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  1. I'm not saying there couldn't be a worse situation out there, but I'd hoped he would've landed somewhere that he'd start the season higher than 4th on the WR depth chart (and 5th on target distribution due to Reed's presence). I was hoping he'd land in a situation like Aiken did. But if Doctson isn't looking sharp in preseason, Quick might be back on my radar.
  2. Thanks - I definitely missed that. I'm guilty of not scrolling back far enough.
  3. Well, that's why I'm saying quality of QB needs to be taken into consideration when looking backwards. Can't just compare Diggs' 13 game stats with Bradford vs. Tyrell's 16 game stats with Rivers and use that to draw a conclusion as to who should be valued higher going forward in dynasty. In just 1-2 years, their situations will likely have changed drastically so the context of their past 2 seasons is valuable.
  4. Ah, sure, enough I did read that wrong. I should've copied and pasted my quote, but I'm lazy and typing is faster. So I agree, from a competition standpoint they both had pretty good situations, but put them on each other's teams and I think 16 games of Diggs with Rivers and no good + healthy players would be awesome, whereas Tyrell was merely decent. Tyrell with Bradford, Thielen, and Rudolph... well, he'd probably be about as much of a household name as he was 12 months ago today. The problem is that everyone seems to play PPR and you can't ignore 100 receptions. If you don't play PPR then I understand some reservation, but even if you do, you can't ignore what Diggs has done in his first two years with mediocre to bad QB play. Even if he's still got two more years remaining on his MIN (production jail) contract (sentence), he's still producing from a PPR standpoint and he's got the hope of blowing up if he leaves or if MIN gets a decent downfield passer one day. The guy is commanding targets and catching them and he's very young. Top 40 doesn't seem unreasonable to me. His health concerns would probably scare me away from that price, but if I can trade for him this offseason without paying a top 40 price, I'm going to do it. Tyrell, however, I want no part of. I don't think he'll ever be a week 1 WR1 and I don't like to roster guys with the hope of his WR1 counterpart getting injured. I think there's a decent chance a healthy Benjamin is actually an equal or better player than Tyrell and consequently his dynasty value falls off a cliff by this time next year. Diggs however has proven his worth. He just needs to prove he can stay healthy.
  5. Damn, was hoping he'd be a nice sleeper this year. That depth chart is too crowded. It's like Philly-lite over there.
  6. Well, you said "both had nearly identical situations to break out last year" and a WR's situation is largely based on QB quality. So if you're admitting Bradford isn't even close to as good as Rivers then you're admitting that statement was ridiculous. So I'm glad we cleared that up. I totally agree that Bradford is the QB there for 2017 so we need to take that into consideration for projecting 2017 but that's not at all what you said. Not cool to move the goal posts. Also, you said Thielen outproduced Diggs, but he didn't. He accumulated more stats due to Diggs missing time. When Diggs was on the field, he was productive, at least from a PPR standpoint. He was not very useful in 0ppr due to the decline in YPR and the lack of TDs. But with TDs being so unpredictable and my perception that he's not a Jarvis Landry type player, I'm all about acquiring him in both formats. I'm not sure why you are acting like Thielen and Rudolph are JAGs. Rudolph has been held back by situation but was once a highly touted prospect and he was like 26 or 27 last year. Thielen proved his worth last year. If there was a good comparison to be made, it should be Thielen and Williams. Also not sure why you keep touting Williams' stats when we just agreed that Williams had the much better QB. I think we can also agree that a one-legged Benjamin is not as good as Thielen and that Gates is not as good as Rudolph at this point in his career. Sure, Henry looks pretty good, but he was a rookie behind Gates so SD was slow to utilize him, thus he wasn't costing Williams any targets. Bottom line, Diggs has produced both years with subpar QB play and he beat out a 1st round rookie to keep his #1 target status. Williams has had one year in which he put up decent stats as the only real option on his team with a great QB. I don't see why there is any controversy here about why Diggs is valued higher in the dynasty community than Williams. Bradford's contract is up after 2017 and Diggs' contract is up in 2018. His QB situation will likely get better. There are only a few QBs in the NFL whose skill set matches Williams' skill set as well as Rivers' does, so it's likely we've already seen his ceiling. Even in redraft, Williams will be WR2a next year while Diggs is his team's WR1.
