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  1. Inconsequential. Chubb was never going to play 100% of the snaps, so someone will give him a breather in the first 8 games and Hunt will give him a breather in the last 8. I'll be surprised if his snap % changes when Hunt becomes eligible.
  2. Right, but that doesn't mean his limited college usage can't be analyzed or that his combine drills mean nothing or that we should ignore the training camp takeaways. Just because a college team chose not to utilize his skills doesn't mean the skills aren't there or that future NFL organizations will make that same choice. Guice's teammate, Fournette, maxed out at 19 receptions in college and had 48 receptions in 13 games as a rookie. LSU just didn't use those guys like that. I'll never understand why people conflate usage with talent. Carlos Hyde had 59 receptions in 2017, but that doesn't make him a good receiver. He's actually quite bad in that phase of the game. Mark Ingram had 24 receptions through his first 3 seasons, but he's actually quite adept in the passing game.
  3. Nah, Juju is not going to get 180-185 targets. Last year, it went 169 (15g), 166, 44, 38. I agree with you that 675 PA is unlikely to happen again. 600-625 is more realistic. I think the WR2 in that offense gets 120+ targets unless a WR2/WR2a situation unfolds. I'm guessing we'll see something more like 150-120-60-50.
  4. IIRC, the scouting reports I read said that his technique looked good, both in the limited college usage and in the combine drills. Then there were reports out of Washington's training camp that he had 3 down capability. So while we haven't seen him do it in the NFL yet, I feel pretty confident he's capable.
  5. That was due to injuries to other TEs. He was TE16 in points per game. But AB's departure creates a 169 target void, so I wouldn't rule out 100 for the TE. I just think the WR2 in PIT could be a fantasy WR2 due to all those targets. The hard part will be predicting which guy gets the job.
  6. I'm just saying... Vance isn't special. I'll bet anything he doesn't end up being 2nd in targets.
  7. Really depends on the GM. I remember the Robert Woods contract looking expensive initially based on his career up to that point, but in hindsight it was cheap. If they were to make some signings like that, the $15M could go a long way OR if they were to draft the next OBJ at 1.17, the trade would be a massive win via hindsight (5 years @ $3M/yr vs. $18M/year for a headache). The odds are against that, obviously, but there is some enticing WR talent in this draft. Would be nice to let a rookie WR learn in 2019 before bringing in their QB-of-the-future in 2020. Could hit the ground running in 2020 with a good OL, a new QB, Barkley, Engram, and a 2nd year WR.
  8. Is it really $8M/2yr? This is showing much less:
  9. Anybody know what the contract was? There are a lot of targets in that offense. Will be very interesting to see who is the WR2 and who is the WR3 between him and Washington.
  10. In most cases, I don't think it is a wise move to trade prime draft capital for extremely pricey assets - it's a recipe for future cap disaster. The Browns were in a position to do so (which is pretty rare), but I caught a lot of flack for disliking the Bears trade for Mack. A year later, and this is where they were to begin free agency. I gotta think they'll be in a similar position next year and if Trubisky hasn't improved by then, that's going to be a tough hole to dig themselves out of. Generally speaking, teams stay relevant by building through the draft and finding good deals in free agency. Sometimes teams can afford to send a prime draft pick for a player on a rookie deal and sometimes teams can afford to pay an elite contract in free agency, but it is really tough to overcome paying a prime draft pick for an elite contract. I think the Browns are a team that can do that, thanks to Baker being on a rookie contract, but most teams can't do that. And sorry, Chicago, Trubisky probably isn't as good as Baker.
  11. What is whooshing over your head is that the 1.17 pick would have a fraction of the cap cost of OBJ. So you've got to ask yourself is 1.17 + a $15M/year player worth the same as OBJ ($18M/year)? When you take into account that OBJ was unhappy in NY and has only played 16 games once in his career, I'm going to call that close enough. I'm not excusing all of the Giants moves - as Dr.O pointed out earlier, half of their moves scream "rebuilding" and half scream "win now." The front office has been terribly inconsistent in their approach. So I don't like the body of work done by them, but in a vacuum this week's trades seem quite reasonable to me.
  12. Yep. I wouldn't hold out hope for 1000 yards or 5 TDs. Yes, I specifically mentioned Zeitler. The dead cap hit is only applied to 2019, which was a lost year for the franchise anyway. Getting Eli and OBJ off the books in 2020 will give them a lot of breathing room. And if they decide to go with a FA rather than a rookie, they'll need the extra space.
  13. I don't keep up with this kind of thing, but I seem to remember him being a Yankees fan, too.