowing.
  11. One of my all time favs, right there with Batman Begins. I love the scene/shot where he is holding up the side of the building and the mask is all but off, MJ can see him and chaos is unleashing around him, one of the best villains in Doc Oct as well IMHO.
  12. Over looking pretty strong...
  13. She was cheating with a female?
  14. I have tried to switch from T Mobile for the last decade, been with them over 15 years overall. Every time I end up staying. I get everything unlimited for $50 a month and the coverage is good in my area it seems. If I need a new phone they add about 20-25 a month to the bill if I don't buy it outright. No contract, it's tough to find the upside of the other main 3 competitors but...I'll be reading along.