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  1. 12 Team PPR, 1QB 1RB 1WR 1TE 4RB/WR/TE Team A trades: Alvin Kamara Team B trades: DK Metcalf Clyde Edwards-Helaire Keenan Allen
  2. 12 team PPR QB/RB/WR/TE/3 FLEX Team A trades: 2020 1st (currently pegged at 10th) Team B trades: Terry McLaurin
  3. 12 team PPR Team A trades: Corey Davis 2020 1st (feels like mid 1st at the moment) Team B trades: Stefon Diggs
  4. 12 team PPR Team A trades: 1.01 - Josh Jacobs was the pick Team B trades: Julio Jones
  5. 12 team PPR 1QB/1RB/1WR/1TE/3FLEX Team A trades: DeAndre Hopkins Team B trades: Stefon Diggs 1.06 1.09
  6. 12 team PPR 1QB/1RB/2WR/1TE/2FLEX Team A trades: 1.03 Team B trades: 1.08 1.11
  7. 12 team PPR Team A trades: 2.05 Team B trades: Dede Westbrook 3.03 2.05 was then Hakeem Butler.
  8. 12 team PPR 1QB/1RB/1WR/1TE/3FLEX Team A trades: Tyreek Hill Team B trades: 2.02 Edit to add: 2.02 was then Deebo Samuel
  9. 12 team PPR 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1FLEX Team A trades: Pick 2.01 Team B trades: Rashaad Penny
  10. 12 team PPR 1QB/1RB/2WR/1TE/2Flex Team A trades: Dalvin Cook Team B trades: Aaron Jones 1.08
  11. 12 team PPR 1QB/1RB/2WR/1TE/2Flex Team A trades: Patrick Mahomes Melvin Gordon 2.09 Team B trades: Matt Ryan Michael Thomas 1.10 Wasn't involved in this one, just thought I’d drop it in since I posted a Mahomes trade last week that sparked some chatter.
  12. If he’s the WR1 or WR2 off the board in the NFL draft he is going before early 2nd.
  13. The thing is that if he goes mid-late 1st in the NFL draft, pretty much anywhere except Baltimore, he’ll most likely be actually picked in the early 1st in rookie drafts.
  14. Interesting. I was not involved but I felt it was pretty good value in a start 1 QB league. Hard to move QBs, in my experience, in that setting.
  15. 12 team PPR 1QB/1RB/1WR/1TE/3Flex Team A trades: Patrick Mahomes Team B trades: Brandin Cooks
  16. I'm rolling with him over Olsen/Pitta. Gut feeling, sometimes they pan out and sometimes they don't.
  17. After seeing some of Bortles and Bridgewater's Pro Day (and Manziel's thus far), I actually think Manziel has a bigger arm and throws the best deep ball. Again, these are controlled environments so I'm just comparing what I've seen strictly in pro days.
  18. I'd guess the 49ers, Pats, Browns, and Jets will all be interested. Any other teams?
  19. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 9h Wondered how #Saints could fit Jairus Byrd into their cap. With an $11M signing bonus over 5 years, cap hit should be around $4M in year 1
  20. Or try can try to get a better QB......they have much more to worry about than Revis with the Pats until they get a legit QB.Considering with Revis anchoring the defense, Mark Sanchez made the AFC championship in back to back years, I think Revis (or a major CB) is the more pressing need. You aren't going to solve your QB woes in this free agent market and you have to spend some of this 40mil in cap room.
  21. Manish Mehta ‏@MMehtaNYDN 5m How does Darrelle Revis feel about a Jets reunion? I'm told he would love to play for Rex & his old team again. Emphasis on "love" #nyj
  22. you might want to check that account. this would not be buried in a tweet 3 hours old. I was had, in my defense Peter King and Les Bowen retweeted it. I do not follow ADARN SChefter for that reason. I can't believe you'd think they'd trade the guy within the ####### division. I actually do believe that if the Falcons made the best offer that Tampa would trade him within the division. This feels "get the most we can" to get out of this contract. The smart thing would not be to trade within the division, but for some reason, I don't see that being a deterrent here when they want to get rid of him for whatever they can.
  23. Alright to change the subject from Ryan Mathews.....what is the consensus about Terrance Williams? I'm excited about his guy. Playing opposite Dez Bryant and in an offense run by Scott Linehan (who loves to throw the ball), I really feel like his value will continue to rise throughout the off-season. My question is, what type of ceiling are we looking at?
  24. Because even in a RB2 year he got subbed out for Ronnie Brown too much to make you feel good about it. I think I traded him to a Fleaflicker team you used to own for Montee Ball about a month ago. From week 6-17 (10 games), Ronnie Brown played 72 snaps. Total. Great Point. If someone was a Mathews' owner and seriously did not notice by week 15 that he was becoming the focal point of the offense, they clearly were not paying attention.