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  1. Where are all the supporters who thought Trump fixed the NK situation earlier in the thread? Eerily quiet.
  2. Honestly the longer is goes on the more it does "feel" like the McCoy thing, as little as that matters. No new info, tons of speculation and fans blowing up but complete radio silence from all parties...then it just faded into nothing basically until some time went by and we found out what happened. I hope this is like that. But with his past history it obviously has a way higher chance of not being like that. To not acknowledge that would be silly.
  3. Either they'd cut him right away after the story hit the public the other day, or they'd cut him after some new information surfaces. Not on some random Tuesday night without more info. In my opinion. Could be wrong.
  4. He showed he had a zero tolerance policy by drafting a guy most of the league had crossed off their boards?
  5. I'm guys think, with his history, if the police were recommending charges they'd keep that child in that home...because the news broke on a Friday?
  6. Yeah, that's part of the dilemma for sure, the fact that Gurley could take a huge hit too, and then I've dow graded from Barkley for very little. Especially if this Tyreek stuff turns out to be nothing. Of course if the Gurley knee stuff is nothing then it's a steal anyways, maybe.
  7. I know it's not the right place...but this is tempting me. I know I'll feel stupid and wasteful if this situation isn't anything, especially since Gurley also seems like damaged goods. But I'm tempted.
  8. I was offered Kamara and Gurley for Barkley and Hill, if that helps anyone
  9. Landry and OBJ are buddies, I doubt they get rid of him. They want Mayfield to have all the tools he needs. Calloway is the WR3 and that's fine for them in real life terms.
  10. I don't think this theory really holds up. Look at Infinity War. They make a point of showing Cap and Black Panther freakishly pull ahead of the pack of rushing warriors, nearly inhuman leaps included. The implication being that the Super Soldier serum is pretty equivalent to the special magic flower that Black Panther ingests. And of course we've seen Winter Soldier stand toe to toe with BP and Cap, although he fell behind both in that sprint. So he's probably a tier behind in that regard. We've never seen Black Widow do anything that could be interpreted as superhuman in terms of athletic feats, the way Cap and BP did in Infinity War--her reflexes and agility, as well as her martial skills, are simply insane. So maybe it's manifesting differently--but imo they don't show her doing things like Cap and BP for a reason. She and Hawkeye are the absolute peak of normal human ability and physicality, but they're still just vanilla humans. Which in itself makes them interesting and badass heroes.
  11. AC: Odyssey is less than $20 on PSN. That's the newest one, right? Seems insanely cheap, so soon. Worth it? Have also been tempted by Vermintide 2 for $30 lately, since I have some people to play with. Seems like a fun multiplayer hack&slash experience.
  12. You are the one misunderstanding Stan Lee's superheroes by trying to remove politics from the movies about them: Link
  13. This loses some of its meaning when you realize that almost across the board, police officers protect each other and the department first. This type of fraternity means that it doesn't really matter that there are (we'd hope) more good cops than bad cops. That distinction is meaningless when they don't hold each other accountable, and neither do the courts.
  14. Are the drinks spread out, 2 per night or so, leading you to a 10-20 total? I'd say that's fine and pretty normal as long as you aren't drinking alone. A couple mixed drinks, beers, or glasses of wine most nights with the significant other or friends is how most of the people I know drink. Now that we're past the college/20's binge-drinking years.
  15. I might be misreading you here but these seem like incompatible posts, right?