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  1. Anyone use any of the online draft boards available? Wanting to use one this year for our live draft hooked to our projector and get away from the board and stickers. I have found a few, Clicky and Fandraft. Just wondering if any are better than the others.
  2. Looking for a team to take over in a dynasty league with IDP. If you have an opening let me know.
  3. I'm using this one this year on our projector. Haven't had our draft yet, but there is a free demo you can download to try.
  4. · This is a 12 team keeper league where we keep 3 players. Keepers go against round this year that they were drafted in last year, and FA count as an 8th round pick. We start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1RB/WR/TE, 1TE, 1 DEF. I will be drafting in the 10th spot. My team below with last year’s round drafted. Drew Brees – 5th Deshaun Watson - FA Ezekiel Elliott – 2nd Alvin Kamara - FA Alex Collins - FA Jerick McKinnon - FA Odell Beckham – 1st Brandin Cooks – 3rd Keenan Allen – 7th Marvin Jones - FA Jordy Nelson - FA Jack Doyle – FA Passing Completions = 0.2 points Passing Yards = 1 point per 25 yards Passing Touchdowns = 4 points Interceptions Thrown = -1 point 300-399 Passing Yards Bonus = 2 points 400+ Passing Yards Bonus = 5 points Rushing Yards = 1 point per 10 yards Rushing Touchdowns = 6 points 100-199 Rushing Yards Bonus = 2 points 200+ Rushing Yards Bonus = 5 points Receptions = 1 point Receiving Yards = 1 point per 10 yards Receiving Touchdowns = 6 points 100-199 Receiving Yards Bonus = 2 points 200+ Receiving Yards Bonus = 5 points Fumble Recovered for TD = 6 points Fumbles Lost = -1 point 2-Point Conversions = 2 points As much as I would like to keep Watson I’m thinking I keep Elliott, Kamara, and Allen. Anyone see it differently? Leave a link to yours and I will reply.
  5. Have Denver vs Indy and Eagles vs NYG. Leaning Denver but not confident.
  6. No, we didn't lose anything. I didn't unplug it either.
  7. Yes I did. Service was turned off morning of 6/6, and started getting calls immediately.
  8. Should have mentioned but the deal i got involved absolutely no haggling and took maybe 20 minutes. He asked what we watched, I said football, and he offered up ST Max immediately. Last year I had to haggle to get Max. I never even mentioned the gift card, he just threw that in too. Here is the number I called. 210-625-9046
  9. I called and set up cancel date for 6/6, and they offered nothing at that time. Received several calls before cancel went through and best they would offer was $20 off a month. Last guy I spoke to said to let the cancel go through and then they would see what they could do. Started getting calls after service was disconnected, but was out of town so I didn't worry about it. Called them last last Friday and got the following: $45 off a month for 12 months, free ST max, 3 months of movie channels, $200 gift card. I did have to do a 12 month contract, but didn't care. Will just do the same thing next year.
  10. I live in Montana and usually go to the park once a year, so here are my opinions on the park area. Being that I have been there many times I will say that I generally avoid the Old Faithful area due to the crowds. The best time to visit the park is either early spring when it opens or late fall. There are a lot less people and you will see a ton more animals. The east entrance, Cody area, is the furthest from Old Faithful, but it also what I would say is the most scenic part of the park in my opinion. Plus, there are several other things to do in Cody. The north entrance around Mammoth / Gardner is probably my least favorite area of the park. The Northeast entrance Silver Gate/ Cooke City is a very cool entrance with all of the mountains and is very scenic. This is also the closest entrance to the Lamar Valley which is the best place to try and see wolves. The west entrance, West Yellowstone, is the closest to Old Faithful and generally the most crowded. The south entrance has few services, but this is the entrance to take to go to Jackson Hole and Grand Tetons, also very scenic. If you want to stay in the park my favorite place to stay in the park is around the lake. If you are staying outside the park West Yellowstone will be the most convenient and offer the most options, but it will also be the most crowded. If you want to get away from the crowds and still be by the west entrance I would suggest Island Park, Idaho. If I’m staying down there this is where I stay. It’s 15 to 20 minutes from West Yellowstone and there are a ton of cabins available to rent in this area. There is also some amazing fishing and great ATV trails if you are into that. There are a few different places that rent ATV’s there and I have seen moose, bears, etc. while out riding. As far as hiking there are a ton of great trails to hike in Yellowstone. This will greatly depend on your experience. If you are an inexperienced hiker stay on the crowded trails. If you are more experienced you will have a lot more options. The biggest thing with hiking in Yellowstone is to be prepared for bears and the weather. The weather can change very quickly, especially at higher elevations. Bear spray is a must when hiking in the park or any areas around the park. Every year hikers are killed by bears in the park and often they are experienced hikers. If you want to hike in the park my advice is to talk to the park rangers. They can tell you where to go and where bears have been spotted recently.