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  1. I'm just gonna go ahead and explain my behavior tonight because you deserve the truth. The rest of the peeps don't but you do. I go to the doctor and it's the Gastro whatever specialist and he tells me I'm partly responsible for giving myself IBS thru my anxiety...I said What? He says it's just dripping off me. He said, did you look around the wait room? I said yeah, youngest by 20 years. He says yeah and you better get your stress levels down. Blood pressure 120/80, not sure what he is talking about but now I have anxiety and stress about anxiety and stress I don't think I really have. Of course the doctor has a magic pill for me at the end, I scoffed.
  2. Maybe they are aware Trump plans evil changes for Mexico and just want to try and get on his good side. The Iranians released hostages because they knew Reagan wasn't going to play games.
  3. TY, nice post. I know when I put down the ego I tend to find an awful lot of agreement in much you write. I don't see it lose lose but I also don't want to take away from your POV. I'm hopeful Trump can lead people to find ways to feed themselves better and find a program that encourages folks to get to work. Let me share a story SiD, friend of mine has a 25 year old son, she confronted him because he isn't really working...his response "work is overrated" and he was serious. I was speechless. We have a generation developing of people who don't want to work. Young folks 18-25 have gotten to slide around under Obama and now I think these same folks are going to be nightmares 25-35 or at least the next few years, I'm much more frightened of large swaths of people who just shrug and say, Meh! How can you operate a business with folks like that? They don't value an honest days work.
  4. Interesting that Mexico sent Trump a present in the form of Chapo the night before...most will attach that extradition to Trump but technically it's on Obama's watch. Reagan/Iran Hostage type acknowledgement? I know they're much different...Iran is half way around the World where as we share a border with Mexico so you bet'cha they are different.
  5. So let's drop the ignore because up until very lately I have always been a BD fan. That doesn't need to be a 2-way street but I would like an opp to exchange posts. I tried a PM. If this is because of someone I made a stink about and put on ignore...I'll drop every single person from my ignore list if you will take me off yours, how could you possibly refuse? That's an awful lot of aliases that get out of Alcatraz. The fans want it Bruce, we need more cowbell in MoPLand.
  6. I don't think you need to lean left to enjoy PBS NPR Frontline or others. I think they do a great job at times showing or relaying information I didn't know about. You actually learn things on a good chunk of stuff on PBS and it doesn't need to be political at all.
  7. Watched it too and came away with similar feelings on that segment. I forgot what a POS Couric was, I really felt like Palin couldn't believe she was being asked the question behind the curtains. Plain hung herself in the end, I remember her voice when Obama took office and it drove a lot of folks nuts. She actually pushed me away from the GOP and I warmed up to Obama for a while. I liked that he wasn't sending our boys to their potential deaths over in the Middle East where we really don't belong. 2nd term Obama I got really sick of both parties.
  8. SiD, sincerely I think you try hard to do right. You are in a rough spot right now if I read your posts right, GOP but anti-Trump? I cannot imagine the feeling but I will say give it some time and it's possible Trump loses support. How long Trump can survive without the support of his own Party, hard to gauge how long he can hold on. The damage though that might be done to the Office of the President in doing all of that, Im not looking forward to anyone that has to come in after. Clinton soiled the White House, people openly hated GWB and were pretty critical especially the second term. Obama has been treated a little better by the media BUT GOP blocked him every step of the way. I feel for you.
  9. Im so glad you stopped in to say Hi. Finally someone reasonable. -How often does MoP launch a full frontal attack? Honestly? Almost never, but I have read enough of this BS and It's obvious Bruce is taking aim at posters who have timeouts in the last year or political season let's say. -I admit some Trumpers went too far and I can only tell you that I warned em all what was likely coming...they learned their lesson. I question why people are continuing to attack posters instead of ideas or POV. There are certainly threads where the House Rules need to be bent...when I decide to rail on something, I expect to get some of it shoved back in my face. I don't expect when people are trying to express their ideas or thoughts that they automatically have their intelligence called into question. It's as if people cannot debate the topics so they go after the posters. It's gotten a lot worse of late. I'm not sitting on my hands any more, I'm going to do what I gotta do to try and restore order around here. Starting with my Friday assault on the medical community after my IBS visit today. Wait wait...what did Rachel Maddox just break from the NYT? GD he is tied to the Russians!
