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  1. Well Steve Young was pretty good replacement I guess it’s hard for me not to think Brady was at least equal to Belichick. In a league where it’s universally agreed that QB is the most important position, having the best QB ever would seem to be the biggest advantage one could have.
  2. I wonder if you did a similar poll in 1989 on Walsh /Montana if it would be similar (because now I’d guess people would say Montana was 90 percent of the success). We do know that Belichick was not this successful in a previous coaching stint without Brady. And they went 11-5 with Cassell the year Brady got hurt, which shows Belichick wasn’t bad. But I’m one to say that having the greatest qb of this era is a pretty big reason that they had the best team of this era more than having the best coach. They certainly brought out the best in each other.
  3. I think a lot of this has to do with decline of old school sports journalism. Those classic names (splendid splinter galloping ghost) were all from people like Paul Gallico, Jim Murray etc. interestingly they were using it to make players more marketable in time pre national televised games. The NBA seems to have a lot more nicknames (Greek freak, The Brow, Splash brothers, The Process off top of my head). Not sure why that is.
  4. The raiders signed a gold medalist relay guy in the 90s named James Jett. He played for a number of years and was a solid deep receiver even though he wasn’t very big. Sort of like a Mike Wallace although never a primary option
  5. On to week 14 (196). Have never made it here before. Lost Olsen but still happy to be here
  6. 174.95 with Davante -12.1. You tell me?
  7. Does anyone know when they are putting these through?
  8. I’m still alive. Only guy I really wish I had the money back on is Robbie Anderson. Chubb and Olsen are probably my best differentiators
  9. There’s like a forty percent chance Jimmy Haslem thinks she is Jerry Rice’s mother
  10. They prevented Junior Seau’s daughter from speaking at his induction, after his death, bc they were afraid she would bring up CTE. Perhaps Owens is not the villain here
  11. I didn’t remember the AJ injury- good memory. I do remember that being the year that Carr finally cratered after previously showing at least a few flashes. Derek should be much better than David
  12. There’s a very specific historical comp to cooper, which is Andre Johnson. Johnson was a top five pick, had historically good first two years, then just had an absolutely awful third year for no obvious reason. He even had Derek Carr’s brother as his qb. Going into season 3 the Texans fired their defensive minded coach (Capers) for an offensive guy (Kubiak) and Johnson then took off. not saying they are exactly the same player, but there’s a lot alike in their stories.