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  1. Youngstown St. (10-17) was a sharp ### play. I believe.
  2. lol trying to do my best to top GooRoo's story. I knew I had a fighting chance when I mentioned Excel.
  3. It's helpful to know how to do since vig generally increases as the difference in win probabilities gets larger. SBR use to have one under "tools" but I don't see it on my phone. Can google "vig free win probability calculator" and find one that doesn't infect your PC. I have mine built into Excel to help determine line moves for baseball.
  4. If KC is lined at -200, then the actual win probability is less than 66.7% if the vig > 0
  5. Fading closing lines has been more profitable overall than playing opening lines. It's the opposite of what one would expect. ETA: Overall, not BG in particular
  6. He's probably beating lines because nobody is paying for RAS anymore and just tailing him
  7. I make way too much money to be put on tilt by some nobody on the Internet.
  8. Not challenging at all. It's easy to assume you are a loser in all aspects of life.
  9. 35,000 posts. Keep wasting your pathetic life lol
  10. You tagged me like a ####### creep.
  11. You have 35 THOUSAND posts on an Internet forum and you think I have little to no social interactions? lol. I am too busy being successful in real life, not withering away on here like you.
  12. That's really creepy you are still obsessing over me
  13. I think this was the stat I saw on ESPN: If Atlanta didn't get any more yards, the FG would have been 39 yards. Bryant is 31/32 from under 40 yds in the 4Q+OT in his career.
  14. I have one post about it.. A perfect example is the #### hole the FFA has become.