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  1. When we brought our puppy home we crated him right by our bed. Every few days we would move the crate further and further away until he had his own room. I read about it somewhere. It teaches them not to get anxiety when you leave.
  2. I was flossing this morning and a filling came flying out. First thing I thought, "So it begins."
  3. The only thing I do know is that there will be one or two crazy events that people will talk about for a long time. There always is when these two teams match up. Seattle has not won in GB in a very long time (8 or 9 games?) Seattle has no offensive line and no run game. There is still hope thanks to RW...with him there is always a shot. It's weird playing GB as it's a team I can't talk my self into disliking. GB gave us Hasselbeck, Holmgren, Schneider, and even Lacey. There is a lot of shared history. I do think Diggs has a big game. This will be the closest score of all 4 games. I am hoping for 31-27 Hawks.
  4. I don't understand the uproar, other than it sucks he got injured. I was in the game thread and not one person remarked about the hit, and all of us were confused when McCown trotted out. Later they show the replay, and then Eagle fans want Clowney's head. If none of us saw it, how do you expect the refs to see it in game speed? There was no malicious or intent. You want to be pissed at someone blame Sanders for dropping the ball on a sure TD. Or the last pass to Metcalf, or the 7 sacks they gave up. I could go on and on. Eagles left a ton of opportunities on the field.
  5. I always wonder how really great Wilson would look, if he had an actual line.
  6. They better think twice about given Winston another year.
  7. He is last man standing and will get the full attention of Houston's secondary, who has actually played well the last few games. Add in that Winston has stated he wants to get the TE's involved, Arians wants to get the RB's involved. Perriman runs deep all day, and Winston works underneath. I knew my opponent would drink the kool aid, and he benched OBJ for Perriman. I feel good. (For now)