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  1. Presuming Bama wins out, their case is signature wins against TAMU and Auburn, no SECCG win, and an OOC schedule of Duke, New Mexico State, Southern Miss, and Western Carolina - all at home. That’s compelling.
  2. Reddit user u/AngryCentrist found a correlation between James Harden’s performances and the opponents city quality strip club rating 11/27 @ Miami 📝
  3. I did FD in PA, live in PA and work in NJ so I’ve :mansion: all of these already. I go game of the week play between college and pro and just churn through, been a really good year Starting in the summer and going slow and steady. Lost like 2 bets, and broke even on the back end with the refunds. I’d go real slow and play the no brainers, with the refund it’s near or at +EV if you go very strong play only, don’t impulse or action these. Also study the rules extremely closely, each book is different. I setup an excel spreadsheet and risk ranked all the book bonuses, and moved through best to worst, avoiding a few with high rollover like DraftKings and 888bet altogether.
  4. Almost. JFC that cover took years off of my life, I think the fins ran out of creative ways to try and blow that and settled for 27 unanswered points.
  5. On this too, I'll take a swing on some Fitzmagic to keep things somewhat close.
  6. “Doug, what do you feel didn’t work in mitigating slow start concerns?” HAS to be the first post game interview question.
  7. Is DJ out rest of game after one rush? Can’t find info anywhere. I saw DJ was active and changed all rosters to flip him and Edmonds out. This sucks.
  8. I don't have a feel for it, but on Friday talk me out of Pitt -3.5 -105. Action network put a piece out about Pitt D havoc rate vs Cuse havoc allowed going in opposite directions, and those pieces have been on point this season.
  9. Sounds like cancelling AOL back in the day. I'm not shocked they would make it impossible.
  10. What am I missing with WF -2 vs FSU on Sat? Feels trappy, but I have a hard time thinking Wake doesn't cover 2 at home.
  11. UF +2.5 +100 vs Auburn on Sat. I'm going against the "Auburn is unbeatable and Nix is tested, put it all on the short road fav" narrative. UF is a tough place to win, defense is nasty and the offense is actually better without Franks. Give me the home dog and the house side.
  12. If anyone is in NJ or NV and can bet at Caesars they have a misprint in alt spreads for TNF. Titans +7.5 +235 just used a $300 free bet promo on it. Hit UGA -14.5 for the bet required to get the free bet. Get it while you can!