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  1. That is awesome brother. There is no place like home. Godspeed to ya.
  2. Thank you gentlemen, happy to be here. Thank you for your service Max, I hope you are back home safe and sound soon to enjoy the fruits you have helped to provide all Americans.
  3. Good morning MAGA Brothers & Sisters, longtime lurker first time poster in the great place. First off, I want to thank all the MAGA folks for the yeoman's work you have done in the PSF, it is appreciated. You have not been silenced despite insults, slurs & shaming. Kudos for staying true to your beliefs. I don't know if this article has been posted on the PSF, and my apologies if it has, but I wanted to share it. I believe it is indicative of what is happening in America and portends good things come November. This lady gets it. God Bless America.
  4. Couldn't agree more Bozeman. The (imo) disingenuous arguments provided by many here are astounding.
  5. Probably searched for "best Harvard Constitutional Law specialist" and the wiki page for Dershowitz was the first to pop up. As the President was acquitted, ignorance is bliss, I guess.
  6. I didn't use the term "Harvard Constitutional Law specialist" nor did I state wiki did. I stated scholar of United States constitutional law, which is in the second sentence of the wiki article. When zftcg posted about his background being in criminal law and not constitutional law, I posted this: I beg your pardon if I was incorrect. I was going off the Wikipedia page I visited for the information I used. Perhaps I will have to inform them of the mistake. I have decided not to contact wiki on this issue. If either of you feel strongly enough about getting this information corrected perhaps you could embark on that journey. Regardless I stand by my position. The background in law of Professor Dershowitz speaks for itself, and I have confidence in his ability to apply that background to constitutional law. Pamela Karlan, Noah Feldman and Michael Gerhardt testified during the House Impeachment inquiry hearings. I believe they were presented as Constitutional Law Scholars. Their testimony didn't move the needle for me, but I'm not a Senator. Apparently their testimony didn't persuade a majority of Senators either. Thank you kindly for the offer, but I will decline your challenge. I believe it would be a fruitless endeavor, and I have no time to waste on those.
  7. Well that is your opinion and you are certainly entitled to that, but it is not a fact.
  8. You are correct, that was off topic. In your opinion his actions had zero to do with being prudent with taxpayer funds; if that is the case his actions must have been wasteful with taxpayer funds?
  9. The same can be said about most all of our elected officials.
  10. I beg your pardon if I was incorrect. I was going off the Wikipedia page I visited for the information I used. Perhaps I will have to inform them of the mistake.
  11. This President, each member of the House and the Senate. All elected officials.
  12. Seems reasonable because it is reasonable. I expect folks elected to office to be prudent with taxpayer dollars. If a country is known to have problems with corruption, elected officials are derelict (imo) if not leveraging aid to compel said country to investigate and reduce corrupt activities. Why did Congress appropriate aid in '17 & '18 with no strings attached to a country that was arguably more corrupt than it is now? Congress must never have been concerned about corruption, I guess. It may have taken a few years, but the Trump administration got around to it. Better late than never. As far as failing to give Congress a detailed written explanation for the delay in the aid, Alan Dershowitz has presented arguments why it is not illegal and they seem to be centered around the constitutional powers granted to the President regarding foreign policy. You may not agree with them, but with all due respect, I'm going to have to go with the classic liberal Harvard Law School scholar of United States constitutional law on this one.
  13. As I understand it, the aid was released before the end of the fiscal year and therefore in accordance with the law. Asking any country that accepts aid to investigate corruption, whatever type of corruption that may be, seems reasonable.
  14. This is what’s self-evidently false. It shocked and disturbed many lifelong Republicans — even some Trump appointees. What is John Bolton’s position on the political spectrum? What is Mitt Romney’s? What is mine? The idea that illegally jeopardizing our national security interests in order to gain an illegal advantage in a national election could never bother a neutral person — only a partisan Democrat — is complete nonsense. What was illegally done that jeopardized our national security interests in order to gain an illegal advantage in a national election?