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  1. looks like hes been smoking the good stuff
  2. They had to cut your pay so Bill Lumbergh's stock will go up a quarter of a point. Its not personal
  3. more importantly, how do i get one of these $1000/hr jobs?
  4. 🙄 a sixth month timeout? Is this kindergarten? Are we not adults allowed to speak freely? Imagine if this crypto account had a ton of money in it, now that would be quite the ####show 🤣
  5. 2 hours ago...number 9 meal and a hot fudge sundae
  6. Looks like they are shipping right around the time season 2 comes out. Sure to sell out just in time for the christmas rush and fetch $1000 on ebay
  7. Rendezvous with Rama series by Arthur C Clarke