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  1. Was thinking this exact thing when it happened. In fact in a past season someone sacrificed their shot at food and prolonged the challenge specifically so everyone else had time to eat.
  2. Some things we've watched through 1.5 months of quarantine: True Detective season 2: meh not good True Detective season 3: good, would probably be great if not for the existence of season 1 True Detective season 1 rewatch: So ####### good, I remembered loving it but it was even better than I could have remembered. Community: Incredible for 3 seasons, then pretty bad. Still, a classic while it lasts Euphoria: Loved it, didn't expect to Anna: pretty bad as far as Russian spy movies go, but some of the action scenes were top notch The Outsider: Love Mendehlson so I wanted to like this, but man was it bad and predictable. They really drag out the uh "twist" I guess for a while even though it's obvious. It's like an 8-hour dragged out episode of Supernatural, back in the early days when the monster of the week episodes were actually kinda good for that era of TV. This was just tedious with really no big reveals at all. Sharp Objects: Slow burn but I loved it personally. Amy Adams' career is so underrated. Westworld season 1: Incredible, deliberately planned, truly it's art. I watched and theorized here on the board when it originally aired and it's still good. Westworld season 2: Big solid "meh". Not as good as season 1, not nearly as many twists that hit correctly Westworld season 3: Still a few episodes behind bc I decided I liked binging them more than doing one a week. Better than season 2 so far and bringing the show into a new genre really. I like it so far. Now putting on my 🤓 Idk if this was ever popular or not, but I've started watching Farscape. Never saw it originally but wanted a sci-fi thing with lots of episodes and some still hold it in high regard. Expected it to be awful but the Jim Henson creature effects are actually cool and it's not as bad even in season 1 as I thought it would be (I read that it gets good after season 1). It reminds me of older New Dr. Who mixed with BSG a little. I have the imagination to look past some of the cheesiness even though it's not tied to nostalgia for me, and when I do that I can see a cool sci-fi story unfolding that tackles some heavier subjects as good sci-fi does.
  3. I've been reading very positive things about it now that they released the free expansion that adds NPC's and essentially makes it feel more like a "real" Fallout game. I'll definitely be going back to it sometimes soon with my gf, we felt burned at the beginning and dropped it after like a dozen hours. We actually weren't hating it but friends of ours, a couple we had been hyped to play it with, were having such terrible problems with it crashing and glitching that we moved on to other things. I always thought it had more potential than people gave it credit for and I think Bethesda is finally tapping into that. Seeing as I already own it, I re-downloaded it this week on both PS4's and let it update so that when we feel like jumping in it's ready to go. I'll post in here with thoughts about it once we get into it again.
  4. I was going for harsh humor (ironically while disagreeing about what's humorous), maybe a better attempt would have been "We watching the same show?" My bad.
  5. You guys dense? She was being funny, she's been showcased as having that type of humor a couple times this season and I think it makes her very likable. I was laughing with her Edit: I see as I read further that this is a big disagreement happening. I think it's extremely clear she was joking, it was the lead-in to her silly Survivor fashion show bit
  6. Yeah, nickel is the entire leagues base defense now anyways.
  7. Coronavirus:
  8. The way NFL Network and ESPN are sharing a single broadcast this year in that deal they made, is it possible with all the personalities they have to give half the time to, he just got cut out of the broadcast in the negotiation process? Kind of awkward but would explain why he still released his personal rankings but isn't pushing any obvious ESPN-related stuff. Idk, seems like a stretch because even if it's true he could still be doing all his normal stuff right up until the draft and then just shut up, rather than disappear 5 weeks early.
  9. Nothing to add other than you're a good dude, very cool of you. This is the kind of stuff you hope to see during a crisis 👍
  10. My point is he has never been diagnosed as having CTE bc they can't be sure while you're alive...he just took enough time off that his concussion symptoms finally went away. His brain healed, sure but damage has been done.
  11. Huh? It's likely every long time football player has developed CTE or will just due to the sport...but currently they cannot test for it in living patients so, kind of a reckless statement to make as if it's fact.
  12. How did he look bulk-wise at that WWE thing? He's already been putting on weight in preparation for this apparently, it's been in the works. That year off at a lower weight may have done wonders for his back and body in general. I hope so for the good of the sport, he's just fun and he can add to his HOF candidacy big time. He's "only" 31 if he stays healthy and plays a while longer with Brady in a environment if you will.
