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  1. there goes Paul and Shawn Burying the talent again
  2. Rob Van Dam!!! Whole ####### Show!!! And now The Sarge is here. Oh Hurricane is coming!!!! You Suck Kurt Angle!!!!! And Sammy Zayne gets buried again
  3. Candace and Melina!!!! Now Candace is the 24/7 Title holder
  4. Vince personally asked Cena to start to show as he thought he would be the best to start the show and hype the crowd Bray Wyatt is also backstage. WWE is selling a "I was There" RawReUnion T-Shirts they are apparently selling like hotcakes More Steve Carrier on Meltzer wrong
  5. She was on the ECW WWE version the most forgettable WWE at the time. She was in a strip faction with Layla and Brooke Adams. Then She was the storyline BF of Mike Knox who was jealous of her dancing. Brooke her and Layla ended up with The Miz known then as The Chick Magnet as he bought their contracts based off of his Real World Character. She was also hot for CM Punk back then storyline wise oppressed with him. After going to SD and then RAW she left WWE to pursue some modeling and other stuff. She ended up Marrying at that time Ottawa Senators Defenseman Mike Fischer. They've been divorced since 2017.SHe was also dating Andrew Martin AKA Test for awhile and had split with him a year or so before Martin died of his OD.
  6. WWE just posted it for me I'm all hot and bothered now
  7. We won't get any blood unfortunately but honestly if done right this could've been a good feud. A lot of history you can bring into this.
  8. Upper tier is empty
  9. Holy #### I just finished Moxley vs Ishi and Moxleys comments in the back "My wife is gonna be so Pissed. She hates chairs and tables. Not my fault, Ishi started the whole thing." LMFAO!!!!!