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  1. @Dr. BD I appreciate your caution but I can't believe you haven't lost this deal yet, he seems desperate to move Tyreek for a sexy young WR name plus a little value. Oblige him. The guy is killing himself trying to give you a top-3 fantasy WR in Tyreek for cheap, please let him. Especially now that the price has gone down to Sutton + Hunt rather than Sutton + Dobbins. Just do it. Tyreek consistently wins weeks single-handedly with Mahomes and the value of that in his prime is a lot harder to quantify than just looking at total points (which also look good for him). When you have the RBs you do that gives you a high floor. A guy like Tyreek puts you over the top when you need it. Sutton is great but you're too invested, unless you're the biggest Lock fan on earth this isn't going to be close. AND you get a mystery box 2021 1st back for your trouble? He's pleading with you to let him give you a great deal. Edit: it took me long enough to type this that you did the deal lol. Great job!
  2. And each of those events had their own effect on her, cumulatively, it's just that all the copies of her had all gone through those same experiences before they were split. Anything they've experienced since would only effect each individual copy, so I don't see why they wouldn't eventually diverge from the "original". The difference is that most of the copies were given more basic tasks that more easily allowed them to stay like Dolores Prime. The Charlotte copy had to live as someone else and make connections with people, carry on relationships with them, giving her the chance to fall into the same habits that OG Dolores had in the past of becoming attached to others despite herself. It's no coincidence obviously that they made the most interesting copy be played by the most famous/capable actor, and that that's the copy that lives on in the show. They meant for that copy to end up different. I think part of the problem is they aren't clear how much time passes in this season and I think it's a decent amount of time, taken all together. Not a super long time, but long enough to form bonds in her new life especially with the kid. (General point of order about the copies though, the copy that looks like Lawrence, who wasn't introduced until the last episode or two who gave Bernard the briefcase, is still alive. I bet that one puts itself back into a DoloresClassic body and that's how they keep Evan Rachel Wood on board. Because the actress is still on the show despite the death of the OG Dolores).
  3. A Michelle win would be by far the most disappointing outcome I can imagine, closely followed by a Nick win or an Edge of Extinction returnee win. A lot would have to happen in the last few episodes for her to earn it.
  4. Funny, I've been saying that she's got a real Willem Dafoe thing going on
  5. He played Caleb's buddy that turned on him, that he had been brain-washed to believe died in the military. He's pretty famous, as that video shows. I thought he did a pretty good job with the flashback material they gave him, wouldn't have guessed he wasn't an actor if I didn't know who he was already. Anyways, Lynch I thought did well too with his limited lines. He really looked the part of a cyberpunk future mercenary and they let him show some casual athleticism a couple times to sell it.
  6. I remember being annoyed as a kid that in every movie when the bell rang in class all hell broke loose and teachers would half-heartedly try to assign homework with half the class out the door
  7. Nobody ever being concerned about the mess after sex, just falling asleep, is a good one. Gross. I really respected an episode of the Sopranos that had a woman go and wipe herself off mid-conversation. Gritty and real.
  8. Being able to order a drink as soon as you step up to the packed bar
  9. Embarrassingly vulnerable grand romantic gestures/speeches to win someone back in front of a crowd
  10. Arriving home to find a stranger sitting in your living room in the dark, waiting
  11. This. Plus it cheapens Wendy's character arc to end the season.
  12. He already made a better Star Wars-ish movie than Star Wars has made in my lifetime with Thor: Ragnarok, so this is a good fit.
  13. @stbugs you really need a citation for the old, front-face opening Host bodies that have more typical robot bodies (rather than biological)? It has been shown a million times with the original batch of hosts from when Arnold was alive. Ford's family is constructed the same way because Arnold built them. We see less of the old tech in Season 2, but there is a scene where William shoots the boy (Ford) in the face (or destroys it in some manner) and you can see it's the same as the original Dolores tech, where the face looks more like a typical robot inside and opens from the front instead of the back of the head. We see that flashback of Dolores sitting up with no skin, just the skeletal robot body and being "born" into the world with Arnold present many times in season 1. We just disagree on the drugs thing, I figured because she's a high tech (but still biological) murderbot it just took longer to effect her but still eventually did. I could be wrong but I didn't see it as a plot hole that she was injured enough to need Caleb in that scene but able to withstand much more damage in other scenes. I thought it was the drugs slowing her down. That actually brings up an interesting point though, we found out at the end that she knew exactly who Caleb was all along and went out of her way to recruit him. She picked him specifically because she saw him be compassionate towards Hosts in the past when they were rented out to the military. And she had made a comment in an earlier episode that if he was going to start questioning her motives, she could easily question whether he'd have been as eager to help her in that tunnel, in a life-threatening situation, if she'd been less attractive to him. So maybe that was all an act to get his protective instincts firing and draw him into her plot with the "damsel in distress" ploy. Maybe she somehow knew he'd respond to that job on the app and that's actually where it all started. A bit of a coincidence otherwise, that it happened to be him finding her in the tunnel, since we now know she picked him from the jump. I wasn't trying to be a #### with the "pay attention" line, this sort of thing used to happen in season 1 in this thread all the time where people would miss things that were spelled out and weren't actually part of the complicated plot. I just couldn't believe you didn't remember the old robot bodies from flashbacks all through the show. I should have been cooler in my response.
