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  1. For now just tell her because her dad represented and won the OJ Case. Later when he's old enough you can tell him she became even bigger after a video of her showing off her bed skills leaked.
  2. Uh I just turned 30. I've worked with my company since I was 16.
  3. LOL yeah and I love how she's a ##### to certain people too and then nice too me. She even gets made at my one boss for for acting like a smartass with me which is cool. I just wish we could keep him get my Buddy as the SD and I got a perfect management duo.
  4. Reports circulating Leonard is now "warming up" to staying in Toronto
  5. Honestly if I'm Donovan I move Westbrook to SG and have Schroeder at PG. Westbrook is more a 2 then a 1. I've always thought Derrick Rose was the same way at least style wise to an extentent.
  6. I'm pretty high on TLC so I hope he proves people wrong. Kind of thought with more playing time he can be a productive 3 and D guy off the bench. Maybe eventually turns himself into a decent starter role player for someone
  7. He's really not wrong it's what gets you paid in the NBA. The only time these so called experts even talk about defense is when it's about certain players. If the player is a great scorer they don't give a dam how bad your Defense is AKA James Harden
  8. I'm in if we get enough people. I started doing Fantasy Basketball the last few yrs and like it Helps past the time when Football and baseball aren't in session.
  9. Smart and I'm not even a Boston fan. Way better defense, younger and he's a competitor. Bradley is a nice player to have but theres so many things I view more important that Smart does that Bradley doesn't do. Plus I love the fact he can play PG/SG if necessary
  10. So many puns in here. I don't know if that was intentional or not though
  11. Is Baynes the new White Mamba or did I unintentionally just offend Brian Scalabrine?
  12. The 3s they took that game weren't very good 3s attempted. Meaning they had a better shot else where but decided to go for the 3 instead.
  13. Basically. I think Hogan should be in the WWE HoF still but there is no need for him to be still working for WWE in any capacity. From people I talked to in the business they all say he's a piece of SH** person and if you are friends with him he's not afraid to stab you in the back and throw you under the bus to protect himself. Mark Henry did an interview a few months ago (BTW met him at Royal Rumble week in PHI and one of the nicest guys ever. Even though he's a Cowboys fan he said he was gonna root for the Eagles in SB) and he basically said Hogan would have to have a very sincere apology to even get most of the black wrestlers back on his side. The locker room with Black Wrestlers according to Henry was a 50/50 split on Hogan. Some feel he should be in the HOF again but WWE has no need for him as some on air personality or employee. Others feel like he shouldn't be in the HOF period nor around WWE at all. Basically from reports including one from Ellesworth was that he was sorry he was caught, be careful what you say around people as you don't know if you are being recorded and some basic BS.
  15. Union beat Orlando to reach the Semi Finals of the US Lamar US Open Cup. Will play Chicago Fire. Bedoya with the lone goal. Mark Mckenzie our young CB made Orlando Striker Dom Dwyer look frustrated all night. Dwyer looked like he was going up against Thiago Silva in his prime. Heck of a showing by the Young McKenzie. Austin Trusty played too but McKenzie was on Dwyer like rye on bread all match.