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  1. Ugh I hate when that happens. Sorry man. It's been a little while since it released though, it's wild that you felt comfortable being in this thread at all.
  2. I liked Russel a lot at the time, he was entertaining and I'd argue then that he should have won and bitter juries kept him from it. But looking back and having watched a lot more survivor isn't it possible that instead of being a genius who happened to piss people off he's actually just the most hyped and egotistical goat brought to the end ever? Everyone hated him which meant keeping him around was smart, right to the very end. We tend to view that hate as blinding for the jury because he was entertaining to watch but what if it's the other way around and the people who won instead were actually better players precisely because they knew he was hated and invested in that. Idk, just something I've thought about his game in recent years. He still changed the game and is an iconic part of Survivor history (and probably changed the way it is filmed and produced as he's detailed how he came up with a system to find more Hidden Immunity idols). I'm just not sure anymore that he "should" have won the way I've felt other players should have. Amanda lost multiple times due to poor Final Tribal performances after arguably playing the best game. Biggest choker of all time who probably would have won at least once if there was no litigation at Final Tribal. Cirie is another good one. Aubrey had one stolen imo. Can't remember any others but I can't stand to hear about Ozzy/Malcolm/Joe types who were beasts and providers. They were never threats to win and people who think of them as some of the best players ever are usually older school fans who miss the days when catching fish actually gave you power and kept you around.
  3. Quote from Jeff from an interview: I wish we'd seen that. The bond between a host and players on a game show is not something that exists in any other brand, I love this behind the scenes stuff. Jeff Probst just really appreciates the position he's in and loves the game for what it is. Career retrospectives aren't gonna do him justice or be framed correctly imo but this quote from him in this same interview says a lot about his mindset:
  4. They've always lived modestly. In the pilot episode he pulled together 8 million dollars in 24 hours by liquidating their investments, but you'd never have known that was in their reach based on their house and car. No different now.
  5. Too early to say, game is usually just getting good at this point after the merge and it's already been really damn good so that's a good sign. But a lame winner could kill it. Hopefully it just keeps getting better
  6. Seems pretty clear to me. She stole from him and instead of laying down and dying or entering into a blood feud, he rationally talked his way out of danger and manipulated her whole family the way she does. He showed how he thrived surrounded by much more dangerous people by using his brain. I think she admired that, while still wanting to kill him for the money at that time. But then, to take it a step further, he actually put trust in her, gave her responsibility and a "real job", and paid her real money to do it. He gave her a reason to think about a future that wasn't just B&E's and petty criminal gains. He showed her loyalty and allowed her to keep climbing the ladder, giving positive reinforcement but still encouraging her to figure things out on her own. That's a powerful thing to give someone scrabbling for respect who's never had a real opportunity to rise above the muck before. He took the leap of faith with her, gave her an important role in his organization, and again he showed rational loyalty to her and respect for her mind. That's why he ####ed up so badly not finding a way to enforce her as "Untouchable". He failed her and was so worried about other things he didn't even realize that he lost Ruth that day, even if neither of them realized it yet.
  7. I disagree with this personally. Most shows only need 8-10 eps at the most. British dramatic TV does it with fewer, longer eps. Shows with 16-22 eps have to shove in tons of filler, almost without exception. If character development isn't happening in 10 episode seasons it's because the screen time isn't being used responsibly imo.
  8. Yeah, but then once off the medication he could convince himself that this was his true authentic self that the meds always suppress. You can't reason with someone in that situation, the fact that the meds were keeping their life together isn't persuasive once they're out from under them. It was a very realistic, tragic portrayal. Even moreso because it's probably true, life must feel like you were living it constrained in a haze once you're freed from the thing that was keeping you stable and your brain is firing on all cylinders again. Very sad.
  9. This is still fake, so you aren't trading anything for anything. I agree that the details made it a poor attempt at a rumor, but being entirely made up is definitely the bigger crime so I think we can stop digging into the details of some guy's weird ego trip.
  10. Right. It's far more valuable than a devy 1.01 would be and that would have already went probably.
  11. Adams is great, but in the middle of a retool for this roster going younger made more sense. And I don't think it'll be long before this valuation is almost universal anyways. Similar speculative retooling moves I've made in the last 4 months or so: Smaller pieces were involved but in general moving from: Watson to Murray Chubb to Moore OBJ to AJB They aren't all guaranteed to work out but sometimes a roster needs a facelift.
