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  1. Re-read the post. That was a list of things that will need to happen in the future for us to let up on the social distancing.
  2. Invisible Man? Might have, we go once or twice a month usually. $20 for two people still isn't bad but yeah it seems like the type of movie a lot of people will just wait until it's streaming.
  3. Now imagine a family of 4 or 6 getting to watch it for that same $20
  4. Yeah I don't think rocks work in this scenario, they won't hold their attention when you're around. Rocks really only work when you're hiding in bushes. There are better attractors, and I don't know how to craft them yet, I found them on the bodies of people who tried to ambush me. There's one that's electronic and draws them in for 15 seconds or so by buzzing loudly and that's what I used. I chucked it in front of the side of the oil truck facing their train, as I ran by it, and it pretty much pulled every single one off my tail. I ran around it, got a good vantage point, and tried to blow it at the optimal time. Then led them past the flammable barrels/cases until I could handle the rest myself. I really don't think it would be possible at lower levels without the electronic attractor, so I'd just go driving around picking fights until you get one, or come back later.
  5. This isn't in reference to the Australian Survivor spoiler tags above, good on you guys... But from the last page, can we not do the spoiler tags for this current season of American Survivor, if people know things? Even things as simple as the structure of Edge of Extinction returnees etc. Some aren't going to be able to resist reading the spoilers and then oh so mysteriously a bunch of people share the same theory or idea bc they can't help it shifting their mindset, even if they don't give up the spoiler outright. This has to be the one thread where no one wants spoilers, right? I know it's always been said that All-Star seasons have the most info out there.
  6. Really like the freedom Days Gone is giving me to solve problems, even if the problems themselves will probably get repetitive later on, it's still been fun. Two examples, I'm still pretty early on: 1. This one's minor, but I came across a camp of Rippers and remembered hearing from an NPC that they refuse to fight back against freakers. So from hiding I used rocks to lure a single freaker through the camp's back gate and then snuck around as I watched it kill every single one of the Rippers one after another around the camp, true to what I heard they would just stand there and pray. Then I just had clean-up duty on a single freaker. Very satisfying especially early on when I had nothing but a 9mm and a crossbow. 2. This one's way better. I kept failing to clear and get into one of those medical facilities that gives you a special injector, because when I got close or made any noise almost a hundred freakers would decend on me from a big train above the place, ant-hill like, like the zombies from World War Z. I did not know about the existence of hordes yet! So I kept workshopping different strategies and failing miserably. Understandable as I only had three skill points, and didn't realize this was just beyond me. Eventually I draw them to a big oil truck, blow it and kill a huge number, and then methodically kite them past flammable barrels until I can kill the last 5 with my melee weapon. So just 1 "attractor" device, 5 bullets, 1 broken melee weapon, and a single bandage were all it took to kill 85+ zombies once I had a good strategy, even at a very low level. That's awesome and I felt like a badass once I pulled it off. Especially once the pop-up message came on the screen telling me I just wiped out a whole horde.
  7. "People should be socially distancing and anyone disregarding that is putting themselves and others in danger" has been almost everyone's agenda in this thread.
  8. My opinion in that post, or the opinion that "the economy" should come before people's lives? I'm almost afraid to ask
  9. Yeah, I don't think its political of me to state that American Exceptionalism is gonna be a problem in curbing this thing's impact. Already is. People simultaneously hero-worshipping the law while taking idiotic pride in doing whatever they personally want is a problem even outside a pandemic situation.
  10. Damn are we still defending literal billionaires by comparing them to people just trying to support their families and make a living? Unbelievable in 2020.
  11. Or is the amount of younger cases on record because of all the aggressive testing? I get that Italty skews older but that has to be part of it.
