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  1. I should have listened to you GB. Put half my K into cash on 5/6. Ooooops.
  2. Took half my 401K to cash on 5/6. Ooooooops.
  3. Locked at 2.75% on a 20 year yesterday. Thanks to everyone in this thread. Much appreciated.
  4. 2.5% is hard to come by..thats awesome. But in general Guinis I would think you should at least be able to get it down to 3.0 or lower on a 15 year.
  5. Love you brother. Most certainly sounds like you are doing all the right things. Take care.
  6. 15 years 2.850% 20 years 3.250% 30 years 3.375%
  7. Have rates gone up in say last 2 days?
  8. Thx GB. Just reached out to the folks that did our loan 3 years ago.
  9. Stepping my toes in will probably ask repeater questions. 2017 origination at 4.125% for 30 years. What can I expect on a 15 or 30 year today if I refi? Texas.
  10. Everyone back on my corporate campus next week. Huge company in South Texas. Dumb.