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  1. Don't disagree at all. If he breaks his MO and doesn't come back with nasty comments in the next few days, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  2. He's gonna be pissed when he finds out someone hacked his account
  3. Details matter. This is all about putting Dems in a box and should be read in that light. Then the Senate can make changes putting in whatever he'd like to see, then send it back to the house...problem solved This is the same sort of crap my wife gives me..."that's not what I want"...."ok, what DO you want"....."give me another option and I'll tell you if I like it"....."no, just tell me what you want and be done with it"
  4. So what exactly is he after? What does he want them to give him? ETA: The fact that we have no idea what he wants is telling and I believe it to be purposefully vague for the sole purpose of being able to deflect later on.
  5. Who is "he" here? McConnell or Trumpy? And to what end? What will they do if they get something stronger? Is this saying Trump wants Congress to approve military actions or sanctions?
  6. Well, I refused to take his cnbc opinion piece as gospel over what I've read on BBC and Reuters for starters. Then I pushed back pointing out following the logic he established that his desire for another investigation would suffer from the exact same problems and the reasons he didn't trust the first one would be valid for this one as well. Then I suggested that he might not want to use the MSM he is constantly bagging on as flawed and biased as his source either. So, yeah....cesspool
  7. you know, we've talked about this as a possibility from day one. it seems rather obvious and an almost certain guarantee. I'm confident Trump's seen the movie Wall Street, so in my view it was only a matter of time before something like this surfaced.
  8. This isn't odd to's expected. What I find odd is that in some minds the last "investigation" performed was somehow tainted by Biden's ability to influence but somehow a new investigation by Trump is going to be valid despite his ability to influence. That logic absolutely baffles me. Best I can tell it's two sides of the same ####### coin!
  9. GD it I knew I shouldn't have responded to this stuff #### me!
  10. You're acting like Biden did this in a vacuum...he did not. He (along with several other world leaders) was applying pressure in a way that was asking for the company his son was working for to be investigated. And I'm on record saying that if something was found in the investigation, he should have been held accountable. I have no allegiance to Biden or his son.
  11. I think he's just trying to toughen us up for what coming our way GB You know: "a lie is a lie" "attempting to influence an election is attempting to influence an election" etc It's really the only place we can go if we're doing everything in our power to avoid we (or our guy) was in the wrong.
  12. There's plenty...starting with his 6 figure monthly salary...I got all the info I needed from BBC and Reuters. Why would I need to rely on opinion pieces from CNBC? I'm confident I have the correct information to make an informed opinion on this. You'd be wise not to use the sources you endlessly complain about in our MSM to get this information. It's making it difficult to have an actual discussion with you. Oh...and it's not the least bit lost on me that you completely avoided my overall point to post this. Well done
  13. This doesn't seem all that difficult guys. Have the Trump supporters really gotten to us with their absurdity that we assume that's the intent of everyone? Really? Seems obvious to me that Joe saw the tweet and thread to follow and wanted to know what we thought about what Obama was doing and if it rose to the level of "meddling". We know that stuff like this is absolutely going to be brought up by Trump and his supporters from now on as "whataboutism". It's as predictable as the sun rising and setting every single day so I think it's good to get examples of things that are ok to compare to things that haven't been under this administration. The list of differences has been made already so I'll spare repeating them, but this is obviously not close to what Russia did and is being allowed to continue to do with respect to our elections and elections around the world.