  7. what?!?! First of all, are we saying Rivers = Bradford?? C'mon. Second, I guess we're going to ignore the fact that Diggs was injured last year? Third, Tyrell had the benefit of Keenan AND Benjamin being injured last year while he was fully healthy. Even with the nagging injuries, Diggs' 13 games extrapolate to a 16 game total of 103/1111/4. So if you play PPR, that's a pretty big boost. If you don't, the volume should give you hope that his year 3 YPR more closely resembles his year 1. And those 2016 numbers were with a healthy Thielen and Treadwell. If Treadwell's role grows, I'm thinking he'll take over SOME of the targets vacated by Charles Johnson and Patterson (107 targets). Tyrell on the other hand will only see players returning to take targets. All in all, I understand some skepticism about Diggs, but can't comprehend this comparison. It makes no sense. FWIW, I own neither player, but I am definitely putting out feelers on Diggs. The only thing that concerns me is health. I think (could definitely be wrong) that's the only reason he dropped to the 5th round and it appears to be well founded. He was once a 5 star recruit - one of the top recruits in the country coming out of high school and he made an immediate impact as a true freshman. Combine stats have shown no correlation with NFL production, however breakout age and the college dominator rating are decent indicators: https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/stefon-diggs/ https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/tyrell-williams/
  8. Damn, 15 minutes late. I was going to hop in here and sarcastically state "Back it up! They just signed Quinton Patton!"
  9. You should definitely be able to use him to get into the 1.04 or 1.05. If I had the 1.05 I'd be very tempted to trade it straight up for Diggs. I'd probably want a little more for the 1.04. Yeah, it's crazy how undervalued he is. I think they brought in a OG and OC in free agency. In my (likely unpopular opinion), Britt = Pryor. They can't get worse at QB... right? So his arrow should be pointing up. Detractors will point to the fact that a lot of his points came from breakaway runs, but if not for those runs those same people would probably call him a plodder. I was honestly surprised that he clocked one of the fasted TDs in the NFL last year. Would be pretty interesting to see an alternative universe where he and DJ swapped teams...
  10. I just don't understand why they'd sign anyone if they're shooting for 7-9 best case scenario. Does Roger require teams to at least pretend to make an effort? To me it just looks a lot like the Kerry Collins signing by Indy when they got Luck. And for the record, I'm not 100% sure what was going on there. Part of me agrees with you that there isn't tanking in the NFL, but part of me (with the benefit/bias of hindsight) thinks Indy did tank for Luck. Either way, I empathize with you Jets fans. As a Texans fan I think the only difference between the two teams is that we're in an easier division. The level of management is similarly poor between the two teams.
  11. Well, he's two years older and apparently brittle as hell. So I'm pretty sure we'll get to see them both. And I guess his 2015 could count as a "decent stretch" but the fact that it was broken up with two different stretches of missed games kind of taints it in my mind. I know nobody likes Cutler, but I think they'd win more games with him than McCown/Petty. But now that I think about it, he's getting kind of brittle, too.
  12. Noticed an interesting stat just now. Saints ranked #1 in the NFL with 3,559 WR receiving yards. The Patriots ranked 23rd with 2,475 WR receiving yards. The TDs were 24 to 16.
  13. By "some decent stretches", do you mean "a single 8 game stretch in a 13 year career"?
  14. J.McCown:Jets::K.Collins:Colts ?
  15. Jerry paid Romo the going rate for a franchise QB. Don't pretend Jerry did him a favor. If anything, Romo (via Parcells) saved Jerry. Dallas was floundering for quite a few years and Bledsoe's job was not difficult to steal. Remember Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter, and Drew Henson? Hell, that's probably why Jerry is being a DB about this whole thing. He probably still holds a grudge against Houston for the Drew Henson trade. As for Romo conceding his job... you seriously think Romo had a choice in the matter? I'm sure he was told it was Dak's job. So he could either throw a fit to the media and look petulant or he could keep it classy. Seems he did the only rational thing. @ the alpha male comment. His team ranked 30th in pass attempts. He did the Brady/Roethlisberger/Wilson path - lean on the rest of your team, don't turn the ball over, occasionally convert a 3rd and long. Nothing wrong with that path at all, but he didn't alpha male the entire league. Luck/Newton came much closer to that than Dak.