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  1. He doesn't have links. He is just making stuff up in an angry fit. It's weird to watch.
  2. Here are some Waldman clips for those of us who are not elite arm chair scouts and are willing to learn something. Warning: some of these plays will definitely make you at people for calling him a plodder. https://www.instagram.com/p/BcQS0oRH6ge/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BcQTEf-HOg8/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BcRFoccH-Vs/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BcRDPZcn1O_/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BcRFLABHALQ/
  3. It could have been bad journalism or a mis-quote, but I read that Williams was getting some first team reps in training camp due to his pass blocking. And you may not recall, but Jones didn't get first crack - Williams was the first back in the game after Montgomery was hurt, but Williams tweaked his MCL after a couple carries and sat out the rest of the game and missed practice the next week. They rode the hot hand after that.
  4. I think he's their CoP back (not because he can't handle 20 carries, just due to a bruiser/pass protector fitting their scheme better). I think it is likely they either let Williams handle the bulk of the snaps or a FA, using Jones for designed pass plays or maybe the 2-minute drill.
  5. This. I don't know where he got that I was "saying with certainty" when I was actually just throwing out guesses at percentages. Saying with certainty would be "I think there's a 100% chance it is Williams." I don't think that. To further illustrate the logic behind the % guesses: I was reading an article last week that said it is very unlikely the Packers lean on Montgomery as a FA in 2019 - the strategy would be to stick with Williams/Jones as the future and see if it works while using Montgomery as a fail safe for injuries and then letting him walk. Then they'll have 3 years of super cheap RBs. Seemed like good logic which is why I put Montgomery last. Williams was drafted higher, was higher on the depth chart, and is now performing as a bell cow back, which is why I put him at 50%. Jones might have the talent to be a feature back, but I think GB uses him as CoP in their system.
  6. Sorry to nit pick, but that was the first drive of the game, so if they had kicked a field goal, Tampa would have had a possession.
  7. I didn't realize you'd get butt hurt so badly about someone disagreeing with you about Jones (and it's not even like I've stated he's a JAG, like you have about Williams). I stated my guesses and left it open for you to state yours. I didn't state that mine were some sort of guaranteed locks. But on the back of his last 4 performances, someone would have to be blind to logic to think Williams is on the verge of losing 50%+ of the carries in two weeks. No one knows for sure, but it's pretty obvious who it will be barring injuries.
  8. I don't disagree at all, but these things happen.
  9. Either. I mean, I think we all know that GB won't be making a big splash in free agency, so I'd probably rule out Bell, Crowell, and Hyde. But guys like Dion Lewis, McKinnon, and Alex Collins could present a problem for Williams/Jones/Montgomery fans if the price is right.
  10. Keep hope alive, I guess, but that didn't work as well in reverse. In all seriousness, assuming they don't run a true 3-way RBBC, who do you think has the best odds of getting 50%+ of the snaps (per healthy game) next season? I'll go first: Jamaal Williams - 50% chance Someone not on the current roster - 35% chance Aaron Jones - 10% chance Ty Montgomery - 5% chance
  11. It wasn't directed at anyone in particular - it has been mentioned in the forum that he's a plodder, though, likely based on combine numbers. I think you were the one that brought up the very relevant point of BMI, but after watching Williams run, do you see what I mean that he defies his BMI? The guy runs with power. I don't think Jones does, despite being a similar weight. I'm not really advocating for anyone to trade the farm for Williams, but those of us who drafted him got him in the late 2nd or early 3rd round. Given RB bust rate, I'd say he's proven enough NFL capability in the past 4 games to give him better odds of a fruitful NFL career than a rookie in the late 1st of dynasty leagues, although I would need to look at 5+ years of old dynasty drafts to really back that up. I've always felt the odds started to get long around midway through the 1st round. I mean, we never feel that way in the moment, but the last time I looked at old drafts, that's what struck me. I hear what you're saying about guys that only really help for a year or two, but how do you know when you're looking at a Devonta Freeman or Latavius Murray? I mean, seriously, look at their careers. Who would you have been betting on after 2015? They both were rocking 4.0 ypc, while Murray had the much better combine numbers. I'm not expecting Williams to become Peterson, but his upside is much higher than you suspect. I could see him turning into Freeman (starter contract) or Murray (backup contract). Although we both know GB won't be giving out a Freeman-esque contract to any RB. I haven't seen enough of Jones or read enough about him to speak to his ability, but I did read about Jamaal coming out of college and I liked his fit with GB. They don't need a homerun threat at RB (not that Jones particularly is one, but that's the picture his owners like to paint). They need a guy that can get the tough yards and keep Rodgers upright. From a fantasy perspective, that means this player is likely getting goal line touches and playing passing downs. Don't get me wrong, pass catching backs who are crap at pass blocking and have no power (Woodhead for example) have found their way to fantasy relevance, but Williams skill set has a much easier path to relevance, IMO. Like you said, time will tell, but I think the Packers drafted Williams first for a reason and it is playing out now just as they'd hoped (except for the part where Rodgers got injured). It wouldn't shock me to see them using Williams and Jones next year in a Murray/McKinnon or Freeman/Coleman type of fashion, except that so far this year they've been rolling with one guy for 80%+ of the snaps. If they continue that, my money is on Williams... and if that happens, he'll be a top 10 fantasy RB based on volume and opportunity even if he's a middling talent like some think.
  12. Did you guys see him "plod" his way through that defender for the TD? http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2017120304/2017/REG13/Buccaneers@Packers?icampaign=scoreStrip-globalNav-2017120304#menu=gameinfo|contentId%3A0ap3000000887370&tab=videos
  13. Nah, he's still making people miss and slipping tackles like a champ. The offense as a whole is just not very good, though. Carr and Cooper both don't look the same as last year.
  14. Nobody can really say yet, but if I had to guess I'd say that he is active. I can't imagine anyone wanting to start him, though.
  15. Again, we're talking about limited touches over four games... with the backups... in preseason (maybe even less for Mays - I didn't check him at all). Waldman said Williams looked hesitant in the preseason so I'll grant you he wasn't playing his best ball, but I have to take issue with the use of "significantly". Seems like hyperbole. You want that to be true, but it's the preseason, neither one played that much, and Jones was playing later into the game than Williams. But when Ty got hurt, Williams was still 2nd on the depth chart, Jones was 3rd, and Mays was inactive. If those guys really "significantly" outplayed him, how long does getting drafted a round ahead of Jones buy Williams time on the depth chart if he's actually getting outplayed? He must've been doing something the coaches liked in practice to keep that spot for so long and to warrant those 1st team reps. The Packers are pretty clearly going with the hot hand. They were giving Ty like 90% of the snaps earlier in the year, then Jones was getting 80%+, and now Williams is. If Williams sucks and Jones is a stud, then take solace in the fact that Jones will get another shot. This will be one of the most interesting backfields to watch going into next season.