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  1. Tough to use him balance of year. Week 14-16 is brutal and moreso if his mobility is limited. Maybe the shark move is to sell in redraft.
  2. Its the pace that worries me, not whether or not KC will win the game.
  3. I agree 100%. Definite floor game. You have 3 top 5 QBs lol..I would roll with the other 2.
  4. He's a beast, and we are starting him, but this Thursday definitely feels like a floor game in Denver.
  5. I also noticed he was out for a bit after that hard fall. Noticed he came back in before the game was over though. Hope he is OK.
  6. Just saw Flora Cash at ACL this past weekend. I have had this song on repeat today. ?
  7. I would be surprised if its this week, but hopefully sometime soon.
  8. Agree GB. Opted for Gordon tonight. Gotta trust the process I guess.
  9. Maybe with the F/X rate he will go for like 2 catches over in London.