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  1. Possible playoff opponent related? I'm trying to be optimistic here come on.....
  2. nice get for SEA for this price Per Schefty Compensation update: Seahawks are sending OL B.J. Finney and a 7th-round pick to the Bengals in exchange for DE Carlos Dunlap, per source.
  3. Notable #Cowboys signings from the offseason: Everson Griffen: Traded away Dontari Poe: Cut HaHa Clinton Dix: Cut Gerald McCoy: Cut after injury Daryl Worley: Cut Andy Dalton: Injured Aldon Smith: 4 sacks Greg Zuerlein: 2 missed FGs, 2 missed XPs
  4. Union win one of the ugliest games in MLS this season. 37 combined fouls 7 yellows and 1 RC. with Tor loss PHI sits on top of the Supporter shield title
  5. Jakob Glesnes almost with another howitzer from the dead ball spot. Fire player lucky he got his head out of the way too as he would've been decapitated
  6. Andre Spiderman Blake is coming off as Joe Bendik former Tor keeper in. Blake seemed to injure his right hand on the goal post. Not sure if he severely jammed it or what. But he stayed in for at least 10 mins And stoppage time is 8 mins with all of CHIs time wasting and antic
  7. Corey Burke welcome back!!!! DOOPS the Ole Onion Bag 2-1 Union on a good header 65'
  8. Unin/Fire are at 1 all but Chi is down to 10 men after an intentional kick to Bedoya. Fire have been throwing a temper-tantrum since the just PK for a Handball in the box. Since then the Fire have been playing out of control. The RC happened after this. Numerous questionable challenges from CHI in terms of intentionally injure or dirty play here. Won't be surprised if we see at least 1 more Fire sent off in this match
  9. Met Tracey more than a few times over the yrs. Jim Fullerton (AKA Sandman) would tell me Tracey would be one of the biggest ballbusters in the ECW Locker room. Taz said as much in his tweet today. Real nice guy. What ECW got away with for The F.B.I and somewhat WWE did when they had them with PC SJW culture they wouldn't have survived. I'm Italian and I thought the gimmick was great. Little Guido was a funny entertaining under appreciated talent too who was trained by UK's Billy Robinson. Tracy was just great with whatever he was given.
  10. Highly doubt she goes to WWE. At this point everyone knows you go to WWE and they just want you so no one else can have you and use you. They won't use her correctly and after 6 months she'll be an after thought too Vince. WWE contracts are now for the most part 5 yrs pacts and if you want to opt out early their no compete clauses are now 1 1/2 yrs of no compete on any promotion that airs in the US, Rosa would be screwed. At her age (34) she's better off going to AEW.
  11. Sounds like a broken record. Honestly at this point if I'm PSG I sell him. Dude can't seem to stay healthy very long. We might be looking at the next Alexander Pato. Tons of talent but always hurt.
  12. The other day he was quoted as saying I'm still learning at 39 but imagine Zlatan now with that knowledge at 20 I'd be unstoppable
  13. Patriots have discussed trading Stephon Gilmore. Eagles won't have to worry about one Dal pass rusher this Sunday Night @RapSheet Trade! #Cowboys DE Everson Griffen is being traded to the #Lions in exchange for draft pick compensation, sources say. Detroit, winners of two in a row, is added a big-time veteran pass-rusher.
  14. I know we got some guys coming back and let the young guys play but should we have been involved for Dez Bryant? I know he's had issues over the years but it looks like he's matured and would give us a veteran with experience on a cheap deal teach these young WRs a thing or two.