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  1. I use Marcus. 1.7% APY, splitting hairs but it's easy to use and that's all that I care about.
  2. Sorry Hags, going to be offline around 12 EST. Thanks for including me and please include me in the future, and have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone.
  3. As has been said so many times before to the Eagles fanbase, "Call us when Jason wins a SB."
  4. the dogs here, especially getting more points.
  5. D'Andre Swift +3800 Went to my HS so , but he looked like what they recruited in the Michel role at UGA when he got his touches as a frosh. Think he's going to be unreal good, so I'm taking him this year and in 2019. He's not going to be a senior if his potential plays out next two seasons.
  6. Also missed the last NJ Transit train out of Penn Station years ago after a night out in NYC. Was absolutely hammered, so just went to the train that was still running thinking (?) I was all set. The LIRR. Got on and passed out. Was woken up in Babylon, NY at which point I was told I needed to pay to get the return train back to Penn Station to get home. NJ Trainsit was running again by the time I got back. Still get made fun of for that story.
  7. I lasted like 5 minutes before I had to click out. "We have been in this business knowing PASPA would get struck down. Best in the business, not clown touts on Twitter." Sure, good thing you don't have a boiler room either, guy.
  8. Monmouth Park chasing sports leagues for damages after court fight God bless your little hearts, state of NJ
  9. The NFL is a wasteland in a world without fantasy and sports gambling vs. the world we live in today where you watch the Browns vs. the Jets because of wagers and/or fantasy implications.
  10. Easily my favorite line and paints the visual of getting back to the bus perfectly.
  11. N.J. can forget immediate legal sports betting. Here's why. Enter (insert name of person/group with hands extended) to juice legal NJ sports betting into oblivion. Per the article, no one will be granted a license to take sports bets until this regulation process is complete, and is perma-banned from getting a license if sports bets are taken before the regulation process completes.