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  1. My comment was in reply to a comment about taking the lid off defenses. But your comment does make me wonder, do you think there is a lot of fantasy opportunity elsewhere on the field considering AJ Green is a target hog and Eifert is a red zone hog? Yeah, it's not as bad as people make it out to be, but keep in mind that's only half the equation. That offensive line just got a LOT worse over the offseason. Dalton will be lucky to be upright at the end of a 7 step drop...
  2. The question is will defenses really fear the Ross/Dalton combo that much or would they rather double AJ and dare Dalton to try to throw it deep to Ross? Personally, I'm not enthused about this landing spot for Ross.
  3. What concerns? Another lacerated spleen? Doesn't concern me one bit. As for Matthews, I guess I just don't trust the TEN passing game like I trust Rivers/Whisenhunt. Matthews/Mariota don't have the Keenan/Rivers rapport, either. So I can see why his stock is getting hurt. He's also never been a big volume guy, so his upside was always in question. However, I do agree that it's always a good gamble to bet on the veteran maintaining more targets than people expect when a rookie enters the equation.
  4. The injuries are fluky. I'd see this as a buying opp for Keenan. People are down on him due to an ACL and ruptured spleen and they just spent a high pick on a WR. The hit rate of 1st round WRs is like 50%, right? And they don't all break out as rookies. Personally, I wasn't high on Williams, so as a Keenan fan, I'm not overly worried. I'll be putting in offers where I don't have him and targeting him in redraft.
  5. Bears week 13 win over the 49ers cost them 3 picks
  6. This is such bush league bull****. I can't stand Rick Smith. You don't build a team by trading away draft picks. People forget that the only way to survive in the NFL is to hit on your draft picks because those are the only affordable contracts. So not only do we rarely hit on our draft picks, but now we don't have any of the highest percentage draft picks next year. We are mortgaging the future to roll the dice. The Texans are now like the degenerate gamblers of the NFL. If we don't hit on Watson, we're up **** creek... The only way to save the franchise would be to somehow get lucky like the Saints when they found Drew Brees (and even that was a huge roll of the dice after that injury). If the blind squirrel that is the Saints can find a nut, I guess Rick Smith feasibly could, too, if we foolishly keep employing him. Statistically, it's bound to happen, right? Maybe Rick gets lucky and Watson pays off, but sometimes the ball hog, turnover prone shooting guard banks in a 3 pointer to win the game. Doesn't make it a good decision. Rick has botched offseasons pretty badly, but to me this is the worst one yet. We blow a 2nd rounder to clear cap space (from Rick's botched contract last year) for Romo and then fail to get Romo so we freak out and trade TWO first round picks for a poor man's Jameis Winston. I really, really hope he pans out. I also really hope we don't overpay Hopkins with the cap money we bought with that 2nd round pick. He's a good, not great WR. Don't be fooled by those garbage time stats from 2015. If he gets a top 5 WR salary...
  7. Nope. It was his worst game because, while he did have some big stats, a mediocre WR would have had massive stats. His finger didn't hurt his ability to track the ball. He just doesn't have that ability. I think I mentioned earlier in this thread that Waldman broke it down play-by-play and called him out as a bad WR. This guy is a waste of a roster space. He has the athletic ability, but not the talent.
  8. Nothing to see here, folks. People forget that his best game last year was also his worst game. Stat sheets can be deceptive. Can't track the ball. Can't catch the ball. I don't care how big or fast someone is, you gotta be able to do both of those and he's awful at both aspects.
  9. Sounds like you are agreeing that he's productive when healthy. Maybe you're slipping.
  10. It's called points per game, son. Look into it. When he was a starter in 2014 (weeks 10-17) he was the #1 RB scorer. He started 2015 hurt, but from week 8-17 he was RB16 despite only 85 carries (the top 21 RBs of that span had at least 100 carries except for him). In 2016, he was RB10 through 7 weeks until he was lost for the season to injury. So I think that paints the picture of what he's capable of when healthy and what people are referring to as bouncing back. I thought that much was clear, but I didn't realize it was such a tough concept to grasp. To me, if Denver doesn't draft someone and Booker is his chief competition then I expect him to "bounce back" to his ~RB10 scoring pace of 2016. Nobody is expecting his RB1 pace of 2014 nor his supposed RB6 ADP from 2015 that you can't stop talking about. His ADP in 2016 was RB13. I expect it to be much lower in 2017. I don't know why I'm bothering replying to you, though. Your troll game is weak.
  11. Um, I've got news for you... nobody is desperately referencing his 2015 ADP here except for you. It's 2017. Nobody cares about 2015, much less 2015's ADP. I'll admit I liked him in 2015, but I mostly play auction and my strategy entails staying away from the top 10 WR and RB so I for one didn't have him in 2015. The title of this thread is "is CJA a bounce back candidate?" NOT "was RB6 a fair ADP for CJA in 2015?" So please get over it. You're just making yourself look silly.
  12. I had Booker in the one league I had CJA in last year and I also felt he looked really good to start the year. Was scared he was going to force it into a committee (his snaps increased in week 5). Was almost relieved when CJA left Booker the job. But then Booker looked like garbage. I feel like a lot of guys look good in a part time role, but then crap the bed when the lead back gets hurt. The first to come to mind is Charles Sims. I suspect Booker was a Kubiak draft pick, so I'm afraid he's bench fodder until he's a 28 year old FA. His upside is that he turns into a nice CJA handcuff, but judging by last year he's got no shot of beating out Anderson for that job (Anderson is only 1 year older than him). Anderson's cap number is really not that bad going forward. As the cap increases year to year, it'll look even more cap friendly when compared to free agent contracts signed in the coming years.
  13. The crazy thing is that Kubiak was still trying to split the carries in the first playoff game (16 carries, 38 yards for Hillman, 15 carries, 72 yards, 1 TD for CJA). But overall in the 2015 playoffs, Hillman had 32 carries @ 1.7 ypc while Anderson had 54 carries @ 4.3 ypc. After watching him for years in Houston, I still can't believe Kubiak won a super bowl. I am not, however, surprised that it was really the defense that won it for him.
  14. *double post delete*