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  2. not pats related, but I thought this was pretty cool
  3. Really? You are not sure what the hub bub is about two equipment guys who were illegally ALLEGEDLY tampering with game day balls and at the present time are the only ones BESIDES BRADY permanently out of the SUSPENDED ON THE job they were doing? this is why professional writers have editors I suppose I should refer you to my sig
  4. What is McNallys role in prepping the balls? could you really stop spamming these nonsense questions, plz? is a 240 page document followed up by a 20,000 word reply not extensive enough source material for you? ctrl F 'schleps' ^^
  5. So about those texts. about what texts? I know your answer will be garbage was wondering from a Pats fan a little more in touch with reality. then why were you asking me --- confused?
  6. Deep thoughts... Come on, you know you love us salty haters. Without us, what would you do at work all day? probably talk about the pats, read about the pats, sneak off to a bathroom to deflate my balls, etc
  7. sometimes I wonder what it must be like to spend more time thinking about a team you hate than the team you like. then the moment passes
  8. I was confusedthat's all you need to say --- pats fans don't judge or grudge
  9. I've seen all kinds of speculation about this, and I always wonder how likely it is this would really bite him in the ###. will these 31 other owners really give a crap if they're happy with all the money making goodell's supposedly doing? will he be able to just throw some guy like kensil to the wolves, etc? I really have no idea either way, but that kind of speculation usually comes off as wishful thinking. and assuming goodell just doesn't do an amazing flip flop this will be going to court