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  1. IIRC you are a Miami fan. As of now...knee sprain. I doubt he plays next weekend.
  2. I mostly post after the game...just shocked nobody else other than you mentioned this play, so referenced your post. Hope Carson is ok.
  3. I'll be your huckleberry. You take RW off this team they are .500 or less for multiple seasons. Who is the most valuable player to their team by definition, Russell Wilson is. He literally should have at least one vote.
  4. Last time he grabbed something like that he was at a poker game.
  5. I am rolling him out...I think he comes out with a chip on his shoulder. He was my 3rd round pick and I am stubborn, so of course I must die on this hill.
  6. NFL Network reporting Conner and Snell will split the workload. This will be a mess.