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  1. Same. Traded away Lamar. I hope Denver manages to score some points this weekend to keep Herbert going for 4 quarters.
  2. Agree completely. Some context on his modest but respectable 4 for 42 on 7 targets. The 4 catches were all in the first half and then supposedly BUF switched Tre White onto him in the second half. That kind of attention in a guy's first game tells me a lot. If Crowder (groin) and Perriman (concussion) are out again this week, we could see some nice stats in week 8 at KC.
  3. Re: Reagor. I am basically a full time Reagor stan. Go get him immediately. Pay up or drop any marginal guy you are thinking of for him. Jalen Reagor Fantasy Outlook: Waiver Wire Must-Stash, Upside to Approach Rookie Odell
  4. Hi Tom. I see it as the exact opposite. I don't see a lot of healthy targets right now in Philly. He had a ton of preseason buzz, and should only have to share with Fulgham and Goedert really. Ertz is a corpse. Here is a great "article" (hype piece) I posted in the Reagor thread.
  5. Jalen Reagor Fantasy Outlook: Waiver Wire Must-Stash, Upside to Approach Rookie Odell
  6. I'm going to keep stanning for Reagor until the entire FBG community has rostered him.
  7. May not get full answer until Sunday but should start getting some clues today with practice reports. I am starting him due to injuries, byes etc if he plays. Talent is there, Wentz has garbage to throw to behind Fulgham esp with Ertz and Goedert out, and the matchup vs Dallas is as prime as it gets. Let's go.
  8. Playoffs be damned, Edmonds should be winning weeks for you over the next month. Why save any FAAB at this point? Empty the wallet.