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  1. Going to the Sixers game tonight, so took for action Sixers -6 and O232.5. Fade away!
  2. Yeah on our around a FG on the open outside teaser window on dogs I'd play the sides you like. I like Rams and Chiefs.
  3. Good game and congrats Saints fans. I called this being a heart breaker for the Birds knowing how tough it would be to win in the dome, just thought it would be on a Brees drive to rip our hearts out. This, might be worse. Best of luck rest of the way, would be happy for Brees to get another one.
  4. We saw Paytons hand on trick plays. Gotta think Doug is planning for 2H.
  5. We've seen it happen so many times, it's just natural.
  6. Hope he comes back after the half.
  7. HUGE play by Long. Chance to score and get the ball back at the half.