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  1. Wild Card Weekend: Bills +3 -110 Titans +4.5 -110 Teaser: Eagles +7.5 and Saints -2 +100 Let's goooooooo!
  2. I like Marshall +15.5 here, no significant angle just an action 1u.
  3. Uncut gems is on the torrent sites, just watched it. Sandler was incredible, he needs to be nominated at a minimum.
  4. OT: just watched Uncut Gems, it’s out on the torrent sites in very good quality. Highly recommend, amazing flick and Sandler crushed it.
  5. Screener season is upon us, first up is Uncut Gems ahead of Christmas Day US theater release.
  6. Just got an account there! Buddy hooked me up, +100 6 points teasers rules so hard. Until you include the Chargers +2.5 😡
  7. I took u45.5. It’s gross here, going to be some wind, and these two offenses featuring the return of Eli. I’ll accept a loss on that if it goes over.
  8. Longest FG u46.5 tonight, gross rain and winds ~10 mph. Elliott and Rosas combined for 2 FG's over 46 yards, loading up.
  9. I have a 65” 6-series and a 49” 5-series model, and won the panel lottery on both. I am so happy with the picture and Roku integration, wouldn’t go back to another brand with the price & value that I get out of my TCL sets.
  10. How the lady birds treating you these days?
  11. Presuming Bama wins out, their case is signature wins against TAMU and Auburn, no SECCG win, and an OOC schedule of Duke, New Mexico State, Southern Miss, and Western Carolina - all at home. That’s compelling.