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  1. My finance professor used to say, “Sometimes the best explanation for the Dow’s performance on a given day is that 40% of Americans believe Elvis is still alive.” (Which, come to think of it, may also be the best explanation for how Trump got elected.) Exactly....incredibly complex but we have people who believe an individual has significant impact on the market long term....freakin' awesome.
  2. I am unaware of a person claiming they'd be exactly the same. Most are saying they'd be roughly the same. I'm not sure why that is outlandish in any shape or form coming from someone who voted the market would be less than 10,000 with Hillary at the helm. A whole 8 people think it would be better compared to double digits thinking it would be under 10K, but yeah, make fun of those 8 You're all in the same boat, just rowing in different directions calling each other moron. One day, people will realize that an individual does NOT make/break the stock market. Until then, those who do and throw that kind of nonsense around will be here for our enjoyment. Thanks for your contribution
  3. To be fair....most here aren't starting with the assumption that it would be less than 10,000 with her at the helm either. When the starting points are that far apart, I think it's easy to see why other opinions seem so far off. Neat indeed.
  4. To be fair, these are most likely the guys saying in 22-24 "hey, it was bound to go down at some point" if Trump's in office and "hey, told you the socialist would destroy the market" if any Democrat is in office. Have to consider the sources here. ETA: Just realized it was public Pretty good!
  5. If true it's rather easy to say they are both disgusting pieces of horse poo. I don't see the issue in proclaiming that at all. Only ones with an issue are those attacking Mike and giving Donny a pass or vice versa
  6. about the same place (voted 25-29)....only real difference is I don't think there would have been as many large swings up and down.
  7. No...there's not....which has been the point all along. The goal has always been to contain. Thinking it can be actually fixed is like a woman getting in a relationship with a messed up dude thinking "I know the others failed, but THIS TIME I can fix him!!!!!"
  8. Agreed. The senate should have called witnesses in this impeachment trial, but I think it's highly inappropriate to make that determination for future trials. These should all be handled on a case-by-case basis. And it drives me bonkers that the Dems seems completely unable to play the long game here. They can't focus on anything other than the here and now and are 100% reactionary. They are REALLY bad at this.
  9. FWIW...I am not part of the party but will be voting for damn near anything offered up in contrast of Trump including Bloomberg. As an outsider, the things you list here are things I can find with just about any of the other candidates. Those sorts of things I don't see as an issue. One of the issues I have as a moderate is that I don't want to see money influencing politics the way it does today. Voting for Bloomberg is a direct contradiction to that IMO. He also needs to be on the debate stage IMO. Then, from there, I have a few other things that concern me, but not like my concerns with Trump.
  10. Somehow I missed the flat out rejection by NK to resume talks.....this is going swimmingly.
  11. Ha....county in NC my mom lives in (been there for 45+years...same house) had to reregister to vote. The minimum wage person answering the phones suggested they purgerd her and my father assuming no one lives in the same place for that long Best part is, she voted for the people who are now insisting on these "voter registration clean up efforts".