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  1. The better option must be for people who spend all day on the Internet ignoring their family, ignoring their health, ignoring everything else productive adults are supposed to do, being unemployed or simply a lazy employee.
  2. Do any of you actually research this virus or only get your information from The NY Times and CNN?
  3. Is it getting warmer or colder in Brazil? Is it getting warmer or colder in the US?
  4. If we were testing 500k people every day back in Jan, Feb, Mar, there probably would have been 50k cases per day. Also, the data is not very good. Some states include antibody results Some states include multiple tests on the same person Some states are doing more focused testing since testing capacity has increased such as prisons that have high positive % Lags from weekend reporting and massive data dumps
  5. 60% of deaths were in nursing homes because governors sent infected back in for some stupid reason. The result of locking everybody inside killed more people.
  6. Yes. I was being sarcastic. The paranoia is going to kill many more than the virus itself
  7. 1.5 million healthcare workers no longer employed since February. How is that possible? I thought COVID was killing everyone.
  8. You don’t believe the CDC which is hilarious. 670k 360k 310k is a steep hill to climb. Maybe we get there in two more weeks or two more weeks after that. Worldwide flu numbers are worse. I bet 2018 was miserable for you staying inside all winter when everyone else was outside enjoying their life carefree.
  9. Yes, they have incentive to lie about deaths. They are definitely over counted until lawsuits start hitting nursing homes. That will clean up the fake numbers lightning quick.
  10. you just said you trusted WHO more than the CDC. I post an article from the WHO that says up to 650k die yearly from the flu (more like 670k adjusted for population). It’s the flu...Actually, if it continues to fade like most seasonal viruses, it’s quite possible it’s not really as bad as the flu. Never can be too sure about two more weeks though!!
  11. it’s the flu man. Go outside, stop having unreasonable paranoia, and please go outside and get some vitamin D
  12. 😂 what exactly are your professional qualifications to conclude that it’s total crap?