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  1. I have the S517 49" in my bedroom and the R617 65" in my living room. Went TCL and won the panel lottery twice, great TV's IMO and glad I made the purchase. Tried both out post-calibration and the picture is outstanding. If you go this route, be sure to buy an extended warranty as the panel lottery from their lack of QA is a very real thing with this brand. I took the plunge because outside of an OLED when I read RTINGS forums on the higher priced brands I was interested in, I'm reading more and more about quality issues, so I figured what the heck.
  2. I do not believe that the Roku device type should matter. If you can install apps from the Roku store on your device, you should be good to go. Not an Xfinity fan boy by any means, but they did a good job on the Stream app for the Roku to be used on additional outlets in your house, or the main one whichever works for your situation really.
  3. Xfinity stream app. Have a 65" TCL 6 Series in my living room and a 49" TCL 5 series in my bedroom. Use the X1 box in the living room and Xfinity stream on the bedroom TV to avoid the extra box fee. It's honestly a great app, guide is solid and for streaming the picture looks great. Install it on your PC via the Roku website if you're having a hard time finding it on the TV based Roku store.
  4. Tweetydimes fade plays for 7/6, he's on tilt: Bal/Tor u11 Bal TT u4.5 Tor TT u5.5 Reds ML Twins ML Det +1.5
  5. Been a while you guys, hope all is well! Been doing well with bases thanks to tweetyfades, it's city Tweety is God awful. I have a virgin sports book account, just got 100 down on D'Andre Swift to win the Heisman. play as he went to my HS, but sports book had +6000 so I bet it vs the local at +1400. It's +5000 now, I think my 100 "Max bet" moved it. Logic besides homerism is outside of the underclassmen who will get touches Swift has the UGA backfield to himself, has special talent and I think will show in his junior year the potential first round NFL upside. Got touches as a true frosh behind Chubb and Michel, he's that explosive. Can run between the tackles and is deadly in space as a receiver. Great o-line on a potential playoff team, I love the price facilitated by Tua/Lawrence. If you want to take a flier on a RB at the odds, I love Swift.
  6. A buddy just called that in a group text thread, "Agholor for a pick yielding a LB"
  7. Sorry to , but if you guys haven't checked out the Gladiator 6-part pod on Hernandez, it is a must listen. Serious not even 20 minutes in. Really well done.
  8. Irrational levels of recoil would sum up Giants friends' reaction to Danny Jones. The text "You guys win one Superbowl and think you know everything, Carson would be pumping gas when he exits the league but that would require mobility" is the winner and screenshotted and backed up on multiple cloud sites for eternity.
  9. Sparty never stood a chance with Cousins in the house, he never wins in this stadium.
  10. There he is! Back for the NCAA tournament to make dumb bets, here's the sides I have in so far, fade away: Louisville -5 Yale +7.5 NMSU +6.5 Murray State +4.5 SMC +5.5 Wofford -3 ODU +13 UVA -23.5 Liberty +7 VCU +1
  11. It's all I cook in my air fryer. Glorious old Bay wings.