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  1. Cool, thanks for the thoughts.
  2. 12 PPR/IDP dynasty I have a shot at a championship this year, but I need RB help after losing J. Charles. At looking at the bottom feeders in my league, Doug Martin is about the best shot I have at trying to trade for one. Do you think he is even worth it. I have M. Ingram as my RB 1, then shane vereen and hillman which have been crap shots. Martin plays NO, at St. Louis, and Chicago in weeks 14-16. Is he even worth trying to get or should I just hope dez, julio, and AJ Green carry me home. Thoughts.
  3. 12 team dynasty PPR/IDP. I have Brees and no real backup, I started brandon wheeden this weekend. I got an offer for tyrod taylor for khiry robinson and my first round rookie pick next year. I was hesitant on taking it, but after watching the Buff-Mia game today I'm seriously considering it. Any thoughts?
  4. 12 team PPR. I was offered Demarcus Lawrence, DE for Dallas for Dontrelle Inman and my 3rd round rookie pick next year. I'm thinking about taking it. Inman came on some late last season, but I don't think he is going to develop into a stud anytime soon. Lawrence was hurt most of last year, but came on strong in the playoffs. We don't have any special scoring for DL/DE players, but I like his upside. Any thoughts?
  5. 12 Team PPR So I just wanted to get a feel of what people were thinking on a couple of guys. This is my only pick, I'm pretty balanced so I can go BPA. I was thinking some of these guys would be available and what people thought. Buck Allen, RB BAL - feel he got drafted into good situation, not sold on talent Tyler Lockett WR- Sea - I'm having a hard time getting a feel if he can be a solid FF player Jeremy Langford RB, Chi - don't know much about him Sammie Coates, WR Pitt - big questions about being able to catch Devin Smith WR Jets - where WR's go to die Cris Conley WR - KC - also where WR's go to die, but hopefully Smith will be gone in a couple of years Mike Davis RB- SF - who knows which mike davis shows up I need LB help, and I like Eric Kendricks, ILB Min- think he can be a LB1 this season. Who do you guys think would make the best selection. Leave a link and I'll answer yours
  6. I went ahead and pulled the trigger and now have AJ Green, Dez, and Julio as my receivers in a start 3 WR's league. Thanks for the input.
  7. 12 team PPR- One owner who is rebuilding offered me AJ Green for ASJ (TE for bucs), brandin cooks, josh gordon, and my 1.11 and 2.1 draft picks. We went back and forth, and I tried to take the 2.1 off the table, he didn't go for it. So that is the final offer. I've been going back and forth with it, and haven't made a final decision. So it's 5 prospects for Green. What do you guys think about the offer, giving up too much, is it fair. I have made the championship game the last 3 seasons, with Julio, dez, gronk, j. charles, brees, and a bunch of others. I really want green, but don't want to totally empty my cupboard and feel like that is a lot to give up. Green is great, but Dalton sucks. Thoughts??
  8. Thanks for the input. I was already thinking about drafting a qb, but am a huge UF fan, so taking Winston is a tough pill to swallow.
  9. 12 team PPR/IDP Pass Td's =4 rushing TD's 6 So I have a couple of trade offers that just came in. I am looking to move Brees this offseason and was looking to acquire Cam Newton. The owner is open to moving him. His offer was Brees, Brandin Cooks, and my 1.11 rookie pick for Newton. I'm hesitant about parting with Cooks. I think he is going to be pretty good. I was going to counter with Brees, A. Sefari-Jenkins TE for tampa, Mike Wallace, and the 1.11. Do you think that is fair or any I overpaying. Newton is only 25 and Brees is 36. With QB's being so devalued overall and passing TD's worth less, I don't know if giving up so much is worth it for newton. The other offer I got was from a rebuilding team that wanted to move AJ Green. He want Ertz, A. Sefari-Jenkins, Josh Gordon, Brandin Cooks, and my 1.11 and 2.1 rookie picks. I think that is way too much for Green. He is a great player, but his qb stinks. I was thinking of countering with Ertz, Jace Amaro, Josh gordon, Cooks and the 1.11. I don't know if he will go for it, but wanted to see what people thought. Thanks and if you need any help leave a link and I'll answer it tomorrow.
