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  1. I'm sorta shocked in that he actually announced it. He usually likes to have fun with the press on things like this. By all accounts this Milton kid is the real deal. I actually met him early in the summer when he was home for a weekend. I was impressed with how grounded he was.
  2. This deals with kids with parents arrested and/or kids who are alone without parents....covered earlier in Trump Youth Camps thread. Very different from families coming, together going through the legal process to determine asylum status.
  3. I am unaware of the court ruling that said that children should be separated from their parents when the family was coming here legally seeking asylum. Can you point me to it please?
  4. You're conflating several situations/problems where I am talking about one specific one. There is ZERO reason to separate families when they are coming here for seeking asylum, but that's what's been happening. I get the difficulty of protecting the border. I get that handling unaccompanied minors is a challenge and that the overall issue isn't simple, but this one specific thing is.
  5. I'm talking about taking a ground clear sort of project to the area...not treating through weed/seed. You can even look up how to make your own round up (vinegar, dish soap, salt etc) if you don't want to do chemicals. That area can be treated one weekend, tilled and seeded the next if you wanted to. You'd have plenty of time.
  6. Then they get turned away. That doesn't have anything to do with separating the families before that's determined
  7. if illegals are detained, the ruling required that minors could not be detained with potential felons (crossing the border a second time illegally is a felony) therefore the courts required separation. This doesn't explain the separations of families coming here to seek asylum (completely legal). That's what almost everyone here is/was focused on when he decided to do this "zero tolerance" crap.
  8. You, sir, are the best new member since Indiana.
  9. I'd spray the weeds, aerate and seed like a banshee. But I'd also probably just suck it up and till it up after it was all dead. Aerating is at least as time consuming as tilling it up.
  10. And steadily reduced deficits over his tenure. He really is a master with numbers!!!!! I don't know why, but it really annoys me when people ignore the information directly in front of them to hold on to some talking point made up for them. There's plenty of legit things one could bag on Obama for....this wasn't one of them.
  11. No one ever wants to go on record by answering that question. Weird.
  12. What it is today after the hijack? Sure...I agree. But I don't think of what it means to those like Fox and National Review (never read TWJ before...can't speak to them) when I hear the term. I think of the good old days I suppose and I'd rather not allow Fox and their ilk take that away from us.
  13. Clearly you don't know what the term conservative means to most
  14. Some self awareness would do you good. I could name thousands of things completely out of your reach and I know nothing about you.