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  1. I am using Playstation Vue. NFL Netwok on most packages, and RZ is an extra 10.00 a month.
  2. Thoughts and prayers, from my family to yours.
  3. All of them are great movies, but he came into his own making Scarface.
  4. Just read it. Interesting to see where they draw the line. I am spending an estimated 3700 a year. I have my tv/cell bundled, premiere package, and tons of PPV.
  5. Let the yearly game begin. I called the movers connection. They advised me my 55.00 credit from last year was ending. There would be a new 12 month agreement to transfer service. No NFL ticket offer, and a movers fee of 199.00. I waited 4 days and called to cancel tonight. I advised that I was getting absolutly nothing in return for moving my service, other than a new contract and an additional fee. I let them know I was only with them for the Ticket, and I can bundle services with Xfinity and get redzone. No offer made and they now only cancel at the end of your bill cycle. My service wont be turned off until June 22. I now await for my win back call. I will post an update.
  6. They have done horrible. Went to another SB and made the playoffs every year except one?
  7. Joined a weight loss contest at work. I have lost 20lbs in three weeks. I am anticipating a huge plateau any day now.
  8. Just received my last order a couple days ago. Applewood smoked Habanero is my go to. I just tried the 4 salsa picante and Heats A Peach...all of them delicious. Even my wife and kids throw this stuff down. Can't wait to try the other black label when it arrives. HSG is pretty awesome even for a 49er fan.
  9. Seattle has to go WR and DB...but they could always trade down again.
  10. Literally on his last leg. I would be surprised to see Baldwin ready week 1.
  11. Just happened On the scene, Lt. JD Wilks said a mother and daughter were attacked by their pit bull when they got home Tuesday afternoon and taken to the hospital.
  12. Interesting sides to the debate. I have a neighbor who lets his pit run around off leash. Everytime the the dog is out there, my kids are not. Carry on.
  13. I love rooting for the Browns, but dosen't a team actually have to be good to play in a trap game?
  14. I always book through, and use the app Hopper when researching future prices...also send updates when the price changes.