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  1. 1. This isn't true. 2. Drops are not a worthwhile stat and aren't predictive, lots of research has been done on this. 3. I don't care for Fuller for other reasons, I just felt the need to respond because this post was so off (imo)
  2. I find myself hoping that McVay uses Everett as the guy who finds the gap between the 2nd and 3rd level of the defense up the seam, now that they're lacking Cooks as the field-stretcher. This is something McVay did with Reed in Washington often. But you need a reliable guy at TE with that skill-set to build around it in your offense, so once Reed became unreliable it fell out of the offense, and it's not something they've done a ton of in STL in the past until last year. Higbee can block so we have to hope Everett is used more down the field. Together they could be dangerous, and if Higbee misses time Everett rockets up the rankings.
  3. I was hoping he'd get dealt when I recently traded for Everett, but Cooks being traded instead is still a net-positive for every other Rams receiver. Even moreso if they use the 2nd they got on an OL prospect, or if it allows them to use their 1st on one.
  4. Really like this for you, . JuJu imo is the prize but I also think there's a chance you also got the second most valuable piece in Pittman Jr. who right now I narrowly prefer to Reagor and Dionte. Pedigree and landing spot will shed some light.
  5. On the other hand, aren't 1st round WRs who miss their rookie seasons also extremely low percentage bets, even when it's predominately due to injury?
  6. Gore has had incredible longevity and been a pro's pro. I remember sometime in the early 2010's when he had the hip injury that some thought might end his career, and he bounced right back as the same exact guy. He's also a great dude. I don't think any of that makes him HOF-worthy. Just staying healthy and baseline productive for a really long time while having coaches love having you in the locker room while never really being the best makes a player a questionable HOF candidate imo. Longevity has to play a part in a guy's eligibility, obviously. That's part of what made guys like Rice and the great QBs and the sack leaders great and allowed them to move up the record boards. With Gore, it seems like his main attribute though. When was he a top-3 talent and producer at his position except maybe early in his career? Being top 15 for a long time isn't HOF-worthy imo. But I get we all have different ideas of what HOF means. Lynch doesn't have a great HOF resume necessarily either, but he had some real iconic moments that I think are an integral part of the league's history in a way that Gore just wasn't. On the other hand Gore is an inspiring story of overcoming--his injuries in college, his injuries in the NFL, hell a learning disability, the entire establishment of the NFL and the way it treats players at his position as disposable. He defied all that for a very long time. Maybe that's HOF worthy to some. I'll have to put more thought into it.
  7. TB's are fine and better than what they've been using. ATL's are horrible and they had some nice ones already. Don't get the need for a change. I tend to think that if a team is going to do this, it should coincide with and signify some kind of big era change--new owner, new franchise QB or HC after a long successful career, etc.
  8. This won't be popular but I'd prefer to put in Lynch over a well-liked compiler like Gore.
  9. They hate not having their current 2nd...highly unlikely that they throw away a future one when a good player at a position of need (WR, OL, CB) should fall to 66 naturally. Who knows though. And I don't think Claypool profiles as a TE now that we know what he's working with, teams will try him outside first in most cases imo
  10. I think in an ideal world you're right about the draft range on all those guys, and think they're all interesting if flawed prospects. It's possible imo that they rise higher than expected due to how bad this class is. Not into the 2nd round but desperate teams may overdraft a couple of these guys. I'd prefer Moreau to all of them I think, for instance, to point out a similarly pedigreed guy from last year. But he fell there in a better TE class so prob not fair. Wilson is a guy who's intriguing as well, you're right. I haven't heard a whiff about him from the coaches or people who follow the team, but they liked him enough to sign him to a futures deal so he's in the mix, and that's all it might take to emerge in this group, is a chance to show out more than the rest.
  11. Rivera on Thomas today: On the tight end position: “Well I think there’s a lot to explore. It’s one of those things that in the system you love to have a guy with Greg Olsen type of ability, who is a primary ball catcher, a guy that goes out and finds the hole, finds the crease, can separate when the ball is in the air at the right time, and that’s one of the things that Greg Olsen did very, very well for us. You know Logan Thomas is a guy that we see some glimpses of that type of athletic ability. Pete Hoener our tight end coach felt very strongly about this guy’s abilities, mostly because he thought he was a very smart and savvy football player, he’s a tremendous athlete. And he’s just learning and getting the position right now. Remember he is a converted quarterback, a guy that has a skillset that is a little unique because of his understanding of the way offenses work.
  12. That's good news imo bc it means they can have him on the field as the #1 if necessary, without it giving away run/pass or being a liability. I don't take it as a sign that he's a "blocking TE" but that he's not lazy/ineffective there like Reed and VD were, and they like that. Again, if they can't get anyone else this offseason who is clearly better. And it's looking like that might be difficult. It's a long shot but one that's worth $1 in blind bidding this summer, imo.
  13. I laid out the reasons why that's unlikely to happen in this draft, but it's possible a 4th-6th round type outperforms expectations out the gate. That hit rate is low even in strong TE classes where more talented guys get pushed down...this TE class is weak.
