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  1. Such BS. Woodley is done as a pro, great call Hoot 6/1 is crazy and should have hit, but we move on
  2. I like this future parlay prop on FoxBet: Mahomes MVP +375, Young DROTY +300 Burrow OROTY +250 parlayed to +6600
  3. Chad, looking at a home purchase soon. I’m a member of two credit unions that I’ve asked to call me this week for their rates and fees to get a ballpark. Planning to start looking once things open up in PA, highest tier credit rating for a 30-yr conventional with 20% down at the ready. Any thoughts on PenFed (have a gas CC with them) and Citadel (local CU in south East PA that I have an auto loan with)? PenFed has a 1k lender credit on final loan amount as well as no lender fees promo right now on a 30-year fixed starting at 2.75%.
  4. Looking through FanDuel in PA, you can tease right now all week 1&2 games, which is nice. Nicer potentially is they have lines for all 16 games for Giants, Jets, Eagles, Steelers, Colts, Bucs and Broncos, as well as all TNF, SNF, and MNF for the entire season. These can also all be teased. I’m overwhelmed thinking about how to enter all the Wong permutations, with lots lined in the window so far out. Anyone ever done this on advanced lines?
  5. Every player on defense potentially touching the baseball directly with their hands, including pitcher/catcher/umpire. I feel like that would start an outbreak pretty quickly if someone is infected.
  6. Dipping my toes back in after a 10 plus year hiatus without a system with time during COVID-19. Bought an Xbox One X and COD:MW, NBA 2K20, and the EA Access for Madden 20 and FIFA19. I am really, really bad and it’s not coming back fast , to the point of being frustrating. I’m just gonna read and drill until I get my feet back under me, EA games I feel are good at this with the stills trainers. Anyone go back after a really long break and totally stink for awhile? Hope it’s just rust.
  7. First live sports in forever - rain delay. 2020 hasn’t even reached its final form yet.
  8. these scammers are literally using the plot line word for word from a Black Mirror episode. This guy Kenny was looking at underage kids online. Kenny’s sister borrows his laptop to go on one of the free movie sites, it installs malware, records Kenny and email threatens him video to send to all of his contacts if Kenny does not do exactly as they tell him the next day. It’s all BS guys, they get passwords scraped off the dark web that were guessed via brute force and resold and run with the Black Mirror plot line to scam people. Change the password and delete the email.
  9. And feed the thoraxes of the bees that they murder in their hives to their young to sustain them. I, for one, welcome our Japanese super hornet overlords.
  10. Just finished this, thought it was excellent. If you liked Narcos, you will love this show. Highly recommend.
  11. Secretariat! Barely pulled it off, but total BS if the GOAT loses, even virtually.
  12. I got secretariat at +110 at a local, down to -130 now. One unit on computer horses is the limit for me.