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  1. We know it's a lot of work for you and we appreciate that. Thank you for all I have learned by playing in these leagues. There is no better prep for the reg seasons' drafts, as these leagues. In League 2 The League of Champions.
  2. Rip Edwin.
  3. Thank you kind Sir. You deserve the honor, you didn't blink I did. God, I love this game!
  4. This!!! Trust or Trade Rule.
  5. Why pay a Kicker. You can just pick up anyone and throw them in there. They'd be in the playoffs now if they didn't think like this.
  6. My thoughts exactly. That's why I posted it here. If you are in a pinch at RB in PPR he could be worth a shot. Flacco like him and they need him "in case" of an injury, he'll be ready to step in. Get him PPR work now. Easy sch,PPR RB, get in shape, give someone a break, QB likes him.
  7. Joe. David please move this thread. WE come to sports to get away from this. We want to relax in a sports site and get away from politics and non sports,,,non NFL talk.
  8. I know that, but atleast they should get him ready. An injury can kill you.
  9. What's with Woodhead? I figured they needed him for a playoff run. They played him right off against Pitts for about 10 plays and then nothing the rest of the game. I looked, he;s not injured, no mention of benching or under performing. Actually Balt has a video of him being stoked of possibly being in the playoffs on their site. Is he no ready yet? Cleve looks good to find out.
  10. I picked up Carson. Our pick ups cut off after wk 13. I hope i have him wk 15.
  11. He was given a day of rest. USA Today FS
  12. If someone screws up and drops a Def like BALT for that 6th RB they think they need. Grab Balt DEF for the playoffs, Balt #1 Def for wks 15 and 16.
  13. Is this a real FBG thread?
  14. OMG FBG JT