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  1. The 1st for me. Especially if it's early. I'm not sure anymore if the way the Packers are constructed is gonna help him be top-3 ever again, in fantasy. I'd bail for this price and figure something else out at QB. The way I build rosters I'd prefer to have the luxury of Mahomes/Watson/Luck or on the other end of the spectrum someone comparatively cheap. Anything in between I'm selling for help elsewhere and this qualifies.
  2. Are there still men who would care if their wife made more than them? I mean I know these people exist. But are there any here in the FFA and willing to post about it?
  3. Thomas Davis has to be up there. JJ Watt maybe. The real answer is probably some unheralded OT or OG who plays through constant injuries that we aren't really aware of. Every team has these types.
  4. Can't really make these generalizations. I'm an active repeat champ in the league where I have Tyreek and refused to sell for a 1st, 2nd, or devy. He was worth way too much to me to panic like that. I never thought he'd never play again, and it never smelled right to me for some reason. This feels like a weird defense mechanism to me. "I can't feel bad about my moves because I just fell victim to being an active owner! Ahh the pitfalls of being too GOOD at this!" lol
  5. Tyreek wasn't gonna be a 1st round pick, he was an insane athlete but didn't produce hardly anything in college. If your hypothetical here is also assuming he would have put together an elite final season in school before declaring without the arrest...that's too many "what if's" for me.
  6. As a Singletary owner, I dream of the Bills trading McCoy to the Chiefs or somebody for a 6th rounder.
  8. The writing style really threw me off. It came across like a rage-filled fan blog even as it tried to make the case that it wasn't. Too emphatic, maybe. I'm not saying the sources are fake or that the argument it was making was not worth reading. Just, the way it was written, it didn't come across like investigative journalism or even very professional.
  9. Thielen big time for me. Decent chance 1.02-1.06 is all the same tier for me anyways, if I were to sit down and make a list.
  10. I mean, they have nothing to lose this way. Criticizing Goodell is popular, potential domestic violence is not, and if anything else bad ever happens they can say they were on the right side of it.
  11. New to capitalism? It's never enough, especially if you think you're worth more. Doesn't mean you aren't "set".
  12. I mean, the fact that you weren't in the loop at all initially is still a complaint that stands. I'm glad it worked out for you guys in the end, hopefully she's happy leaving a place where she's currently so comfortable.
  13. They won't budge on guys like Gordon with marijuana despite nearly unanimous public outcry and massively shifted social norms, so I kind of doubt we have to worry about the NFL worrying about public opinion when it comes to player discipline.
  14. 1. Teachers spend exponentially more time with this age group than you do, but you would know better I guess. (In your defense there are probably tons of teachers who agree with you too) 2. Sorry I can't take someone with the poor grammar you showed in the OP seriously on this topic. Whose definition of "dumb" are we using?