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  1. The Vipers finally figured out after their defensive TD that is was Vipers Defense 7 and the Vipers offense was like 3 I think thru at least 3 halves of football and they made a change and I don't think 2nd string XFL QBs are going to win a lot of games off the bench. I would have to check the box score but it felt like both teams were throwing interceptions around like free candy, truly some passes I've never seen. I had not seen a professional QB throw a pass from basically his own end zone, not see the DE standing in front of him and lollipop a throw that took almost no effort to intercept and score, think that was the death nail for the starting Vipers QB. I haven't watched much of this, more like just checking in to see the carnage or car wreck. I can't see how this league will have any momentum in a few weeks. 8 teams, seems like maybe 1-2 are worth watching and for cities like Tampa Bay which opened with 2 lackluster games on the road, can't imagine the city/potential fans are itching to embrace them when they play their opener in WEEK 3 next week. Top 10 College Football teams or games are way more exciting than anything in the XFL, honestly it's not as good as even a college game of lesser teams than just the powerhouses but that's just my opinion and millions of other NFL fans.
  2. Does anyone think Damien Williams should have gotten the MVP? 100+ rush 2 TDs in the 4th when they needed it most?
  3. -It's like they picked up Grandpa on the way to Olive Garden -If you allow for a few DeShaun Watson sightings in the AFC along the way then I agree with you all the way. The Mahomes-Watson-Jackson trio should fill the box for the AFC in the SUper Bowl for many more years to come. Mahomes is just the first to gather a Lombardi.
  4. We are one neutral zone infraction from the Chiefs being potential B2B Super Bowl Champions
  5. The NFC is a little more wide open with guys like Brees and Manning giving way and others like Rodgers and Ryan getting up there in age, other than Wilson nothing is really set in stone. The AFC on the other hand seems like the trio of Mahomes-Watson-Jackson is set up for a long run of AFCC and Super Bowl appearances, one down tonight.
  6. The guy has put in his time and I could tell you how somewhere along the way in the early to mid "00s he got lost but seemed to find steady waters being the No 5 Team in the Booth and I'm being generous. On the one hand, sure he's covering the Super Bowl but at the same time he's more like Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall thinking they are going to a party only arriving to find they have to park cars and serve champagne in Coming to America. It's kind of sad
  7. Gonna be KC-Balt for years to come in the AFC. Wish my Phins could right the ship but I look forward to any game involving those two QBs.
  8. Mahomes signs extension for 4 years, $220 Million on Tuesday the market.
  9. Andy Reid: Future Hall of Fame Travis Kelce: Future Hall of Fame Patrick Mahomes: Future Hall of Fame
  10. I would say Mahomes really didn't have a big day but somehow some way he once again leads his team to a comeback. 24-0...51-31 10-0...35-24 20-10...31-20 and a Super Bowl Trophy Incredible
  11. Best I've ever seen and I had Marino and Favre pretty much same or in the best gunslingers ever but Mahomes tonight really starts a career going far beyond.
  12. Jimmy G overthrows the critical play late in the game and then takes a sack on 4th Down -Never dismiss the booth to throw some shade by showing the 40 second clock expiring for no reason just to add a little salt n pepper And Williams the former Miami Dolphin tap dances into the end zone for a TD