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  1. He was expected to have value due to his hybrid role. Is there a note-worth pickup now that he has been lost? Is there another player that can step into that same role?
  2. Thanks for the info Jene. It would be much easier for me to sit him if I didn't have to rely a questionable Morgan Burnett in a late afternoon start.
  3. Jene's new IDP Gameday Notes feature states" I think Kenny Vaccaro has replaced Roman Harper in the base package." I have been bracing for the possibility that this could happen--but not until later in the year. I didn't start Ihenacho and am now stuck deciding between Harper and Morgan Burnett (Questionable with a 4:00 start). If Harper is truly not playing base, it may be worth the gamble on Burnett. Can anyone confirm whether Harper is out of the base package for the Saints?