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  1. May the leprechauns be near you, To spread luck along your way. And may all the Irish angels, Smile upon you St. Patrick's Day.
  2. I love these threads where I have not had an ounce of alcohol, but after reading feel totally hammered.
  3. I should put this in the other thread about getting old. I fell asleep at the beginning of the 4th. I could tell I I was going down so I recorded it. From a football purist point of view, great defensive game. It was a piece of art on the Patriot's part. Not a fan of them at all, but I am so impressed.
  4. Not sure how to post it, but you can go to Iheart Radio and search, "Rover's Morning Glory." It's the January 17th show. The interview was with Greg Fitzsimmons.
  5. I heard last week during an interview of one of his friends that part of the issue is that he was cutting up coke with a salt shaker and it broke. He did not want to waste the coke so he snorted it, along with the broken glass.
  6. In order to qualify for SSD, you need a 80% loss of income. You don't have to completly cease work.
  7. Would smash...oh my bad, wrong forum.
  8. Seahawks offense, complete garbage so far.
  9. That's what happens when you are 40 years old.
  10. I would like to see Penny get some action against this defense, he has a little more speed and elusiveness.
  11. They are setting up that RW keeper, that much I know.