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  1. So WWE instead of dealing with an issue head on they take another short cut and ban buckle Bombs the move that Nia Injured Kari Sane with. The whole roster gets punished because one of their performers is inept in the ring. Thats like someone using a DDT and always injuring people. It's not the move thats injuring the talent but the person who doesn't know how to perform it correctly so you tell the whole roster DDT's are banned now. NIA has zero business being in a WWE ring on the main roster let alone NXT. She needs way more training at the PC and even then I don't think it'd be enough. The only reason she hasn't been let go yet is she's related to Dwayne. Nia is incredible reckless and unsafe in the ring taking too many high risks. I don't claim to be a pro wrestler but I do understand having to trust the people you work with as one wrong move can put you in a wheel chair or worse 6 feet under. Theres already numerous injuries on the women's roster thanks to Nia's botches. Theres a twitter thread going that lists all her botches. Some of them are hard to watch and amazed the talent wasn't injured much worse. You'd think after Becky Lynch incident with Nia WWE would've learned but they didn't. Another issue (This isn't cyber bullying as much as constructive criticism and something I've heard from Pro wrestling Trainers) is NIA is way to big and her lower body can't support her. It's why she already had double knee surgery and if she doesn't lose more weight it's gonna to become a major issue. She also doesn't understand her real strength compared to the other women considering she's a lot bigger then any of the women in WWE. She was brought up still very green. They need to send her down to the PC. Have her first start with physical training to get her down to a reasonable wrestling size her body can handle then go from there. By taking short cuts this is not only unfair to the other women on the roster but Nia and WWE is playing a dangerous game. What happens if Nia ends up putting one of these girls in a wheel chair or we end up having another Owen Hart situation? This is unfair to NIA as from what I know she hasn't said to WWE officials she wouldn't go down to the PC again. This puts a lot of unwanted criticism on NIA. What happens if a worse situation happens? Thats on WWE what do they do then? I don't know for sure if the other women have complained and WWE won't do anything because of who she is. We know they've let people go in the past for being unsafe Cough Mr Kennedy Cough Randy Orton complaining. WWE is playing a dangerous game like I said and just putting a band aid on a bigger issue just doesn't solve the problem.
  2. Update on JD vs IWC feud: JD apologized to start his RAW Review on Monday night. Basically it was the typical I know a lot of you are watching do to circumstances in the last 24 or so hours. I shouldn't have made the comments, I'm sorry Blah blah blah. It was your typical I'm only sorry I got caught type response. However: Hearing from a source in the Indies that JD's apology was not his own he made on his podcast Monday night. Written scripted apology from House of Glory they sent him VIA EMAIL DURING THE DAY. They had sponsors threatening Amazing Red (HOG's owner) to pull out of their HOG advertising deals if something wasn't done. One of their bigger sponsors (Was not told who nor does the source know) threatened to terminate all future HOG agreements and never working with Red again. JD Was very close to being fired but Red Pulled some strings and got him to read a PR Cover our asses apology which got a lot of the fire put out that satisfied all concerned parties. I'm told HOG has JD on a very short leash for the time being till everything cools off. If JD acts up again he could be gone for good. Red isn't too pleased as he has a lot of respect in the industry and the company has been getting some good PR and exposure outside of the NY area thanks to teams like Pride and Powerful in AEW and other former HOG performers such as Brian Cage, Kamaitachi, etc. This sets the company back a bit. People calling for JD's firing from HOG isn't unusual as many have tweeted them over the yrs about issues they've had online. However given how public this was and all it was well worth HOG during from PR control here. Red and others in the company love JD's work on Commentary (Personal Opinion he's not bad at commentary give the devil its due there) and he works well with their other guy.
  3. Teens and college guys and nerdy gamers who don't care about the little things or attention to detail like us. They don't care if Man/Zone Def AI coverage is broken, that Franchise mode has no comp picks, RFAor UDFA, the draft is meaningless, many good names go unsigned in the franchise free agency so you can sign many to cheap 1 yr deals every year after FA and the Draft and make a juggernaut, etc. They just like having all the cool names and playing online and beating people. I think I saw a video of some guy who had an amazing UT where he spent almost $5K or more on the cards and everything for the team he built. A lot of these guys are also youtube creators and other streamers who make tons of money streaming themselves playing and don't have to work a day in their life a real job. Grinding out and having the satisfaction of a great team are gone. Unless you got the funds for UT and enjoy getting your ### handed to you 77-0 each game UT and other things similar are worthless.
