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  1. They released a statement calling her reporting "misleading and completely irresponsible" and that she “attempted to fabricate a story where one does not exist.” without doing even the slightest bit of due diligence. They could have at least tried to figure out what happened before resorting to character assassination.
  2. I don't want to beat a dead horse but the Astros treatment of Stephanie Apstein was horrific and they almost got away with it. I have no doubt that was all Luhnow choosing to ruin a woman's reputation to protect a misogynist dbag assistant GM. They not only lied about what happened, they went out of their way to publicly accuse her of fabricating the story. After they were exposed they had to be publicly shamed into apologizing to her. Add in denying a Detroit reporter access against MLB rules and spiking the memo about electronic sign stealing. Manfred's report even spoke about a culture problem in the front office:
  3. Weirdly, I personally don't blame the players as much as management. Of course players will try to get an edge. That's where the manager and GM need to be the adults in the room. The Astros front office culture under Luhnow was toxic and reprehensible. Hinch was a coward who destroyed monitors but refused to tell his own players to stop doing something he knew was wrong. Most of the players said they would have stopped if told.
  4. Also, after how the Astros treated Stephanie Apstein I have absolutely no faith in their denials about anything.
  5. A few states have a local tax filed as part of the state return. Shady mentioned NYC and Maryland also does this. If I remember correctly, Pennsylvania, Ohio and maybe Michigan have standalone local tax returns for most municipalities.
  6. My 10 year old understands that "other kids were doing it" isn't a justification for breaking rules.
  7. Are you 100% certain other teams were using electronic sign stealing after Sept. 2017? Even if other teams were doing it (and we can't know that for certain) maybe the other teams stopped when they were told to stop. The Astros clearly did not which is why they were punished. Hubris got them in to this mess.
  8. He was too busy trying to prevent beat writers from doing their job. Coward.
  9. 5 more teams get banned and Arsenal is back in the Champions League baby.
  10. They broke a written rule in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage. You can parse words all you like but I will never understand how that is not considered cheating.
  11. This is like saying using a corked bat isn't cheating because players are allowed to use bats.
  12. It's not the media's job to clean up the Astros recurring PR messes. We don't even know if those discussion with players were on the record. Also, isn't Heyman part of the media?
  13. MLB sent a memo threatening severe penalties for electronic sign stealing. Houston blatantly ignored it and kept on doing it. The argument about sign stealing going on for decades is irrelevant. Houston isn't being punished for stealing signs prior to the memo. If any other club was doing the same thing after Sept 2017 they should be punished accordingly. The organization absolutely knew they were breaking a very specific rule, how can MLB just allow them to get away with it?
  14. I love Jayson Stark but Fangraphs came up with much different results.
  15. When your players start to compare you to FIFA you may be losing the PR war.