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  1. The Commish

    ***Official 2018 Michigan Football***

    Regardless of injuries...they play next week like they did today and it's not close.
  2. The Commish

    ***Official 2018 Michigan Football***

    Well that sucks. I hope he can get back and play, but I am impressed with the younger guys. They filled in for Gary nicely. I think they'd hold their own filling in for Chase.
  3. The Commish

    ***Official 2018 Michigan Football***

    I missed the chase play. What happened exactly?
  4. The Commish

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    This comment made me step back for the day and actually watch our media outlets for a bit today. I want to know why you think this is being treated as a "huge story". It's been relative crickets on all of the top 3 today (CNN, MSNBC, FOX). I completely understand the part about the sentencing. I wasn't using the sentencing as evidence of my comment. I was using the reaction of the media and what I see as a lack of coverage. Perhaps it's too new? Maybe it will gain traction tomorrow and the beginning of next week? But as of now, I stand by my comment. I hope I ultimately end up being wrong. We'll see.
  5. Vote by mail is an absolute no brainer. Concerned with security simply add a finger print to the ballot. Problem solved
  6. No worries...he's gonna be moved to Senator
  7. The Commish

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    Of course it is. If it wasn't this would be all over the place smeared on every television everywhere showing the scary black guy doing these things to the white girl. Come on HF, you can't be serious.
  8. The Commish

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    And they say white privilege doesn't exist. This is absolutely disgusting.
  9. Hi tech weapons are all the rage
  10. The Commish

    Scientology's "The Hole" - had you heard about this?

    I'm not exactly sure. But the day I posted that, I saw an ad for season 3 to start after T-Giving so whatever they were for, they must be resolved.
  11. The Commish

    The migrant caravan

    meh....just a terrible fishing trip GB. He does this frequently. You can tell as he goes further in his reply to you where he suggests Jesus and Gopher State's maker are different. I know from previous conversations with Gopher State that he is a Christian. There's nothing to compare. They are one in the same. So, if you continue, you'll be made to defend statements you never made, asked to defend positions you've never taken etc. Proceed at your own've been warned.
  12. The Commish

    The migrant caravan

    So...another terrible fishing trip it is Though I must say, I have no ####### clue what the Constitution has to do with this subject OR this thread....a stretch even for you
  13. The Commish

    The migrant caravan

    Did I say it was "fact"? Again, with the putting words in people's mouth. Don't know why you continue to do that. It is certainly a very strongly held belief though. Probably best for another thread if you're actually interested and not on another one of your little fishing trips.