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  1. I was hoping to ask a ? go and answer a few and come back and have at least 1 answer...did not happen????
  2. Id try and trade him to either Lewis or Blount owner first...Not sure if Dixon is even going to be starter ....he maybe eased in and that could take 2-4 weeks...Baltimore RBs more crazy than NE... please answer mine thanks:
  3. Id be more worried with Hiltons health but I cant play anyone but Forsett in that spot now, so Hilton if healthy good luck please answer mine thanks:
  4. I think Jones will play more than last week but I like Coleman a little better this week please answer mine thanks:
  5. Absolutely drop GB Def if anything happens to Brees you are so covered please answer mine thanks:
  6. Hi and thanks.. 12 team ppr distance league 1QB,2RB,2WR,1Flex(rb,wr,te),1TE,1K,1DEF QB Wilson RB Charles,Woodhead,Yeldon,Ivory,MJones, and Vereen WR Julio,Dez,Maclin,Wallace, and T.Benjamin TE Fleener and J.James K Tuker Def Vikes was leaning towards Vereen, Benjamin, or James or should I just hold? Thanks again