  12. There are people who think "the economy" (which is, if we're being honest on a meta level, mostly made up bull#### that benefits those fortunate enough--including many of us here, yes) is more important on any level than human lives that can be saved. And that thought process is just totally normal because of how skewed our humanity and priorities have become. As if the idea of a society is worth more than the people who actually make up that society. What is the ####### point of all this (I'm talking human civilization) if we're willing to sacrifice lives so that the big numbers some worship can get bigger, to put it simply. I get that we do this all the time without fully realizing it until it's already a huge problem (see: climate change), and that we've slowly fallen into this mindset because there aren't always lives so obviously in the crosshairs. But this situation feels like much more of a direct, obvious choice between lives and this amorphous idea of big money and "the economy" we've built our society around--a system that doesn't even benefit most people even when things are going swimmingly. If anything could dumb that idea down into the easiest to process argument, it's a crisis like this, you'd think. It's an explicit choice between profits and lives splayed out as directly and raw as you can imagine--usually this stuff is pretty hard to see through the desensitized POV we all have, living how we do. This conversation is too big for this thread obviously, but I hope this whole ordeal and the things we show as a society we're able to do to combat it wakes some people up. This should be a turning point, but for some people they'll continue to prefer a perceived sense of normalcy that can turn on them at any moment as easily as it's turning on others now.
  13. Dang. Which one of these guys are you married to?
  14. I've found that being together more is a huge silver lining of this whole terrible thing. We're getting in lots of videogames, movies, and boardgames. That part has been a blast, although we're one of those annoying couples that has almost all the same interests anyways. We aren't married, granted, but we've been together for more than 10 years and living together for about 9. Sounds like there are some miserable relationships in here (not talking about the totally normal need to have some time apart, etc. that some of these posts are examples of) which sucks.
  15. This is far, far from consensus. It is generally considered to get better as it goes and end as one of the better sci-fi series in recent TV. But if you aren't into the self-referencing/criss-crossing time travel stuff I could see it not being up someone's alley. Don't wanna get into the details of what you liked/didn't like though as almost anything could be a spoiler for someone new to the show
  16. Thinking of getting in on Days Gone. Seems like the consensus on it has gone from "disappointing" at release to "underrated" now.
  17. Aren't there lots of rumors that she may replace Pence on the next ticket? If so she's building her resume a bit here. Some sleight of hand to be able to point to this, attempting to balance or obscure that she was on this same board as they used all their tax cut money and profits to buy back their own stock and enrich themselves. Probably not the thread for this. But as the public turns on these airlines for their unethical practices, not surprising to see someone who hopes to have a political future bail.
  18. Makes sense. Dirt and sediment aren't being kicked up and swirled around at all, for weeks.
  19. (Even in the unlikely event you are correct or that this could have ANY positive outcome) you think it's acceptable to harm everday Americans with words used in an address to those Americans, in an effort to "tweak" a foreign power that could give a #### about being "tweaked" by our president? Please. Edit: nvm. This is my last take on this before the mod squad comes in and rightly sets the thread back on course. But we need to also just not allow drive-by (even if accidental/unintentional due to ignorance) racism in here by letting the "chinese virus" crap go unchallenged. Just don't perpetuate that, folks.
  20. That's not the point you made at all. You said "not to reasonable people, no". I'll drop it bc I think I got my point across and it's going to destroy the thread.
  21. The virus has a ####### name. Call this behavior racist or whatever you want, but if you call it the "Chinese virus", "kung flu" or anything besides it's name you obviously have an agenda and want to tweak people. That's it. This conversation can't go on in here or people are going to get banned (on either side of the argument). I posted tweets in here just yesterday from Asian Americans suffering in their everyday lives due to people ignorantly spreading racism and fear via this tactic. It's effecting real people as other Americans who are scared and hateful look for an outlet for their anger. You may not know you're doing it. You are. Stop it.
  22. Elon Musk in the midst of some tweeting bravado says on twitter he'll start manufacturing ventilators as soon as there's a shortage, that it would take some time but not be difficult given the complex hvac systems they design for Tesla and the life support systems SpaxeX makes...crickets when people from all over link him to examples of just that happening, and more examples to come. DiBlasio reached out as well, even, and said he'd follow up directly. Curious to see if this comes to American billionaires with the facilities and means actually end up partaking in the direly needed charity everyone thinks they're so good for if you let them hoard their wealth the rest of the time? We'll see. Just 12 hours ago he was going on about how the panic will do more harm than the virus. I'm doubtful he steps up.
  23. Love The Expanse. Still have to watch the new Prime season that came out already, but it's because I want to do a full rewatch and haven't had the time. 12 Monkeys doesn't have that type of budget, and starts slower but is worth sticking with until the crazy stuff starts happening. Season 1 did not have the critical reception that later seasons got, it took a while for it all to start coming together into great sci-fi that was recognized even by critics as a definite future cult classic. I'm guessing being so closely related to the movie probably hurt the first season, until it established more of its own identity.