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  1. 10 hours ago, Bigboy10182000 said:

    It’s simply a way to get you off the point and into line. Nothing more. It’s happening in this thread already. How many people touched that Chicago comment you made a few pages ago besides me? It’s 2020 where emotion > facts


    Because it shows a basic misunderstanding of the issue, if you'll allow me to explain and read through before you respond, hopefully I can lay it out.

    People in general are overwhelmingly more likely to be killed by the people they live around, in their towns and neighborhoods, when it comes to violent crime. Due to the fact that black americans are still more likely to live near black americans and white americans are still more likely to live near white americans, a lot of the violent crime within each population statistically is going to look "self-inflicted", which in itself (labelling something as "black-on-black" or "white-on-white" crime as if these are cohesive groups and not just people who live near each other) is a misunderstanding of what's going on because that type of violence is much more of an economic/class issue than a race issue. And so is the fact that neighborhoods and towns are still so likely to break down along racial lines like that. 

    But that's another conversation entirely, so I'll continue:

    The big thing is that people (civilians) murdering each other is ALREADY ILLEGAL and justice is already sought in those cases. 

    Police killing citizens, while also technically illegal, is something that very rarely results in what your average person would consider "justice". Police in America are more likely to interact with a black person than a white person in the first place due to profiling. Then, the next step is that they're more likely to arrest a black person than a white person for the same non-violent crime (for instance, simple drug possession or a traffic crime). In those interactions, and obviously in violent crime situations also, they are more likely to perceive a threat and use excessive force or lethal force against a black person, compared to a white person. Unarmed and non-violent black suspects (even using the word suspect is a loaded term here because the point is that it doesn't even always take a positive ID, probable cause, or reasonable suspicion) are just less likely to make it through an interaction with police alive compared to a white person, and that's what it boils down to.

    So lately in this country you may see the misleading statistic that police officers kill almost as many, or as many, white people as black people. People are parroting that right now just like you're bringing up unrelated civilian crime in Chicago. But that refers to police killings involved in violent crimes. Remember what I said above about non-violent and unarmed black people being killed at a higher rate. So that's a case of statistics lying to your face because the important context there is that police interact with black people at a much higher rate, despite there being tons more white people in this country to begin with. And since police are more likely to take a violent approach to dealing with a black person, every interaction is more dangerous including ones that should not turn violent at all.

    And in almost all cases of police killings, white or black, cops are suffering nothing but a slap on the wrist or a transfer to a new town or a paid vacation. No matter how many times they've had complaints of violence or excessive force filed against them, they're protected because they can say they feared for their life (which due to profiling and subconscious biases, they are actually more likely to feel, which is another branch to this whole thing that this post isn't about). Even if caught on film. Even if they aren't using their body cams. Even with witnesses.

    That's what the protests and BLM are about, because police in this country are out of control and basically have immunity when it comes to consequences for their actions. In general police officers interact with black people at an unreasonable rate compared to white people, while perceiving more of a threat  to themselves even when black people DO comply or DON'T have a weapon. So they are killing black people in situations where they wouldn't even pull a gun or use force on a white person. They aren't de-escalating, they are treating certain populations like deadly criminals from the jump in their interactions, and there are a lot of reasons for that, some of which I've already mentioned or implied.

    Listen, it's complicated. And I'm sure I didn't change your mind here. But if you're asking in good faith why these protests exist for police violence but not for civilian violence in a city like Chicago, this is your answer. And hopefully I delivered it in a reasonable and polite way, because this argument/question you brought here can and many times is seen as purposefully disingenuous, but I don't think you're doing that so I give you the benefit of the doubt. 

  2. 29 minutes ago, Zyphros said:

    2QB 3WR 3RB 2TE 1Flex .5ppr 10 team league


    I traded: Dak, Corey Davis (sorry), 1.09

    I got: Kyler and Minshew


    Wow. Insanely in favor of Kyler and Minshew imo, in that format. 

