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  1. I realize that the guaranteed money is the important part but on the surface, $35 million per year is a lot closer to Goff ($33.5 million) than Mahomes. I think Dak is at least as good as Goff.
  2. IMO the biggest difference seeing the show vs listening to the soundtrack is the humor. Things like Jefferson handing the Reynolds pamphlet to the orchestra conductor, Eliza beatboxing and Madison crying entering the stage after Its Quiet Uptown don’t come across on the soundtrack.
  3. That is intentional. Miranda has been upfront that there are clear call outs to Les Mis and Gilbert & Sullivan in addition to Biggie and Mobb Deep. Part of the brilliance is fitting hip hop into a classic Broadway structure not just writing a hip hop show.
  4. We took our daughter to see it on Broadway when she was 8 and I was fine with it. They removed a couple F words for Disney so it is a few curse words and some adult themes a 5 year old probably won’t even get.
  5. Are suggesting the players would agree to this or would it be like the Tuskegee study?
  6. I don’t want this to seem critical of Bloom who does a great job, but maybe he could provide a little more context of what upgrades and downgrades mean. I think a lot us look at this report for lineup and waiver advice. Personally, I don’t see any value in downgrading Mahomes outside of an injury. I’m not cutting him and most likely not benching him unless I got lucky and ended up with Jackson. While you are right that his value can change, those changes are around the margins and unlikely to be actionable.
  7. Very sorry to hear that @krista4 Whatever works best for you, but I am certainly interested either way. Ex-Mr. Krista's comments were fun but you have always been the star of this show.
  8. I’ve been trying to figure out how someone decided on Phil Collins and Christina Aguilera together.
  9. As an Arsenal supporter I have to say this return to normalcy is very comforting in such uncertain times.
  10. Last professional haircut was first week in March. A few weeks ago I got desperate enough to let my wife cut it. Turns out she's pretty good at it.
  11. If memory serves, the Black vote was much more split than it is now prior to the Civil Rights Act. 56 years is hardly forever, and it's not like they had it made before the Civil Rights Act and things went downhill after.
  12. April 19, 2004 2 Bob Woodward books: