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  1. Agree, but put more simply, how in this day and age the "majority" of people still believe in a deity at all.
  2. Tyler Childers has a new album coming out in August and I like this new song. All Your'n
  3. Forgive as I'm sure this has been covered in this thread, I am sure this has been covered in this thread, but what is the best way to save for college..or what is the best 529 plan? I live in Texas.
  4. Close. I am Jan 2nd and my only sibling, my brother, is 4 yrs older and is Jan 3rd.
  5. Usually some good advance listings here for DJ events at pools and clubs.
  6. I'm going to steal ur girrrlfriend.
  7. This is me. Always tired. I need to get some medical testing done I'm sure.
  8. Just making sure everyone in this thread follows We Rate Dogs on social media (IG or Twitter). It's genius.