  13. I mean we can hope for whatever we want, it means nothing. Howard and a 3rd seems more realistic but they're tight on cap space and still have to sign their draft class, it depends what they do with Gronk's contract if anything. The other thing is that you don't really need Trent Williams wjth Brady. He has helped lesser OT's go and get paid in FA his whole career by stepping up into a clean pocket and getting rid of the ball quickly. With Brady you need to invest in interior OL help more than OT.
  14. lol at those stiffs being "good enough" compared to a HOF talent at the position who wants to come play with the GOAT QB who only has a 1 or 2 year window. What a weird take. (Howard obviously has potential, I was joking saying "stiff", but even a past his prime Gronk is going to catch more TDs than a prime Howard, if he's healthy enough after a year off)
  15. The combat in HZD is intuitive, intense, and a total blast, I'm so confused as I thought that the combat was universally loved but it seems not. The story is great but imo the fast-paced, gadgety combat is the thing that keeps it from being a sci-fi Far Cry. It already has the collectibles, towers to reveal fog of war, etc. from that genre of open world 3rd person clone. The combat and enemy variety and how that all interacts is where it sets itself apart imo
  16. Just started our Survivor: Australia journey on Dailymotion with season 1. First episode finished.
  17. Ugh I hate when that happens. Sorry man. It's been a little while since it released though, it's wild that you felt comfortable being in this thread at all.
  18. I liked Russel a lot at the time, he was entertaining and I'd argue then that he should have won and bitter juries kept him from it. But looking back and having watched a lot more survivor isn't it possible that instead of being a genius who happened to piss people off he's actually just the most hyped and egotistical goat brought to the end ever? Everyone hated him which meant keeping him around was smart, right to the very end. We tend to view that hate as blinding for the jury because he was entertaining to watch but what if it's the other way around and the people who won instead were actually better players precisely because they knew he was hated and invested in that. Idk, just something I've thought about his game in recent years. He still changed the game and is an iconic part of Survivor history (and probably changed the way it is filmed and produced as he's detailed how he came up with a system to find more Hidden Immunity idols). I'm just not sure anymore that he "should" have won the way I've felt other players should have. Amanda lost multiple times due to poor Final Tribal performances after arguably playing the best game. Biggest choker of all time who probably would have won at least once if there was no litigation at Final Tribal. Cirie is another good one. Aubrey had one stolen imo. Can't remember any others but I can't stand to hear about Ozzy/Malcolm/Joe types who were beasts and providers. They were never threats to win and people who think of them as some of the best players ever are usually older school fans who miss the days when catching fish actually gave you power and kept you around.
  19. Quote from Jeff from an interview: I wish we'd seen that. The bond between a host and players on a game show is not something that exists in any other brand, I love this behind the scenes stuff. Jeff Probst just really appreciates the position he's in and loves the game for what it is. Career retrospectives aren't gonna do him justice or be framed correctly imo but this quote from him in this same interview says a lot about his mindset:
  20. They've always lived modestly. In the pilot episode he pulled together 8 million dollars in 24 hours by liquidating their investments, but you'd never have known that was in their reach based on their house and car. No different now.
  21. Too early to say, game is usually just getting good at this point after the merge and it's already been really damn good so that's a good sign. But a lame winner could kill it. Hopefully it just keeps getting better
  22. Seems pretty clear to me. She stole from him and instead of laying down and dying or entering into a blood feud, he rationally talked his way out of danger and manipulated her whole family the way she does. He showed how he thrived surrounded by much more dangerous people by using his brain. I think she admired that, while still wanting to kill him for the money at that time. But then, to take it a step further, he actually put trust in her, gave her responsibility and a "real job", and paid her real money to do it. He gave her a reason to think about a future that wasn't just B&E's and petty criminal gains. He showed her loyalty and allowed her to keep climbing the ladder, giving positive reinforcement but still encouraging her to figure things out on her own. That's a powerful thing to give someone scrabbling for respect who's never had a real opportunity to rise above the muck before. He took the leap of faith with her, gave her an important role in his organization, and again he showed rational loyalty to her and respect for her mind. That's why he ####ed up so badly not finding a way to enforce her as "Untouchable". He failed her and was so worried about other things he didn't even realize that he lost Ruth that day, even if neither of them realized it yet.
  23. I disagree with this personally. Most shows only need 8-10 eps at the most. British dramatic TV does it with fewer, longer eps. Shows with 16-22 eps have to shove in tons of filler, almost without exception. If character development isn't happening in 10 episode seasons it's because the screen time isn't being used responsibly imo.