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  1. Uh yes, I know he’s hurt but that’s almost OBJ as a throw-in too lol
  2. You could get Higgins from a contender for Lockett. You’re not getting close to DK from anybody really
  3. This doesn’t really feel like a comment guided by dynasty thinking
  4. So Hasty looked really good, over 6 YPC running in obvious running situations playing with the lead, and a 16 yard reception. This lotto ticket could pay off soon, it certainly looks like they’re phasing him into a larger role in the offense
  5. Pretty disappointing all around but he looked good on the looks he got mostly
  6. So close to another TD early in the game too, literally inches away and he usually is acrobatic enough to make it happen. Almost had a monster game
  7. Had a pretty bad drop unfortunately, there’s a lot of room for growth in his receiving game for sure
  8. Have an offer out of Evans and Slayton for Swift. Hopes are not high.
  9. I’m cutting him for sure. Even have more valuable fliers on my IR at this point, it’s nice to be free of him (this is not commentary on his injury, it really sucks for him and I liked him a lot in Washington) after two years of feeling like if I cut him, he’d eventually be started against me as a Hail Mary option and blow up or something. I’m free!
  10. To say you crushed this is understating things. I took inspiration from this post of yours and offered both Evans and Slayton for Jefferson alone. Was rejected without a counter. You got a top-5 TE on top of it. Great job.
  11. Will you mooks stop quoting each other? No one gives a #### who gets the last word in this slap fight
  12. Whoever said Wentz is playing like he thinks he’s casually gonna make athletic highlight reel Mahomes-type plays was right. He’s doing something weird every other play lol, is this dude high?
  13. Probably an awful idea but I’m starting Desean over Humphries. Ceiling over floor call I guess, amidst bye week crunch. Again, fully aware I will probably regret this. But this theoretical upside is the whole reason I still (seemingly) waste a roster spot on Desean in 2020 in dynasty, so. Here we go.
  14. The way I think of it is this (if I can spare the roster spot and in my dynasty leagues I definitely can)—maybe right now it feels like I’ll never be comfortable enough predicting injuries/game script/whatever to determine if Hasty is a slam dunk start or not for my roster. But I damn sure don’t want to have him run all over me in the fantasy playoffs for an opponent because a ton of injuries happened and he became an obvious, if unlikely, bellcow. It’s why I’ve owned him and had him on the taxi squad since July or so.
  15. I’m generally selling Juju but I take the JJ/Juju side easily in this one. Maybe I’m undervaluing Fuller but it feels like it’s light by at least a 1st.
  16. Dynasty? I just dealt Juju and Pittman for Evans. I’m sure he’s actually good but it feels like a weight off my shoulders as an owner to not have to wonder what he is anymore.
  17. Isn’t Juju now mostly playing in the slot again (aka not facing the top coverage most of the time) or is that incorrect? I know Claypool has taken some snaps in the slot but not the majority.
  18. I get that it’s early, and Juju will have some big games most likely...but this seems more and more like wishful thinking
  19. I’m sick of trying to figure out what Juju is or isn’t. Just dealt Juju and Pittman for Evans basically. Evans is injured right now and no longer a garbage time target hog but I at least feel like I know what he is.
  20. Not even an Akers fan here, I’d try to flip him, but yeah that side for me too, easily
  21. Seeing them finish out the game with Hasty in some important situations instead of McKinnon was interesting, that’s a lot of trust to put in him and I’d think it’s a good sign.
  22. “Only threw 39 times today” about a rookie QB. My how the NFL has changed lol
  23. I’m a Washington fan and believe me, from within the fanbase you aren’t alone. I think Gibson grows into an exciting player, but yeah given where we are there were much more urgent holes that could have been addressed. I think it was a pure BPA situation since they’re rebuilding, and they loved him, big time. But it was a deep and talented draft and no, I didn’t expect them to come out of the 3rd round with a RB prospect of all things. Especially because Guice was still a thing at that time, although they had much more intel about what a screw-up he was turning out to be than anyone outside the building. Most fans would have preferred them to use a less premium resource on the RB position if they wanted one, period. But I do think he’ll grow into a good player if he stays healthy, and they have a ton of cap space and draft picks to build the team the way Rivera envisions this coming offseason.