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  1. I thought I was smart in HS cause I was the valedictorian. I'm an idiot.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I imagine most of us have other options but had high hopes at one point in the season.
  3. I agree with your call. Wish I had an option (Daniel Jones). Mahomes it is.
  4. Den and Chi just feel like slow games where KC wont have to score much to win. IDK.. probably one of those things I will regret cause I love owning him but he's one of my few remaining tradeable assets.
  5. I am thinking of trading Mahomes to fill other spots down the stretch. Oakland is allowing the 3rd most points to the QB position which is great, but in the playoffs KC is @NE (1st vs QBs), vs Den (4), and @Chi (6). All 3 also have at least the potential for cold/bad weather. I think his ceiling will be limited in the FF playoffs and I think I am a seller, mainly because I still have holes elsewhere. Willing to be talked out of this.