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  1. John Clark saying Jernigan and Sidney jones expected to play Sunday. Didn't mention any limits for TJ but maybe they didn't come out publicly with anything yet till tomorrow. Said Jones will start on the outside. This is Jones chance to show how good he really is. I'm pulling for the guy but I'm not expecting a whole lot either.
  2. Hey that's what I was told by people in the know You can choose to believe it or not but this whole CK is being blacked balled by the league is just as ridiculous, erroneous and ignorant as people who said Tebow was being blacked balled from the league.
  3. DJackson10

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    My Girlfriend lives 5 mins away from where we work and it took her 35 to get to work around noon today. My Seafood manager came in early to do an order and left at noon to pick up his kids. Total ETA for him to go pick up three kids from 2 different schools take them home and come back to work normally would take 30 mins. He got his girls in 20 mins from leaving. Getting his son a bit longer. Then he got stuck behind two school buses and a uniform delivery truck. He had work at 1:30. He got back to work at 3:45. So yeah never assume you'll get home in time. My one wine sale rep did get from one part of my area to my store in 20 mins and I was like well for that area to get to here in 20 isn't that bad.
  4. DJackson10

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    I've felt this way about the league forever but I've gone on social media and talked to people in my area big EPL fans (hard to find anyone thats not a fan and the non fans who are fans of other leagues are usually More Italian, Spanish, Chinese people) with the Irish community and big English immigrant community they act like you talked bad about your mother if you say one negative thing about EPL. If you talk to people in my area you'd think the EPL is the best league ever no league ever comes close. The Italian league is very good in adapting in game tactics if you watch it. It seems like watching EPL Matches there seems to be no major in match adaptions.
  5. we're just simple telling him his argument is terrible using them. No disrespect to the Packers honestly but their defense the year he's boasting them up on was one of the worst that year
  6. How much Locker room cancer do you want the Sixers to have? Melo is done. I think he needs to retire and join the big 3 league. Melo could've been a huge superstar but he chose not to be.
  7. Yeah no thanks that thread is filled with too many SJWs CK should be QB in the NFL for some of the dumbest reasons. The stuff I was told alone how he handled himself with the Players coalition is enough alone to show the dude was in business for himself and didn't care about the game.
  8. It sounds like every argument ever used for Big Arm QB who runs and then when they get exposed for how bad they are trying to throw accurately it's always the team around them and the coach. I use to hear this argument for Vick all the time. Don't get me wrong Vick is a much better QB then CK but both were running QBs. Guys like Kaepernick are a 3-4 stop gap nothing more for a team ready to win a SB now with what you listed just missing something at the QB position. I also think Alex Smith got a terrible rap in SF and didn't appreciate the guy enough. They ran him out of town for a 2 year wonder at QB.
  9. Green Bay had a terrible defense. You might have a point if the guy played SEA's D then but we all know what happened when they got there.
  10. He was a pretty terrible teammate. He slept with Aldon SMith's GF his current Nessah which led to the fight and ALdon Smith was cut for fighting with CK not for the off the field issues. Vernon Davis asked to be treated because of special treatment the org was giving him. I work a football camp with a Local guy from Philly who's had coaches and players help out and even has had Jay Glazer. Glazer who was the first to report on CK being on an island in the locker room. He apparently big dogged a ton of Veterans. Kapernick lost a lot of speed and skillset what made him good fast too. And then the talent around him declined or left and he was exposed. The dude overall as a teammate was what I heard from some people worse then anything TO was. The dude can't read a defense and had a terrible work ethic. He also refused to go to Den because he wanted his money upfront but in order to go to Den he had to restructure his contract a contract I was told Talking to Glazer at this camp he could received all his money back in very obtainable bonuses but Kaepernick refused. Mary Kate Cabot had a report of Cleveland wanting him but he refused to go because he was afraid of them sucking too much and bringing in a Rookie QB (AKA Competition). He also refused to not to defend his GF on the racially charged tweets to the Baltimore Ravens. CK started kneeling and protesting after the reports came out SF would cut him if he didn't look like he was improving. His GF put him up to it. She's a gold dinger and she's an athlete rat. Sleeps around with Athletes using them for their fame and money. Kaepernick his last year led all NFL skilled played in Tunrovers, sacks accumulated and net yards lost. He also had the worst Statitistal QB game in NFL history against the worst Defense that year he had more sack yards then passing. He has zero idea how to addible. I respect the players protesting btw. Colin also lied about the players coalition. I know Malcolm Jenkins Position Coach assistant to him. I grew up with the guy despite going to different schools and work with his mom at my job. His first job was with Andy Reid in KC. Jenkins tried calling CK as well as everyone else to get CK and Eric Reid to the meetings but neither one returned texts, phone calls, emails etc. When the coalition first came about and they voted Jenkins as President CK threw a hissy fit about not being it and thought he should as he started the whole thing. The players wanted someone on an active roster who fans, media and owners really respected so they voted for Jenkins. After the media coverage went to the Player coalition and less on CK and ER they took their balls and went home because the attention wasn't on them. The dude is a complete liar and people have questioned if he really ever cared about football. At the position he plays you need to really care about playing or you won't command respect of your teammates or coaches. With Eric Reid's latest antics it's pretty clear CK and ER were all about getting attention. I'm Glad Malcom and company made it something more and better instead of trying to use something in social justice and race so he can't be held accountable for his actions. The dudes a cancer to the locker room and sucks as a QB and teammate. I feel those who think he should be in the league still want him as some Marty SJW Demi god. CK was never anything special. He was a guy who was successful with talent around him and using a gimmick offense from college. He couldn't adapt after teams adapted to it.
  11. Cam Newtons defense won him the MVP plus get back to me when Cam finally dives for a football in the SB. That Year Kaepernick was benched and Cam won the MVP their numbers through the same games were almost similar. Throw Ck on the Carolina team and Cam on SF and people are questioning Cam being benched. Cam just went off and had a Madden like 2nd half similar to what Vick first half of I believe the 2012 season for the Eagles was before he fell back down to earth. Look all I'm saying is things can be deceiving. in the NFL it's always the QB for the record wise. Cam had a tremendous team around him that year that helped get him out of his slow start. Kaepernick that year had no talent to pick him up defensively. And I'm not a CK fan at all and think he should be out of the league. Just saying I don't think people realize how similar their stats are because people were so jaded by their record. I don't want to junk up an NBA thread though with this discussion Simple putting this comparison there for you Cam Newton Vs Colin Kapernick stats wise
  12. DJackson10

