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  1. 17 Mile Drive is really not that great. I wouldn't make an extra trip to see it on limited time.
  2. 🤣🤣 great game script to get carries and still couldn't do anything. Glad I benched him. High chance I cut him and Darrel this week.
  3. It's too bad this guy isn't playing on a team that uses a bellcow approach to RB.
  4. Yahoo's projections have been glitching all day. Earlier all the defenses were projected to score 0.00. Dam Williams was just projected 0.00 for a few minutes - it's probably an ominous sign that I shouldn't start this guy even as my RB4
  5. The Patriots are 6-0 with the largest point differential in the NFL and someone thinks they regret cutting Thomas 🤣 Edelman, Meyers, Dorsett, Harry is more than enough for what they need to do on offense. They would sign Antonio Brown again if it really helped them win football games.
  6. A first round fantasy RB available in the fifth round seemed like a no brainer draft, but now I'm not so sure. Their OL is terrible right now and splitting work with Ekeler is no bueno.
  7. that makes no sense. Any player can get injured.
  8. Let me know when you go back to the other "greatest fantasy defenses ever" and analyze how they performed against real teams. I guarantee their schedule was soft as butter too. Get it?
  9. 🤣 I'm sure losing their starting QB in the second game has nothing to do with it.
  10. They also held a healthy Roethlisberger and Pittsburgh to three points.
  11. Uh, why wouldn't you want to draft a defense that plays a soft schedule?
  12. Anyone who did their research knew how good this defense was going to be.
  13. This was just posted and there are pictures of Postle looking at a blue screen.