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  1. I love the FBG subscriber contest, and this year made it to week 13, furthest I have ever made it. I was wonder what is this format called and is there any online options to do this? Also anyone know of any articles about ways to play... Thank you!
  2. I am the most freaking luckiest guy. I was playing one of my best friends/commish, I lost Locker in the morning games and he wouldn't stop chirping at me. I would have won with either guy. the final score was him 114.70 and me 135.70 below are our line ups. Commish's team Brees 43.60 LeVeon Bell 15.60 Demarco Murray 15.50 Ray Rice 5.60 Larry Fitzgerald 2.30 Jordy Nelson 5.60 Tyler Eifert 5.50 Matt Prater 4.0 Cincy Def 17.0 My Team Locker 3.00 Matt Forte 4.90 Pierre Thomas 23.10 (Stills 13.50) Brandon Marshal 25.90 Demaryius Thomas 28.80 Antonio Brown 10.40 Julius Thomas 15.60 Nick Novak 9.0 AZ def 15.00
  3. I am a Gordon homer, but I would rather keep Bush and trade A Brown for Gordon, Gordon has a harder schedule going forward, but I like him better
  4. Std scoring non ppr, QBs get 6 per td He has Brees and Demarco Murray going tonight. I am up around 45-55 points (depends on how Fitzgerald finishes) Do I play Pierre Thomas or Kenny Stills, I am tempted to play Stills, but if he has a stinker, then Brees and Murray could easily make up the points. Thoughts? Thank you!