    The 1.09, even in 2QB, seems like a light price to pay to upgrade (imo) to Kyler and still pick up another young starting QB. I'm not super high on Minshew but he has value in this format. 

    Maybe I'm wrong and only being 10 teams means the QB's aren't valued as highly as I think. 

  3. 52 minutes ago, Interseptopus said:

    Thank you, I’ve cleaned up my inbox and it should be good now. 

    I was given some great advice this morning regarding my situation and I plan to still frequent here but not as often. I enjoy this place a lot...


    If you don't mind me asking, what situation? You've been (imo) a good contributor here for a while, usually with a valid and well-thought out viewpoint that evolves with new information--a good trait for a forum poster to possess.

    Was your account here connected to your real life by someone in some way off the board, in a way that negatively affected you? Or was it a workplace issue, with your posts being connected to "on the clock" time? I understand if you don't want to share of course. 

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  4. 5 hours ago, King of the Jungle said:

    Thanks, but a lot of luck. I do a lot of option trades (Where I have the option to swap first rounders for a future year) with poor teams and it has worked out well. This was one was a trade I made last year and I just lucked out. Well sort of....outside of the countless hours I debated who to pick 😁


    So when you do this the other owner is locked from trading their first, because they have to hold it in case it's higher and you utilize the option to swap? Can't ever imagine boxing myself in like that, wow. That's why my leagues don't do conditional options in trades, as it would require the other owner being forced to hold whatever picks were in limbo.

  5. 2 hours ago, rockaction said:

    I actually think the ones desperate for narrative are posting so much because they have none at all other than he got drafted first and is short and possibly fat for his height.

    You've made some good, data-based points in here as I've read along the last few pages and you've done a good job saying your piece, imo. Now I'm not saying you should never post in here again, but I think you're above this particular kind of post which just feels inflammatory for its own sake after the debate that already raged today.

    I like reading your posts around here and it's been interesting watching you make the journey into dynasty opinions/analysis more recently. So I hope this doesn't come across as an attack or undue criticism, rock. It's just this post I'm talking about. Don't wanna see you get clipped is all.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Twenty-Four Eighty-Four said:

    I have Lamar and Brees, and drafted Winston when he was still a free agent hoping he would be a starter so it kind of effed me there now that he's a backup. I don't think I need to make any drastic moves, don't need to overlay as I could get someone in a rookie draft next year or a free agent of some sort.


    You're in a pretty good spot imo, definitely not in a place to need to make a desperation move at QB. Would a Lamar/Kyler combo be ideal? Of course, but Lamar + Brees and his current cuff isn't bad in that format. 

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  7. I think it's interesting that the conversation is always about TE with Lebron. I guess because of his obvious quick-twitch athleticism, speed, and ball skills it makes sense. EDGE is an interesting thing to think about.

    But a sleeper position for an athlete like Lebron, if he came up differently in athletics and sculpted his body differently on the same freakishly athletic frame? I think that in an alternate universe where a 6'9" freak athlete like Lebron chose football in college, it isn't out of the question to wonder if he could have ended up as a LT after putting on serious bulk. He already looks about 280 to me and that's very lean, purposefully sculpted muscle for basketball. Slabbed up by eating and lifting with the goal of adding max poundage and heavy, functional muscle? I don't think it's impossible that that relatively lean-looking 280 becomes a downright cornfed-looking 335. If that was the goal.

    Those guys don't always start "fat". Remember how Jake Long (I think that's who it was) looked crazy slender and fit after like a year out of the league? Because a lot of the best athletes at OT treat putting on and keeping on 320+ pounds as a full time job in itself. You'd be surprised at the frame a lot of those guys are packing this weight onto and how TE-like they may look if they never treated gaining OL weight as their job. Some of these guys even have absolute chicken legs below the knees although the best usually tend to have thick big bones and calves too, seemingly.

