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  1. He has to miss 8 games. So I guess he'd be available for week 16, so pretty much droppable unless you would want to start him in the championship in his first week back (or if you're afraid someone else will).
  2. Thanks for the list. I don't mean to nitpick it with this comment, but only to generate discussion. I feel like Golladay (12) and Allen Robinson (28) might be flip flopped. First of all, they are both 26 years old. Second, Robinson is WR9 in ppr on a ppg basis, whereas Golladay is 29th and isn't even the top scorer on his own team. Sure, the sample size is small (6 games), but I expect AR to finish the year comfortably ahead of Golladay. Hell, would any of us be surprised if AR outpaced Hopkins to finish the season? It's pretty close. On the topic of age, AR is a year younger than Hopkins. My third and final point is that currently (according to data dominator) Houston ranks 4th in fantasy passing points, Detroit 17th, and Chicago 30th. Should AR ever find himself on a middling passing offense, he could really explode, much less a top 5 offense. What he's done on one of the worst offenses in the league should be noted. I know he left a bad taste in fantasy owners' mouths over the past 3 years, but he looks like he's back to elite form. His 16 game pace is 109/1237/8. Golladay is 67/1027/11. Hopkins is 112/1161/7. If Nagy can correct that offense at all, AR would surely benefit.
  3. As I've already stated, they were in the trump thread to depict exactly what people are attending these "well attended" rallies you like to brag about. Be careful who you call jokers. One could easily make a case that the jokers are the people bragging about rally sizes instead of addressing the catastrophes and scandals created by the person they helped elect and are attempt to help reelect.
  4. I think quite a bit of it was "look at who is attending these 'well attended' rallies" by showing it was full of racists and ridiculous conspiracy theorists (the Q anon shirts). This is a solid contingent of who remains loyal to him. When your candidate is aligned with these "people" you might need to reevaluate how you are picking your candidate.
  5. @Shula-holic
  6. No... I'm pretty sure the hilarious part was the video you linked.
  7. I agree with the first part, but expecting the 2018 offense to be championship caliber was foolishly optimistic. If I was Pace, I'd have hung onto those draft picks and tried to sign Mack as a FA in 2019 or, if someone else traded for him and signed him long-term, use that money elsewhere. I thought 2019 was the earliest this offense might be ready to make a push, so I didn't see any need to force the issue in 2018. As an aside, I read an article citing that the 2018 Bears were the healthiest team in the league (something about games missed by starters) which attributed to some of their overachieving last season.
  8. They've both had up and down games, but... this is a garbage offense, they've both shown talent, and this team has a lot of other needs. I feel pretty confident the Broncos will not be drafting RB with any of their picks in the first four rounds.
  9. Well, my take wasn't that Trubisky was definitely bad without hope of improvement or anything like that. I'm not a scout. I just thought it was premature to crown him as the franchise QB you can build around. It's kind of like gambling at the casino. You play the odds. If you hit on 18 with the dealer showing a 7, you're an idiot even if you luckily get a 3. Pace should have waited a year before pushing all his chips in to make sure Trubisky was the truth. It just wasn't the right move at the time and it looks even worse now that Trubisky (and/or Nagy) is still struggling a year and a half later. I also generally don't like the practice of trading premium draft picks for an impending FA just to sign the player to a massive contract. I get it when you're in a championship window, but this team didn't need to rush things. Mack wasn't the piece that pushed that team from playoff caliber to championship caliber. If you want Mack, keep your 1st and sign him as a FA next year after you know more about Trubisky. Anyway, I digress... As for Montgomery, I wouldn't lose hope yet. This offense is straight up garbage. You can't run the ball when defenses are daring you to pass. Maybe Nagy can work on the fly and mend this offense. I'm not confident, but it could happen. Hey, at least Allen Robinson is looking awesome. No idea how he is doing it in this offense, though.
  10. His ypc dipped down to 3.6 after the injury and he sure looks better this year, so this "looks the same" doesn't really hold up. That TD "run" as you call it, was posted by someone else trying to say he was breaking tackles. You're right it is anecdotal, but it is also hilarious that it was the example that guy chose. You won't find any examples of offensive and defensive linemen fighting over Royce like two dogs and a chew toy...
  11. I once sat in an auditorium that was sloped and someone spilled water and soaked my laptop bag, but I'm 99% sure it was water and not piss or piss-scented soda. This, however, is so much worse. What a f***ing nightmare. I always keep my laptop bag with me and on the ground because (1) I put my most valuable/fragile stuff in there so it won't get smashed in the overhead bin and (2) I like window seats but I don't want to bother people by needing to get up to get things out of the overhead bin. There really is no ideal solution. You have my condolences, sir. People are animals.
  12. I haven't done much any research on Tulsi so I don't have an opinion, but saw this on reddit today. Sorry if already posted:
  13. Watch out. I got a ton of flack in the Chicago thread last year for saying Pace shouldn't have pushed all his chips in on Trubisky.
  14. 94 was about to tackle him until his offensive lineman (66) literally picked him up, took him from 94, and body slammed him into the end zone. Hilarious you think that somehow helps his case as a tackle breaker.