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  1. Can confirm, back in ‘09 or so in the Madden Franchise mode there was a fake QB you could draft in one of the pre-made rookie drafts, his name was Michael Bolt or something (Vick clone), and this is how I’d use him. Would drive my roommate insane in college.
  2. It still infuriates me that that rule was voted into place but the refs essentially rebelled and refused to reverse any of the calls that were extremely obviously wrong on replay. They basically boycotted the rule change and got their way, as a group. Bull####.
  3. I have to wait and see what this situation looks like with Doyle back before I’m comfortable starting or even flexing Mo. did he do enough to take over the job?
  4. I see stuff like this and feel dumb that I’m even waffling between Gage and Slayton. Guess I need to get used to the idea that Gage IS the upside play in comparisons like this now, and I’ve owned him since last season in dynasty
  5. Waffling between Slayton and the “safety” of Gage, myself.
  6. Hopkins, JuJu, AJB, Slayton are my other WRs. Best RB was...Mike Davis maybe? lol it’s a retool that’s hopefully nearing completion. Murray at QB and Waller at TE. Start 7.
  7. I’d rather they be sure he’s healthy, but hopefully this isn’t a sign that he’s not even close. Thinking about rolling out Humphries in the flex over Desean and J Cook.