  8. 20 minutes ago, Terpman22 said:

    Thinking about moving Zeke/rebuilding my last league I haven't drafted yet. Had already traded away Mostert for what is now 2 late 3's (which are pretty valuable this year), and just Mack and lol Carlos Hyde. Drafting 1.6, have all my picks just only have 3 really good pieces in Zeke, Parker, and Ertz. Zeke is just SO PRODUCTIVE, but has like a millions touches already too. Is Something like Miles or Singletary a 1 this year a 1 next year too much? 


    Gotta start by saying that Sanders and Singletary are nowhere close to each other in value so don't start there!

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  9. On the topic of Rams, the fact that they drafted one of the developmental move TE guys in the mid rounds this year pretty much locks in stone that their mindset is to let Everett hit FA after this season. That was probable after the Higbee extension but feels even moreso now that they've already gotten a backup plan in place.

    Everett flashed big time and this league is desperate for impact at the TE position, as shown by the Hurst trade and other TE moves across the league. Now might be the time to buy if possible. You could wait and hope Higbee stays healthy but then there's always the possibility that McVay keeps running more 2TE sets and goes away from going 3-wide as often (the change that led to Kupp's dip in target share and snap count, that as someone else already mentioned was only camaflouged by his TD numbers down the stretch).

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  10. This is like people hyping Martellus Bennett behind Witten until they finally got separated by FA. People will continually overvalue and overdraft Goedurt with the idea that he could overtake or significantly cut into Ertz's work until the day they are no longer on the same team.

    Goedurt isn't even young for how long he'll have been in the league by the time he has a shot to be a TE1, but that's fine given how long they can play. The best time to buy him if you are interested is after a bunch of early games this year where it's clear Ertz is still a stud, while the specter of Goedurt and Ertz both still being far from FA is still there. You buy Goedurt now in the offseason and you're most likely paying a price that has the assumption of his upside built into the cost.

  11. 5 minutes ago, Concept Coop said:

    If it’s so important for the racial makeup of the coaches to better match that of the players, maybe we need more white players?

    I’m only half joking and only to make a serious point: It’s not logical to assume discrimination is the cause of either ratio. You’d have to test other variables. Obviously the NFL has no interest in doing that; they’re rightly terrified of what they might find. The only logical move then is to drop it, to trust the owners to act in their best interest and interview and hire the best candidates, regardless of race.


    The assumption of the Rooney Rule isn't necessarily that people only aren't getting interviews and jobs due to discrimination, though. Folded into it (and probably a much bigger factor) is just the difference in opportunities. The NFL is a nepotism-filled, incestual cocoon. Family lines get people jobs all the time. There's a lot going on here, systemically and societally, that contributes to this thing and I doubt the largest factor is out and out discrimination. That's what needs to be addressed, changing how candidates get into the coaching pipeline and how these opportunities come about. Then, slowly over time, you hope to see things change. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, killface said:

    It is strange when a league is predominantly african american and yet so few coaches are.  

    I get what you're trying to say is that intuitively it feels wrong (and you're right) but really it's not strange at all when you realize it comes down to different opportunites--it's systemic. It's a tough conversation to have while keeping it football-related as it's not Shark Pool material. 

  13. Besides Cyberpunk 2077 the only game I'm really looking forward to right now is Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. It looks awesome and I've read a bunch of the kind of urban fantasy Seattle vampire lore they came up with, on the game's site. 

    I actually never even played the first one back in the day, and now it's too old and janky to get me into it, despite all the years I played janky western RPGs like Morrowind or Pool of Radiance which was a straight broken mess compared to the much better Baldur's Gate franchise. But something about this apparently long-awaited sequel sucked me in and unless it totally bombs I'm looking forward to picking a vampire clan and sucking some blood while roaming the night in First Person with supernatural powers and stuff. 

