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  1. Going to see Conley today and hope the Marlins can win the rubber game. 12:00 game, love day games but the stadium will be empty. Ichiro needs 3 hits, anything could happen.
  2. Why we only come around once a year...
  3. Wife and I do not loan money to the family, much to their dissatisfaction. None of them own property, can keep a job, ever have 2 nickels to rub together...and then they like to lecture us once a year when we come around to visit for an hour or two.
  4. I think he went into teaching
  5. He looks old/aging. Don't get me wrong, we all hope to be like him at 70 but he looked like he is starting to get a little frail.
  6. Is Summer's Eve going to be the sponsor tonight for the fresh start?
  7. She laughs at my dumb jokes.
  8. Churches, public transportation, celebration events where crowds are spread and law enforcement thus is thin, pregnant woman, women and children...I don't know how you can stop this. Eventually the unthinkable but people won't leave their house and that impacts the economy.
  9. Speaking of which, huge sale over at Nordstrom's...Survivor cargo's are like half off, pretty good deal.
  10. You can choose to call a spade a spade or you can float along being a victim. I just prefer to make Gravy.
  11. She had a telemarketing room in Hollywood, swear to God it was the first place I walked into for a job when I landed in Los Angeles in 2000. The script was hilarious and the entire thing was set up to keep folks on the phones...needless to say I passed on the opp but it was the first place I came across in SoCal, directly in the heart of Hollywood. RIP
  12. Why? She's actually pretty smart... -She has me handling most of the laundry out of fear of her ruining my stuff. -She burns most food she tries to cook so I handle most of that as well. -I vacuum, I run most errands so she doesn't have to deal with the idiots, she's got me trained pretty good.
  13. I keep it to one ####### a day so I think I'm good here.
  14. And I said "Keep the change, you win" as I was walking towards the door...that might have gotten their attention.