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  1. Juventud, Psicosis and Super Crazy are at the 2300 ECW Arena next Aug for a Lucha legends event. All 3 will be on a panel. Gonna try to get tickets closer to the event for this as Psicosis was one of my favorites growing up. Had my dad make a leather mask for me from an old leather tool belt looking like his mask for me when I was little too
  2. MJF going toe to toe with Y2J promo wise is $$$$$ MJF has his own security now
  3. That makes sense but was more so curious why nothing was done Press wise for them. I guess its just another way for them to get more subs
  4. Depends who you talk to. Some will say orange is the new black, Atypical (which I love given I has Aspergers myself), Santa Clarita Diet was canceled, GLOW for those wrestling fans, Moclumentary of Trailer Park Boys, The Crown, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos Mexico, Norsemen, The Last Kingdom etc. Depends what you like They lost their original Marvel Series. Still a lot to choose from but some of these shows if I want them I can just find other means if these are the only things I want to watch now
  5. Oh look Luchasuraus is Back!!!! The Dinosaur is back!!!!
  6. I think Justin Roberts like saying Jon or in his case (Johan) Moxley
  7. I love AEW with JR. Replaying the highlights of Full Gear and I laugh during MJF turning on Codi and JR calling him a Little B@stard!!!!! God when's the last time you heard commentary like that in WWE besides Graves Holy #####
  8. Sucks for him but the dude was bat#### crazy. Heard a crazy rumor he was trying to get himself canned. He was suspended a month prior to all of this from the PC for conduct. I heard he made up most of the T-shirt crap. WWE told him to apologize or he'd be fired and WWE would make his life miserable not be able to find work. He apologizes and then continues to act like a clown. WWE today said enough is enough you are done. Play stupid games win stupid prizes as they say
  9. Also per a source "getting great intel that either the second or the season finale of the broken skull Steve Austin show will be a clear the air show with no other than CM Punk"
  10. He was fired Myles didn't quit ACH has been fired by WWE, papers went out on the mail today. He will have no compensation and a no compete clause for 365 days, just like PAC.
  11. Some great classics I use to watch as well. Very good start. I had the SEGA Tailspin game when I was younger
  12. Take with a grain of salt but according to Football ITALIA per TUTTOSPORT with the unrest in Napoli Carlo Ancelotti's former Captain Paolo Maldini is looking to bring the former Milan Manager back to the San Siro after Napoli is having a rough time. Some outlets are suggesting if Carlo can't turn Napoli around soon he's facing the Sack
  13. After the year just do the 6.99 a month or whatever sub. You can cancel it but then watch stuff till the end of that month sub