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    So I asked someone to look into the Naomi/Jimmy thing for me who also heard about Becky and NIA heat. Told me he was vague about asking to not cause an issue. He told me he's now heard that wasn't the case with Becky/Nia and WWE is gonna do everything they can bank on what happened. That maybe the case but they need to retrain her. Source told him that Nia apparently misjudged the distance. I've since heard that was not the case. That she misjudged her fist landing and WWE is going to capitalize on this every way they can.
  13. DJackson10

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    This is amazing Twitter thread with the History of Nia Jaxx worst botches This isn't even all of them
  14. DJackson10

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    Elliot has okayed a Move for Ibra to Milan. Sources say it's now up to Zlatan who will make his decision by Mid Dec. Things looking more likely by the day the Zlatan Experience in MLS was a one year adventure.
  15. I always had my issues with Ben but they were never oh he wouldn't be a good NBA player. I just never bought he's the next LeBron hype. I think he's more of a Rudy Gay good. He's good enough to warrant playing but someone will overpay him based on that drummed up LeBron potential. For me yeah he stuffs the stat sheet nightly but doesn't score enough to my liking and I think the 76ers defense helps hide some weaknesses. This is not saying Ben Simmons sucks as a player by any means. HE SHOULD BE AN NBA PLAYER. I just think theres people who overrate him incredible similar to how I think a lot of people overrate Cam Newton as a QB. Yeah Fultz always had the bigger warning signs. I just never bought into it or saw how they could even say that about him but it does show you the professionals swing and miss too.