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  1. Yeah, we're on the other side of the major where we can now comfortably say "man, Tiger is back!" Of course.
  2. All in on this. Interested to see where his dynasty ADP shakes out in the coming days.
  3. Yeah, I've always wondered about this too. I get that it's their culture and law, but is just to me what you do otherwise.
  4. I love this place.
  5. I don't buy this. .04 after landing, she was going HAM on the flight. I love to drink, but if you're voluntarily going to the UAE or a country where drinking is prohibited, you have to be aware of the law of the land and abide by it or just not go.
  6. In NJ for work, giving the Draft Kings sportsbook app a spin. $200 free bet with $200 deposit, no rollover. Prices stink, -112/-113 ish odds on college football, NFL closer to -110. Definitely shaded to faves. Will be interesting to see if some/all the NJ books offer bonuses and what rollover will be required. Would be nice if a bunch offered 100% match or free bets without insane rollovers in September, could help offset the increased vig or free 0.5 on the dogs.
  7. I'm maxing the 401k, but almost at full Roth contributions. Eroding the traditional contributions with pay raises to keep my net take home flat over the course of the move. They day can't come soon enough for full Roth, anyone with this option should exercise it, especially in a lower tax climate like the one we're in right now.
  8. Eagles announced matching contract extensions through 2022 for GM Howie Roseman and HC Doug Pederson.
  9. I'm watching this match in Spanish. I know 0 Spanish.