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  1. I'm convinced there isn't a single LeBron nut lover here who has figured out that basketball is a team sport.
  2. I have never seen any source that has historical playoff odds, unfortunately. Certainly, the closing line is the most representative of the true odds of the series since sharps will adjust it appropriately. The only site I found showed San Antonio -125, Miami +105 for 2013-14 (53.2%, 46.8% win probabilities), but those listed are opening odds. I'm stubborn, but you certainly could be right that the Spurs closed as larger favorites 2013-14. The Spurs had the best record that year which surprised me the odds were so tight. I disagree when people talk about how impressive winning against the Spurs was especially because they won 66 games in 2012-13.
  3. The Heat were massive favorites in 2013 and basically a coinflip in 2014. Decent effort though.
  4. They should rename the Patrick Ewing theory the James Harden theory. No team is winning a ring with his defense.
  5. Lots of great articles on Stevens especially with ATO plays. Boston is very lucky to have him.
  6. Clevelands offensive efficiency was something like 1.3 ppp when he was on the court. This bigger lineup is a better matchup - IT was too small to matchup with anyone
  7. My bad. By all means, keep regurgitating the same joke. The first 1000 times certainly hasn't been enough.
  8. Always entertaining stuff from a miserable Kansas fan who has suffered through more than a decade of choking. The funniest part was that you actually believed they were good this year.