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  1. Voted Sophie but may have picked Karen Silkwood if it was an option.
  2. I think most Eagles fans get Cowboys fans who were either born, grew up or live in Texas. It's guys who lived their whole life in a Philly suburb and have no idea who Chad Hutchinson was but show up in their Michael Irvin jersey whenever the Cowboys have a good season that are annoying.
  3. I wouldn't see why cable miniseries wouldn't count. There are a few HBO ones off the top of my head that I would think would score extremely well. The Emmy definition is
  4. I was listening to Penny Lane the other day and now I completely get Krista's criticism about the lyrics. I couldn't decide if that means I never listened closely enough before or that Krista has ruined a lovely tune for me.
  5. Mini-series seems like it absolutely should be a category.
  6. I double checked because I wasn't sure myself.
  7. The 2021 franchise number is like $37 million I think. 2022 is when it gets astronomical. I think the franchise tag for 2021 makes the most sense for both parties.
  8. It would be a short term capital gain so the gain would be taxed at the ordinary income tax rates of you and your parents. If there are 3 names on the deed, it would most likely be assumed to be owned 1/3 by each of you, so 2/3 of the gain would be at your parents rate. Also, the gain would be sale price less purchase price less closing costs on both sides so it may be less than $40,000.
  9. I think that is being overly generous to Tennessee. They intentionally circumvented the rules after they already had 10+ positive tests including coaches and staff. No other team has had a situation nearly as severe as the one in Tennessee prior to 9/30 and they still ignored the rules. Not to mention the reports that they were not wearing masks and contact trackers prior. Besides, "other teams do it too" is not a good enough reason not to punish any team caught not following protocols.
  10. I do think one of the positive developments is that despite the number of Titans players that have since tested positive, not one Viking has (as far as I know). It may not prove anything but it's encouraging.
  11. I kept seeing the Gunnersaurus thing on twitter but I didn’t realize they did it to cut costs. Ozil making £350,000/week to do nothing but the big fuzzy mime makes too much money.
  12. Maybe I'm missing something. As presented CBS had 3 options: 1. 5:00 Monday 2. 6:00 Tuesday 3. 7:00 Tuesday Option 3 is the only one that allows them to broadcast the evening news and the game. Why wouldn't they want to televise both, especially since there is not much new programming in prime time right now. In addition Fox is reportedly willing to almost double their offer for Sunday games. so at least one network isn't worried.
  13. They aren't choosing to air the news instead of the game, they prefer to air both instead of preempting one for the other. Plus a 5:00 ET start would mean most of the country is still at work.