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  1. Just purchased a new home and had several trees trimmed. We had one tree on the property line, and the tree company refused to touch it unless they got a signed agreement from my neighbor and I.
  2. I have Hill in two leagues, going against Mahomes in both...still can't capitalize.
  3. I read that he was the first one in the building, and very motivated to play. I have no idea if he is in football shape or what kind if snap count he will be on.
  4. I think Kelce was trying to grab him...much like the football on several plays, slipped through his fingers.
  5. This is my guilty pleasure, and only time of the year I eat McDonalds.
  6. They put Paul Allen in the Ring of Honor tonight...coincidently the 12 member.
  7. Not Goff's fault, but he has had a turnover in the last 11 games.
  8. Just saying a great game is going to end in controversy. I think it was ticky tack.