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  1. The Commish

    Is this forum still just a liberal echo chamber?

    I agree with this. It doesn't make sense to jump to something they don't agree with. I expect them to jump to something they do agree with and if they aren't jumping I can only assume that they are ok with where they're at. Let's not pretend they are stuck and can't speak out about the things they are allegedly against and move towards things they would like to see. Remaining silent is quite telling whether you want it to be or not. Not moving away from his policy positions towards positions of their own is quite telling whether you want it to be or not. The bar for damn near EVERYTHING they have passed has been in the context of "come up with something that Trump will sign".
  2. The Commish

    Is this forum still just a liberal echo chamber?

    It's not so much that they have devolved as it is those who can't stand that approach have jumped ship leaving all the racists and those who put up with the racism to support the GOP in other areas. It's been said a billion times here. Those who continue to support Trump are one of two types. They either support his racists actions or, at minimum put up with them because of something else they like about him. If you can't see him playing the white identity card on your own, I'm not going to be able to show you and I don't really have any interest in attempting to.
  3. You are giving me exceptions to the rule as proof of what exactly? All those guys are EASILY going to pass on their wealth. Just like all those others that are absurdly wealthy have had their fortunes passed on to them. What work do you want shown exactly?
  4. The Commish

    2020: The Race For the White House

    What policy is to the right? She wants to expand education, thinks corporate money in politics is an issue and wants Medicare for All.
  5. The Commish

    Is this forum still just a liberal echo chamber?

    And his supporters in the GOP...all those in office who haven't stood up to it have enabled it at minimum. If they actively support it doesn't really matter all that much at that point. I don't think there is a question that Obama's supporters identified with the color of his skin. Is that controversial in any way? If you want to cast that on "the party" while attempting to distinguish Trump from "his party", it's pretty clear your objective. ETA: And to be fair, the only "policy" or "proposal" of note is the tax bill. If you can't see what it did and who it went to, I'm not sure what to tell you.
  6. The Commish

    2020: The Race For the White House

    All of them, outside of Booker it seems, are similar and it will not take a lot to jump from one to the other. I personally think Bernie's window is closed, which sucks, but there's no question this set of candidates were all inspired by him in one way or the other and were shown that there is actually a place for progressives in the party and that it's ok to run on the platform the Dems profess to be for. That's a huge step for that party IMO.
  7. The Commish

    2020: The Race For the White House

    They don't get "whipped into a Bernie frenzy" if the DNC doesn't do shady ####. It's not that complicated What happened last cycle is all traced back to the shady behavior. This notion of "suck it up and vote for her anyway" wasn't going to fly, nor should it. The DNC dug their own hole, it's not up to Bernie supporters to fill it. As I said before, if they just let this play out like it should with no thumbs on the scales etc, this is a moot point. I don't think they'll have any problem rallying support against Trump.
  8. Our tax code has been altered in such a way that it makes protecting wealth rather easy. One could probably make a justification for The Fed, but I think our tax policy has been significantly more problematic. It has not adapted as we shift from a manufacturing country to a consumer driven country and the changes that HAVE been made are really for those who are really rich, not necessarily to make more money but to easily keep what they have been given.
  9. The Commish

    2020: The Race For the White House

    This is up to the DNC leadership more than anyone else. Do things on the up and up and there's plenty of room for debate among the candidates. I do believe Bernie's message will be lost a bit as many have taken on his policies and are much younger with more up side. Right or wrong, there is a desire for a party to reflect more the diversity of the country and unfortunately Bernie will probably be seen as "the old white guy who's typical in politics" by those wanting to change it up a bit.
  10. The Commish

    2020: The Race For the White House

    All that changes is there wouldn't have been a primary. It would have STILL been Hillary vs Donny. Him not being in the race wouldn't have changed that Some might sit out....if they do, the party reaps what they sow. If they want to actively burn bridges to push their person, they can't be mad that those they burned don't want to rebuild the bridge. That's not how it works.
  11. The Commish

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    I believe it's in the legislation and it's pretty evident that it was their intent as the orange gumba said it over and over and over that people would see "relief" as soon as the legislation passed. ETA: This was from March of 2018....for Forbes to post it, the tables would have had to be changed by then and the IRS doesn't just alter them as they see fit.
  12. The Commish

    2020: The Race For the White House

    Not following. Bernie kept soley to the policies in the last election. What should he have done differently?
  13. The Commish

    Trump vs reporter LMAO

    Too busy complaining about how mean everyone is to them and that they don't understand why their silence on the actions of Trump and this admin are being ridiculed. They are also working on new versions of any/all stories that come out to make sure the Democrats are no different to them in their minds. What I can't figure out is how they justify the hate if they create versions of Democrats that behave just like them. Seems like they'd like that, but alas, that doesn't seem to be the case. Still working on that one.