    I'm playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker right now with a Turn-Based mod for the battles bc I'm too old to be micro-managing that Real Time With Pause bull#### I used to love back in the day. It's a blast and I'm enjoying it even more than I liked Pillars of Eternity 1+2, but that might be because I'm a DnD guy and this game isn't the off-brand spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate that POE1+2 are, but rather actual DnD 3.5e type rules, classes, spells etc. being based on real Pathfinder. :nerd:

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  14. 1 hour ago, DJackson10 said:

    Madden has a lot of issues but a former Dev was explaining things to one of the youtube creators awhile back a few yrs ago. The problem is most fans will not accept the real reason for madden issues. I'll just use cliff notes here on the issues

    1. in order to make the game better the Madden team was using an engine that had so many algorithms it kept that it would take almost 3-4 yrs to build it to what it should be. The data has many of the players info and stats so they don't have to regenerate or build them from scratch. 

    2. This means a lot of the features already in the game would need to be taken out and reworked. The Dev said he left the team before EA took out many of the franchise features people loved but said they could be put back in at some point but the issue was again the data base built up

    3. Theres certain things the NFL WILL NOT ALLOW IN THE GAME EITHER. NFL doesn't want to see low attendance for games say the Colts, Dolphins, or other bad teams when teams are doing poorly. They don't want to see the helmets popping off. Madden also can't use the word CONCUSSIONS so Madden uses I believe Stinger (Can't remember the exact injury) to substitute for concussions

    4. For the PS5 for example if Fans want a great game with all the features they asked for the new engine would need to be built from scratch. Most of the features would have to be completey scrapped in order to put them back in the right away. This means fans shouldn't expect this incredible high tech game 

    5. The Madden EA team now is only half the size as it was in 2005-06 so theres more work but with less man power

    I'm by no means defending them but a lot of fans are so irrational. I thought 2k NFL wasn't great. Great graphics but the game play was too stiff, too much of an arcade style game and not really that fun. In terms of Madden itself they should be better but the main people who started working on the game ####ed up from the beginning using an engine that can only handle so much data. Because the pressure they are under if they were to change that engine fans would riot when they realize all the work that has to be done to make the game better including stripping fan favorite features for maybe 1-2 yrs just to build the engine to what it should be. Fans just expect on hey new engine they should be great. I would love to see dynamic weather like PES uses and stuff like that. Madden however put itself in a hole with the engine they use and considering how irrational gaming fans are the truth would never be accepted by many. 


    Actually most Madden haters who actually pay attention are perfectly aware that it all needs to be torn down and rebuilt because they're building on top of a stilted, poor foundation. And that they'll never do it because they'd need a 2-3 year development cycle to pull it off. We know, it's well documented. That's why Madden sucks and barely changes every year. Trust me, most people who want a good sim football experience, the NFL version of The Show, wish it was financially viable for EA to take a few years and start over, we'd make that "sacrifice" because it's not worth buying every year for a roster update anyways. 

    I get that a ton of the game's limitations are legacy issues from ten years ago, and that's the problem. But ironically none of the stuff you mentioned as things the NFL won't allow even registers on most people's wish lists for what Madden should be able to get right. Zone and Man coverage are busted. AI teams can't tell the difference between 4-3 OLB and 3-4 EDGE players, or 4-3 DT and 3-4 IDL. They can't figure out how to cause incompletions (leading to realistic comp%) without wacky airballs and ridiculous tipped ball animations when most NFL games see just a couple high-tipped balls per game, and they're all heart-stopping in real life when they happen. They're common-place in Madden bc crazy contested incompletions are the only way the AI can slow down a human player without tons of INTs or egregious drops that don't correlate to player ratings. Player models are wonky and don't look realistic, they're all weirdly thinned out and lanky, nvm the equipment issues. Blocking animations are still trash and non-OL subbed onto the line can still block the same at 180 lbs with no blocking stats. Defensive players are sticky on blockers until a tackle animation triggers, then they're sticky on ball you can never actually feel like you're controlling an elusive tackle-breaking guy with vision, you basically need to break an animation and then break away with pure speed to make big plays in modern madden. Substitutions still don't work and AI teams don't use them correctly. 5+ years into the franchise mode, none of the drafted players progress into the same type or same level of players that the game's stock updated roster comes with, so the mode is pointless as the league's younger drafted players deteriorate the talent pool into one-dimensional role players who for instance can only ever be good at Man or Zone on defense, or can only become good Run or Pass blockers (not that OL ratings work well anyways). 

