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  1. That’s what I love about these academy kids, I get older they stay the same age.
  2. I thought he said it was a snake draft?
  3. Geoff Schwartz does a pretty good job of explaining why Dillard made the right read
  4. Sproles is a lock to make the team this year and most beat writers think either Clement or Smallwood has a better chance of making the final roster than Scott.
  5. He was fantastic as Shelly Runyon in The Contender
  6. Google tells me that Ozil's Arsenal salary is more than the team payroll for every MLS team other than Toronto. How would a move like that even work?
  7. Off topic but Albert Wilson only had 391 total receiving yards. 70% of his yards were after contact.
  8. is the worst. I click to read an article at work and suddenly Stephen A is screaming at me in my office.
  9. Emmitt had the single most effective NFL hold out I can remember. I'm sure Jerry remembers that also.
  10. At least one Arsenal player can defend
  11. I think Top Gun is an anomaly in this regard. For guys the average age of a lot FFA regulars, Top Gun was a seminal movie of our childhood.. I remember researching admission requirements to the Naval Academy before I realized my eyesight would prevent me from becoming a naval aviator. If they made a true remake with Will Smith's kid as Maverick, this place would tear it apart like a pack of hyenas. But a sequel with an older Maverick is nostalgic and marks the passage of time in our own lives. Plus fighter jets are cool.
  12. GM mentioned it earlier but I thought the Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga A Star is Born was good. Better than the Streisand version IMO. ETA: I thought the Coen brothers True Grit was decent also.
  13. I hadn’t thought of it, but wouldn’t the new Top Gun movie be a sequel based on the trailer? I would have no interest in a remake of the original with younger actors , but give me Cruise and Kilmer playing older Maverick and Ice and I’m in.
  14. Correct. A spouse's eligibility to make an IRA contribution is determined by the spousal IRA rules, but there is no difference in the IRA account itself