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  1. Is this like when "Random Shots" was supposed to change names after the CA mass shooting and then seven more emails titled "Random Shots" were sent out?
  2. Aw yes, like when you thought the Blazers couldn't be swept by the Warriors Shouldn't you go back in politics now getting more timeouts?
  3. Every year they get embarrassed in their elimination series because they don't belong there. 0-4 0-4 0-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 is probably a better site to post at if you seriously think they have a shot to complete for a ring.
  4. I really enjoy taking my cars to the track to race
  5. This was an interesting chart showing the tax implications if Durant went to Dallas vs NY/CA. It's surprising they didn't get more/any interest when factoring in how big of advantage they have here.
  6. Warriors trade DeAngelo Russell for Russell Westbrook and a bunch of draft picks. Westbrook actually plays team ball to get back at Durant and George leaving and they win the chip (lol)
  7. You want the finals MVP to return to the conference of your "favorite" team? You never make sense.
  8. The Summer League is so enjoyable to watch because the bonus isn't until 10 team fouls and no one ever fouls out. Less than two hours required to complete a 40 minute game.
  9. Woj said 5-7 months for Klay. That seems really optimistic and the ####storm if he got injured again after a quick return would be insane. The wildest rumor with no substance I saw was Russell and Green for Giannis