  4. This is good then. Hopefully we get him on the cheap. I've always liked Freeman and I think a role with less touches will do him good.
  5. I'd rather keep Clement if it was between him and Shady. Fact Andy made him a healthy scratch during the SB is writing on the wall. Plus given the stuff I've heard about Shady it'd be a step back from the culture we are trying to get back with the team on.
  6. Don't normally do this but I might pre order PS5 for the initial launch. Never have done this and considering my tax return and Money from the stimulus I have more then enough plus what I've saved in lose change for this. I was saving up for 3 concerts for this summer that obviously aren't happening now though so I might as well put it to something I'll use all the time.
  7. Thats what my one buddy did for yrs but the issue with that is because he never played any of the actual on the field games in these sports games whenever we'd play against him (When people still went to one another's houses with a controller and played right there next to each other) he'd get his ### handed to him. He's a really sore loser and winner so he'd either rage quit or we'd get in a huge fight. He'd want to play seasons where we all say take 8 teams each between the 3 of us the rest Computer. We'd never finish a season because he was so bad. It got to the point where my one buddy and I at one point intentionally let him win some games just so we could keep playing. We'd spend hours simulating a fantasy draft to start the mode then we'd put this production into drafting teams. I couldn't tell you how much time we wasted just because he was such a sore loser
  8. Most sports games are this way. NBA2k series is essentially legal gambling for teens and younger kids now. Only sports game that seems to give a #### about it's other modes anymore in MLB The Show but I would say over the last few yrs NHL series has done a good overhaul on its Franchise mode. The worst things that could happen to these sports games is allowing people to spend money to make their own real life Fantasy teams and play them online. Given all the money players pump into those modes that's where the focus is anymore. Same with online multiplayer for RPG games and games like COD. Gone are the days are great campaign/storymodes as most devs just focus on where the money is pumped in the most. However the hardcore players who loved the Single player or CO-op story's got left in the dust. AKA myself and others. I'm not huge on multiplayer or UTs etc. One I have an addictive personality and the type who would spend my entire savings to put a team together so I stay away from it. I also have zero time to do the grind. A lot of my friends have XBOX's but most of the games I like are on Playstation exclusives. I'm not big on playing with others nor do I have time to do what I want to do in the game and then play with a bunch of friends. I like keeping to myself for the most part.
  9. So lets talk about having responsibilities to keep your employees safe during these times. My Store Director was out for almost 3 weeks for an apparent ear infection. He started not feeling well Fri after the initial rush and by the time I left Tuesday he was really bad. He cameback about a week and a half later for inventory and left and comeback. I got official confirmation from others at work and the Meat/Seafood/Bakery/Deli Union rep that our SD had the Virus but the company nor anyone else informed us as my SD didn't want us knowing. At least half the store should've been quarantined. My Front End Manager who's fiancee works my section also tested positive but it took like 3 weeks because of his own quack dr. Again most of us should've been quarantined but weren't. My Co worker/His fiancee was still coming in despite him sick (Again before CDC guidelines regulated not coming in for a sick family member. Is there anything legally my co workers and I could do about this? Should we have been informed of our SD's sickness? Some have argued its against HIPPA laws but from speaking to family and friends in the medical field they are telling me its not as it becomes a matter of safety for everyone at that point Besides one security guy the company provided no one is really there to professionally handle telling customers practice social distancing or wear masks. Half the time customers are on top of us. IN PA Us Essential workers were given ONLY $2 while the state is closed. Compared to the nurses and DR who got way more. I'm not saying our job is more important but when you consider we are also at a serious health threat for our jobs $2 is slap in the face and disrespectful. We should have a limit of customers from 130 down to 100 IMHO. The Customers themselves have been getting worse impatient, ignorant and rude. Its just a total mess these days. I was literally running out of work today thanking I was leaving at a decent time.
  10. Next Friday PA is going Yellow. Yesterday GOV of NJ said all sports teams can practice as long as they follow CDC guidelines so 76ers and Flyers can start again individual training. PA going Yellow should allow both the Steelers/Pirates and Eagles/Phillies to train again.
  11. I didn't see the match but she apparently botched and hurt Sane again
  12. I'd rather have Nickelback play on repeat for a whole day then um get into that situation