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  1. He mentioned something last week about DBS going in. Apparently WWE is trying to Resign Harry again (Lance Archers old Tag partner in Suzuki Gun and former WWE Hart Foundation) and trying to work something out with the family. Then Meltzer today and others tried to steal Brad's report and not credit him with it. Speaking of Sheppard he may have exposed a pedophile who was trolling him that twitter has banned the dudes account multiple times for other violations. Interesting thread on it too.
  2. I'd be weary of SRS reporting it but if it's coming from Satin maybe who works with WWE but I've heard ants to try and keep the names under raps.
  3. I would go with that too. I just think it's incredible naive to take these leagues for their word. It's why I didn't believe a single word of David Stern when Donaghey and the ref scandal happened. I'm not a guy wearing a tinfoil hat who yells conspiracies all day and listens to Alex Jones but theres some pretty damming stuff Donaghey has said and fans and others bigger into this then I am have come away with a ton of different games that fit what that dude has said. Stern and the NBA swept that under the rug real quick. If I was Comisoner wouldn't I want to really cooperate with a government investigation and tell the FBI or say I'm concerned others are in on this please look into this further for our leagues integrity? What he did is no different then Goodell having the NFL Security destroy the Patriots tapes. Wouldn't I want to show the fans hey please have faith in us still?
  4. I wouldn't pay the guy league minimum. From peope I talked to who either associate with the guy or were his teammates College and pros he has an incredible poor football IQ. He succeed mostly on his athletic skills then any Football smarts.
  5. I agree with you there. I'm just saying I'm amazed his supporters still use this as part of their defense he's being blackballed. I don't think his intentions if he was cut was to ever play again. I think it was an act to get a big pay day as he knew his career was up
  6. I maybe thinking of another pitcher who died from a PED issue then. yep looked it up Steve Belcher was the guy who died from a cream PED substance I believe.
  7. I'm going for an under here. Given how strict baseball is with the bean balls these days you bet your ### after the first 3 bean balls to Astros players MLB will step in and put an end to it fast. Every team who plays the Astros this year will get their warning before the series against them starts and first sign of funny business the umps are gonna start sending managers and pitchers for an early shower. I agree something like bean balls should happen but lets not get carried away. I think the players need to pick a few guys on each team and hit one of the Soros best players but not make it so blatantly. We can't be having every team throw at these guys every game. It becomes too obvious and MLB will put a quick end to it. Gotta be smart about it.
  8. Not sure what you mean by my team. I'm not an Astros fan. Cheating is cheating no matter how you slice it. You're a hypocrite if you are gonna defend one form of cheating but not the other. Doesn't matter how bad it was. Auburn played a full year of football with an ineligible player who I believe if they didn't have don't even make the NCAA Title game. How is this any different? People pick and choose what they want to be an angry mob over. Most of the time its for the dumbest things too. The fans complaining the most about the Astros are LA fans which I'm not surprised because after the Phillies kept knocking them out I heard every excuse in the book why we didn't win and LA lost it. Or other teams fans like the Yankees. Yet the Nationals had to deal with the same thing and won? Also I bet you more then half of these players complaining are taking some illegal substance that has gotten by testing. So its pretty rich when I hear some of these players complaining about cheating. These teams knew what was going on but weren't smart like the Cats were? I agree what the Astros did is up there with the worst things a team can do cheating wise. But let's not down play these other leagues/teams/universities. For crying out loud FSU literally Covered up their best player raping two women all because they were in a national title game. NCAA didn't do a dam thing because FSU was making the NCAA money. The QB won a national title when he should've been behind bars. Where's the outrage on that? Instead all people did was slut shame the girls and we got Dannel Kennel on ESPN saying the girls should pay back the money they got from the university. Thats pretty reprehensible and probably IMHO been more of an uproar then what the Astros did. I mean it was't that long ago before that we had PSU covering up one of their coaches diddling kids for over 35 yrs and the hC covering it up with the University and possible people in the state government. Lets go back to MLB for minute where we had the PED scandal. PED's kill people or make people kill or harm others or themselves if they are addicted or mix certain products they shouldn't. Yet people weren't in an uproar and many fans and media defended the entire thing. Yet what the Astros did was worse? I'm sorry but there's a ton of hypocrites out there right now trying to play the moral card and I'm not buying what they are trying to sell.
  9. People love being hyocrites plus they'll defend it with it made the game more exciting. Which is outrageous. Didn't Pitcher Daryle Kyle die from using some sort of banned steroid? It's why I think it's laughable when these writers don't put Bonds/Clemens etc in the HoF because of PED use yet these same writers kept quite for yrs then acted surprised when it came out the whole scandal. They are hypocrites. Not that I don't agree with them from not voting them in because I've been saying for yrs they shouldn't be in. Hell I'm big on a the 3 Strikes and you are banned for life. First offense 81 games and you are ineligible for post season play if your team makes it that year. If the suspension is carried into next year you are also inglible for that year. 2nd offense it's a year ban. 3rd You are banned for life. Not only would I suspend the player I would also rule the player pays whatever money back to the team for the amount of games missed. SO if a player is in his 2nd ban thats a full seasons salary he pays back.
  10. No different then Selig knowing about the huge issue of players using PEDs. Selig in those days they took an easy way to gain back fans and revenue. The Astros after everything in Hou was going on became a feel good story. With the Phillies so bad I found myself watching Astros games because I liked a lot of their players and had Cole and ALtuve on my dynasty team. I didn't root for them simple because of the feel good story either. They were genuinely an exciting team. After this came out I say the team can go #### themselves. The players are pissed that the MLB just gave the players involved a slap on the wrist. Awards weren't taken away. The excuse given for not doing so is an absolute copout too.
  11. It's the same thing. you're being a hypocrite if you are gonna defend what happened with Came yet say what the Astros did was bad. That's like all these MLB writers who defended all the PED cheaters back in the day but now won't vote them into the HoF do to their cheating. NCAA has a rule banning teams from paying players or their families. Auburn broke that rule. Cheating is cheating. Altuve stole an MVP award Cam stole a Heisman as he should've been ineligible to play. At the sometime Auburn should've had their title voided for that season too.
  12. The hits keep on coming in Astros land Does everyone in this organization think they are above the game? Jon Heyman @JonHeyman Francis Martes, Astros pitcher, suspended 162 games for PED. 2nd offense. Rough stretch for Astros.
  13. Yeah why wouldn't he say let it go? His part got him a nice big contract
  14. No issue a lot being talked about at once here in different situations.
  15. I was being a smart ### to an extent here. I always believed he never had any intention continuing his career. Just giving lip service to all the SJW supporters he had. I believe he knew his goose was cooke so he tried something to blame others. There is other instances where I believe he was never genuine either but we've already all discussed this by now. My point is his fans need to see the logistics and realize he never had any intent to continue playing so let it go. I believe he's asking for an outrageous salary intentionally knowing they won't give it to him. I just wish someone would call his bluff and see what happens next. It be pretty entertaining to say the least