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  1. Oh good. The worst schtick on the Internet has decided to visit.
  2. that will most likely be a heart attack from how I see these people live their life
  3. That's the great thing about spending an exorbitant amount of time on the internet though. Can't get bit by a dog if you never do anything except sit in an office chair.
  4. "sorry family, I can't hang out with you again tonight. I need to google and cry on the internet about a dog for the 1000th time"
  5. You should research how many stupid parents get their kids killed from owning a gun in their home.
  6. Same five people in here whining to each other. :shocked:
  7. I can’t believe this is a real life thread. People willingly do this every single day
  8. it was really funny how many people defended this average RB. Too bad the Rams didn’t catch on until after paying him an exorbitant amount of money.
  9. 2x Big Sky Player of the Year is basically the same as a 5x NBA champion and 2x Finals MVP 🤣
  10. No. It was a close game for 59 minutes. If the Chiefs had lost, then the narrative is Mahomes isn’t ready for the big time. The Chiefs were a great team the last two seasons. ALL of the 49ers lost to that great team, not only Garoppolo.
  11. Richie James almost lost the ball on his first punt return. But I believe the fumble recovery rate is a little over 50% so the 49ers probably should have been expected to recover one of them.