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  1. If you can't trust an explicit statement such as that, how do you even vote based on policies? Just gut feel or blindly straight ticket? This is a genuine question. And saying "both sides lie" isn't accurate because trump has been shown to lie more often than anyone else. I agree, nobody is campaigning on fiscal responsibility, but again that doesn't mean both sides will be equally as bad. Obama was turning the deficit around after the stimulus package. Then trump went and made it worse. He's even got people who said $19.5T was a problem out there saying $22.5T isn't a problem. The lies are just getting silly at this point.
  2. I think you know what you would do in that instance.
  3. It's funny how they hide behind it. "We don't have to talk about these things because he hurt our feels!"
  4. As I mentioned previously, I and others like me were not particularly political. I voted third party in 2016 and I've missed presidential elections in the past for various weak reasons (largely bc I was apathetic). But trump's incompetence has motivated people like us to get out and vote blue in 2018 and vote for whatever blue candidate will be there in 2020. His supporters came out in full force in 2016 and still lost the popular vote. He detractors will be out in force this time. I wouldn't be surprised to see some unexpected states swing blue. His approval ratings are down from his election and, while most of his supporters will never leave, he IS losing some with his racist comments. Even if he wasn't, I think he'd lose, but that's just icing on top of the cake. Anecdotally, I know a few people who voted for trump that won't do it again. I know zero people that voted against him that have changed their minds. I don't mean to instill confidence, because we should all be out there voting like our lives count on it... because many of us are young enough that things like climate change and the federal deficit are going to screw with us.
  5. Typical trump supporter. If you can't grasp something, the other person is the problem.
  6. Here's the trick: A warm body slightly less unpopular than Hillary.
  7. Yes, two murders is a lot. Two shoes is not a lot. I hope you've gained a better understanding of context. You seemed completely lost earlier. I sincerely believe that. But at the same time, you contributed nothing useful.
  8. He's completely misrepresenting what happened, but that's par for the course in here. He's referring to this post. Where I said "pro-trump crowd" or something like that I initially had "MAGAts" which I thought was a playful term for red hats since the only time I'd heard it, a red hat had self implied the term. When the crew that calls other people snowflakes immediately started crying a river, I quickly revised my post to redirect discussion back to the important topics I mentioned. Of course, they had zero interest in discussing those topics. Shocker.
  9. It was the most obvious attempt to pad the list. You can't seriously not see the difference there. Trump has stoked this crap. You even said the Dems haven't. I'm going to just assume you don't know what a false equivalency is by this response. I'll explain. It's when things happen on different sides of a spectrum. But maybe two things on one side and 30 things on the other. And the two things each have a severity of 1/10 but the 30 things each have a severity of 9/10. You can't say, both sides are committing offenses as if they offset each other. That's ridiculous. Get it? A very trumpian response here. You knew what I was saying, but disingenuously revised the interpretation. Very excellent of you. Dems and anti-trump people do not condone antifa. Many Republicans and conservatives are happy to make excuses for trump's racism. Also silly to pretend there's been no acts of violence from alt-right activists in recent years. typical assumption by the pro-T crowd. I'm by no means left wing (I voted 3rd part in 2016 and voted Republican for many local positions). The current GOP members vote lockstep on a lot of issues directly opposite of how their constituents would want them to vote. They all seem bought and paid for. There's really no other way to explain how net neutrality was repealed. I believe a lot of trump voters were susceptible to propaganda from various sources, some originating outside the US. Studies have shown they are less educated than those who voted against trump. And again, it's not left wing vs. far right. It's the far right vs. everything else.
  10. Your lead-in said politicians, as in plural. I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of democrats are not on-board with antifa, whereas it's clear that the vast majority of republicans are down to support trump despite his racist antics. The problem with the whole "both sides" logic is that we're talking about false equivalency. It's not a binary game. The degree of harm and quantity of harmful actions are quite disparate. The other problem is that our political system is so out-of-whack right now that we don't really have two parties. We've got the far right in one party and everybody else in the other. Looking at voting patterns, I don't trust a single R. Looking at policies, I certainly don't support AOC. We realistically need 4-5 parties.
  11. That's pretty damning. However, the pro-T crowd in a Westworld android voice, "doesn't look like anything to me."
  12. so either he's a terrible businessman or he's evading taxes. Either way, what a strong candidate for president! Your own article posted as a defense specifically says "In short, with the information available, there is now way to know."