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  1. Here is our league overview This is a 16 team deep idp Dynasty league with a throwback theme. We will draft our own teams, but use names of teams from back before the NFL/AFL merger when there were only 16. We will have 4 divisions and 2 conferences and we’ll play out a 12 week season. Week 13-16 we will have a 3 round playoff with 8 teams to crown our champion. (Yes thats a 2 week superbowl, may the best team win!) This league is super active and will run year round. During the season you run your team like most any other league with weekly games, trading, and waiver wire pickups. Things don’t drop off in the off-season, however, with our annual rookie draft and offseason pickups. We sign free agents and trade all offseason to get ready for kickoff. Interaction, discussion, and good natured smack talk is highly encouraged even required! If you’ve already read through the rulebook, and are still unsure of anything, just ask a staff member. We as a staff are willing to help with anything, combined with a great active group of owners, this will be an amazing league that will keep you interested for years to come. Now get ready to build a dynasty! -Find more of a background on the league here- Read more: The league takes place on Fantrax as well, here is that link, Open teams are Dal, Phi, Wash Lot of rules, however a super fun league, that is if you like a deep roster, and trying to find those diamonds in the rough. I mean if 48 man rosters interest you, and that's not including an 8 man practice squad. Makes for a thin Free Agency, but over 100 transactions so far this year...
  2. In this defense with this coaching staff, probably... Doesn't seem like he's being asked to do as much as he was last season. Who knows when coaching staffs change from year to year.
  3. I dunno much about JT, but I'd go after Jeremiah George if I were you. Just sayin' if he's healthy, he'll be the better player...
  4. Think about this Worrilow, was an undrafted FA, who was thrown in in the middle of the season and produced like he did. How much of a chance did he have to work with the 1's prior to this outbreak? How much has he had now... I'm locked and loaded with him in many leagues. I'm thinking get him if you can, sit back, and enjoy the ride.
  5. I would say he's a keeper, but I can't say I'm in the know. This last game was the first time he didn't lead the team in tackles in probably all of his starts. I think I heard they were dropping him into coverage quite a bit this last week, often almost as deep as a safety. I don't think that is a normal thing, but with his crazy athletic ability for an LB, it's maybe not out of the question. Being an elite pro seems to me like the one thing that could possibly keep him from being an elite FF player. I guess if you own him I would not sell him, just gotta hope they keep him closer to the line like most MLB's.
  6. Dynasty wise pick him up ASAP, and hold, if he's really still on the wire. If you can trade for him try, but good luck with that.
  7. We'll see how it all turns out, but right now I'm happy!
  8. All I'm hoping for is with at least 2 of the first 3 picks they get some big nasty Lineman. Defense first, then offense
  9. Anything to see with Robert Ayers, opportunity is there if they don't sign anyone. Although Freeney might, but what remains in his tank has yet to be seen...
  10. Not a big name but I would think Jarvis Jenkins could atleast be under Dynasty Watch??
  11. I'd like to see him replace Hawk if Bishop is OK.You and a lot of Packer nation I think
  12. What were they doing before this pick?