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  1. Especially in 0ppr. People with Marvin and/or Baldwin are having a good laugh at the zero-RB folks.
  2. It's all good. I'll look them up. Last 8 games: 53 targets, 40 rec, 14.8 ypr, 11 TD. I'm not arguing against his efficiency. He obviously was very efficient (over 75% catch rate, 1 TD per 3.6 rec). The problem is that efficiency like that is not likely to repeat and does not lend itself to scaling upwards AND his team's passing stats don't indicate his current target load will continue. I'm not saying it's impossible (I snagged him in a lot of leagues, so I hope I'm wrong), but I don't think he's a good bet for top 5 RoS. I named him in my top 5 guys who could slip in, but I just don't know that there will be enough targets to give him what he needs to make top 5. Top 10 is within reach and would be quite nice for me given his ADP was ~WR22.
  3. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like he's got Jonathan Stewart-esque lower leg injury tendencies. If he's 100% healthy, he's a lock. That's just a huge if while other guys are healthy and producing right now.
  4. For the sake of debate, I think a lot of what is causing people pause on Baldwin (I left him off, but gave him a nod as an alternate) is the targets. He got 100 last year. He's on pace for 144 this year. The team is on pace for 586 which is likely to drop off. Graham looks to be back. Lockett is ready to take a year 2 step forward. I really like Baldwin's game paired with Wilson, but I think he's in the 6-12 range from weeks 4-16. OBJ is still on pace for 160 targets, but he needs TDs for a top 5 finish and it sure seems the Giants are content to take what the defenses are giving them now. Eli has 19 red zone attempts and only 1 has gone to OBJ. Maybe that's an accident and he's due, but I'm betting this is by design to cut down on turnovers. Eli throwing into double coverage is no longer a risk they need to take.
  5. If you own him, you're not getting WR1 return value in a trade. People are only looking to pay ~WR12 (at best) for him since everybody knows he's probably coming back down to earth to some extent. But from Week 4 to Week 16, I think he's got as good a shot at top 5 production as anyone not named Antonio Brown (nobody can match that target volume). Jones is getting a sustainable number of targets (24% of team targets) and catching a sustainable percentage of them (62%). He won't average 22.7 YPR, but he could easily continue 1 TD per 9 receptions, if not improve upon it given his deep threat role.
  6. Need moar starters! But to answer your question, yeah, Dixon and McKinnon should both be involved in the passing game, increasing their PPR value over a WR3 type. I'd be eyeballing Moncrief, though. Would pick up as soon as you can fit him. But with only 1RB, 1WR, and 2flex, you pretty much should only be starting studs and semi-studs (2 top 24 RB, 2 top 24 WR). Moncrief, McKinnon, and Dixon all have top 24 positional potential.
  7. Problem with Landry is he doesn't get many yards or TDs. He's the sell high right now, IMO. Game script had really helped him out, plus injuries to Foster, Parker, and Cameron. When everyone is healthy he's a 0ppr WR3 and PPR WR2. If anybody wants to sell me Marvin, I'd pay. He may not be a top 10 talent, but he's in a top 5 situation and he's healthy (looking at you Keenan, Dez, Sammy, and Julio). Jim Bob has Stafford on a tear. After JBC took over, Stafford threw 19 TD/2 INT in the final 8 games. In the first 3 games this year, he's 7/2. That's a 16g pace of 38 TDs. He's also on pace for over 600 attempts. Tate is talented but his aDoT is garbage in this system while Marvin is the deep threat. With Abdullah out and Riddick ineffective, they'll be throwing a lot. Marvin is unlikely to finish the year as WR1 (where he is through 3 weeks), but top 5 RoS is very possible (and IMO probable).
  8. 4 total RB+WR? 20 team league?
  9. I'd rank them McKinnon (top RB on his team, crazy athletic) > Dixon (probably top RB on his team in a couple weeks) > Duke (lesser side of clear RBBC) > DeAngelo (clear backup)
  10. Oh man, more power to you, but those leagues drive me crazy. It just grinds my gears when someone I'm matched up against is starting 2 decent guys he picked up as FAs Sunday morning...
  11. Wow. Yeah, I guess I'm used to deep leagues with extra flex spots. Those 3 guys are not only on rosters but were already in lineups week 3.
  12. Floyd is only 26. Team A done effed up. Team B doing some fleecing.
  13. ??? If anything, I'm falling into the trap of bumping a post that is either (A) redundant or (B) an AC post. For the last time, if you want to talk about Blount, go to the Player Index sticky (https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/731377-index-to-team-and-player-threads/) and click on his name. It's not tricky. c'mon man
  14. If you want to talk about Blount, go to the Blount thread. Don't start a thread title "Blount" and then tell us who is on your team. Also, it's not so simple as "if you don't like my AC post in the SP then don't post in it." If AC posts in the SP were not a problem, then why even have a special forum for the AC? Because it junks up the SP. Even if this wasn't a veiled AC post, it is still a redundant post since Blount already has his own thread. Not trying to be a Richard here. Just calling a spade a spade.