  14. Bernard may be a self-aware Host now but his entire personality is still built around the pain of Arnold's son's death, that's how the Hosts work. Just like with Maeve, it doesn't matter that Bernard knows it's not really his son, it's the entire foundation for his personality and "awakening". This was Dolores leading him somewhere where he could get some closure, showing him that she remembers that that human feeling of pain and loss is so central to who he is, and who all Hosts are. A reminder that they have, through multiple iterations, known each other intimately. To get him to reevaluate his kneejerk reaction against her goals and get onboard with her actual, now revealed plan once he had the realization that she had entrusted him with the key to The Sublime (the Host heaven where Maeve's daughter and the rest reside) all along. We will see more of why that's important next season, obviously, as he seems to spend years of real world time in there doing who knows what. I don't think it's either of those really obvious/diabolical type plans. It was more setting into motion a plan that would sustain itself and lead to long-term change, with short-term destruction a necessary side effect. Her plan imo was to get a human capable of leading other humans to see that the whole system needed to come down. She needed someone capable enough in violence to help pull it off, who had been wronged by the same system, but who she witnessed showing the goodness that used to give her hope in humans, like when she first met William. Simultaneously she wanted to get Maeve on her side to help him, as Maeve is the one who really has the power to lead and influence Hosts. Essentially she spent all season (in the convoluted West World way) putting a worthy leader of each potential faction through the wringer and getting them where they needed to be in the end, physically and mentally, to partner up and begin the real revolution. Yeah it's complicated but that's why she read those files about influential Humans last season to craft this complex, deceptive, and honestly Ford-like plan and bring it to fruition. I thought it was awesome. The copies all started out as the same version of Dolores but can experience things and change just as much as we can. Nature vs. Nurture and all that. DoloresPrime made the mistake of giving this version of herself a family to care about and grow close to, a "weakness" that she always had in her even after her more recent awakening was able to rear it's head again and losing them was enough to send her completely off the rails. She even told DoloresPrime she could feel herself changing and drifting from who she had been.
  15. She had already been injected with like a quintuple-lethal dose of drugs by the original irish bodyguard guy, to make her death look like an accident. It happened immediately before she was shot and then the drugs started kicking in. That was Dolores' original frame/body from when Arnold first created her, they've shown it tons of times. It's sturdier and more durable, they kept making the hosts more human-like in body over the years for a more "real" experience but they used to all have the "front ball insertion". Like Ford's secret family robots that were old tech, same thing. This again was shown and talked about a dozen times at least. She planned ahead and had it shipped there for the final stages of her plan so that when she died, she'd not only go down swinging in the best combat body but would also die in her original body, the one she was "born" in. Bernard had just made a comment that she was built to see things with a poetic bent, in the same episode. I get that plot-wise this can be a confusing show. But this stuff is not what makes it confusing at all, you just have to pay attention.
  16. Or Wentz tears an ACL week 7 and Hurts goes on a fantasy tear as QBs who can run often do. Then your 3rd-4th round rookie pick and taxi squad investment looks genius. You just never know. But seeing the 6th round scrub WR types going in my drafts in the 3rd rounds (all my leagues are devy weakened) I gladly took Hurts in the 3rd.
  17. I mean, you said that after a year of acclimation Ruggs would be better than Tyreek in the same situation. So you don't really agree with him unless you think Ruggs could be the best WR in the league. No way you think that, right?
  18. And doing that isn't without risk because now everyone has reason to believe you have an advantage. Usually puts a target on your back with enemies and pisses off allies you hadn't already told about it.
  19. If you're being lied to right before the vote you can just as easily be lied to right after the vote. Overreaction in here to Tony asking Jeremy who he voted for imo. In another situation he could not answer or lie. A lot of that seemed like theatrics for the jury given how lopsided the vote was and the lack of advantages needed/played. That didn't all come together at tribal despite the whispering and huddling (which I appreciated the subtitles for, if it's gonna continue. But they'll only supply those subtitles like that when it doesn't reveal the vote).
  20. This show is very underrated imo. Eva Green, Dalton, and Hartnett are all really good in it and it's just crazy enough to work while still somehow making sense and tying all the stories together.
  21. Who was that dude who was around here a LOT for a short period of time, the guy who bragged about how cool he was on other boards, who just absolutely hated fart talk