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  1. Terrible. No one deserves kidnap and murder in the offshore racket. Guy wasn't nice to clientele which is bad and all, but he ran a service we as bettors in a (still mostly, per state) illegal country wanted and liked at a fair price. They shaded teasers and had CC fraud and cut on props, but if you used bitcoin and played straight numbers, it worked well as an out. RIP Tony
  2. I am very lucky in that a HS friend joined his father in law's dental practice, and I have good dental insurance via work that the practice accepts. I tell him to basically get paid and do whatever he needs to do, and he'll balance with what works best under the coverage. Basically find a guy/girl for things you're not an expert on through whatever network of contacts that you have at your disposal.
  3. Reduced juice once the line settles?
  4. mquinnjr

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Does this mean that everyone who donated to Daniels' GoFundMe campaign for legal fees just gave Trump money?
  5. This game is not going as imagined.
  6. Highly recommends Saturday/Sunday :cornhole: fora accessible FFAWT guys at the Ocean in AC. It's an awesome sports book, really done well. Revel rebrand and cheap rooms is an awesome value if you're on the east coast and want a social sports book experience. Hung with friends today and all had a blast. No drink tickets is bad form, but I can get past that.
  7. Pats -3.5 Gronk O73.5 Longest TD O54.5 Michel U75.5 rushing Gronk & Kelce TD +400 Astros ML Live+240
  8. Would you play 250.5? Was looking at this too.
  9. Cam U267.5 rush + pass yards Thielen O92.5 rec ETA: thielen number moved
  10. Darnold TDs +170 vs. Luck Pit +7.5/Ten +8.5 Chi PK/Min -4.5 (I know, still played it) TB/Atl U57.5 Oak/Sea U48 Cleveland -1.5 Looking at props now. Sportsbook at the Ocean in AC is amazing, definitely coming here more often.
  11. 6 in AC, might put them into teasers. If we get Brock Osweiler today, not sure it stays under a TD.