    The on-field gameplay and animations are broken, repetitive, and boring and don't resemble the actual sport. The ratings don't effect the game in an intuitive or meaningful way outside of a few. The AI is trash and teams don't change schemes correctly to utilize the high ratings their players DO have. An AI team will draft the best EDGE prospect ever with 90 block shedding and play him as a 4-3 coverage OLB. Obviously the franchise mode is broken, drafted players don't progress correctly, the XP system is idiotic and works poorly, contracts and the salary cap don't work correctly, compensatory picks don't exist, RFA tags don't exist, 5th-year options on 1st round rookie contracts don't exist, Supplemental draft doesn't exist, UDFA doesn't exist in a meaninful way. 

    So on and off the field Madden is broken. People who like to play H2H can at least learn to exploit the meta aspects of the game to play in whatever way works to enjoy competitive play I guess, but it's a poor representation of actual football. 

    Hell the Madden Championship or whatever was just won by a dude who didn't even roster a QB lol, had a Punter at QB all game and ran the ball every. Single. Play. Silly that that's even possible. 

    Now I'm not saying you don't know this stuff, I know you're anti-EA and kind of agreeing with me. 

     But EA being unable (more unwilling but technically unable since to fix their broken engine and the garbage foundation the whole thing is built on would take a multi-year development cycle that the suits in marketing and such wouldn't allow) has nothing to do with unfair or irrational fan expectations.

    People who pay attention know why it can't all be fixed in 1-year development cycles. THAT's what they're mad about, the futility of the current cycle, not that it isn't fixed year to year lol. Most would sacrifice a couple years of worse than mediocre individual "new" Madden games for a big jump forward in 2023 or whatever, but it'll never happen from EA. 

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  15. Definitely agree on Moss. He has a Zac Stacy air about him to me for some reason. Nothing special on tape just looks like a good high effort RB with a nice low base and nice balance who will get it done, but the difference between College and NFL athleticism on opposing defenses just crushes all hope. JAGs can succeed at RB in the NFL but the combo of scheme, workload (aka lack of competition) and usually vision has to hit just right for anything more than boring replacement-level production, and I don't see that here. 

    Now obviously Zac Stacy was Gurley'd but he was also nothing special at all before or after on other teams, he was a total projection of wishful thinking by owners due to decent pedigree and little competition (before Gurley).

  16. On 5/15/2020 at 9:58 AM, ffguru56 said:

    I'm in a dynasty league so that's where my head is at with him and, since our waivers close mid-year, AJ Brown remained unclaimed all year since he didn't truly blossom statistically until the second half of the season.  I own the 1.01 in this draft and I'm taking AJB over all the rookies.  I  understand that it's likely that his situation with touches will remain low the next few years but situations do change.  I'll take the proven over raw NFL talent.  

    Redraft would be an entirely different story.


    I hate to break it to you (and I'm not trying to be rude, I hope you enjoy this format since you're playing it) but that's not a dynasty league. For him to be on waivers halfway through the season with his pedigree and hype as a prospect (and his flashes as early as week 1), your rosters aren't big enough to be called a dynasty league. Especially with the weird half-season waivers. Sounds like a limited keeper league. 

    Edit: I see you posted again after and that it's a 10 team keep 14 league with in-season rosters of 22. Yeah, that's definitely not dynasty but you're profiting from that now! 

    With guys like AJB on waivers it seems someone who was willing to truly rebuild for a season or two could easily become a young dominant team by trading vets for draft capital and hoarding all the sexy young prospects who wouldn't sniff waivers in a normal dynasty league.