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  1. Stephanie Wash‏Verified account @WashNews 1h1 hour ago Jesus Campos was set to do 5 intvs tonight per union president, but they’ve lost contact. “We were in a room & we came out & he was gone” 7:43 PM - 12 Oct 2017 Stephanie Wash‏Verified account @WashNews 1h1 hour ago Media scrum tonight as we learn security officer shot in Vegas attack, Jesus Campos’ whereabouts are unknown. 7:46 PM - 12 Oct 2017 What exactly is going on with this case? It doesn't seem like real life.
  2. The majority of them will be broke soon anyways. I bet then they will have an epiphany of what they were actually being paid to do.
  3. Yes, these players who will eventually be cut and eventually go broke should be laughed at.
  4. They have only won two games since last season. Maybe they should focus more on winning some games and not what demonstration formation they are doing for the week. After all, that is the only thing they are being paid to do. WIN FOOTBALL GAMES.
  5. I love how the Kaep supporters scream for the Vikings to replace Keenum and then he shreds the Bucs today.
  6. Seems like a number of owners squizz loved to call racist are coming to the defense of the players.
  7. Isn't he the one who drafted Durant, Russell, Harden, etc? The dude is
  8. The 49ers were a SB caliber team without him. If Williams doesn't fumble twice in the NFCC, they play in the SB the year before with Alex Smith. He was fortunate to inherit an incredible team and play behind the best OL in the NFL.
  9. What incentive do I have to say he sucks if he really doesn't? I've been a 49ers fan all my life.
  10. The people defending CK's football "talent"
  11. Everything you write is so painful to read. Sleep off your alcohol and apologize in the morning.
  12. That's generous of you to imply he's using ANY sort of logic.