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  1. No guarantee info yet that I've seen, but sounds like $9M/year in new money and some security? They love him obviously, this is a good sign for his value for anyone who was afraid he'd leave and turn into Jared Cook. They did this after like 5 games...I can imagine he hasn't peaked yet.
  2. You said top 10 value. I don't think many would describe a late 1st as top 10 value, whether they'd pay it for Ingram is another thing.
  3. Just bought in dynasty for Desean and Slayton. Gambling on the pedigree.
  4. Great players have been doing this for ages. Deion's "business decisions"? It's natural to have self-interest when there are gazillions on the line whenever someone will pay you. Ramsey will be paid now. He'll be fine.
  5. Figured. Seems like it would be a big panic move given all the issues your team is already working through. Somehow I don't think one veteran stud LT is gonna fix everything. (don't get me wrong, you're in much better shape than my team, just from the outside, don't see how Trent is the answer as good as he is).
  6. I mean, you make this trade to "win soon" anyways. If they're losing it's already been a failure, him being in a bad mood about it isn't the largest problem you have, at that point. Plus, the money is Ramsey's biggest problem. They're gonna pay him.
  7. Are you on board with the trade rumors for Trent Williams? As a Washington fan I'm really hoping they're true, because otherwise we're stuck with nothing.
  8. They wouldn't have dealt those picks unless he was agreeing to an extension. This isn't like the Clowney deal.
  9. take it an run imo. top 15 foundation WR it seems like, once you cross out the old guys who are fading out
  10. He's got good feet and maneuvers behind the LOS well...but the fact you equate him and his success to Vick and Newton AT ALL pretty much ends this conversation before it can begin. The way Mahomes moves around inside the pocket has much more in common with Roethlisberger, and outside the pocket much more like Rodgers, and that has aged fine. He's not a running QB by any means and he's still a young guy learning he's not invincible when he extends the play. That's why he's getting hurt. Vick and Cam have zero to do with Mahomes and his long term success, totally different skill-sets. Your comments about his downfield accuracy are downright fantasy malpractice imo.
  11. Okay. We see different things. Not only that, I think given the sample size we have of Mahomes healthy vs. not healthy lately, I think what you say you see is silly. It doesn't really matter to me how poor Andy Reid is at committing to the run, managing the clock, and having post-season success. In fact some of that only adds to Mahomes' value imo, in fantasy.
  12. Next year will be the final year of his rookie contract, right? And this will be the first off-season he's allowed to talk contract at all (after the first three years of his rookie deal).
  13. You're going to feel dumb for this later in the season imo. There's nothing to figure out, he can hit every square inch of the field from anywhere behind the LOS and he can dissect defenses. He's injured right now and Reid isn't helping him the way he's using the RBs. It's not like we're seeing Mahomes hit a wall.