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  1. Yeah, that's kind of what I was wondering. The last failed league had the same 3 year rule as the NFL I think. I'm not sure about the XFL. If they nixed that they could expand their talent base, but that might be a fight they don't want with the NCAA and NFL.
  2. Yes, but he correctly ferreted out that it was a Rob/Parvati plot right before it happened, but too late to do anything about it. You're being logical but he'll see them (Rob and Parv) as being the reason all those people felt like they had to make that vote, and he'll probably campaign to "take the game back" from them with those others in on the vote. Just my opinion. He seemed pissed.
  3. Jeremy just got blindsided by Rob/Pavarti right after he sniffed it out (asked Ben at Tribal in a whisper), they took out his #1 ally in Natalie. I don't think he's gonna be eager to work with them right now. But if he's smart he'd entertain it. He'll probably try to rally the others though.
  4. Is it right that there's a pretty good college player who lost eligibility playing in this league with the plan to declare for the draft after, as an alternative to waiting a year for more college ball? That could be a path to success for this league as well.
  5. Finding myself liking Max Borghi in devy leagues. Just took him with the 11th pick in a PPR league (1 round of devys) that had all the usual suspects rostered already (minus Najee for some reason).
  6. Bump for the premier. I know people are over All-Star type seasons but this one is historic. Yeah, we're all sick of the Rob and Sandra types. But as a fan of the game, I want to see how some of the players who used to be awesome adapt 10+ years later now that the game has changed. Will the younger, more recent players dictate that this season is more like the "new Survivor", or will there be enough OG players to make it an old school type season, minus the new currency twists, etc. I'm looking forward to it. Can someone like Amber come out of retirement with a target on her back and hang with people who have done this way more recently? How about Parvati who is probably a totally different person now, as a mother, and not the sultry young thing she was when she masterfully manipulated her way to deep runs in her prime. Guys like Tyson (stud) and Tony (doofus with moments of clarity) are wildcards. Guys like Yul and Ethan aren't even part of the extended survivor family but came back. Will that lack of outside-the-game relationships hurt them, or let them play unhindered? Lots of variables. My bet is that the first out will be Rob, Sandra, Amber, or Parvati. Just too high profile. Especially the Rob/Amber pairing.
  7. That booth job will be waiting for him. I bet he plays one more season with Rivera in Washigton, where there's a huge need at TE and they're pushing the idea that with the defensive talent this could be a quick-turnaround. Olsen loves Rivera, and vice versa. I bet it happens.
  8. Cuban says no Dallas Maverick will ever again wear number 24. Wonder if the rest of the league follows suit. Kobe really did transcend a Lakers or even NBA impact. Impossibly sad.
  9. Pass to take a lead, run to salt the clock. Pre-snap motion and extensive use of play-action is the key. Then let Henry free.
  10. That is true and it's what really caught my eye. He only makes massive swings like that when he's hearing things from people who know more than him. It obviously isn't due to his talent. I saw what you posted about it possibly being about a scout perceiving an "entitled" attitude. That would be an extreme adjustment if so, wow. I figured there would be more meat to it than that. Then again, homer boards for the college team he's on would be a friendlier environment towards him...but that's where you can also find the juiciest rumors so who knows. I still remember the things that surfaced from Miami boards about Hernandez after his arrest...scouting reports from when he was recruited saying things like "he'll either be a HOFer or in prison, no in-between"...before he ever had an arrest record! Homer boards can be a valuable source of info, if a bit biased sometimes.
  11. No idea to be honest. Miller didn't go into detail to my knowledge but has stood firm. Who knows what his source is. Others have accused him of character assassination of course. But the senior bowl snub, from respected organizers of the event, could be something. Guess we won't know till we see what the NFL thinks or more rumors emerge. He looks like a good football player.
  12. The current Senior Bowl guys are excellent a their jobs, and as you said decided to snub someone whose name EVERYONE knows. I'm just saying that means something rather than nothing. Johnson committing to and then pulling out of a situation where NFL scouts could see him competing against other potential NFL talent, in order to practice to get better in shorts, is something old school NFL guys will dislike. Rightly or wrongly these "all star" type games are a big point in the process for some prospects as scouts like to see them compete and practice. Matt Miller is a guy we all kill in regards to his own eye for talent, but there's no doubt that he's in contact with scouts and NFL people (who greatly effect his rankings when guys get sudden rises and drops as he "looks at them again" throughout the process) and he has said there are character concerns. Enough to drop his projection down to 6th-7th round after being fairly high on him in the early fall! The breadcrumbs that something is off with Tyler Johnson are out there. Maybe it's nothing but imo it's worth bringing up in his thread here in the Shark Pool while we compile info. People are free to like him, I just noticed posters here are really high on him and it didn't match some of the other chatter I'd seen. In the end we'll see what the NFL thinks and we'll all make our own evaluations. Right now we're just sharing info.
  13. Definitely more than a late 1st. Especially the way this class is shaking out now. He's an athletic phenom who had surprising pedigree--and is now living up to it and showing technical skills at the position that no one expected him to develop. He's very very good, young, and seems to have broken out now.
  14. Guy is talented but will need the right landing spot to fully take advantage. A better/way younger Taysom Hill who can be more of a full-time skill player. It should be noted that there are some red flags. Got into a fight before his bowl game that almost got him ejected if not for some weird NCAA rules where they only have jurisdiction over what happens in the stadium within an hour of kickoff, and his altercation was 90 minutes prior. He shoved a coach that was trying to save him from himself. So he'll have some questions to answer.