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  1. https://lombardiave.com/2017/07/08/green-bay-packers-2017-preview-david-bakhtiari/
  2. Can we immediately fire Rick Smith and hire Dave Gettleman?
  3. Many things are possible. Our job is to discern the difference between possible and probable. Bryant and AB both being top 10... that is not probable.
  4. This is a good look backwards, however, I think that injuries impacted a lot of the changes. It would probably be better to look at the final OL rankings to see how the OL impacted performance. The above analysis would be like looking at preseason WR corps rankings and comparing it to end of season QB performance. So using an example of Rivers, he lost Keenan week 1 and Benjamin had a PCL injury basically all season long, so it wouldn't be fair to Rivers to compare his performance against his preseason WR rankings. We'd need to look at what actually happened. But keep in mind these PFF ratings merge pass blocking and run blocking, also things like QB, scheme, WR/TE blocking, and score/game flow also impact RB performance. Personally, I think it can be more important as a red flag (reason to stay away) than a reason to draft someone. Like I want no part of Mixon this year due solely to the OL. I feel like most people are totally ignoring this factor when jumping on his bandwagon.
  5. Good call. So basically Ben is either going to have to have a career year at age 35 or AB is going to have to drop down quite a bit (from top 3 to 8-9) for Bryant to be a top 10 WR.
  6. Should've drafted Perine. So much regret about this draft and we haven't even had training camp. (still wishing we had Kizer and our 2018 1st)
  7. Has a QB ever supported two top 10 WRs with <4500 yards and <35 TDs?
  8. This is what I was using: http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/adp-ppr.php
  9. I was just looking at the FBG consensus ADP. Which ADP site do you prefer? ETA: Doh! As soon as I posted, I remembered in your original post you listed CBS and ESPN (two sites I never visit). So yeah, we are looking at different ADPs.
  10. No problem, let me think a bit... I think Joe and Jamaal Williams are going at similar places. As a player, Jamaal > Joe. As a situation, Jamaal > Joe. But yeah, at that range for RBs you're pretty much picking handcuffs. I am just not excited about SF this year, so I'd probably rather grab Jamaal or wait a few rounds and take another J Williams (Jonathan) and hope to plug him in during a McCoy injury break or maybe give Booker a second chance in case CJA misses time (not yet buying into the JC comeback). As for Enunwa, Marvin Jones is going right about that same time and I think Marvin >>> Enunwa. If I was making my own value list, Marvin would be at or near the top of the list. Meredith is actually going before both of them. Players I like much more than Meredith and Enunwa in that rage: Decker, Maclin, John Brown, Corey Coleman, Tyrell, Marvin. Kevin White is going a few rounds later and has that lower floor/higher ceiling combo that I seek out from late round (or cheap in auction) picks. The way I do my auctions, I don't have any absolute scrubs at the end of my bench, so a guy like Kevin White would likely be my "bubble" type player, so I'd rather he be a high upside/low floor guy so I either keep him around and start him or I drop him. I don't need a Meredith type, putting up just enough numbers to not want to drop, but not good enough to start.
  11. Oh I agree and I know what MF is... which is why I was surprised Bush lasted as long as he did.
  12. Well, you are one of the few. Most people seem to love them some Gordon. And I agree the microfracture is concerning, but Reggie Bush had some of his best years after microfracture surgery. Just something to keep in mind. I think Kelce has had it, too, but different position. Remember when Gore was considered injury prone? Both ACLs torn in college... then had double shoulder surgery after light use as a rookie... then missed a few games every year and then, starting at age 28, six straight 16 game seasons.
  13. https://www.fantasypros.com/2017/06/100-fantasy-football-stats-heading-into-2017/ "In his last 21 games, he has been questionable 13 times."
  14. Ah ok, it was game 15, not week 15. Either way, not a season ending injury. What's funny is that I think Melvin Gordon has ended both of his seasons on the IR and yet nobody calls him injury prone. It's all about timing, I guess.
  15. My theory: He's small (but the same size as many work horse backs, I think I posted somewhere in here a bunch of guys with similar height/weight combos) He got injured early, so the more time missed the more it is on people's minds A few lazy journalists put the first two points together and jumped to the conclusion he was injury prone More lazy journalists saw the others and didn't fact check Actually, it wasn't a season ending injury.... I believe he got the injury in week 15 and was able to play through it for 2 more weeks.