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  1. The worst. Love you Otis. Yes lets see a pic!
  2. Going to Dirk's final game tonight. I am sure the Spurs will have something awesome planned for him. Will be nuts when he checks out of the game for the last time.
  3. 1. Shared FB account is a must. 2. Congrats on the unlimited sex!
  4. I live in South Texas and in my burb in particular there are tons of trucks with lift kits and the like. I loudly proclaim "GIT R DONE" to no one but myself every single time I see one.
  5. I'll be there at the same time GB!
  6. Many thanks GB. Vegas!!!
  7. Positive thoughts your wife's way GB. Good luck.
  8. This has likely been covered upthread but what is the best way to look into booking the types of rooms you mention? Thanks for all the info!
  9. Your total tax obligation for the year is the same in either scenario. Would you rather set it up to receive $1,000 or owe $1,000 in the spring?