  10. Yeah that's a tough call. Starting 3 WR's make them that much more valuable and they have a much longer shelf life. What pick would you have in the dispersal draft, do you know. And what is the QB scoring 4 or 6 points for TD's. Luck is out there and depending on scoring he would be a strong candidate to go 1 overall. I have had Brees for the last 5 years, and I just love putting him in and never having to think about my qb decision and I've gone through seasons with no backups to him and use those extra roster spots on developmental players. I do like Cam though, and Calvin and Benjamin is a nice starting spot for taking over a team. Stewart came on strong this year, finally starting to realize some of his potential, and Miller quietly had a pretty good year. Most teams in my league that have been taken over were in much worse shape. It's a toss up, just go with your personal preference. If you want to make this team your own do the dispersal draft, if not I think you can build a winning team pretty quickly. I like Kelce as well to ascend to TE 1 status next year. If you have time take a look at mine. http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=724201
  11. I play PPR, so I'm not use to really calculating value for non ppr players. I think you would want 1 RB and 1 WR if you did a trade because I think a lot of other people will be keeping RB's and the best pick you get from either trade is 2.4. If you did the Dez trade you would have 2 great receivers, but no pick until 3.5 and all of the good RB's will probably be gone so your team will be at a deficit right away. Charles is 28 and will turn 29 at some point next year. I think he has 1 or 2 more elite years, and his trade value will be alot less after next season. If you are going to do the trade, I think I like the Anderson trade more. With Kubiak coming in and denver probably running a zone blocking scheme I think CJ anderson will continue to be good going forward. I know he get a lot of added PPR value from catching passes, so you will have to take a look at that and consider the effect of non PPR for him, but Anderson is 23 so you will be getting a young asset. Peyton will probably be back next year, but who knows after that. You will have to judge for yourself if you think Anderson can be a true RB1 once peyton retires. It's a tough call. Good luck. Please take a look at mine when you get a chance. http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=724201
  12. 12 PPR Dynasty. Start 2 RB's, 3 WR's, 1TE, and 1 flex. I have Isiah Crowell and think he is on the cusp of being a great RB in the NFL. He is 22, 5 foot 11 inches, 225 lbs, about perfect for an NFL feature back. I have had several offers for him, but none that I liked. One of the owners has Jordy Nelson and I was thinking of doing a straight up offer of Crowell for Nelson. I know Nelson is a much more established player in comparison, but is also turning 30 this offseason, and Crowell is 22, not sure when he turns 23. So the main purpose of this trade would be for the age difference. Nelson certainly has a couple of more seasons as an elite WR, but Crowell has his whole career. If I did this trade it would leave me a little thin at RB, I would have J.Charles, Mark Inrgam, Shane Vereen, Montee Ball and James White. There are a lot of RB's coming in this years rookie drafts and I could probably work out a trade to get another RB. What do you guys think. I made the championship game the last 3 years, you can see my squad below. I still think I have a good window to win championships, but in a league that starts 3 WR's (most of the time 4 WR's with the flex) is it worth more to get Jordy and piece together an RB core or keep Crowell and hope he develops into an RB 1. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  13. I think Anderson might stick in Denver even without Peyton. He won't be as good without Peyton, but I still see him as being valuable. For the trades, I would always shot for the stars and then negotiate it out. If it works great, if not move onto the next one. I think the Jeffery trade would be good as a 2nd option. Marshall isn't getting any younger and Jeffery is a good player. Here is mine, it's late and I'm tired and couldn't get the hyperlink to work. http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=723981
  14. 12 PPR Dynasty league. I love his talent and I hate, hate to do this, but I think this guy is a ticking time bomb and he's going to blowup soon. I just have a feeling he isn't going to make it through the off-season without some kind of incident and he's already on strike 2. I want to get him off my team while I can still get some good value for him. What do you guys think would be some good targets for in trades. I was thinking odell beckham. I know his hype train is out of control at the moment, but he put up crazy numbers last year. I know Cruz was out, but I think Cruz will be a compliment to him and not the other way around. Do you guys think he is going to keep putting up monster numbers for years to come, or did he just get hot for the stretch run. it's hard to get qualify WR in our league since we start 3, I know I can't get AJ, D.thomas, Calvin, and probably Cobb and A. Brown from their owners. Who would be some other players to target, Mike Evans? We start 3 WR's , and my team is pretty loaded at WR, Dez, Julio, Gordon, M. Wallace, and some good prospects. I will probably have to package a deal. I was thinking of offering Josh Gordon, Mark Ingram, and A. Sefari-Jenkins for Beckham. Do you guys think that is fair. His team is in rebuilding and I lost in the championship game the last 2 years. Any other thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Leave a link and I'll answer yours,J
  15. 12 team PPR league So I am the 8th seed going against the 1 seed. I don't have any margin of error if I'm going to pull the upset. I have roddy white penciled in because he was able to practice, but he scares me a lot. It an away game, outside at Green Bay, and he has the ankle injury. I'm worried he is going to be a decoy. Keenan Allen has been hot, but is facing the Pats and Revis Island, tough matchup. Devanta Adams is the wild card, Atl pass D is bad, but he is the 3rd options behind Cobb and Nelson. I am going against Rodgers so if I started Adams, it would just be to cancel out some points of Rodgers. I have another dilema at TE. I have Jordan Reed and Dwayne allen. Reed finally came on last week catching 9 balls for 123 yards, and djax is out, and I have Dwayne Allen coming back from injury and playing cleveland. I am leaning towards starting Allen. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Leave a link and I'll answer yours. thanks