  14. I'm not saying we're looking at the next Waller here or anything (and his issues were substance abuse related on top of learning a new but related position, obviously), but if there's one position that is known for random late-career breakouts it's TE. It's not impossible, so worth keeping an eye on in off-season bidding where he'll be free like Waller was early on. The thing is this: if they don't trade down and they just take Young at #2 like predicted, Washington doesn't pick again until the 3rd round #66. This is a pretty weak TE class and the few intriguing guys like Trautman and Kmet could very well go in the 2nd due to the dearth of talent. Meaning a TE is unlikely to be the BPA for WAS at any point before the 4th-6th rounds. The new staff brought Thomas in. The incumbent now that Reed and VD are gone is Sprinkle, who sucks out loud. Hentges is a guy with potential who they stole from the Colts last season to the slight dismay of some Colts fans, but he's really shown very little so far. The TE position is important in the Turner offense and they will give anyone the chance to win the starting spot, that's Rivera's whole thing. If they don't trade for someone like Njoku (unlikely) or Everett (slightly less unlikely imo but still unlikely), it will probably just be Thomas and a bunch of camp body types. All that to say that this could be a weird situation where opportunity is enough to get a guy who has flashed startable targets.
  15. You've outlined my thought process exactly, we're on the same page. And going 4 RB1's every week has won me multiple championships so it wasn't easy, but I just see too much downside in Chubb becoming a guy who needs a TD to not piss you off every week. Whereas I can see Moore as a 100+ catch guy and he's 22.
  16. 14 team PPR Gave: Chubb Got: DJ Moore Guessing this won't be a popular one, I couldn't squeeze any extra value out of it (I tried) so I decided to just get ahead of what I expect to happen--a massive cooling on Chubb's value in the dynasty community plus the continued rise of Moore (I realize he is already "overhyped" in some people's minds and this deal won't help that perception). If it helps for context I own 3 other RBs I value more than Chubb but we can start 4 so it wasn't about that. 14 team PPR Gave: Boston Scott, Kaden Smith Got: Gerald Everett I felt much better about this one although I actually really like Scott as a PPR sleeper, he looked good.
  17. Weird that they re-did the trade without it after, you can see the transactions. Still one of the worst trades I've ever seen, and it shifted the entire balance of the league from the jump.
  18. Horrendous value to trade down from 1.03 with Lamar on the board in trade all the way down to the 2.11 and only add a 9th is really unforgivable in any format. And unless I'm crazy it looks like the trade was changed after an hour and got even worse! The future 1st that had been included in the original trade was removed, seemingly. Awful. This would be so demoralizing to me if I were an owner in that league, to see a lopsided trade THAT bad go down so damn early in the startup, the first trade of the entire league's existence and it's that one.
  19. My mistake, I had it completely backwards in my mind, he "only" had 5 KR TD's and was more dangerous on PR's.
  20. I would not trust most NFL DC's to use Simmons creatively enough to make him worth anywhere near what almost any old DC could get out of Young...Del Rio is one of the few I think could arguably do it, as Simmons is really a unique scheme changing talent...but even if you could add another 1st rounder it would still be a tough trigger to pull.
  21. Sanders. Hester was much more of a weapon on Kick Returns than on PR right?
  22. Reads like you should clean up in this league while everyone else hoards lottery ticket (even if blue chip) devys. If Julio can fall to the 6th, you should be able to draft a 2-3 year dynasty just by ignoring the devys and drafting a studly starting lineup. SF changes some things and I hope you've adjusted for that, but it doesn't change things so much as to explain all the devys going before proven just explains the young QB fetish happening. Lawrence before not only established studs like MT but also before Kyler and Burrow at the same position is...something else.
  23. Sure. Was just responding to your assertion that she is one of the more over the top female characters on the show because she "ruled the roost" over the adult felons in her life when the series started, that's what your post said. Just pointing out that she held whatever power she had over her uncles while they were alive because they were terrified of her father.
  24. 1. She could whoop Wyatt and Three's asses, what's your point. 2. In season 1, her uncles were terrified of her dad who seemingly went to prison for them and is capable of violence, which gave her power. Then she kills them, so. 3. In season 2 she in no way "rules the roost" over her felon father, who does what he pleases until he's killed. We all watching the same show?
  25. Yeah I noticed a couple times that the actress seemed to be using an artificial baby bump, so the pregnancy is probably for plot reasons and not because the actress was pregnant. Could be as simple as using it as an artificial time limit (she gave a 6 week deadline to Marty at one point bc that's when she was due) to force drama later. Alternative theory: the actress IS pregnant or knew she was trying but it's early on and they wanted to set it up now bc they didn't know if she'd have a real baby bump while filming the next season. Avoids having to do the weird camera angles, tight shots, and carrying boxes bit other shows are forced to do and if this is the case, her real life pregnancy would have come out of nowhere next season on a show that probably picks up right where this season left off.