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  1. Joe's comment came while I was posting, but I meant my last line. I was just explaining where my earlier comment came from. I'm currently on the Abdullah bandwagon so I don't want to derail his thread.
  2. I don't at all. Just calling a spade a spade. You posted like 30 times in here after week 1, all of it negative, with plenty of inconsistencies... such as saying "there's no way he gets 50 targets" after he had 3 targets in 1 week, and you said you were "not just on the bandwagon but driving then bandwagon" yet then claimed you only had him in a single league one year and you got him late - very strange for someone driving a bandwagon. It all seemed fishy and overly negative. If you don't have him and don't want to have him, why spend so much time in the thread dogging the player? I'm all about some devil's advocate, but the sheer number of posts and content was very troll-like. I didn't mean for my to get things so off topic, but when Mavis joined in with the nonsense (sorry, Riddick is not a powerful runner) and I saw he had an actual picture of hot sauce as his avatar, it seemed like too much of a coincidence. So apologies to all, including you, for the temporary derailment. I'll speak of it no further.
  3. I'm not someone who is "all in" on him. Acquired him in a single league for dirt cheap while he was injured. So yes, I've got a dog in this fight, but I've go so little skin the game that I feel I can be unbiased. I genuinely don't understand why White gets touches over Lewis. Lewis looks electric when he touches the ball and can surprisingly run between the tackles pretty well in addition to his obvious pass catching skills. Lewis also has obvious pass catching skills, but is below JAG level as a runner, thus limiting the effective plays that can be called when he's in the game. So what's the motivation for using White over him? I really don't get it. They kind of remind me of the Abdullah/Riddick combo (one guy can run+catch, one guy can only catch), except if Abdullah was straight up riding the bench...
  4. That just reminded me... earlier in the thread when Hot Sauce Guy was trolling hard in here I mentioned that I thought HSG = Mavis... Mavis has now joined in the trolling, Mavis' avatar is picture of hot sauce, and my post saying I think they are the same person has somehow been deleted. not trying to start any trouble, just sayin'...
  5. Because those are all situational things. From a talent/long-term standpoint, he still looks very promising. And he is quick and elusive enough that he could easily house it. I once saw LenDale White score an 80 yard TD. You don't have to be the fastest guy on the field in the 100 yard dash to score a long TD. In fact, being able to juke a DB and accelerate back up to top speed quickly (even if it's not that high end) is just as important for long gains as top speed is. A slow first gear will get you caught quicker than a slow top gear! People act like his current usage is indicative of his abilities. To me, if Charles can be used for ~250 touches/year, including goal line, I don't see why Abdullah couldn't. Abdullah is a little more compact, but they are similar weights. Athletically they are quite different (Charles didn't have the same burst, but Abdullah lacks Charles' long speed) however from a usage perspective I think AA could be used similarly to JC in his prime. Another comparison I like is Tiki Barber. But while he's stuck in this RBBC, people need to back off the binary thinking. It's like the naysayers want to say because his situation precludes him from top 10 numbers, that he's a waste of a roster spot. He was drafted around RB23. If we're down with analyzing a 2 game sample, my takeaway is that he's faced two tough defensive fronts and gotten some very promising workloads which indicate that, despite a slow statistical start, he has a high probability of returning good value (RoS) for his original RB23 price tag. I would feel a lot better about Abdullah at RB23 than CMC at RB12 or Lamar Miller at RB13. For reference, Mixon was RB19, Ingram was RB21, Powell was RB24, and Coleman was RB25. And really, just scanning the ADP list, I'm not seeing anyone below him that I'd consider an upgrade over him*. I'm sure I'm missing someone, but nothing that stands out at the moment. So to me that indicates that, while not a high upside RB this season, AA does appear to be good value... contrary to the narrative that he's fantasy garbage due to no goal line touches** and Riddick's presence. *I think I mentioned in a previous post in this thread that CJA (RB22) and Martin (RB26) were other guys in AA's range that I liked - I still consider them good values, too. I'm not someone who views his lineup as fixed, so I like to take a shotgun approach and see who stands out and/or play the matchups. **As already mentioned by someone else, he's got 2 of the team's 5 carries inside the 10 yard line this year
  6. Haha, how did he steal 3 TDs from Cooper? At this point if Cooper gets any redzone targets he's stealing them from Crabtree. I think Cooper dropped 2 redzone targets in week 1. I guess Derek Carr learned his lesson. That being said, my only 0-2 team has Cooper as my WR3. I didn't really want him, but it was auction and he was shockingly cheap.
  7. From a dynasty perspective, though, he is not what he is/has been in Detroit. He should be getting utilized in the passing game. Given his skill set, his lack of usage there borders on criminal. But it's just been 2 games. Maybe they'll find a way.
  8. I should add that Garett Bolles' injury is just a bone bruise. He's week-to-week. It'll hurt CJA to lose him for a few weeks, but much better than a broken ankle.
  9. I can see it both ways... he played 29 snaps with 17 rushes and 0 receptions. That's like Ingram earlier in his career. It's hard on a RB when the OC is tipping his hand every time he's in the game. I think 10 of his 17 carries came on first down. He's not being put in a position to excel, buuut he's played some tough defenses and he looked pretty good this week when he got a little blocking. He mostly got unlucky in that his one screen got called back on a phantom penalty and he was frequently swarmed by defenders at or behind the line of scrimmage, yet he still broke two carries for over 20 yards. I'm still cautiously optimistic. He looks quick and elusive - saw him make a few people miss yesterday. The blocking hasn't been good, but Decker is eventually going to return. Possibly as early as game #7 (week 8). The offense as a whole looks good, so the opportunities will be there as the year progresses (and as they play weaker defenses).
  10. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000847903/Ameer-Abdullah-powers-downfield-for-34-yard-gain Well, it was a nice run, but he'd have finished it off better if he'd seen the guy to his left. He was focused on the guy on his right and decided to cut left... which unfortunately was right into a tackler. If he'd stayed full speed and took on the tackler on to his right (either stiff arm him or hope Marvin catches up and blocks), he'd have gotten at least another 10-15 yards. But I really don't know who you think would've taken that to the house. Bell, DJ, Gordon, Freeman, Howard... none of those guys are burners.
  11. Well, they did at least throw him the one screen that went for 19 yards but was called back on a BS holding call on Lang. Also worth keeping in mind that Stafford only threw 21 passes.
  12. I selfishly hope you are right, but I think it was more about game flow (resting Murray in a blow out). Henry only had 2 touches in the first half and only 4 touches while it was a 2 score game. He didn't take over until it was 23-3 with a few minutes left in the 3rd quarter.
  13. I'm definitely no Eli fan, but keep in mind that a bad OL makes QBs look bad. Eli's PFF grade was 74 last night. I mean, Dalton looks like he's in decline, too, due to his OL and he's only 30. Brady looked bad when KC was pressuring him, but he seems to be fine.
  14. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-refocused-denver-broncos-42-dallas-cowboys-17 Sounds like he didn't need the OL blocking very well for him Sunday: "Anderson didn’t get much help up front from his offensive line, but was still quite effective as a runner. He averaged over three yards after contact per carry, forced six missed tackles, and found the endzone once. He added another 36 yards as a receiver on three catches where he scored another touchdown."