  10. Just put down after put down, never ends with Bruce Dickinson, with a heavy emphasis on the 1st syllable of the last name here. I told you even if you ignore me I will start to become a problem for you. Up until Now Bruce we have played along but it's coming to an end, I've been patient but see you can get maybe 2-3 people to join you where I am about to issue a TrumpWide ignore mandate and then we will start flushing out all your aliases too. We can play the same game but I can knock the entire chess board out in one move if you choose. You cannot continue to post like this. It's absurd the amount of abuse people are expected to put up with from you and a select few. Now, are you gonna sign the contract and get in the ring or will you continue to hide behind your female managers? I'll withhold the names. You want to be the man then you gotta beat the man and the only thing you are doing little man is being a royal PIA to everyone. Most folks come here for laughs and entertainment but some of you have lost your ways and roles here, it's quite sad to watch this place finally melt all in the name of a bunch of imbeciles on both sides in D.C. that don't give a frack about any of us. What's it gonna take to talk sense to what use to be sensible people? The sun will come out tomorrow and the next day and the next day, after that I'm not sure but at least thru the weekend I see 80% chance of sunshine. How about just some Trump policy bashing? Could we just stick with crucifying the antichrist and leave the poor hard working middle class voters of this country alone? Have you no decency or respect for the Office of the President? Now hand over your birth certificate so we can see what country you're really from.
  11. Totally not necessary SiD, I made a mistake and crossed letters and abreviations and just let me die a slow death tonight, thanks.
  12. Hey Modogg, that's sad but you yourself said it wasn't really Trump. It sounds like a possible overreaction by the folks in charge. If being out in front is sending 30 kids home, really question the true motives of the folks who run the program. appreciate you sharing
  13. Let's just stick with the facts. North Korea has Concentration Camps and Nukes
  14. It's meant to do exactly what it did, get his and others attention and try to help folks realize, the folks I genuinely enjoy reading, that they seem to be drifting into the No Class section of the airplane. Seems like you and I had a very similar brush up but worked it out, yes/no? Relax and enjoy the show Sho
  15. TY, rather than just say wrong wrong wrong, let's go thru them. 1. No defense here, you are correct he is thin skinned but he barks and occasionally bites hard, doesn't justify much but I think folks are taken aback that he defends himself and gets out ahead and refutes a lot of stuff. I understand why you posted this, you're right or I agree here but I also like that he doesn't sit quietly, he responds quickly. I think that's a positive in some situations. I don't want him acting quickly on NKorean Nuclear Warheads necessarily but for the McGoofs who talk out of their ### on the media and social media, give 'me hell Donald, give 'me bloody hell! 2. His initial economy moves have been positive but I understand your concerns. You and I will disagree here, I am not for taxing the rich 5 or 10% more than they are now. I believe we take in enough money and need to make drastic cuts to the budget, I'm fine with cutting down the military a lot but that doesn't agree with Trump who wants to expand or at least he mentions it. 3. He definitely has used the Trump brand to profit. I could list a lot of big companies he runs and has hired a lot of wimmens to big positions in his RE ventures but I acknowledge his Trump Univ is probably a scam but I also am shocked people fell for it or thought it was going to ensure success...that said 63 million voted for him. 4. I'm with you here, he seems to be wobbling a bit. I want to give him 100 days before I make assumptions. 5. NATO has turned their backs on people...North Korea operates concentration camps, NATO acknowledges this but does nothing. They are a total sham. That situation has little to do with your real issue of you don't trust Russia. A lot of folks don't. I think if Russia and the United States can find some common ground, much better for the World. We teamed up to beat the Germans, when properly motivated the countries get along fine. I'm aware of a very rich tradition of evil in Russia going back to Stalin. It's 2017 though and he is long gone.