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  1. Mall shooter was shouting "Allahu Akbar". Looks like you are wrong (obviously)
  2. The video I watched cited the exact same person for both the first version (lying on the street) and second version (2nd floor recording them in handcuffs). New cell phones can record several minutes of video unless they were using some old POS phone. This made it seem likely they purposely edited the video to exclude the actual shooting. This goes back to my point is people will view video "evidence" differently and usually only from one side immediately after something happens. Unfortunately, the media profits the most when it fits a narrative that will get the most clicks and views. It does sound more like this is a terrible mistake by the officers.
  3. That's the one I watched. You could be right - Google maps shows that it is actually a T-intersection at the address given. The grass on both sides in the second part made it look like it wasn't an intersection. The angle is definitely different for the second part. A bizarre case. Will be interesting to hear the developments for this situation. I still don't like how we all immediately make up our minds about these officer involved shootings. That is not making our country better.
  4. No, I don't think so either. They are sitting on the ground in an intersection Video cuts out It appears they are both being detained NOT in an intersection. It seems to me they both moved locations for some reason. I want to know what precisely happens that caused the shooting.
  5. A bunch of idiots in here who think they know precisely what happened.
  6. If the autistic kid gets up, starts screaming violently, and running towards the officers with his hands under his shirt (again, the officers have reason to believe he might have a gun), then everything he said means nothing because the kid is now an immediate threat.
  7. I think it's a lot more reasonable that the autistic kid - you know the one that the police reasonably believe has a gun, is screaming "stupid" and "idiot" at his caregiver, and is not listening to repeated commands from the officer - showed some kind of aggression or concerning motion towards the officers and was the target of the shooting. Yet, somehow conveniently the person recording this video decided to stop right before all of this transpired. I want to know A) why would someone record a minute of a guy with his hands up suddenly stop recording and B) why a police officer would risk his career and livelihood to starting shooting two people sitting in the middle of the road. Some major change in the situation seems to be missing. I want to know all of the facts before judging this situation, not play Monday morning quarterback like everyone loves to do now with these officer involved shootings.
  8. lol that is really dumb to think that way.
  9. Why are you immediately jumping to the conclusion that charges should be filed?
  10. You have video of the actual shooting? Link?
  11. We have turned into a nation where everyone is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty except cops.
  12. That's according to the person who was shot and potentially going to score a very large monetary settlement. If there is indisputable evidence he had his hands up the entire time and the autistic kid didn't do anything else to cause concern, that damning video would have been released to the media by the recorder already.
  13. Is it for certain the cell phone footage is now property of the police or was it released to the media by the recorder?
  14. I don't understand why the video cuts out before he gets shot. Did the autistic kid do something like charge the police officer or start reaching under his shirt? How does the cell phone recorder simply stop recording this incident?
  15. That's not very nice he called him a ho.