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  1. ...with a noticeable limp. But seriously, these guys weren't talking about themselves. They were talking about teammates that played 16 games. Everybody plays through injuries in the NFL. Some injuries you can play through effectively (pain management), and other injuries are more debilitating. I don't think Diggs is special in regard to playing through injuries. Unfortunately, his injuries are debilitating and he'd be better off waiting until fully healed.
  2. Did anyone really think he'd get to play out his contract? I certainly did not.
  3. Yes, I'm serious. Have you never heard interviews with players about injuries? They say that just about everyone on the roster is nursing some sort of injury by mid-season.
  4. I like your "glass half full" attitude, but I think probably around 95% of NFL player are gamers who are willing to play through injury. For fantasy purposes, I prefer those without groin, hamstring, or calf issues. Don't get me wrong - I think Diggs was good value this year, but I'm still a little depressed thinking what could have been if he and Bradford stayed healthy.
  5. Yes, but don't you prefer the ones that are simply in or out? These types of injuries are the worst. Can't stash him in your IR spot, don't know if you can trust him if he does play...
  6. Except with an extra serving of recurring groin injuries
  7. The Texans once gave David Carr a pretty rich extension. The difference between the two division rivals is that one of them has had the 1st overall pick at just the right time twice. Other than that, both are pretty poorly run but have been fortunate enough to play in the same division as the Jags and Titans.
  8. The good times are good, the bad times are 1 rec for 4 yds or DNP.
  9. People giving up on Perine way too early. I don't have him, but would gladly scoop him up if someone dropped him. Obviously with his current role, his PPR upside will be limited, though.
  10. Greg the Leg has helped lessen the blow of losing Sturgis. I am still holding out hope that Sturgis gets designated to return from IR, but Jake Elliott has looked pretty good. I might've screwed up on defenses. I had the Saints at different points, but ended up going with Tennessee and Cleveland instead (plus Detroit - which has counted for 5 out of 6 weeks). I got all excited about Myles Garrett in Cleveland. He seems to be making an instant impact, though, so I guess there is hope.
  11. I hadn't noticed. I thought I was doing good with just under 30! Generally speaking, I think 10 points each is pretty fair.
  12. So you want to claim his quad wasn't injured or that he wasn't covered by top corners? These things happened whether you want to acknowledge them or not. I'm confident that he'll prove his worth the rest of the year, with or without Tate. Taylor Decker will have a bigger impact on Marvin's production than Tate.
  13. 56 points from your K & D!
  14. Gotta pad those stats for future contract negotiations. I don't blame him.
  15. Yeah, I'm like, "when is Bradford coming back?!"