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  1. They also signed Corey Coleman if he can get his act together. However Edelman hasn't been able to stay healthy. Plus they are taking a risk with Coleman and Gordon. However if it works out yes they are loaded
  2. I'd love to get Hill but it might be hard at the owner there is hard to get a bargain with and could take some time. The Diggs owner just traded for him this offseason so it might be hard to pry him lose. I did just play the guy who had Walker but he does have Cooper and Golladay
  3. Yes if the owner is holding the league back and not making it fun for anyone. My league keeper is free but with the drama from at least one particular owner I feel like we play in $500 by in league. I was sketchy about the guy to begin with considering he said he hadn't played FFP in years do to a trade that involved AP that didn't go his way. Turns out I think he wasn't being honest with us if he pulled the same stunt he does in our league. He's a predatory trader and he's always going after the commissioner in intimidation ways just to get his way. Now another owner is involved with a trade not going his way do to the unfairness of the trade to the predatory owner despite this other owner needing those players. He threaten to quite but then came back and was a complete jackass during the live draft throwing insults and accusations at everyone all because a bunch of us called him out on his copout threat of quitting My commissioner said if the dude quite we'd go from 12-10 teams and the predatory owner was being kicked out. one of the big reasons as well was because he was the still the less senior member of the league and two it was a good enough excuse if we went down to 11 guys we could tell him he was no longer invited to play.
  4. probably best place for him but NE seems like they are in desperation mode. Outside of Chris Hogan who is a #3 at best at WR and Gronk they have very little receiving options outside of their RBs. Plus we all know how business like NE is so if Gordon can't hack it there he's done
  5. Maybe we should wait till Winston comes back. I said in the GD Thread I think TB is a much better team with Fitz at QB then Winston because of how inconsistent Winston is and plus he's never out of the lime light with his legal issues.
  6. Wasn't rumors had it he turned down a trade offer this year because he wanted to stay here? Nick also mentions in his book one of the deciding factors coming back to Philly wasn't just Pederson and knowing the organization but his daughter Lilly was gonna be born soon and his wife and him wanted a good environment for her to grow up in. Based on that I could see Nick resigning here for less to keep his family from moving again. They seem to love it here and no matter what he does on the field he's immortalized here forever and that's something you can't take away.
  7. I agree also Jenkins is very aggressive Safty and bites on the fakes all the time. He was out of position on the first play and it looked like Mills thought he had Safety help behind him on that play. Jenkins bit big time on the PA on that first play.
  8. I was more so trying to get ready for work during the game and watching it. I didn't get home till late last night. Saw the final two mins at work. Any updates of JP, Corey, Nelson and others who got injured yesterday? I'm more angry then anything over yesterday. Besides the big plays we outplayed them. Fitzpatrick (Man it feels good to type that without being censored like my old forum) throwing for 4TDs and over 300yds is unacceptable. I love the guy and he's definately one of those athletes people should be inspired by but there is no excuse the #1 defense from last year should give up that many YDS to him. I saw Hicks and Mills take blame for the big plays which is what I love about these guys. No finger pointing just accept responsibility. We should've won that game. That missed FG by Jake before the Half I think did us in as well in the second half. Because instead of needing a TD at the end we could've been playing for a FG to tie at the very least.
  9. Deer God no. I said this to a buddy of mine but if it was just weed I'd be all for it but now this guy has an issue with not being truthful about how he got hurt, late for injury treatment and I think I read one of the other reasons he was in rehab was for a drinking issue and not just weed. He's had numerous chances in Cleveland. I know we all love to pile on them just like we love to Jurrah but you can't fault the Browns for saying enough is enough. He's lucky because I'd have gotten rid of him 2 yrs ago. I'd rather take Dez because I think Dez issues are quite similar character wise as Jeffrey. I also think Wentz is a better style QB for Dez as well who'd go up and get it and Carson will find him. I think Dez could put up career highs if given the chance here on a similar deal as ALshon first got in FA an offseason Prior. Plus Dez wants to play in the Division and show Dal how wrong they were on him. As for Gordon I think there's just too many enablers for him in football. My advice to him would be either retire from Football or let Cleveland cut you and take the rest of this year off. Focus on you mentally and physically until you can get yourself straight. Come back for FA19 and show everyone you've change. If you have to be willing to take the 1yr prove it deal and if you perform well and your team likes you maybe they'll extend you or another team will sign you to a long term deal after. Josh needs to focus on himself mentally and physically right now and nothing more.
  10. He's playing Foles hasn't looked his way at all. He might be fantasy irrelevant until Ertz misses a game or limited.
  11. I'm taking every terrible thing I ever said about Agholar back.
  12. He was with us I think. When they put Hollins on IR they resigned him
  13. Welcome to the NFL Joshua Perkins!!!!!! Heck of a way to introduce yourself
  14. Isn't there kick catch interference in the NFL? You'd think with injuries that rule should be there. Either way NA should've Fair Caught that.