  12. I'm confused how a dynasty startup where you can draft specific 2021 1sts has any sort of longevity. Anyone who finishes in the bottom 5 and doesn't even have a shot at a high pick next year...why would they stay in this league? I get that they SHOULD because they knew what they were getting into, but there's no incentive and you're going to bleed owners after the season imo unless they're made to pay in advance. Even worse for someone who goes all-in taking vet value as some convince themselves to do, and then whiff entirely and end up with a trash old team AND no 2021 capital. Seems like a recipe for disaster, league-wise. I realize a "normal" startup would allow you to trade these picks anyways, but they don't have specific value yet. Being able to draft the top future picks now throws a whole wrench in the way dynasty leagues are supposed to work imo. Even moreso than the way devy drafts effect future pick value.
  13. This seems completely made up. Surprised it had the legs it did to get people talking like they were in here, not like a known reputable source reported it. Guess we are that bored.
  14. This won't help you if you own both but I just recently dealt Adams for Godwin.
  15. Been trying to put my thoughts on this into words and that post clicked for me--I like having 1.01 or 1.02 because there's value in being in the power position. You're guaranteed your top player at RB or WR or the 2nd player at either position if he's better than the 1st player of the other. You control your destiny. But even if you're planning to sell, it's rare for the picks to lose value. Selling now feels like a suckers play most years. Not a bad deal by any means but I'd want to be holding a top 2 pick as the NFL picks are rolling in. You think rookie hype is high now? Wait until owners know what uniforms to daydream those prospects in and project best-case scenarios into. 2.01 is good in this class but not enough for me to give up that power. I only play in devy leagues now (but that wasn't always the case) so the value is different, but the dropoff between tiers can be even greater because of the depleted player pool.
  16. Her main problem is that she's a workaholic and puts out on average more than one special per 12 months which is crazy turnaround on new material. I think she's naturally hilarious but her material is getting worse because it's not getting as much time and she tours constantly (and now also squeezes in multiple TV shows and movies). It's working for her though as she's a millionaire now which isn't common for a standup. We've seen her live twice in Boston, which is a hotbed of people who like her because she went to college here so is kind of treated as a "local", the energy at the sets was crazy both times but her material was a lot better 4-5 years ago than the one we saw more recently.
  17. And The Big Bang Theory was the #1 show for a decade and the Kardashians grow money trees. People like bad stuff in large numbers, that never changes.
  18. Recently have watched: Euphoria 👍 The Outsider 👎 Westworld 👍
  19. Some important context that Dilfer left out (or maybe just this quote left it out and he was transparent about it on air) is that he's been training Tua all offseason. So you could argue he's got insight or that he's biased and pimping his own work.
  20. This is my opinion, yeah. Exactly. The value I'd have to invest into Fuller is value I'd rather have in a guy I feel good about when listing my starting lineup. Of course there comes a point where nearly any player can become a value, Fuller just isn't there for me right now. He'd make nice depth if he carried the cost of one of my depth players, but he doesn't for me because I'm addicted to consolidating. That's not gonna be the case for everyone and some owners would love him as the first guy off their bench or something.
  21. Just the inconsistency he suffers due to injury so far in his career. Would love him and overdraft in best ball, but not interested in dynasty personally. I try to load the value on my roster into my starting lineup and then have some reliable or cheap backups. If Fuller gets cheap he becomes viable again to me. For now I'll own Desean Jackson for free and hope he makes it into the season healthy for similar bye week burst potential, just as an example.
  22. 1. This isn't true. 2. Drops are not a worthwhile stat and aren't predictive, lots of research has been done on this. 3. I don't care for Fuller for other reasons, I just felt the need to respond because this post was so off (imo)
  23. I find myself hoping that McVay uses Everett as the guy who finds the gap between the 2nd and 3rd level of the defense up the seam, now that they're lacking Cooks as the field-stretcher. This is something McVay did with Reed in Washington often. But you need a reliable guy at TE with that skill-set to build around it in your offense, so once Reed became unreliable it fell out of the offense, and it's not something they've done a ton of in STL in the past until last year. Higbee can block so we have to hope Everett is used more down the field. Together they could be dangerous, and if Higbee misses time Everett rockets up the rankings.