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  1. Good old PDX. (Responding to GM)
  2. I don't like to brag so I went with a 9. I have made so much money on these shots.
  3. I like to rub the skin in olive oil and sea salt. After cooking has a nice slightly crisp skin that taste delicious.
  4. Ham, chedder potatoes, green bean casserole, and a carrot cake cheesecake. My family is having a get together, that we refuse to attend. (Complete morons.)
  5. I think Will Ferrell could play Doc Antle.
  6. He will have a scan later next week, they are estimating 25-30% scarring. He said that he currently does not feel different, but he is doing zero physical activity. ETA: Not worried now, but concerned for what it means when he gets older.
  7. Thank you...He says that he feels a lot better and thinks that he is out of danger.
  8. So, I have a family member who began to show symptoms on Tuesday, and was confirmed to have it yesterday. They have been quartined. He will be fine, but a scan from Tuesday to Friday shows signifant lung scarring. They will have another scan Tuesday. They have two family members who were tested, and then told to self quarantine in seperate locations. This is the part that blows my mind. They could have it and are getting parted out to other areas, and could possibly spread it. I voted a 6 in the other thread. In the last 24 hrs my work and kids school are closed for 2 weeks, grocery store had nothing, and family member is diagnosed. This is rapid.
  9. I voted six. However, as my workplace continues to panic and I see the virus creep closer to my state it gets more stressful. I am not concerned about my family catching it and dying due to current health and age, but my overall anxiety worsens every few days.
  10. When we brought our puppy home we crated him right by our bed. Every few days we would move the crate further and further away until he had his own room. I read about it somewhere. It teaches them not to get anxiety when you leave.
  11. I was flossing this morning and a filling came flying out. First thing I thought, "So it begins."