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  1. Don't worry DD, your friend bores me. As long he stops taking a #### in the wagering thread, I won't post in here for the remainder of the series and let you guys enjoy the series.
  2. Anyways, I have better things to do. Try not to follow me around anymore so I can let these guys enjoy the World Series.
  3. Patriots and Raiders If you weren't such a square, your account would have been worth more than $0 since 2006.
  4. By all means, fade me @Limp Ditka At least they offered a 50% reload bonus over there tonight. Although, I doubt you will be able to clear the rollover
  5. You really are a square. You know nothing about the markets. You made a HUGE mistake reloading your EMPTY account
  6. Patriots were the squarest non-primetime game books have ever seen. It's no wonder you had to reload
  7. I chose not to respond to you after reading your post in here the other night. How about stop stalking me now?
  8. I was at the game where TO took the cheerleader's pom poms. Crowd was going crazy because it was unexpected and different. That appeal of what is he going to do next keeps people watching.
  9. Who do you think has the most value at MVP if Cleveland wins?
  10. When do they post these? I saw them early in the season but haven't seen them recently
  11. Vegas going to get killed if they win straight up / covers teasers. Last week was their best week of the year because PIT lost.