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  1. I could be wrong, but I always assumed it was considered a form of double taxation. You are paying federal tax on money paid in taxes to a political subdivision of the US. Corporations are allowed a federal tax deduction for state income taxes paid which has not changed. It's also a similar argument to the foreign tax credit, where US taxpayers can receive a credit for taxes paid to a foreign country to avoid paying tax twice on the same income.
  2. It shouldn't but it does. In 1994, somewhere between 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rwandans were systematically executed and it took weeks for the Western media to take notice.
  3. I heard one from Suzanne Vega Beatle Fan Suzanne Vega in the car Sunday. The first 3 were chalk, I Saw Her Standing There, Here Comes the Sun and something else popular. Her 4th one was The Fool on the Hill and I laughed out loud.
  4. Please introduce yourself as "krista4 from the internet" TIA
  5. Honestly it may have been in those things she did with all the words, but who read all that stuff.
  6. More than anything else I love the way this song encapsulates the yin and yang of Paul and John as songwriters. Paul's optimism is balanced by John's impatience and cynicism.
  7. I don't buy the argument that those companies stifle innovation and start ups. It seems to me that a number of start up tech companies do so with the goal of being bought out by Google or Amazon.
  8. It's high on my list of 25 songs that should have been in my top 25 songs.
  9. This is another one that I sort of forgot about over the years but really enjoy.
  10. By far the "song" I developed a much greater appreciation for is the Abbey Road medley. Because I don't know much about playing a musical instrument, I typically focus on lyrics and vocals almost exclusively. Lyrically You Never Give Me Your Money is the only part that ever interested me, but once I started to really listen to the transitions between songs and the solos in The End I began appreciating the whole as more than the sum of its parts. Also, Polythene Pam is pretty catch once you get past the lyrics. Rain and Hey Bulldog are two more that I enjoy more now that I understand what I am listening to a little better. Neither song has lyrics that interest me at all, but I find myself listening past the lyrics to what is going on the the "background" and really enjoying both of them. If I Fell and I've Just A Face are two that moved up just because I didn't really remember them all that well until I went back and listened again. Both songs just connect with me on how it feels entering a new relationship.
  11. This describes me pretty well. I had heard all of the songs before but I probably never listened to them the way I did after reading the write ups. My original top 25 was heavy on songs I was more familiar with, but if I had to make a list now there would be at least 5 changes for songs that I came to appreciate more through this thread..
  12. I sent my guess at the top 10 earlier and there were at least 30 songs that I thought must be in the top 10. I put Penny Lane at #10 just for Krista.
  13. Leroy's understated Mr. Kite shtick hasn't gotten enough credit.
  14. I think there is a disconnect here. Most people choosing the refund understand they are potentially leaving money on the table but do it for 1 of 2 reasons: 1. The amount of earnings is immaterial to them. 2. The risk of an underpayment penalty would more than wipe out any earnings on the extra $40 every other week.